CiF contributor Antony Loewenstein promotes lie about ‘Jews only roads’

When we learned that ‘Comment is Free’ was expanding into Australia, it was assumed that a marginal anti-Zionist Jew (and occasional CiF contributor) named Antony Loewenstein would be providing additional anti-Israel ‘commentary’, and his latest piece, though putatively not about Israel, didn’t disappoint.  Loewenstein’s ‘CiF’ post about the Australian opposition leader, ‘What would Tony Abbott’s foreign policy look like?‘, July 4, isn’t even tagged with “Israel”, yet a significant amount of space is devoted to warning Guardian readers of Abbott’s staunchly pro-Israel policies.  

Loewenstein writes the following:

Abbott seems to retain a Bush administration style perspective – you’re either with us or against us. He told Washington’s right-wing Heritage Foundation last year that, “Australia’s foreign policy should be driven as much by our values as our interests”. It isn’t clear what values he cherishes when he told the Central Synagogue in 2012 that, “[Israel is] a country so much like Australia, a liberal, pluralist democracy. A beacon of freedom and hope in a part of the world which has so little freedom and hope.” He made no mention of Israel occupying millions of Palestinians under brutal military rule. He went on: “When Israel is fighting for its very life, well, as far as I’m concerned, Australians are Israelis. We are all Israelis in those circumstances”. It’s a comic book reading of the Middle East (at least foreign minister Carr, along with British foreign secretary William Hague, now rightly calls Israeli colonies “illegal”).

When I met Abbott in Sydney in 2010 and challenged him to learn more about Israel’s flouting of international law, he reverted to familiar, right-wing Zionist talking points. Both the Liberal party and Zionist lobby remain upset that in 2012, Australia didn’t reject Palestine’s statehood at the UN. Foreign affairs spokesperson for the Coalition, Julie Bishop, has pledged to return Australia to an uncritical stance towards Israel, placing us in a very isolated position globally. (The Greens, especially senator Lee Rhiannon, condemns Israel’s destruction of aid projects in Palestine, some of which are funded by Canberra).

The hyperlink in the second paragraph copied above concerning “right-wing Zionist talking points” leads to a post at Loewenstein’s personal blog, which recounts a conversation he claims to have had with Abbott in 2010. The post includes the following claim:

After, while signing books, I approached Abbott again and we talked for a few minutes about the conflict. He said he had visited Israel as a guest of the government and only been taken to where they wanted to show him. When I said that there were Jewish-only roads in the West Bank, he said that was “bad” and looked uncomfortable.

Yes, ‘Jews-only’ roads in the West Bank would be “bad” if they existed. Of course, as CAMERA has definitely demonstrated in multiple posts over several years, the charge is a complete fiction. There are no “Jewish-only” roads in the West Bank.  Though there are some roads prohibited to Palestinians in the West Bank, Israel’s Arab citizens (and Israeli citizens of any religion or ethnicity) have just as much right to travel on those restricted roads as do Israeli Jews. .

An Arab shuttle bus travels on Highway 443, a road often incorrectly described as "Jewish-only" (Photo by Tamar Sternthal/CAMERA)

An Arab shuttle bus travels on Highway 443, a road often incorrectly described as “Jewish-only” (Photo by Tamar Sternthal/CAMERA)

Indeed, several media outlets have at times made similar mistakes about Israeli roads and then, upon being notified about their error by CAMERA, issued corrections. Here’s just one example from the Washington Post in 2010.

oneOther news outlets which corrected initial false claims concerning ‘Jews only’ roads include CNN, AP and the Boston Globe.

The charge that Israel has ‘Jews-only’ roads is a lie.

Perhaps Mr. Loewenstein may want to acknowledge that he was being dishonest about such roads, to both Mr. Abbott and the few people in Australia who may on occasion come across his blog.

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  1. Perhaps Mr. Loewenstein may want to acknowledge that he was being dishonest about such roads, to both Mr. Abbott and the few people in Australia who may on occasion come across his blog.

    I wouldn’t hold your breath Adam. Loewenstein comes across as one of The Guardian obsessives ‘as a Jew’ hate Israel crowd.

  2. I suppose the author has a point when he says that “there are no “Jewish-only” roads in the West Bank. Though there are some roads prohibited to Palestinians in the West Bank” Of course Martians, Europeans and North Americans are allowed on those roads so strictly speaking they are not Jewish-only. Palestinians whose land the roads are on are not allowed.

    • Israelis who are Arabs are citizens who are free to drive on all roads.

      Palestinians never owned the land in Judea and Samaria! That land was occupied by the JORDANIANS from 1948, when they renamed those lands the “West Bank” until 1967 when the JORDANIANS ( not the Palestinians!!) fought against the Israelis who reclaimed that land! (There are no maps prior to 1948 that have the name “West Bank” on them!)


      If the Palestinians would stop the terrorism, there would be no need for security walls! If the Palestinians would stop honoring terrorists by calling them heroes and martyrs, giving them medals, naming schools, streets, etc. after them, printing textbook in order to teach children and youths hatred of Israel and Jews, and start recognizing Israel on their maps, then Israel could begin to hope for peace.

      Oh, yes, explain why there was not a whisper anywhere about creating a state for Palestinians at any time between 1948-1967 when Jordan controlled Judea, Samaria and part of Jerusalem. It was only when Arafat, an EGYPTIAN, took control of the three-year-old PLO, that there was any talk about “Palestinians” wanting a homeland.

  3. Of course the blogger has a point when he says “There are no “Jewish-only” roads in the West Bank. Though there are some roads prohibited to Palestinians in the West Bank”

    So these roads are not exclusively Jewish, just Palestinians whose land these roads are built on are not allowed.

    Typical racist defense. of the Sign Saying “No Blacks, Irish or Dogs allowed” the statement is not racist because we do not just exclude the Blacks, the Dogs are not allowed either. French and Danes are also welcome. Nothing exclusive about this type of racism which is racism nevertheless.

  4. Yeah. Like your ‘lie’ about the Abu Dura incident. Shown to be baseless in the appeal court.

    And before you start screaming ‘anti-semitic’ listen to James O’Brian on today’s programme on LBC.

    At last someone who stands up to these false accusations!

    • Speaking of lies(in which you’re expertly adept), this is what the French courts ruled:

      The basis of the decision is that the Court of Appeals was wrong to have ordered France 2 to show the complete footage shot the day of the al-Durah incident, on the grounds that a court cannot help the accused prove his innocence[!!].

      In other words, to protect your monstrous, libellous slander against Israel, the court determined that the video exonerating Israel was not be shown!; However said video, did in fact acquit Karsenty, and prove his point!(As the Court of Appeals had previously acknowledged)
      This is the only way you in the rabid anti-Israel camp gain any tangible results:
      By Cozening, lying, and exploiting the anti-Israel(and sometimes anti-Semitic) air that permeates European institutions. A technicality got you off this time, but the truth is out.
      Pallywood is dead, its mercenaries, it would appear, are not….

        • In fact, a disgruntled Jew-hater such as yourself would accept anything to justify your hatred. Enjoy your ulcer.

        • Well they did once and acquitted!… So how IS your theory working out then, genious?

        • Also, I should say, the film itself was Palestinian(the cameraman — an Arab).
          And yet it had been so selectively cut and edited that indeed, when the Court of Appeals had been presented with the entire, unadulterated reel, it instantly vindicated Karsenty.
          No need for “Israelwood”(which is a very uninspired neologism): The Pal. film contained all the evidence we ever sought.

      • “.. .. You are a mongrel and sock-puppeteer and should not be allowed to post your Jew-hating filth. disgruntled Jew-hater ..Shut up, anti-Semite!”

        You argue a persuasive point. However I think you should be careful about the use of the world “mongrel ” with the implications of race ,purity etc etc ,the rest is fine, he maybe does hate some Jews there have been a few that have deserved the honour.

        • Well, our wannabee sweetheart of Greenwald always finds an excuse for antisemites.

        • Hey, rascal, I see you continue to defend each and every anti-Semite around: nick-a-Nazi, Wyatt-Herpes, alex and all the sock-puppets you admire so much.

          I wonder what kind of “education” you received from your infamous inlaws. Were they harpo-Marxists like you? Or were they proud aryans? In any case, you end up being a pathetic dog.

        • “…he maybe does hate some Jews there have been a few that have deserved the honour”
          Rosco either clarify what you mean exactly by that remark or withdraw it. As it stands it is, ‘no ifs or buts’, anti-Semitic.

          • ( some Jews .. have deserved the honour) clarify what you mean

            Many Jews have been hated and some ie Baruch Goldstein should have been hated.

            • Rosco your reply and original post is a clear indication of your own mindset. It clearly shows that when others on this site have accused you of anti-Semitism those accusations are completely justified.

              No further comment is necessary.

  5. I have just watched the Video. I fail to see how it exonerates Israel and the IDF unless you are saying the dead was responsible because he was in the area where the IDF was shooting.

    • Look at the bullet holes. Do they look like they were shot roughly perpendicular to the wall, or at a sharp angle to the wall?

      • On the full footage, the child was still moving and fidgeting after the shoot-out had ended. And astoundingly, for someone claimed to have been shot several times, there was no blood on the scene immediately after the fact.
        This (rather old) Bild article is very illuminating on the documentary produced on the subject by German journalist E. Schapira.
        As it stands, from her countless interviews with the Gazans who handled Al-Durah, there appear to be not only inconsistencies in the story they tell, but fundamentally there’s no evidence that the deceased they had paraded in Gaza and then buried had in fact been the Al-Durah boy.
        And this, even BEFORE we get to your very valid point about the bullets(and the ballistic implausibility of the boy dying at IDF hands).
        This is a link to the first (of 5) episodes of the documentary:
        However, it’s in German. Perhaps Fritz can help us out, if he’s in the mood.

    • You asshole fail in everything else too. When a machine gun operator returns fire he/she is exposed to the bullets of the enemy irrespective of the protective equipment in his post and using ammunition without knowing when will get resupply. No trained soldier would waste the time and the bullets to shoot a target not representing an immediate danger. There are two options:
      The killing of the child was unintentional
      – a stray bullet
      – the shooter didn’t see well the target and considered it mistakenly an armed opponent
      the whole clip is a hoax
      Now I know that your kind of desktop holy warrior never would understand this elementary logic known by every soldier who ever in his/her life was under enemy fire, you are only interested to spread the modern Guardinista version of the good old blood-libel – the Jews are killing gentile children.
      And now please climb back under your gas canister and dream about the good old times

      • Thank you for adding the intelligence of a trained soldier to this discussion. I learned a lot of useful information from reading your comment. I’m afraid, however, that the information went over the heads of the anti-Semites because it involves adding together 2+2=4 of facts which is obviously too advanced for them to takin in!!

  6. Another example of rampant racism in Israel this time against their own coreligionist
    In January, the state of Israel admitted that it had been administering birth control injections to Ethiopian Jewish immigrant women without their consent or their knowledge. “The government had previously denied the practice but the Israeli Health Ministry’s director-general has now ordered gynecologists to stop administering the drugs,” reported The Independent.

    The women were injected with the contraceptive, Depo Provera, every three months and were misleadingly told that the injections were “inoculations.” Some women who rejected these injections were forced or coerced into taking the drug anyway. The drug was administered while these women were still in transit camps in Ethiopia.

    How appalling, I should say. Why were these women being subjected to such treatment? And, where had their right of consent gone, the right to decide what enters their body?

    Well the answer is horrifyingly clear: they and ‘their kind’ were obviously not welcome in Israel, to the point that the Israeli government felt that it was necessary to forcibly control their population growth.

    And, while this is an extremely unethical act in itself, it actually stems from a deep rooted racism against Ethiopian Jews in Israel.

      • And yet, I have to ask(again):
        Will this trolling continue for much longer? I mean, this waffling idiot — and not for the first time — has deflected from the subject of the ATL post, posting screed after screed filled with scurrilous vitriol against Israel.
        Surely enough is enough… This oughtn’t to be a platform for Israel bashing.

        • You can`t prevent him from changing moniker or to change the provider, tracking his IP is a bit too much, and even then he can change the IPs.

      • That this is a lie is not a problem for Ibrahim Alex Roscoe Bishop. They eat every anti semitic slurs like the asses eat the weed on the shoulders of the highway.

        • And the pathetic recycling of the same anti-Jewish filth is typical of obsessed & retarded minds. The worst, of course, is that moronic fraudster, rascal burnout.

          • ” The worst, of course, is that moronic fraudster, rascal burnout ”

            Promotion I guess. Whilst I seem to be the worst despite not having really expressed an opinion bar wondering why an anti semitic Nazi is allowed on these threads .When I asked for proof it was as if I did a bad smell at your nice aunties funeral.

            I would now like to express one. It was a good article Lowenstein got it wrong

              • ” you are the worst, rascal, because you are a fake. ”

                A fake what ? I never claimed to be anybody . I started here wondering how a site which has a paper under the microscope has posters who use expressions like ” anti semite ” and “Nazi” with such ease and when challenged retreat into a shell of abuse.

                I think these are grave charges which would be the subject of litigation on other sites. I repeat you show me some evidence that ” Nick a Nazi -anti -semite ” is as you say and I will support you .

                You devalue and cheapen the terms until they are rendered meaningless.

                • “I think these are grave charges which would be the subject of litigation on other sites”
                  Rosco you are a liar, a fantasist and an anti-Semite.
                  So sue me you spineless wimp!

                • Hey, rascal, fraudster-in-chief. Your memory is failing you. You started your pathetic career here by whining whether this blog was “right” for your highness. Then babbled you BS about famous inlaws and such inanities. You then proceed to LIE and defend the blog’s Jew-haters.

                  Ergo, you are a hypocrite, a fraudster and a coward Jew-hater. A pathetic joke, in fact. Now, you can swim in the Thames. I suggest you invite the sock-puppeteers that you love so much.

        • Roscoe, I read over your comments and I can tell you why you’ve been accused (and convicted) of being an anti-Semite. On your first comments you said that you could understand how anti-Jewish feeling can occur; after all there are some Jews (like Goldstein) who deserve to be hated. To write lies about ALL Jews is NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR ANY REASON because some Jews are hateful.

          Regarding Goldstein, what did the Israelis do after he murdered innocent people? He was tried for multiple murders, convicted, and now sits in prison! What do the Arabs do when one of their own murders multiple numbers of innocent Jews? They call them “martyrs” and “heroes” and give them medals, name schools, streets, etc. after them and put them in textbooks for children to want to grow up to emulate!!!

          You remind me very much of the British who ruled the Palestine Mandate (which the British had promised to the Jews). The British (and Americans) come off as the “good guys” of WWII, with people conveniently forgetting that the British were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Jews when they issued the White Paper in 1939, and effectively locked the gates of Palestine although the Jews in Palestine were the only people that wanted them before the actual death camps were up and running but the British sold out all of those refugees for Arab oil!! Later, after the camps were up and running efficiently (Auschwitz was killing 3000 JEWISH MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN, EVERY DAY!!), Jews that had escaped the horrors of the camps begged Roosevelt and Churchill to bomb the railroad tracks at Auschwitz AND THEY BOTH REFUSED!! Both of them had known anti-Semites as advisors, and they were both convinced not to take action because “just Jews” were not important enough to alter their war plans. Now I know you love the English, but don’t you dare try to find an “acceptable reason” for their actions!!! If you haven’t figured it out, your trying to explain the “reasoning” of known anti-Semites, by an outworn excuse, no less, is what makes you an anti-Semite!

          • Bluewhale11:

            “Regarding Goldstein, what did the Israelis do after he murdered innocent people? He was tried for multiple murders, convicted, and now sits in prison!”

            Excuse me? Golstein was eventually killed during the massacre.

            Baruch Kopel Goldstein (Hebrew: ברוך קופל גולדשטיין‎; December 9, 1956 – February 25, 1994) was an American-born Israeli physician and mass murderer who perpetrated the 1994 Cave of the Patriarchs massacre in the city of Hebron, killing 29 Palestinian Muslim worshipers and wounding another 125.[2][3]
            The Israeli government condemned the massacre and responded by arresting followers of Meir Kahane, forbidding certain settlers from entering Arab towns and demanding that those settlers turn in their army-issued rifles.[4] Goldstein was denounced by mainstream Orthodox Judaism[5] and was widely described as insane by Israelis.[6]
            Goldstein’s gravesite became a pilgrimage site for Jewish extremists.[7] In 1999, after the passing of Israeli legislation outlawing monuments to terrorists, the Israeli army dismantled the shrine that had been built to Goldstein at the site of his interment.


            • You are right. Thank you for the correction. I must have been thinking of someone else.

    • Ibrahim Jaffri – or whatever you name really is: If the Ethiopian Jews were not welcome in Israel, the Israeli government would not have gone to all the trouble and expense of airlifting them all here (or, at least, as many as possible).
      Or is that too simple for you to grasp?

    • It’s sad that you let your little life be controlled by spouting bullshit about Israel. But, then, when life is as little and meaningless as yours, I guess the energy you waste here wouldn’t really be going to any good anywhere else. But keep posting away; you haven’t written anything shocking or original, and you most definitely don’t come off as an intellectual. Just a hate monger, actually. A pathetic little jackass of a supposed man. I wouldn’t be surprise if you’re just some 15 year old spouting Daddy’s bullshit, though. That’s about as deep as it gets with you.

  7. “Perhaps Mr. Loewenstein may want to acknowledge that he was being dishonest about such roads, to both Mr. Abbott and the few people in Australia who may on occasion come across his blog.”
    Sounds more like a cool-aid stand.

  8. cba I missed that – I did not realize the IDF only shoots at particular angles – that way they can tell when they kill somebody – Perhaps you do have to wear special tinted glasses to be able to notice that. By the way, the glasses are supplied by the Zionist Federation.

    • Are you REALLY that stupid? The Israelis were at one specific location, at a sharp angle to where the Al Duras were hiding. If the bullets that killed Mohammed Al Dura (assuming he WAS killed, and given the fact that he peeks out under his arm after he’s supposedly dead, plus the fact that there’s no blood in the vicinity, does at least raise a doubt) came from the Israelis, then they would have hit at a sharp angle. And at least some of the bullets that hit the wall would have had to have scooted around the concrete barrel and then turned right.

      • Never mind that cba, just the assertion that the IDF spent 45 minutes shooting at a kid just to kill someone who is innocent is as nasty as any other blood libel about Jews. It’s the kind of thing promoted and believed in the Arab and Muslim countries, as well as what many westerners would like to believe as they now live out their anti-Semitism vicariously by subletting their ancient hatred to foreigners.

        • what many westerners would like to believe as they now live out their anti-Semitism vicariously by subletting their ancient hatred to foreigners

          How very true.

  9. Error: “He made no mention of Israel occupying millions of Palestinians under brutal military rule.”

    Correction: “He made no mention of my most cherished myths, which constitute a comic book reading of the Middle East, well… maybe more like a coloring book. May I have my crayons back?”

  10. “Australia’s foreign policy should be driven as much by our values as our interests”.
    There’s nothing inherently ‘right wing’ about this statement.
    Mr. Loewenstein and friends, would much rather have foreign policy driven by their own hypocrisy.

  11. “It isn’t clear what values he cherishes when he told the Central Synagogue in 2012 that, “[Israel is] a country so much like Australia, a liberal, pluralist democracy. A beacon of freedom and hope in a part of the world which has so little freedom and hope.” ”
    It’s actually quite clear what he meant. Mr. Loewenstein, his head stuck so far up his own arse, doesn’t seem quite able to realize that the brutal occupations are in Palestinian controlled territories, where amongst other brutal human rights violating measures, they keep their own countrymen living in ‘refugee camps’ on what they claim is their own soil. That’s brutal, sick, and at least ought to be illegal.

  12. Funny how the Guardian never considers Hamas as racist even though they spend so much energy and time figuring out how to blow up as many Jews as possible.

    But Israel is racist because, see, they do what they can to not allow a member of Hamas– invariably an Arab– to blow them up.


  13. Another lie is the road being called a “Highway” those cars are barely moving! ;)

  14. “That´s yet another trait of your type of pseudo-intellectual anti-Semites. ”

    I cant really argue when someone has such an intellectual grasp of his field. As for swimming in the Thames I am a little luckier and have a beach on my doorstep.

    • You don’t argue about anything, rascal. You only whined and defended the blog’s Jew-hater. You are just a pathetic fraud. I hope you invited your famous inlaws to enjoy the bitch on your doorstep.

  15. Jews Killed 1400 Palestinians during the attack on Gaza in 2008/2009, among the dead were many children, women and old people. Perhaps this makes me anti-Semite. In 2012 over several days several hundred Palestinians were killed in Gaza by the Jews. It is nothing to be proud of. I apologize it were not the Jews who did the killings on all these occasions just as it was not the Americans or the British who killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, Afghans etc over the last decade and a bit. The killers in all instances are deluded power mad state machinery of the Zionists and other imperialists. These killers have no place in humanity. Many people in America and Britain disown them and many in Israel do the same.

    • “Jews Killed 1400 Palestinians during the attack on Gaza in 2008/2009…”
      ” In 2012 over several days several hundred Palestinians were killed in Gaza by the Jews.”
      “I apologize it were not the Jews who did the killings on all these occasions..”

      “Perhaps this makes me anti-Semite.” No perhaps about it, and a sick incoherent one at that.

  16. Gerald so you are not proud of the killing. Great. However, you missed the point I was trying to make. I think it is abhorrent that people like SerJew claim that the IDF kills in the name of the Jews. The IDF kills for itself and because it is part of the evil state apparatus that occupies Palestine. The IDF does not represent the Jewish people just as those US & UK administrators responsible for the killings in Iraq or Afghanistan do not represent the British and American people who in their millions marched against their wars.

    • Ibrahim I doubt if anyone, including serving members of the armed forces, is ever ‘proud of the killing’. But Ibrahim there are times when armed force is necessary for defence or to prevent a greater evil happening.
      As for your point about the US and UK and Iraq and Afghanistan. For your information as a citizen of the UK, and at that time a member of the Labour Party, I supported the decision of the Prime Minister Tony Blair, backed up by our democratically elected Parliament after a full debate, to intervene in Iraq and remove the murderous regime of Saddam Hussein. I also supported the decision of NATO to go into Afghanistan after those who were sheltering, training and giving succour to the terrorists behind the 9/11 atrocities in USA.
      And Ibrahim unlike the faint hearted I still support those decisions.

    • Palestine is the land of the Jews and the “Israeli state apparatus,” as you call it, is not evil. You forget to mention that Hamas is dedicated to killing Jews. You left out that Hamas fired thousands of rockets at Israeli civilian communities. You left out that the IDF has the best record in avoiding civilian casualties, and further you left out that Hamas and the Palestinian Arab leadership brags about martyrdom and makes heroes out of those who murder jewish civilians. You left out that Hamas deliberately puts their civilians in harms way, and do so on purpose to glorify martyrdom involved in murdering Jews and uses this to sucker people into feeling sorry for them and to vilify Israel and Jews. You forgot to mention that those deaths are a war crime of which Hamas is the guilty party.

      “The IDF does not represent the Jewish people”
      Good thinkin’, duh.

      The PLO calls itself “the sole representative of the Palestinian people.”
      Care to comment?

  17. I am sorry you support murder and mayhem in other peoples countries. I read you wrong. You are not against the war. You support genocide. One can only call you a fascist. You do know the reason to invade Iraq was that it had weapons of mass destruction. None were found. We now know we were lied. Warmongers are liars as well as genocidal. Whether it is the IDF, Tony Blair, George Bush or Obama I condemn them for being the source of all evil today.

    • “One can only call you a fascist”
      Ibrahim you can call me what you like as long as you don’t call me early.

        • “Oh, come on Gerald, surely your for genocide, aren’t you?”
          Damn it Jeff! You have seen through my cunning disguise.
          Apart from being a fascist and genocidal maniac (which makes me sound like a member of Hamas or Hezbullah) I also kick little puppies and stamp on fluffy white bunny rabbits, and that is when I’m in a good mood.

    • Hey Ibrahim-al Fake, where are all those sock-puppets with hilarious monikers, like jim jerbyl, mary poppins, emma thompson, adam biggots, julia jewhaterson, etc? We miss them all.

    • “I am sorry you support murder and mayhem in other peoples countries”
      I am glad to read that you oppose ‘murder and mayhem in other peoples countries’, so I look forward to reading your condemnation of the terror attacks against the USA, 9/11; London, 7/7 (anniversary tomorrow); and Madrid. I also look forward to your condemnation of the ‘murder and mayhem’ caused by suicide bombers, rocket attacks by Hezbullah and mortar and rocket attacks by Hamas on Israel.

      Surely a highly principled person like yourself who condemns ‘murder and mayhem in other peoples countries’ and fascists like myself will not now try and squirm and justify these appalling acts of ‘murder and mayhem’?

  18. “That’s what anti-Semites do ”

    Sorry SerJew I wrote a long detailed rebuttle but somehow it vanished. Anyway its the hottest day of the year so far lets not argue. Im off swimming again. You lucky folk can do this all year. And yet you are still so crabby .

  19. Rosco the talking bullshit.
    The civil wars in Iraq and Afpak cause most civilian deaths, everything else is the Invention of left extremists like Greenwald, living safely in the west but only generating income by denouncing the west. Not to forget the victims of Saddam the butcher and the diverse Islamist gangs in Afghanistan calling themselves mujahideen, taliban etc.

  20. Blue Whale I did not know you are a member of the IDF that accuses, convicts and than executes and not necessarily in the order. It than gives itself the title of the most moral army ever.

  21. The IDF is the army that repeatedly crushed your islamist losers/cowards comrades. Hey, how are your sock-puppets doing?

  22. I don’t know how you concluded that I’m a member of the IDF. I am 59 and long past fighting age! My daughter finished her three years service in a combat battalion just a few years ago. She never killed anyone but she (and I) was proud of herself when she caught two terrorists trying to sneak across one of the checkpoints she was on guard duty for. She also caught a camel carrying in a load of guns. I did enjoy seeing a picture of the camel; I think his face was probably representative of the terrorists he was with!

    You are obviously the product of a horrible education since you make up things as you go along or act like a parrot and just squawk back what you have heard from others. I would feel sorry for you if you weren’t such a miserable worm only fit for crawling through the mud which makes up your world.

  23. The IDF is the army that repeatedly crushed your islamist losers/cowards comrades

    Indeed the IDF is a stunning and powerful force equally at home holding the entire Arab world at bay in a miraculous and memorable military attack but also needlessly using extremes of violence on cities.

    Of course they have caused nothing like the damage the UK forces have caused since Iraq but the word “crushed” is a little unsettling. It is enough surely to win without having to dip into wild eyed language?

  24. Why is “crushed” unsettling, rascal? You seem to be uncomfortable with Jews being powerful and violent when necessary. That´s yet another trait of your type of pseudo-intellectual anti-Semites. You are condescending when Jews are defenseless and massacred but immediately begin to hector when they react and win. Well, fraudster, deal with it. If I were you I´d be rather worried with the Adebolajoes next to you.

  25. “…the IDF… needlessly using extremes of violence on cities.”

    Rascal Burnout: needlessly peddling slanderous bullshit.

  26. That’s what anti-Semites do. Rascal is no different from Ibrahim al Drek. In fact, at least Ibrahim al Bullsh*t don’t come up with pathetic non-sense about his “famous inlaws”.

  27. “needlessly peddling slanderous bullshit.( extremes of violence on cities )”

    Ive said worse about my country. You folk have an excuse. You are being threatened both physically and psychologically in a way that we don’t get here . Yet we destroyed large much infrastructure as well as thousands of lives in a blunderous and frenzied assault that makes the IDF civilian death toll look modest indeed.

  28. Rascal now goes back to the harpo-Marxist self-flagellating mode. What a schizophrenic weirdo!