The Guardians of Iran

Since the ascent of lunatic madman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the presidency of the Islamic terrorist republic of Iran, the Guardian has been the leading mainstream voice in defending the Iranian regime.

Starting with a series of denials regarding statements made by the mad leader on the Holocaust and on the elimination of Israel, they wanted to create the impression that mad Mahmoud may not have really said “wipe off the map” or may not have really denied the Holocaust.

Israel has been baring the brunt of demonization while Iran enjoys the support of an intellectually grotesque and dishonest campaign from the Guardian resulting in articles like “Iran needs the bomb” by media critic David Cox and Jonathan Cook’s piece explaining how happy Iranian Jews are at home (a piece also featured on David Duke’s site [Warning: neo-fascist/neo-Nazi web site, racist filth]). Amazingly, the Guardian even allowed suspected regime agents to ascend to contributor status only to cause embarrassment for the publication when one of these contributors started to leave the verbal padded room to come out and allege Jewish conspiracies infiltrating the UK government. Tehrankind77 was a mere preview of what was to come.

But this past summer has created a real dilemma for Guardinistas. Iran’s regime has been rejected by its own people. The regime went crazy, and as crazy regimes usually and unpredictably do, it started to brutalize its people while the world watched in horror as Iranian students were beaten, stabbed and crushed by Bassij militiamen, or worse, shot in plain sight bleeding away on the sidewalk.

The Guardian started to split from within. The reporting side of the paper did a great job exposing the morbid horrors this regime meted out on its citizens while CiF splintered between the apologists who couldn’t believe that their beloved anti-Israel nation has embarrassed them and the reporters who understood that Iran has crossed some, yet still unspecified Rubicon.

So they started to allege foreign intelligence plots being behind the revolt, basically becoming regime mouthpieces. There were also those who, basing it on their western Bolshevik heritage, started to allege that the revolt was only the expression of rich bourgeois kids under the influence of corrupting Western powers while the real man of the people, Ahmadinejad, was denied his democratic victory. Such was the ridiculous yet frightening explanation of Seumas Milne, the Guardian’s resident Stalinist.  Milne also defended the Holocaust denial of the Iranian state as “nothing controversial” in the context of Middle Eastern discourse. He also called western delegates racists for having walked out on the mad president’s speech in Geneva. But as the new revolution gained prominence, fewer and fewer came to the defense of this evil regime.

Then came Obama, Sarkozy and the UN. Iran was caught red-handed building another nuclear site.


Leftist softies like Simon Tisdall called it what this was: Iran caught red handed. But the old defenders of the genocidal goals of the Mahdi Cult have resurfaced. This time as often as posters. Case in point was Brian Whitaker who started an ideological decline of late, losing his bearings to put it mildly, by wondering into conspiracy land alleging first that Jewish posters on CiF were Israeli agents and later claiming that this new discovery in a long line of lies by Iran regarding its nuclear program, was again a conspiracy of Western intelligence agencies. As if the Iranians’ reputation preceding this was indication of any other plausible possibility.

Remember, this was after the brutal and often on-camera repression of Iranians during the summer. The rapes and the shootings of protesters.

Still, the crowd, who previously wanted us to believe Ahmadinejad didn’t deny the Holocaust and didn’t say “wipe off the map” was back again, coming to the defense of this menacing regime almost in a concerted effort.

A series of articles ran on CiF, notably an editorial claiming that no military action and no sanctions should be applied in light of the new discovery of another hidden power plant. Only talking.

Talking to liars is the solution according to the Guardian.

The editorial also stated that while Israel has the right to defend itself, it does not in this case because the consequences would have an effect on others as well.

Or something like that.

But the editorial would not be truly visible had it not been preceded by another piece by Stephen Kinzer. The same Kinzer who, on the anniversary of the murder of Bobby Kennedy, ran a eulogy of his killer Sirhan Sirhan whom he characterized as a disappointed weeping victim of the USA’s betrayal of the Palestinians, basically blaming Israel and the Jews for the death of Kennedy at the hands of an Arab assassin who incidentally also shot 4 other people that day, killed the hopes of the Democrats and helped usher in the Nixon presidency. So deep was his conspiracy theory disguised under the literary pretense of a failed novelist, he ended up looking like some third rate Middle East expert enamored with Islam and its false promise of a possible modern world with Islam as its central influence.

Stephen Kinzer, a former NY Times reporter, has been writing a steady trickle of articles, usually lobbying for Turkey as the absolute necessary addition to the EU, or alluding to Iran as some be all and end all solution to the whole Middle East stability “thing”. Needless to say, Kinzer, like many others in coup de foudre with Islamic culture, has started to internalize their myths and through his pretended Middle East scholarly approach to political fantasy journalism, he started repeating them as if those myths were historical reality.

Did I say failed novelist yet?

George Bush, like him or hate him, had excellent nicknames for leaders. For example, he called Hugo Chavez “Castro without brains”. Kinzer is a sort of Seymour Hersh without intellect. While Hersh is informative, if in nothing else but in shedding light on some of the more socially accepted conspiracy theories, Kinzer just creates them and informs nothing of value. In fact, he is a perfect example of a Guardian regular: positing false theories and floating in imagination land, seeing the good in evil and laying the blame on those he criticizes and vilifies when his theories fall short of reality or fall flat altogether.

Case in point, his recent piece My dinner with Ahmedinejad. In this otherwise incomprehensible piece, believe me I tried hard to understand what it was about beside his usual twisting together of feelings of fear and admiration, he explains that while he sat with monsters before, some enlightenment did come to him as he was dining with Mad Mahmoud.

Nothing more came out of the piece aside from explaining that the West’s problems vis a vis Iran are more cultural, thus the negotiations with Iran should be delegated to some old school, and in his view, aged diplomats, who sat with Kinzer at the table breaking bread with Ahmadinejad. This was after the again massive walkout from Mad Mahmoud’s speech at the UN and his repeated Holocaust denial and allegations on Larry King that Neda Sultan was shot by “foreign agents”.

I often think that to some of the liberal cultural elite inhabiting the rent controlled yet still exorbitantly expensive Manhattan apartments, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a sort of rare, believed to be extinct, yet colorful exotic bird. Hauled back from some far away and scarcely mapped jungle to the enjoyment of watchers fascinated by his supposedly extinct features presented in defiance of previous scholarly work.

– “Look he denies the Holocaust and believes in the end of the world on the heaps of dead Jewish bodies while he smiles and commands many of the poor and downtrodden in the third world.”

-“How fascinating, how dangerously cute”.

-“Can I feed him?”

-“Oh sure just attend his dinner galas, tea will be served and perhaps some Iranian caviar. The Russians cheated out on us of late, Putin wants money for every ounce. “

The exotic Shoah bird flies again.  But they try their their best to deny it, probably thinking it is some acid flashback from ’69 and their radical days.

Alas, no Iran defense would be complete without the rolling out of the real float parade. So here comes George Galloway (again).

This time, now that his anti–Iran benefactor Saddam has died, George has become a host of a talk show on Iran’s state Press TV which ran the most ridiculous propaganda during the Iranian protests and regularly runs Jewish conspiracies and Hezbollah hero stories.  He of course defended the Iranian elections on more than one occasion. No shocker there.

Out he comes on the pages of the Guardian once more.

George alleges that Iran is not working on the bomb, but Sarkozy and Merkel have become Bushists and are plotting to destroy the true nation of universal resistance, Iran, as it is trying to fight for global justice.

This was the essence of his latest speech meant for a rally but probably ending up as a Guardian post. The formats have been interchangeable for a while. Just take off those paragraph ending chants, add some references to one’s self and voila, a Galloway piece for the Guardian is born.

Needless to say, the thread became yet another episode of Monsters with the usual fans of George coming out of the woodwork praising his courage and resolve, while posts alluding to his treasonous hypocrisy and defense of totalitarian terror were deleted and even forewarned by the new and improved moderation which now warns followers to stay on plot or else.

The thread was shut within less than 24 hours, faster than the newest Ben White scribble praising Hamas which usually holds the shut down speed records.

These shut downs have now become symptomatic of a blog which has been caught between its own monster creations and those who call them out for inviting them in with pieces which would make great comedy, were they not in the defense of real monsters staring down real history.

This is why I suppose the Guardian started to hustle the dreamers of a nuclear free world. They do not defend the monsters but defend their own surreal ideals.

Enter Hans Blix. Or as I like to recall him, Hansa Briex. Somehow his most famous moment was indeed in Team America World Police. Not to be a spoiler, but Blix dies in the movie, gets eaten by the pet sharks of KimJong Il, who mocks him for his naiveté and sends him plunging into his shark tank. I still giggle at the memory of that scene, which encapsulated the whole “negotiating with evil madmen” doctrine. Not that there weren’t more serious lessons: Yalta, Munich and Arafat come to mind but still Brixie drove it home without the death of innocents. So Blix comes out on CiF arguing for a nuclear free Middle East. He is basing this on Obama’s famous but now increasingly dangerous speech from Prague where he called for a nuclear free world. A stance Obama repeated at the UN while he was already sitting on the evidence of Iran’s new October surprise, the hidden Qum facility.

Dangerous speech because ever since he spoke those words, the chorus to disarm Israel (on the extreme Left) has started hitting the high notes.

So Blix argues that Israel should basically disarm so that all other Middle East states could follow suit. Hardly a new idea. Probably one which Iran has planned at the outset. Figuring that even if they may not go through with their nuclear ambitions, they will try to leverage their behavior to extract some Western concession around the idea that “all should disarm” for the “sake of our children’s future” and while we’re at it why not of course start with Israel.

I mean who else right?

Blix’s new inspiration would have been more original had Mohamed El Baradei not already communicated the same view sitting next to the Iranian delegation recently where he argued that Israel presents the greatest security threat to the region.

Wow. It is great to know that he was once again, dispatched by Obama and the Security Council to look into that Qum thing. After all he has only withheld evidence twice from the EU and the Americans about what he found in Iran.

Wink wink. He is an “inspector”. He is looking out for us all.

The farce is starting to become old like Benny Hill chasing girls in garter belts around a fake clinic. But it seems, still entertainment for recent Nobel Prize winners basking in the world’s newly found cult of personality.

So the circle is almost complete. The Iranian nuclear issue is really about Israel. This is the Guardian World View.  As those posting and reading CiF for a few years already know, it is (and was) about Israel not Iran and its messianic maniacal leaders who shoot their own people and deny the Holocaust as a matter of foreign policy.

On a side note, Holocaust denial and spreading Jewish conspiracy theory have been Iran’s major contributions to world culture and to the advancement of scholarship in recent years.

But Kinzer would say:

“A Great Culture, can I have some more of that Caviar?”

Israel is the danger and Iran, well, they either are not building the bomb as Whitaker would want us believe or needs the bomb as David Cox argued bluntly a couple of years ago.

But wait. There was another report from the Guardian about Hugo Chavez.

Hugo Hugo what would the Guardian be without you.

The great hero of the Euro Left was joking about building nukes for Iran. It was Guardian humor I suppose.

I mean, what crazy fool would think Chavez, dictator of a country rich with uranium, supporter of Iran and provider of real estate for Hezbollah and the Al Quds Militia, is helping Iran in either skirting sanctions or supplying their nuclear effort materially. Needless to say, this thread also brought out the real comics of CiF.

Who says humor isn’t the great healer.

Here’s a sample of the offering from that thread buried quickly from view:

SeanThorp (111 recommends) …Thank God the Russians and Chinese are thus far resisting the Zionist and Western hysteria. Sanctions on Iraq killed at least half a million children and all the mainstream British political parties are shaping up to do the same to Iran. Why should UK foreign policy be led by a rouge state like Israel? Why would the people of the UK vote for that

There is more but you get the idea. These posts were not moderated for days despite the turbo moderation installed of late. I guess this turbo moderator acts also as an engine filter, programmed to detect defense against antisemitism and Islamic bigotry but letting through any other pollutant.

The only advice I can give to the Guardian, old advice but worth repeating, is:

If you play with fire, you can get either burned or not. But if you play with shit, you certainly will stink and be stained.

“Shit, the Guardian is burning”

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  1. ” Israel has been baring the brunt of demonization.. ”

    I wish you would have put this later in the article I might have read more. To suggest a devil worshipping /goats head soup/ analogy is so lame I think Ill go and read CIF instead…:(


  2. Alchemist

    If you play with fire, you can get either burned or not. But if you play with shit, you certainly will stink and be stained.

    The Guardian is not just playing with it its editors are eating their own when attack(rightly) Tory MEPs allying themselves with European far-right parties in the EP and at the same time support much more powerful murderous religio-Nazis like Ahmanidejad, dictatorial antisemite clowns like Chavez and their plucky pet Islamofascists – Hamas and Hezb’allah.

  3. A fantastic and very witty article, Alchemist !

    In that CiF piece by David Cox we find the following sentence :

    “It does of course remain possible that some future leader of a nuclear-armed Iran would indeed abuse his position. Unfortunately, this is a contingency that the world is in any case powerless to eliminate”..

    Unfortunately for Coxie in his armchair watching TV news of Israel and Iran going up in flames? So does that mean Israel is right to be just a little bit worried? And what about the oil-fields going up in flames too?

    And why does Cox persist in thinking that Ahmadinejad and the mullahs were only using a figure of speech about “wiping Israel from the map”, when it is evident that Israel is their constant obsession?

  4. Great tour de force of how various pieces add up to the GWV! One of my favorite observations here:
    “Kinzer is a sort of Seymour Hersh without intellect. While Hersh is informative, if in nothing else but in shedding light on some of the more socially accepted conspiracy theories”…
    Of course Hersh was the one who made the case that the Syrian nuclear complex bombed by Israel was just some harmless something (babyfood?); once that was shown to have been nonsense, I don’t remember hearing anything anymore about it — but that’s how it works, I guess.

    The Galloway thread you mention, where it was forbidden to point out that Georgie has his own show on PressTV was quite something — and the irony is, of course, that PressTV is staffed by this “gilded North Tehran youth” so despised by the one and only Seamussss, the golden boy of the proletariat! (NOT!)

  5. I especially enjoyed Brian Whitaker’s accusation of the west inventing the nuclear facility in Iran. Well, not exactly a Jewish conspiracy, but certainly a western Judeo-Christian one.

    LOVE IT. Here’s a “serious” professional journalist from a major newspaper, coming up with a ludicrous accusation, without any proof whatsoever to his claims. There are photographs, Iran has ADMITTED about the site. But that doesn’t stop Brian Whitaker from jumping aboard the conspiracy wagon.

    About Ben White, and Seamus Milne- I would really no expect anything different from people who have publicly declared their support of dismantling the only Jewish state.

    (As did Antony Lerman, unmentioned in the article, who as I just read recently was forced to resign from the “Institute for Jewish Policy Research” after calling for Israel to be dismantled and for the law of return for Jews to be repealed.(!)

  6. FoolMeTwice

    Harold Evans is wonderful when he comes out of retirement or whatever his withdrawal from public life is.

    And isn’t it hugely entertaining to see all the armchair jihadis in such an uproar!

  7. You’ve done a trremendous job of assembling the pieces, like a massive jigsaw puzzle, that illustrate the GWV and how the Guardian ties consistently to form a view of the world in which up is down, black is white, and israel is the source of every evil.


    This will never see the light of day on CIF, even though it does actually represent the views of the Guardian and many of those commenting on CiF extremely accurately regarding both the founding and legitimacy of the State of Israel, accompanied with a heavy dose of Holocaust denial and a lie claiming the Holocaust has never been researched::

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Even before World War I, there was some talk [about forming] a very vicious and twisted organization to take over the entire world. Using their experience from colonialist days, they planned to take over all the nations, along with the material and spiritual resources of the world.

    After World War I, exploiting the lack of vigilance of the region’s peoples and of the Muslims, they turned the land of Palestine into the mandate of the old colonialism – England. During that period, the organized criminal Zionists created an atmosphere that enabled them to invade the land of Palestine. Under the guise of purchasing farms, orchards, and lands, they plundered a vast part of the land, using weapons, slaughter, and terror. With the help of the English government, and with the support of the spearheads of the English government, they turned the people into refugees.
    Four or five years after World War II, they suddenly claimed that during that war, the Holocaust affair had taken place. In other words, according to their claims, several million Jews were burned in the crematoria…..

    …We asked them the following question: If the Holocaust that you talk about was real, why don’t you allow the subject to be studied? One can freely research any issue, except for this issue, which is sealed. It is a black box, which they do not allow to be opened or reexamined. …

  8. I sentence Ahmedinajad to life imprisonment at Bad Arolsen where he will be forced to read every one of the 50 million pages stored there.

  9. An excellent example of Guardinistas are eating their own whatever:

    A post on the Evans thread from Dan AAJ. Rickmann:

    20 Oct 09, 9:32am (about 4 hours ago)


    Plus the subtext : “As God’s Chosen People” we can treat other nations and people with utter contempt.The laws of the world do not apply to us.

    I didn’t like this article either but writing nonsense such as this doesn’t help anyone – it reads as an attack on all Jews which I presume you don’t mean? The concept of Jews being a Chosen People is a basic part of Judaism and one which has been misused and misunderstood time and again – how does it help anyone in the I/P conflict to perpetuate misunderstandings – this is what the extremists want.

    Poor Rickie…The master kicked your ass and you are now crying foul?
    Don’t worry dear… Naturally SELAVY didn’t attack you… only the other chosen ones…

  10. I have a slightly different take.

    The Guardian and its ‘groupies’ have a problem with Iran. They are probably horrified by the behavior of the ruling thugs BUT, the ruling thugs are anti American.

    What can they do. A successful attempt to overthrow the thugs may usher in a period of enlightenment that may, horrors upon horrors, lead to a friendly relationship with its neighbors and even, dare I say it, the U S of A.

    It may even bring true democracy to Iran.

  11. peterthehungarian

    ##– The concept of Jews being a Chosen People is a basic part of Judaism which has been misused and misunderstood time and again ##


    Agreed ..this was an own goal. It reflects a willingness to insult and given the scope of the situation where Israel is concerned ..there is no need…no insults are necessary…no exaggeration …just watch for a while and she will step in the international poop all by herself ! 🙂






    ## Ahmadinejad and the mullahs were only using a figure of speech about “wiping Israel from the map”, ##


    This was stupid, incendiary, populist , impossible to achieve given Israel is ” Mighty Mouse Goes Bad ” ..and it is not what he said.

    You take care.


  12. AKUS


    ## israel is the source of every evil ##


    The reason you hear this over and over is to tar criticism of Israel as OTT , extremist and almost certainly anti Semitic. Your misunderstanding of the larger politics and lack of understatement suits CIFwatch …I guess your style had to change when you came here…. but I wish to make it clear that the AKUS I campaigned to have back at CIF ..was the clever, less obvious and more balanced one.


  13. Kinzer is not the only Iran Government apologist who has been employed at the NY Times. Roger Cohen spent many months extolling the democracy that he found Iran to be. Cohen actually wrote that Iran under Khameni was just like California with teenagers and college kids twittering away on the net, sending videos to youtube and playing beerpong. Cohen wrote movingly of the happy go lucky Jews he met in Iran, living la vida loca under the protective watch of the Iranian Guards. When the election fraud happened and college students were being put in prison and shot in the streets, Cohen then tried to backtack, portraying himself as the great dissenter, a brave man coughing up tear gas on the streets of Teheran. Cohen was allowed to go on CNN and have suckup interviews with the hapless Wolf Blitzer, the same man who in 2002 tried to correct an antiSemitic outburst from Arafat and getting shouted down by Arafat. Kinzer was an apologist for the Sandinistas back int he 1980s but even the NY Times must have tired of him and eased him out. I am just surprised that Roger Cohen has no become a joint correspondent for CNN and the Guardian.

  14. Sid Bachrach


    ## not the only Iran Government “apologist” ..##


    Ive never been but many saythey are the friendliest people in the world. When he described the teenagers as ” California like ” and “twittering” he may have been trying to get a feeling across…this is a complicated situation…this is not an Israeli hating monoculture.

    You use the word “apologist” as it suits your take that somehow people cannot be straight.. but must have a slant…or a bias… it just isnt the case. Some people try to report with integrity and honesty …and if they get it wrong…it is beause they are wrong …NOT anti Semitic.


  15. Via Yaacov Lozowick (thank you Mr Lozowick!) points out that Richard Silverstein has fallen out of favour at Ci. Pure comedy.

    “….I decided to pull the piece and let my editor know I wouldn’t be writing for CIF anymore. It’s damn hard to get a freelance gig and some may say I was foolish in what I did. But I just didn’t see any other way. I didn’t feel my work was receiving the respect I felt it deserved.”

    Laugh? I did.

  16. margie


    ,## don’t feed the troll##

    Sergio Bramsole


    ##Do not post on this thread!##

    There is a smack of desperation here …do not answer any not go on a thread.. are you so weak that you cant know… argue your corner?


    Guardian Hates Jews


    ##CiFWatch, isn’t it time for some rat poison?##


    The quiet of the night is disturbed by the sound of a window breaking in the distance..there are shouts …a crowd is gathering …



  17. Sid Bachrach

    Roger Cohen spent many months extolling the democracy that he found Iran to be.


    Roger Cohen is every Jew-hater’s favorite Jew. Other than that, why the NYT keeps him around remains a mystery wrapped in an enigma. He is a fool.

  18. John

    No psychologist could find a better textbook example of self pitying narcissism. R. AAJ. Silverstein farewell opus is a must read but be careful not to choke from laughing.
    I remember one of his opuses on CIF about Israeli Hitech. The article was so full of factual errors that the editors closed the thread after some hours, the pro Israeli posters made a total fool of Dickie and he being unable to answer their critics with any counterarguments he started to abuse them personally…

  19. I bet the Guardian won’t ever print this piece on CiF. It’s too revealing .


    AS the founder of Human Rights Watch, its active chairman for 20 years and now founding chairman emeritus, I must do something that I never anticipated: I must publicly join the group’s critics. Human Rights Watch had as its original mission to pry open closed societies, advocate basic freedoms and support dissenters. But recently it has been issuing reports on the Israeli-Arab conflict that are helping those who wish to turn Israel into a pariah state.

    [CiF Watch moderator: full article deleted for copyright reasons. Please go to the NY Times for complete article]

  20. Sergio Bramsole


    ## every Jew-hater’s favorite Jew##


    I could feel your eyes wobbling when you were typing that.

    ## Do not post on (Seth Freedman) thread! ##


    Jubilation has broken ranks and has posted was dull.. predictable and you would have loved it ! 🙂


  21. Sergio

    ##Israel, with a population of 7.4 million, is home to at least 80 human rights organizations##


    It has had two wars in three years ..the last one a political stunt…it has killed thousands of civilians this decade. It needs the organisations!


  22. CiF Watch moderator: full article deleted for copyright reasons. Please go to the NY Times for complete article


    Thanks. I didn’t know.

  23. Peterthehungarian: that was a very illuminating article about Silverstein. Perhaps his inability to get Georgina’s name right had something to do with it?

  24. I believe that Roger Cohen has been published in the Guardian. That makes him a nice compliment to the all star team of Israel hating columnists such as Tony Lerman, Seth Freedman and the infamous Silverstein. Now that Richard Goldstone has started writing opeds, he will be sure to get a Guardian sport before long. Cohen is far worse than Freedman. Freedman loathes Israel with every fiber in his body, as does Cohen. But Freedman has the good sense not to be an apologist for a deeply antiSemitic regime. Cohen, in contrast, has written love poems to the government of Iran. Cohen is so dogged in his insistence that there is no antiSemitism in Iran that he actually traveled to Los Angeles where he debated Iranian Jewish refugees. Cohen, for all practical purposes, debated on behalf of the Iranian government. At least Freedman lives in Israel. Like it or not, Freedman has to rub shoulders with Israelis every day. Cohen rarely travels to Israel (he prefers Iran) yet pronounces himself and expert on Israeli and insists that he alone knows what it best for Israel. At least Cohen is a gifted writer although his talent is in the service of some very awful causes. Tony Lerman is a poor writer and Lerman could put a raging volcano to sleep in about 10 seconds.

  25. “Dinner was laid for three
    At “Dinejad’s place by the sea;
    The first course was fine but I choked on my wine
    When I found that the second was me!”

    Cognitive dissonance is the discomfort caused by needing to hold onto two contradictory beliefs at one time.

    The first of those beliefs is that Imadimnutjob is a maniac, but they daren’t admit that because it would run contra to their belief that Israel will be the cause of WWIII rather than some lunatic who thinks he’s the enabler of the Mahdi.

  26. Wot??? Dickieboy dumped Georgina?!? And she was too proud to come running after him??? And now Dickie’s sore? Not enough respect he got, eh? How about maybe write to GeorgeG instead of GeorginaH, and ask if they need anyone at PressTV???

  27. Sababa – Wot??? Dickieboy dumped Georgina?!? And she was too proud to come running after him??? And now Dickie’s sore? Not enough respect he got, eh? How about maybe write to GeorgeG instead of GeorginaH, and ask if they need anyone at PressTV???


    You should write something for CI(F).

  28. To Fred Grubnik,

    David Brooks is a gifted writer. He is a great speaker as well. Roger Cohen is nowhere near David Brooks.

  29. Sergio wrote: “Other than that, why the NYT keeps him around remains a mystery wrapped in an enigma.”

    No enigma. The NYT is only slightly less twisted than the Grauniad. The NYT, like the Grauniad, loves Islamophiliac house Jews. Remember, this is the newspaper that relegated Holocaust reports to the back pages.

    Islamophilia and anti-Semitism have become hallmarks of the left. Concerning the left’s love affair with tyranny and terrorism, see the excellent books by Glazov, by Shepherd, and by Brawer.

  30. Guardian Hates Jews

    No enigma. The NYT is only slightly less twisted than the Grauniad. The NYT, like the Grauniad, loves Islamophiliac house Jews. Remember, this is the newspaper that relegated Holocaust reports to the back pages.

    Did I read somewhere that the NYT has financial problems.

    As someone said a week ago about The Guardian. let’s hope that the financial troubles are not trivial.

  31. Guardian Hates Jews

    I wouldn’t put NYT staff writers on par with CiF-litics when it comes to Jew-hatred. The Guardian goes out of its way to malign Israel; whereas the New York Times seems to follow a more balanced approach.

  32. As far as Roger Cohen goes, I only meant to say that in comparison with Lerman and Freedman, he is a talented writer. He is not exactly Leo Tolstoy but he can write a readable, if mendacious and nasty, column. Cohen’s reportage from Iran after the fraudulent election and the ensuing riots was quite good when Cohen was not bragging about himself, which he does frequently. But that said, you have to keep in mind that Cohen was compensating for being spectacularly wrong for many months about Iran. He called Iran a democracy where freedom of speech was reasonably protected and he crowed about students surfing the internet. What Cohen did not write, perhaps because he did not know and did not want to know, was that Iranian government uses sophisticated software that allows it to blocks hundreds and hundreds of web sites and to monitor opponents of the regime. Cohen clearly does not understand modern technology and I believe that Cohen is still marveling over a Motorola beeper from 1985.

  33. Looks like somebody on the current Seth Freedman thread doesn’t have the “wit” to stay inside CiF guidelines.

    Oh well. Talk about been hoisted by your own petard.

    Let’s hear for the pot and the kettle.

    Live long and prosper.

  34. “Since the ascent of lunatic madman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad”

    Haven’t you mis-spelt the name? Its proper spelling is ImADamnNutJob.

  35. Sababa,

    You can have Latma’s whole weekly bang, including that Minister of uncontrollable rage at :

  36. PeterParker

    ##Looks like somebody on the current Seth Freedman thread doesn’t have the “wit” to stay inside CiF guidelines.##


    I used the term “CIFwatch”.. somebody has to support this blog! 🙂


    Sergio Bramsole

    ##I wouldn’t put NYT staff writers on par with CiF-litics when it comes to Jew-hatred. ##


    Is there a scale???.Guardinistas …Nazis…NYT …:)


  37. Guardian hates Jews apparantly

    ##Islamophiliac house Jews##

    That one made me smile…


    ##Islamophilia and anti-Semitism have become hallmarks of the left. ##


    Rather than cast a sideways glance at the brutal and unforgiving nature of the IDF you will perform cartwheels of logic . Just saying is all.