Georgina’s Cretinous Double Standards

Yesterday, we were graced with the presence of none other than Georgina Henry on the Michael Lerner thread. For those of you that don’t know, Georgina is head of ‘Comment is Free’ and responsible for the cesspool of antisemitism that it has become.

Lerner, a relatively new member of the Guardian’s coterie of House Jews (but well known in anti-Zionist circles), penned a piece entitled “A war crime whitewash” which carried the byline:

The global choir of ethical cretins who condemn Goldstone’s Gaza report do Israel no favours

A charge that was repeated in the article itself.

As speedkermit pointed out “[p]eople have been moderated om this site for using the word cretin as an insult, so I think it’s a bit hypocritical for the Guardian to run it in an article.”

So in jumps Georgina with this:


21 Oct 09, 12:34pm

Staff Staff

Thanks to those of you who have raised the issue of Michael Lerner’s use of the phrase “choir of ethical cretins”. The intention was clearly not to offend in that he was using it in its colloquial sense, and in a general way. But I have asked the editor of the Guardian’s style guide (where the word is currently not mentioned) whether guidance should be included on its use. Since we’ve taken the point on board, perhaps the thread could now concentrate on debating the merits of his argument.

Sorry but I think the intention was quite clearly to offend and Lerner was apparently taking lead from the commenters on the Evans thread the day before.

But I think the more interesting point here is how Georgina sees fit to put an abrupt stop to legitimate critique of the Guardian’s double standards rushing to the defense of Lerner yet she is deafeningly silent when it comes to the endless stream of antisemitic comments in ‘Comment is Free’.

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  1. On CiF’s ‘Best of the web’, there is a link to Melanie Philips in the Spectator. As Melanie Philips is to the Guardian as garlic is to a vampire, I wondered what was up. Go to the Philips article and you find the third comment to be from Matt Seaton:

    “We admire Melanie’s work so much that we had to nominate this blogpost as one of our ‘best of the web’ on Cif (Cif, please, Mel; not CiF).

    I hope she won’t feel too compromised by being included in our ‘institutionalised intellectual and moral depravity’.”

  2. CiF is circling the drain. MITNAGED wrote in anther thread here that Georgina Henry has been so deep in the CiF manure for so long that she no longer notices that she stinks to high heaven. Her witless comment to the disgusting thread is proof positive of that.

    However, I believe that MITNAGED was being too kind – and that La Henry and her coven show evidence of terminal delusional denial.

    Imagine it – Georgina Henry would be the first violin in the orchestra, and Seaton would be rearranging the deckchairs on the CiF Titanic as it sank with them all on board (which please heaven!), both of them all the while insisting that the Guardianista passengers should be enjoying themselves because there was nothing to worry about, as the ship went down.

    Seaton’s comment above to Melanie Philips is proof positive of this end-stage delusion which affects all of the Editors, or alternatively, Seaton is brown-nosing Henry.

    I believe that it is a mixture of the two.

  3. My comment – first one of this morning – has just been removed:


    We breathlessly await your decision: are we allowed to use the term “ethical cretin” (in its colloquial sense, and in a general way) ? Have you been up all night discussing it?

    Speaking of ethics, at least we can be thankful that Lerner wrote this thread using his own name. But what is your opinion of someone who says something like this:

    “I’ve never fabricated anything,” Lerner said. “I have taken what other people said to me and written it for them when they were unable or unwilling to do it for themselves. If you want to encourage critical debate, you sometimes have to allow for anonymity.”

  4. Mine too about ten minutes:
    Georgina Henry

    “But I have asked the editor of the Guardian’s style guide (where the word is currently not mentioned) whether guidance should be included on its use.”

    You might ask the style guide editor about the use of dehumanizing vile racist metaphors like this by oalexander

    “My general respect for Israel and the grand majority of its citizenry is lower than what I can afford for a cockroach.”

    We know already that this style is accepted by your style guide – naturally only if it is used against “Zionists” by righteous and angry “anti-Israel” posters like LaRitournelle and Hermine. True, the recent case is slightly different, now oalexander has applied it against Blacks, Asians, Arabs, Jews, Christians and Muslims “the majority of Israel’s citizenry”. The victims of the abuse are not only “Zionists” – but from the other side it is directed against Israelis – the dilemma must be a very hard nut to crack for your style guide editor

  5. I wonder if the Guardian’s fashion editor and the CiF “style guide” editor are the same person?

  6. It is typical of the Guardian that Michael Lerner would be featured. He has made a career of using his Jewish ancestry to bash Israel. He is rewarded with platforms from places like mthe Guardian and other anti-Israel outlets. Lerner has learned that if he defames Israel he will get his name in the paper. He was an obscure 1960s relic until he discovered that there is a market (ie the Guardian) for anyone who will defame Israel.

  7. Cif is full of brown noses, the seethe will need an operation to pull the collective noses of his cheer squad out of his culo.And Sweet Georgia will need an operation to pull the seethe’s nose out of her butt.And who is the Georgie girl’s boss he too will need an operation.

  8. Michael Lerner has been a long time Israel-basher. He is more of a Palestinophile than he is a Zionist. No decent and moral person could after reading through Goldstone, conclude it is anything other than a monstrous blood libel against Israel. But leave it up to Lerner to twist the truth and urge Israel to prove a negative. How does one do that after one’s reputation is destroyed? And he writes that garbage knowing full that what Israel’s enemies are really after is not an Israeli investigation but Jewish blood. Their real aim is to make it all but impossible for Israel to defend itself in the future.

  9. They always describe Michael Lerner as “Rabbi” Lerner. Nobody has ever seen his degree and he has no congregation other than a few misfits on the UCal at Berkely campus. Calling him “Rabbi” is like calling Richard Goldstone “Judge” Goldstone. Goldstone’s judgeship is a political patronage postion in South Africa where he does no legal work. Nobody can point to any decisions Goldstone has written concerning a legal matter. He was no great shakes as a lawyer either. His career was doing small claims cases in Capetown small claims court. He was not exactly a Blackstone and Michael Lerner will never be confused with Spinoza. Lerner and Gladstone are perfect fits for the Gaurdian.