The Indy’s Alistair Dawber whitewashes terrorist crimes of Samer Issawi

An April 23 story in The Independent, written by the paper’s Jerusalem correspondent Alistair Dawber, entitled Palestinian prisoner gives up 250 day hunger strike after deal with Israel, begins with a photo of the joyful parents of the convicted Palestinian terrorist in question, Samer Issawi, celebrating their son’s decision to end his hunger strike.


Dawber begins his story thusly:

One of the most high profile Palestinian prisoners being held by Israel has put an end to a 250-day hunger strike after reaching a deal with the Jewish state that will see him serve another eight months in jail.

Samer Issawi was sustained by vitamins and other supplements throughout his protest during which time he refused regular food and turned down a proposal to exile him. His cause has been taken up enthusiastically by Palestinians, many of whom consider the so-called security prisoners as national heroes. Throughout the West Bank and Gaza, several people have been seen wearing T-shirts emblazoned with Issawi’s face.

Dawber is correct that Palestinians and their political leaders routinely characterize even the most malevolent  terrorists in a manner which would lead some to believe they are civil rights martyrs and not cold-blooded killers – a disturbing dynamic which Palestinian Media Watch demonstrates continually.

In fact, some of the runners in the Palestinian Marathon on April 21 wore Samer Issawi t-shirts.

Palestine Marathon, Bethlehem, West Bank, 21.4.2013

Marathon runner on the left seen wearing Samer Issawi t-shirt

Additionally, the “so-called” security prisoners cum “national heroes” Dawber is referring to are the more than 4,800 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails who have been convicted of serious violent crimes, and include the following:

  • Masterminds who ‘organized’ terror attacks which killed Israelis
  • ‘Specialists’ who prepared the explosives used during such deadly attacks
  • Recruiters of suicide bombers
  • Senior members of terrorist Palestinian organizations

Further in the story, Dawber provides a bit of background on the hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner. 

Issawi, 32, was initially sentenced to 30 years in 2002 for, according to Israel, making pipe bombs during the Second Intifada, or Palestinian uprising. He was released in 2011 as part of the deal to release the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who was freed by Hamas after five years being held in Gaza. Issawi was one of 1,027 Palestinians to be freed as part of the deal.

However, Issawi didn’t merely make pipe bombs.

Per Capt. Eytan Buchman, an IDF spokesman, as reported by CAMERA:

Issawi was convicted of multiple crimes which included five counts of attempted murder. This included four shootings, between July 2001 and February 2002, in which Issawi and his accomplices fired an AK-47 on police cars and buses travelling between Ma’ale Adumim and Jerusalem. In one attack, a policeman was injured and required surgery. On October 30, 2001, Issawi, together with an accomplice, fired at two students walking from the Hebrew University campus to their car in a nearby parking lot. In another case, Issawi provided guns and explosive devices to a terror squad, which then fired on a bus. Finally, in December 2001, Issawi ordered an attack on security personnel at Hebrew University, providing a terror squad with a pistol and a pipe bomb. Two of the squad members tracked security personnel but didn’t carry out the attack.

Issawi didn’t play merely a ‘supporting role’ in terror attacks, but, rather, was directly responsible for firing an automatic weapon at innocent Israeli civilians with the hope of murdering as many of them as possible – and was responsible for ordering additional lethal attacks on other Israelis.

Remarkably, even an AP story published on April 23 in the Guardian about the end of the Palestinian’s hunger strike included information on Issawi’s attempted murder of Israeli students at Hebrew University – a telling fact, and one which places Alistair Dawber whitewash of the terrorist’s crimes in even clearer context.     

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  1. Samer Issawi is among the long list of terrorists – from Gandhi, Jomo Kernyatta, Nelson Mandela and the list goes on – When Palestine liberates itself Samer will be acknowledged as Nelson Mandela is today, an international Statesman – they both play a key role in opposing racism and racist states. They were both charged for terrorism. They were both imprisoned by a racist state.

  2. “The Independent”
    Err…not so independent after all.

    Anyway, as the media coverage has shown again and again, there are no Muslim terrorists. Any killings done by Muslims is automatically seen as bad news for the Palestinian cause and therefor good for Israel (read Jews) and thus must be spun.

    • That’s the problem with Wikipedia. It’s unreliable for politically-charged information. However, it can be modified if you register with them.

  3. Michael And that makes every Israeli a legitimate target as they at one time or another would be part of the genocidal war machinery – that is why there is a very good reason for international law and conventions. If you live by phosphorus, attack civilian targets and legitimize them than you lose the safety international law provides. You cannot say conventions and international laws only apply when I choose to apply them. Incidentally, was it not after two trillion rockets. When you are making things up why just stop at a few thousands. Be bold tell a fantastic lie.

  4. This is why I think the terrorists should be taken out, put against a wall, and shot. If this degenerate had been executed he wouldn’t be around now to be such a PITA.

  5. Michael is a decent human being, very liberal kind and generous but when it comes to sub-humans he wants them eliminated without any process. Gas Chambers are being designed as we speak to be effective against sub-humans and yet maintain the humanity and his decency intact

    • Your subhuman comrades must get the same fair process what they give to their victims, no less and no more. And please stop daydreaming about gas chambers – I understand felt by you and your friends presently in jail but times have been changed. Try to bring the gas chambers back Ashley and you simply can’t imagine the viciousness used at your removal…

    • You don’t know a thing about me and I don’t take kindly to that kind of backhanded compliment.

      I challenge you to find a single post that shows I advocate genocide. That entails my saying something to the effect of “carpet bomb Gaza, turn it into a glass-parking lot, wipe out the Palestinians, etc.” That does not include your vile interpretations of eliminating terrorist leaders or firing at rocket-launching sites as genocide.

      Furthermore, show where gas chambers are being designed for the purpose you claim. That also subsumes evidence from credible, legitimate sites, not some libero-fascist blog.

    • “Gas Chambers are being designed as we speak to be effective against sub-humans and yet maintain the humanity and his decency intact”

      You’re sick.

  6. So, your murdering friends are exempt and have complete freedom to go on killing sprees – makes sense after all your lot in Eastern Europe did try to wipe out millions before from the pogroms to the holocaust – Your history is colorful ( more red than anything else)

    • …your lot in Eastern Europe …
      Why I’m not surprised seeing that you are not only an inciter to murder but a racist too?

    • You’re confused. Rest assured that Adam would never befriend anyone from Hamas nor any other Palestinian terrorist scum; his standards are too high. You, on the other hand….

    • YOur lot ? you mean us Jews? You take the Protocol of the Elder of Zion too seriously . I see blood liable aginst Jews are alive even today . Sad for the likes of you we can defend ourself today.

  7. Thanks for the lesson in Geography – I do not know how useful it is or accurate but here is a real lesson in history

    Further persecution and expulsions (1686–1740)
    The imperial troops recaptured Buda on September 2, 1686, most Jewish residents were massacred, some captured and later released for ransom. In the following years the whole of Hungary now came under the rule of the House of Habsburg. As the devastated country had to be repopulated, Bishop Count Leopold Kollonitsch (de), subsequently Archbishop of Esztergom and Primate of Hungary, advised the king to give the preference to the German Catholics in order that the country might in time become German and Catholic. He held that the Jews could not be exterminated at once, but they must be weeded out by degrees, as bad coin is gradually withdrawn from circulation. The decree passed by the Diet of Pressburg (1687–1688), imposing double taxation upon the Jews, must be enforced. Jews must not be permitted to engage in agriculture, nor to own any real estate, nor to keep Christian servants.-

    • There is only one small problem with this ashley. Historical facts are sometimes hard to digest for your kind of Jew haters.
      The troops of the imperial army were mostly West-Europeans from, Germany, Austria. Tough luck ashley. Try something else.
      BTW you are correct to say that while the Samer Issawi kind of terrorists fight for the victory of Islam, the troops of Sobieski fought for the victory of Christendom but both tried to wipe out the Jews. I understand your frustration but both of them failed.

      Thanks for the lesson in Geography – I do not know how useful it is or accurate but here is a real lesson in history
      So you didn’t hear about the world wars, about the European colonisation, and that the Holocaust was implemented by the Germans? Or their significance is very small relative to a pogrom in Buda in the XVII century? Or my lesson was not accurate?
      You are an invaluable asset for Cifwatch demonstrating the true nature of an Israel-hater neo-Nazi masquerading as a human rights advocate.. Please keep it up and don’t leave…

  8. Michael

    Here you are on this blog proposing a genocide – of course your justification is impeccable in a racist sort of way – never mind cannot have everything

    When I was younger, more liberal, and still living in the US I opposed the death penalty. I still have reservations about it, but I agree with Irit 100%. Scum like Issawi and Marwan Barghouti should have been executed long ago.

    • You obviously have a low level of English. Maybe you should have finished elementary school first or maybe you’re still in third grade. “Genocide” entails eliminating an entire population. A population of over 5 million is not eliminated by executing two murderers.

    • So wishing to eliminate monsters like Barghouti, Issawi and their international ilk (who btw kill much more of their own people) is supporting genocide? Genocide!? ashley you should change your pills or smoking some other stuff the present one makes you somehow fuzzy…

  9. Again Hungarian do not try and whitewash how the Jews were persecuted in Eastern Europe, including Hungary – Here is an example of how the Jews fared under the Turks –
    At the end of the Turkish era, the approximately one thousand Jews living in Buda worshipped in three synagogues: an Ashkenazi, a Sephardi and a Syrian one.
    While the Turks held sway in Hungary, the Jews of Transylvania (at that time an independent principality) also fared well. At the instance of Abraham Sassa, a Jewish physician of Constantinople, Prince Gabriel Bethlen of Transylvania granted a letter of privileges (June 18, 1623) to the Spanish Jews from Turkey. But the community of Judaizing Szekler Sabbatarians, which had existed in Transylvania since 1588, was persecuted and driven underground in 1638.[9]

    • ashley i have serious doubts regarding your ability to read. Did I try to whitewash the European persecution of Jews? I just tried to remind you that your racist slurs about the people of Eastern-Europe is simply a laughably hypocrite attempt to whitewash the much more significant genocides committed by West-Europeans.
      Were you only a little less idiotic ignorant then maybe you could have realized that what you said is this: In Transylvania where apart from paying tax to the Turks there existed an independent Central European entity the Jews (and the Protestants btw) fared very well while in other parts of Hungary – under West-European rule (Austrian, Hapsburg) the persecution of Jews (and protestants) was well under way.
      I understand that you pick your laughable crap from Wikipedia (the usual knowledhe source of your uneducated assholes) let me tell you two other things
      Gabor Bethlen was not a prince at all – he was the so called “fejedelem” of Transylvania – a Hungarian nobleman – an elected monarch and not a prince.
      But if you insist to get your knowledge from Wikipedia I would suggest you to check what did your saintly Turks to the Armenians in the beginning of the XX. century, what they did in the occupied Balkan during their rule and what they are doing now with their Kurdish minority. After you checked all of these items and finished your homework you will be allowed to return here.

  10. Hungarian I understand, just as they did over most of Europe, in the last several centuries, you are proposing to clear the world of what you consider to be monsters.

    Fantastic – let me know what numbers you have to erase before the process is complete.

  11. I must have misunderstood you – I did not realize you are opposed to the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Palestine. If that is the case, we are on the same side. We both support the Right of Return and demand the end of exclusion of Palestinians from Palestine. Great through a process of debate we have reached a consensus that is just.

    • To whom is your latest drivel directed Ashley? I certainly didn’t imply any agreement with you and I do not support the Right of Return. Trying any means to destroy Israel would please, you wouldn’t it?

    • Great through a process of debate we have reached a consensus that is just.

      I would have agreement with a rabid dog first – I never would agree with your kind of massmurder apologists In your nanosized brain to opposing the so called (non-existent) right of return is genocide? Just for your continuing education asshole – if the some-million Palestinians (their number is growing every day) who apart from some thousands of them never ever set foot in Israel (Where is the return?) would be allowed to come – the consequence really would be genocide.
      I know you are for it but you have to learn to live with the sad fact that you’ll have to wait for it not much only for the eternity.

      Hungarian I understand, just as they did over most of Europe, in the last several centuries, you are proposing to clear the world of what you consider to be monsters.
      Again some laughable falsification of history ashley: The Jews and other groups persecuted by Europe never ever murdered or threatened with murder Europeans, your chums do exactly that. Are you comparing the peaceful European Jewish civilans with the suicide bombers? Even the most lowly neo-Nazis would be happy to have you…

    • Arab Israel population in 1949 after the war ended were 156,000 . Today there are 1,653,900 Israeli arabs in Israel. In 1948, there were between 758,000 and 881,000 Jews living in communities throughout the Arab world. Today, there are fewer than 8,600.

      So you tell me where did ethnic cleansing really happaned.

    • ashley,
      Contrived names for places and people aside, Arabs will not be moving en masse to Israel in your lifetime. It’s simply not going to happen.

  12. Hungarian is Wikipedia a neo-fascist outfit that we should avoid – mind you who cares what a fascist like you think

    • You should post this on Wiki ashley – they would be very happy…
      I just wondering whether you are really this fantastic king size jerk or only pretending… Maybe you are only some kind of New Age psychodrama where the lone hero is a proken record?

  13. Michael – obviously, I did not mean you as you so clearly demonstrate your fascist tendencies associated with ethnic cleansing and your racist hatred of the other – But consider this there are some 450 million Arabs – you cannot ethnically cleanse a people even 1/100 of that size ask the Hungarian he will tell you.

    • And again, I challenge you to show ONE post, according to conventional definitions, not your vile libero-fascist, agenda-driven misrepresentation, in which I advocate genocide.

      Put your money where your big mouth is.

  14. Michael – I keep doing that and you keep calling them drivel – now stop driveling and stop dreaming of ethnically cleansed Middle East – even with your nuclear arsenal you will find it difficult – accept the inevitable and learn to live with others and give up the dream of getting rid of them – Hungarian knows how costly that dream proved for the Europeans.

    • ashley let me explain some more facts before you make a bigger idiot of yourself (a mission impossible):
      The cost of the Holocaust I learned very well – most of my family members were sent to Auschwitz by your comrades – and I have been living in Israel for decades now where I don’t have to tolerate your kind of pigshit. Regarding to learn how to live together with others – I don’t have anything to learn – I’m living here with plenty of others without any difficulty. Living together with others doesn’t mean to accept living together with mass murderers like your pet Issawi. I don’t have any problem living together with my fellow non-Jewish countrymen only in your deluded bloodthirsty imagination. That the Hungarians in particular and the Europeans in general didn’t learn anything – the existence of a strong neo-Nazis party Hungary, Greece etc and the great number of your kind of European Jew-haters are the best evidence.

      • You know Peter, I’m reminded of an instance when I was blogging on IMDb’s Wonder Woman board (I’m a big comic-book movie fan). There was a blogger there that would try to hijack every thread by stating his preference for the lead role. At one point, I started a thread on a particular subject, but also asked that poster not to hijack it. One of the other posters wrote “come on, fish gotta swim.”

        • That made me chuckle.

          I think the next time I see ashley or one of his buddies/sock puppets I’ll just post “fish gotta swim.”

  15. So, you can settle it quite easily by answering the following question.

    Do you support Palestinian right of return to their homes. Do you oppose the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Jerusalem, from West bank and from Palestine.?

    Those who support the right of return based on ethnicity are racist and those who support ethnic cleansing are racist. Your answer will clear it. If you do not support the right of return based on ethnicity than obviously you are not a racist and I apologize for my error. However, if you deny the Palestinians their right to return than you are racist. I have nothing to apologize for.

    • I fully support the right of return of all living Palestinian individuals who have been expelled from Israel against his/her will and demand financial compensation for the Jewish properties in left in Arab countries when their compatriots expelled them. This includes compensation for the properties of the Jews of Hebron taken away in the pogrom of 1929.

    • Can you answer me as you didn;t before

      Arab Israel population in 1949 after the war ended were 156,000 . Today there are 1,653,900 Israeli arabs in Israel. In 1948, there were between 758,000 and 881,000 Jews living in communities throughout the Arab world. Today, there are fewer than 8,600.

      So you tell me where did ethnic cleansing really happaned.

      • Add to that Alexa that under Israeli “occupation” Palestinian life expectancy has gone up while infant mortality has gone down.

        Real ethnic cleansing there.

  16. Hungarian so you cannot come out and support the right of Palestinians to return. You could not say you oppose ethnic cleansing. You are obviously thoroughly racist. No point in continuing the discussion with racists.

    • You know ashley during my pretty adventurous life I lived in many countries, known a lot of people – a certain number of them – how do you sat politely – serious underachievers? – less politely morons. But I have to tell you that your performance here beats everything I saw before. You are a real champion ashley!

      • You are a real champion ashley!

        I bet that’s the first compliment he’s gotten in a long time.

    • “Hungarian so you cannot come out and support the right of Palestinians to return.”
      “Hungarian” is an Israeli, and the Arabs who have usurped the name Palestinian to lay claim to a mythical country of the same name have no such right due to a little thing called sovereignty. If that bugs you, too bad, but those are the rules. Maybe it’s time for you to jump off a building. Tell Hamas you’re from Fatah, and they’ll help you to work up the courage.

  17. Michael

    Here is the genocidal IDF in full swing

    Proud mothers and fathers would have been invited to the parade, where the salute was to be taken by Major-General Tawfiq Jaber, the commander of the police force in the Gaza Strip, which has been controlled by the militant Islamist movement, Hamas, since June 2007.
    What nobody on the ground knew was that, just as the band played and the cadets formed up to march past Gen Jaber, they were in the cross-hairs of the Israeli air force.
    It is not yet known if the gathering was hit by a guided missile or, as is more likely, a laser-guided bomb. What is certain is that a huge explosion ripped through the scene, killing at least 40 people, including the General.
    Within minutes fifty sites, all Hamas police and security force facilities located from Rafah in the south to Gaza City in the north, were attacked by 60 jet fighters. Saturday is a normal working day in Gaza and all these buildings were occupied.
    Plumes of thick black smoke rose into the grey winter sky the length and breadth of the Strip as the first wave of Israeli air strikes took place.

  18. That’s called war Ashley and those were military targets. The IAF’s reprisals came after 8,000 rocket attacks by your “heroes.” Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  19. I consider this a failure. They should have killed at least 100, but you can’t win every engagement.

  20. Trolls like ashley can never resist the temptation of their longing to expose themselves as anti-Semites. ashley made it today in record time.

  21. When I was younger, more liberal, and still living in the US I opposed the death penalty. I still have reservations about it, but I agree with Irit 100%. Scum like Issawi and Marwan Barghouti should have been executed long ago.

  22. I hope this Hungarian is not talking about the patriots who bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem – Show some respect to the founding fathers

  23. No ashley I’m speaking about you and your comrades. Even taking into account the abysmal level of intelligence of your kind of murderous violence peddlers you should have realized that.

  24. Of course, someone like you doesn’t feel respect for the people who have died so that you carp your self-righteous drivel.

  25. Hungarian are you saying the European pogroms were not racist and you were only doing it because you wanted to – what was the justification? Same as today as you try to clean Palestine of what you consider vermin. Pity for you very few people subscribe to your racism.

  26. You must learn some basic historical and geogaraphical facts ashley:
    1. Hungary (and the Carpathian basin) is part of Central Europe.
    2. Most of the “wiping out of millions” was implemented by West-European nations – Germany and Austria helped by the French, Norwegian, Holland and Belgian governments and with the silent cooperation of other West-European countries like Switzerland for example.
    3. Undoubtedly the Eastern-European nations have their shameful past regarding genocides, but compared it to the West-European efficiency with two world wars and the colonisation of the planet it is almost insignificant.
    But not surprisingly your posts could have been copy/pasted and translated (poorly)from any present day East- and Central-European neo-Nazi websites.
    And btw you really consider the Palestinians vermin and want to clean them out? – because I never said that. You are just daydreaming again about being a real mass murderer not only a neo-Nazi internet troll…

  27. Of course that means that you consider all Palestinians terrorists Ashley. So, you’ve demonstrated your hatred for Jews and you also hate Arabs. Does your hatred know any bounds.

  28. Hungarian if that is your experience and I have no reason to doubt it why do you insist that the Palestinians should suffer the same fate as the victims of European racism and fascism. . Racism is a vile idea and bears no resemblance History teaches us that it is a disastrous ideology for humanity and should be resisted by all.

  29. Haven’t you forgotten Peter? Not submitting our children’s guts to splattered all over the streets from suicide bombers is akin to being Nazis.

    By the way Ashley, you don’t have to go far to see what a vile racist is. Just look at a mirror.

  30. Would you be so kind to point out where I suggested that the Palestinians should suffer the same fate as the European Jews. I’ll repeat again; I don’t want hurt any peaceful Palestinians and I wish them well, but those (I mean your terrorist comrades) who are trying to hurt us as a people or as individuals.
    Your accusations of racism against others who don’t share your vile and idiotic opinion about the need to eradicate terrorism are so characteristic of the deluded and ignorant far left anti-semites blessed with with extremely limited intellectual capabilities and masquerading as protectors of Palestinian rights that with your permission (or without it) I will quote them as textbook examples later – here and on other blogs too.
    And a suggestion: Next time don’t try to bullshit about subjects you know nothing about (only a short article from Wikipedia).

  31. You’re assuming he believes the crap he writes. He looks a lot more like a wind-up merchant to me, just saying stuff to get a rise.