Combating Biased Moderation: How To Save Posts Before Deletion

One of the most prevalent problems with ‘Comment is Free’ is that CiF moderators often delete posts simply because they disagree with the pro-Israeli views expressed there. For the poster it causes much frustration at having taken the time to write a comment only to have it deleted and it leaves anti-Israel and, worse still, antisemitic positions on the thread unchallenged.

The following is a list of instructions that you might want to follow before you press the <Post Comment> button on CiF.

1.  Open up Notepad,  MS Word or any other word processor document ready to copy/paste your post to.

2.  Copy/paste the post directly from the text box provided by CiF BEFORE you press the <Post Comment> button.

3.  If the comment appears on the thread, copy/paste it from the thread itself instead of the ‘raw text’ in the previous step (make sure to include the time of the post and name of poster). [Note that  if you are pre-moderated (you do not receive advance warning  about this) it is important to follow step #2 before posting a comment – if you do not there is no way of retrieving your post once you click <Post Comment>].

4.  Save the document with a name that you will easily recognize in the future to locate the document. This repository document can easily be used to store a large number of your comments.

5.  Post the deleted comment on a relevant comment thread at CiF Watch or simply email us a copy of the deleted comment at for consideration.

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  1. Moderators

    I don’t think it does your website any favours by allowing personal abuse to remain on the board. Allowing someone to refer to a fellow commenter as psychotic, is not good web practice.

    Thank you.

  2. AKUS, too bad you have been banned. Your posts were always to the point and dealt with the arguments without gunning for the posters.

    I believe you were banned as a last gasp idiotic effort by CiF against CiFWatch, which has rattled their moderators so much that they can no longer tell the difference between reasoned argument (which you invariably employ) and the vitriol spouted by LaRitournelle, who I note is still allowed to post there.

    Keep posting here though, please

  3. JerusalemMite

    I did respond to your comment in detail, but unfortunately I fell foul of biased moderation. I also forgot to save my post before deletion. Ironic, don’t you think?

    But yes, as you say — Shalom/Saalam/Peace

  4. AKUS, hi

    Your post at 4.45 – and the old lags of anti-Israel posters being bitter and twisted haters – yes I very much agree with you.

    It has to be Israel for them; if they tried substituting Italy or China it just wouldn’t have the same zing would it, not least because that couldn’t justify the Jew-hatred.

    I was appalled at some reactions to the building the Palestinian state thread – I honestly belief that most of these idiots would lose their raison d’etre if the Palestinian people finally said “Enough!” to their various corrupt leaders and asked for Israel’s help to build a state of their own.

    In my lifetime I hope.

    Incidentally, who the blazes has given E-numbers to Dotty/LeonWells? Please stop! He’s practically bouncing off the walls! Look at the number of posts from the silly b*gger.