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Adam Levick

So, you think BDSers would end their campaign if Israel left the West Bank? Think again.

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In their cold disregard for the lives of Palestinians and Arab Israelis, BDS has effectively adopted the new radical left version of the Vietnam War sentiment that ‘sometimes you have to burn the village to save it’ – a phrase accurately reflecting the mindlessness, nihilism and destructiveness of those singularly obsessed with isolating, delegitimizing and punishing the Jewish state.

Contrary to a Guardian headline, leftist writer Etgar Keret is NOT being boycotted by Israelis

photo of keret

Of course, when anti-Israel foreign activists boycott Keret, it’s part of an organized campaign to exclude him and his work from the international literary arena, born of an ideological belief that all Israelis are morally beyond the pale. When Israelis who disagree with his politics personally choose not to buy Keret’s books or see his films, they’re not part of any sort of similar campaign to censor him, but are simply exercising an individual choice as consumers.

Guardian gets it wrong: falsely claims “mocked-up coffin of Rabin” at ’94 rightwing rally


Freedland’s claim that the rally in question (in 1994) included a “mocked-up coffin of Rabin” is flat-out wrong and represents a recycling the far-left myth that Bibi was somehow responsible for the former prime minister’s death. In fact, as blogger Elder of Ziyon demonstrated in response to a CNN program in 2013 which advanced this allegation, one side of the coffin actually said “Rabin is burying us” (”רבין קובר אותנו”), while the other side said “Rabin is bringing about the death of Zionism” (“רבין ממית [ה]ציונות”).


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