“We’re all Hamas now”

So what possessed Guardian staff member BellaM to intervene in the Isi Leibler thread yesterday with the following:


26 Oct 09, 4:39pm

Some people are dragging this debate waay off topic. The discussion about J Street is fascinating, please stick to it.

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“Some people”. If I’m not mistaken, BellaM is referring to the “We’re all Hamas now” crowd that are naturally attracted to ‘Comment is Free’ threads. Here are some examples of the “off topic” posts:


26 Oct 09, 2:40pm

J Street policies are even more extreme than the most radical Israeli leftwing groups. The fighting with Hamas in Gaza, which was endorsed by all Jewish political parties in the Knesset, was criticised by J Street as “counterproductive” and “disproportionate”.

And the rest of the world.

Such a shame Israel has only militant, bloodthirsty chickenhawk warmongers in power, those who call for Arab civilians, women and children, to be butchered and exterminated in their hundreds and in their thousands, be it by boots on the grounds or from chemical weapons from the sky, to appease political expediency and back-slapping in Israel’s protracted ethnic-cleansing land-grab Settlement program.

Such a shame that proportionate and defensive are words that only exist outside of Israel, and that inside Israel those words are only uttered by traitors to the State.


26 Oct 09, 2:43pm

What is unacceptable is the moral equivalency made by J Street between the policies of Israel and Hamas and its difficulty in distinguishing  “between who is right and who is wrong”.

I agree with that. I think that Israel is much worse than Hamas. Hamas is not occupaying the territory of other people. Hamas is not starving other people. Hamas is noy laying siege on other people. They have tryed to achieve cease fires with Israel which Israel rejected or broke. Hamas would accept a political solution to the Israeli occupation and agressions. Israel has never had interest in a political fair solution to the problem. Every time that there was a period of calm Israel used it to attack Palestinians. Ophir Paz-Pines, a Labour MK, has said that non-Jews are systematically discriminated against (link bellow). This doesn’t happen in Gaza. Israel imprisions a large number of people against the rules of a democratic state. Hamas does this only in one case and thi might be understandable (see link).

‘Israel has always discriminated against its Arabs’


26 Oct 09, 2:48pm

This is a typical AIPAC apologist reaction. First of all, try to discredit and insult those who do not agree with its policies. As a diaspora Jew I certainly do not support the brutal assault on Gaza, it was revealed in”Haaretz” that this was planned 6 months in advance, and would have gone ahead whatever Hamas did. You demonise Hamas, but it is no worse than the Irgun and Stern Gang, the Jewish terrorist organisations in Palestine in the 1940’s, who committed the massacre of Deir Jassin.
I would remind Mr. Leibler the Israel has been illegally colonising Palestinian land for over 40 years and is in breach of many Security Council Resolutions, international law and the Geneva Convention.
A typical AIPAC claim is that’s Israel’s existence is in danger, threatened by hostile Arab countries. What nonsense! How can home-made Hamas rockets defeat Israel, armed to the teeth and with nuclear weapons? – and have you ever heard of the Arab peace plan of 2002?
Ahmadinejad never said the wanted to wipe Israel off the map, he hopes it will collapse like the Soviet Union, so what nuclear threat?
The present Israeli government is making Israel a pariah state. J Street wants to pressure Israel into ending the occupation and making peace, which is in the best long-term interests of Israel Mr.Leibler want Israel to grab all the land it possibly can, leaving as few Palestinians as possible, which can only lead to endless conflict.


26 Oct 09, 2:51pm

Papalagi, so you support strapping bombs to children’s bodies and then sending them into bussess to massacre other children?

It take it then that you support:

The detention and torture of Palestinians? (As admitted by Shin Bet)

The forcing of civilians to be human shields? (As practiced by the IDF)

The use of WP and cluster bombs on civilians? (As practiced in Lebanon and Gaza)


26 Oct 09, 3:15pm

I agree totally with Psychobabble’s last paragraph although “few” is something of an understatement when you consider what’s been happening to Gazans for decades.

And it explains why we should be providing the people of Gaza with the means of defending themselves against the maniacs who think that burning children with white phosphorous is acceptable conduct..

A missile-defence system and some anti-tank guns would be an excellent start.


26 Oct 09, 3:16pm

Isi Leibler’s allegations are simply despicable. J Street represents the views of a clear majority of American Jews, who are horrified by the appalling behavior of the apartheid regime currently prevalent in Israel. Don’t assume that all Jews think alike, or that even a plurality endorse the rightwing extremism of Leibler and his proto-fascist cohorts. If anyone has betrayed the legacy of Judaism, it is Leibler, Netanyahu and Lieberman.


26 Oct 09, 3:17pm


The official position of Hamas is that Israel should disappear as a state.

The official position of Israel is they have the right to Settle – and through that commit ethnic cleansing – parts of the world that everyone else in the world, including the UN and US, states they have no right to settle. In other words, putting action onto the ground, activity that actually disappears the Palestinian people from their homes.

The words of Hamas are as nothing compared to the action of Israel.


26 Oct 09, 3:26pm


I hardly think that children that are being bombed ona daily basis writing a message to those trying to kill them is anywhere close to teaching your children to worship death and kill other children. But I guess that’s where we’re different.

Israeli children writing a message in a bomb about to be delivered? This is what you find good? And do you know how many children were killed by Israeli bombs against the Lebanon? Do you know how many children were presumably directly targeted by Israeli soldiers and killed? Read Gideon Levy about that. Yes, we are really different.


What you are speaking about Hamas is what Israel has done with the Palestinians a long time ago. Given that Israel’s government has said recently that peace is not possible, I think that Hamas’ pronouncement is understandable. It’s a consequence of Israeli pronouncements and practices. Why don’t you put a link to relevant pronouncements by members of the Israeli government if you want to discuss this question?


26 Oct 09, 3:51pm

A number of comments have asked, in essence, who is worse, Hamas or Israel? As actions count more than words (sticks and stones etc) the answer is simple, the side that’s doing the most killing. Israel is at least one hundred times worse than Hamas. Or are all lives not equal in value?


26 Oct 09, 4:04pm



##, who is worse, Hamas or Israel ..killings?? ..Israel is at least one hundred times worse than Hamas ##


The reply I keep getting whenever I ask is that Hamas ‘ intentions are worse …coincidentally also by a factor of a hundred to one ! 🙂

Interestingly most of the above comments were deleted without trace. I suspect that this has a little something to do with the antisemitic outbursts last week on the Evans and Freedland threads that we exposed.

Word of advice to Georgina, Matt and Brian – if you really want to deal with the problem of antisemitism on ‘Comment is Free’ you can start with permanently banning each of the above posters – a step that you failed to take even after we exposed the antisemitism of the likes of Moron, Berchmans and Arkasha here. Attempting to hide the evidence to cover your backsides ain’t gonna wash with us.

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  1. I know it’s duplication but
    this message is an essential part of the dialogue here too. J Street’s university arm has dropped the “pro-Israel” part of the left-wing US lobby’s “pro-Israel, pro-peace” slogan to avoid alienating students.

    Jstreet is preparing itself up to go the way of the rest of the NGOs. Good people set up an organisation for peace and goodwill and soon you find it is taken over by the very people the founders wished to counter and whose victims they intended to help. We can all name them.

  2. Banning these posters (and others like them) would eliminate one of the most important reason d’etre of CIF – their quest of the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state. They can’t discard their fellow travellers and main supporters.

  3. They have exceeded themselves again,showing a torn and tatty Israeli flag,what were they trying to say.That picture of a torn Israeli flag as a heading ,signifies the Guardian,a nasty repulsive and mean minded,rag.

  4. One wonders if they would dare show a torn and tattered Saudi Arabian flag.

    Nothing would surprise me in what the Guardian MUST do to attempt to obsessively demonise the one western liberal democracy in such a dysfunctional Middle East.

  5. I haven’t been to CiF for a while so your account of the usual racist postings doesn’t surprise or even depress me any more because I suppose we’ve all become accustomed to the poison after so long on the Guardian.

    One point is worth making however. When it is continually repeated by the usual idiots that Israel’s existence is in no real danger, we should and must point out firmly that the Arab-Israel conflict is not just a localised Middle East border dispute. When you have on the one side the whole Muslim world of around 1.5 billion people ( maybe a quarter of the world’s population ) who are from birth taught to hate Jews ( allegedly because of Israel ), and on the other side a tiny country of less than 6 million Jews on the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean surrounded by much larger hostile Arab countries, the Jews are in great danger. In addition, there is a vicious and permanent built-in Arab anti-Israel majority at the UN.

    Now, against all this, Israel can only rely on the moral support of its approx. 7 million-strong Diaspora, together with some democratic, fair-minded and free-thinking people all backgrounds. It’s an uphill struggle, but we mustn’t despair. Truth and justice are on our side.

  6. Here’s a nasty little dictator:

    26 Oct 09, 4:03pm

    If they want to support Israel, go and live there. If they are not prepared to do that perhaps they could give their time and money to deserving people in their own country.

  7. Ariadne

    They’re still deleting posts without trace. I just saw Moron’s fawning support of a deleted post by Harthacanute which got deleted (it must have been bad as Lysicamus’ post is still there. And so is this which builds upon Lysicamus:


    27 Oct 09, 9:48am

    ILJ Street represents a mere fringe group whose views are totally at variance with the attitude of the overwhelming majority of American Jews.

    If Jewish people feel so strongly about Israel, shouldn’t they live there? If a Brit domiciled in Australia tried to tell me how we should live here, I would tell them to f*** o** or come back and live here. Are Jewish Americans, Americans or Israelis? Why does Israel always seem to come before the country in which Jewish people live in but most don’t seem prepared to live there? Doesn’t this send a message to your compatriots?

  8. If Jewish people feel so strongly about Israel, shouldn’t they live there? If a Brit domiciled in Australia tried to tell me how we should live here, I would tell them to f*** o** or come back and live here. Are Jewish Americans, Americans or Israelis? Why does Israel always seem to come before the country in which Jewish people live in but most don’t seem prepared to live there? Doesn’t this send a message to your compatriots?

    Replace Jew and Israel for Muslim and Pakistan and then ask yourself if somebody making a comment like that could be fairly branded as a racist, and whether the comment would last five minutes on a CiF thread.

  9. Nothing to laff about in lafenhauer’s posting: weird little racist with no sense of history or language.

    According to this thesis if you feel strongly about a country you should live there. All the anti-Apartheid people should have lived in South Africa. All those who agitate so strongly for Hamas should live in Gaza. If Brits etc feel so strongly about how we should behave in Israel they should come and live here.

  10. Ech, what a vile bunch of comments. I need a vomit bag.

    Leading the quire is the Moeron: He has moved on from lyricism to pragmatism- last week it was his magical experiences in west bank bazaars with floating Israeli missiles, now its an outspoken support for Hamas missiles.

    And since Hamas’ military wing is recognized by the UK as a terrorist group, he is effectively being allowed to support terrorism on CiF.

    He tells us what’s been “happening to Gazans for decades”, but prior to Hamas’ coup Gazans were commuting to work in Israel, getting all needed facilities (still do) from Israel, and living in a standard of life not unlike the rest of the Arab world.

    I’d love to meet Moeron some day in his many (imaginary) travels to the holy land to share with him a piece of my mind… God bless his little, shriveled, black soul.

  11. I wish I had kept the comments that got me banned on the Rivka Carmi thread opporing Neve Gordon.

    They were as vicious as something like this, to the best of my memory (I invite the Guardian to un-delete the comments and post them here):

    Its horrifying to see this howling mob attacking Rivka – like a pogrom with Cossacks riding in to remove her head”

    or some such words.

    But the filth you’ve shown over and over has never yet got one of those anti-Semites banned.

  12. If British people of Irish descent still feel so loyal to Ireland why did they go and live all over the world and desert their mother country? Ditto for Italians, Portuguese, etc etc.

    If British or American Jews love Israel more than they love their respective countries, they are free to make aliya or not. You can love your mother and your father and be unable to choose between them. The kind of people accusing Jews of dual-loyalty are usually international socialists who would never fight for Britain anyway, or those who would have collaborated with the Nazis and betrayed their country. Or else they’re in exile like many of us and can’t make a home anywhere without thinking that the grass is always greener elsewhere. Pure jealousy.

    Of course, for Jews, a national home has now existed since 1948, and some of us are rather reluctant to start a new life in the land of milk and honey. And then there are those who have been and couldn’t make a go of it.

  13. Hawkeye

    It would seem unreal if the evidence weren’t in plain view. They obviously start from hating Israel (Jews) and then make up the rest.

    I know someone who loves New Zealand so much he bought a house there. Not a single person has ever suggested that he should move there permanently.

    New Zealand of course is not under permanent and century-old attack from terrorists. But if it were, all the more reason for those who love it to stand up for it.

    Nothing hard to understand there, I think. There must be a lot of missing links posting to Ci(F).

  14. Visible deletions: when I looked earlier, 13/96. Now 17/115 and who knows how many were “disappeared”.

  15. Whoever the “Isabelita” is that posts on the Guardian about her being a Jew who disdains Israel, she is typical of the type of Jewish reader that the Guardian craves. “Isbaelita” seems to be consumed with selfloathing. She devotes all of her energy and her writings to Israel. She does not ever comment about Mugabe, who had killed thousands of Africans. She does not comment about the Assad clan in Syria, who walled off the City of Hama and left approximately 40,000 Arabs dead. She does not comment about Hamas, which killed hundreds of Fatah members, all of them Arab and Palestinian. Her obsession with Israel shows a severe case of selfabnegation, selfdenial and selfloathing. Perhaps she is still rebelling against her mom and dad. But she is the type of reader the Guardian’s editors so dearly love.

  16. Isabelita,is not Jewish she is palestinian who lives in Gaza pretending to be a Jew,her writing style gives her away.

  17. Fred Grubnik. Isabelita is ‘Gentle’ Hermine returned from the dead. A ‘friend’ of Berchmans.

    After the Cast lead campaign she posted:

    29 Jan 09, 8:57am (about 1 hour ago)
    Thank you for enclosing the link to Barbara Lubins letter in Gaza.
    Here is a paragraph from it:
    Of all the devastation I have seen so far, there is one story in particular that I think the world needs to hear. I met a mother who was at home with her 10 children when Israeli soldiers entered the house. The soldiers told her she had to choose five of her children to give as a gift to Israel. As she screamed in horror, they repeated the demand and told her she could choose or they would choose for her. Then the soldiers murdered five of her children in front of her.
    The world needs to be told.


    The post was left standing for many days being eventually removed but only after other posters kept referring to it. The link wasn’t picked by even Georgina. Not difficult to see why even The Guardian wouldn’t touch it. Presumabley, The Guardian also blocked ‘Gentle’ Hermine, who lives in Paris as far as I know, and she has been forced to return as Isabelita. I think that the infrequency of her posts is because she is in a home for the criminally insane but sometimes escapes her ‘minders’ and finds an unattended keyboard.

    She claims that her parents are/were concentration camp survivors.

  18. Amnesty International aka Amnesia International ( not a word about Shalit languishing in captivity) just came out with a report accusing Israel of willfully withholding freshwater from Arabs in Judea & Samaria. The Beeb opened up overnight, and the Guardian will soon get the baton. Stay tuned for a fresh batch of threads on CiF. I think we should keep our formation tight. Continue to boycott. Don’t post.

  19. ## we exposed the antisemitism of the likes of Moron, Berchmans and Arkasha here. Attempting to hide the evidence to cover ##

    Can you give a for instance?…you surely cant mean the above ….the worst thing above …Golden Triangles gormless ” proto-fascist cohorts ” and ” militant, bloodthirsty chickenhawk warmongers in power is just dreadful right enough ..but my bit was a joke .. Hamas ‘ intentions are worse …coincidentally also by a factor of a hundred to one ! on earth can even you folk see that as anti Semitic?


  20. Say what you will about Berchy, but he comes in every day to chat. Others don’t. They’re too scared. I don’t believe he is a functional Jew-hater. Morean is an islamofascist… obviously, whereas Arkasha is a Russian idiot who hates Jews. He is a one-trick pony without having much to say beyond talking points.

  21. Sergio – Amnesty International aka Amnesia International ( not a word about Shalit languishing in captivity) just came out with a report accusing Israel of willfully withholding freshwater from Arabs in Judea & Samaria.

    The answer was very well fielded by the Israeli spokesman who ‘mentioned’ that all the water for the settlements comes from the ‘Movil HaArtzi’.

    Rather deflated AI’s argument.

    That doesn’t mean to say that AI will not be playing that record wherever they can though.

  22. Sergio Bramsole

    I prefer the bad guys to be horrible. I expect it and am thrown.. laden as I am with clever dick lines that I cant use! 🙂


  23. JerusalemMite,

    I used to contribute to Amnesty International when they kept things on straight and narrow. It is, regrettably, no longer the case these days.

    Regev’s words won’t sway that crowd one bit. There is an all-out effort by hard core left wingers alllied with third world fascists to keep the Arab-Israeli conflict on the front burner. That’s precisely what they’re after.

  24. Sergio – Say what you will about Berchy, but he comes in every day to chat. Others don’t. They’re too scared. I don’t believe he is a functional Jew-hater

    So how to you explain his obsession with Israel and Jews. He appears on unconnected threads to bring up the subject of Israel/Jews where ever he can. Often to the annoyance of other commenters who seem to know him.

    He will only criticize Palestinians/Arabs/Muslims when cornered but seems profligate in his criticisms of anything relating to Israel/Jews/Judaism.

    What does this obsession say to you?

  25. Dominic Waghorn, Sky’s ‘correspondent’ in Israel, in his latest Palestinian propaganda role, also ‘contributes’ to the ‘Israel stole my water’ debate. The comments section is worthy of a Skyonlinewatch of its own.

  26. Romo Yes Dominic Waghorn makes deliberate allusions to Jerusalem as the third most important Moslem site while he deliberately neglects to mention that it is our most important site. I have written to Sky News countless times to comment on that and it makes no difference at all.
    JerusalemMite The ignorant Berchmans insults our army and our soldiers at every opportunity. For this reason he will remain a troll to me.

  27. JerusalemMite

    ## He will only criticize Palestinians/Arabs/Muslims when cornered ##


    I have condemned the rocket attacks on Israel ..without balancing this with a statement on the IDF.. on at least 100 occasions on CIF..maybe more. So either I have been cornered 100 times ..which…lets face it.. is not likely …or else you are .. on this occasion…mistaken.


  28. JerusalemMite,

    Berchy is a lonely bird and all that mishegaz can be attributed to his loneliness. The guy is a misfit more or less. His political activism, quote unquote, stems from inner impulses to socially belong somewhere in this bloody world.

  29. berchmans the guardian’s kapo is here to lecture everyone on morality what a beautiful day and the sun is shining

  30. Turkey leads the Muslim world. Ankara has healed relations with and between its neighbours.

    Stephen Kinzer, Tuesday 27 October 2009 17.00 GMT
    Article history


    27 Oct 09, 6:36pm (1 minute ago)

    Amazing how you list the absurd about Israel in the Arab press. You must be living in an Arab country and read good Arabic. But No one needs to make up things about Israel. Its actions speak louder than any thing else. In Israel case, the reality is worse than the fiction
    1-Israel uses civilians as human shields
    2- bombing Hospitals and schools
    3-Athnic cleansing
    4-Reliougious Fanatics who believe that they are Gods chosen people
    5-Racist, building Jews only settlements, roads and stealing land from the Palestinians

    I could go on for pages, but I am sure the Zionist apologists will find more made up stories, and facts based on fictions and lies to defend Israel

    Nothing in this vile outburst is about Turkey or Turkish politics.

  31. Chums I really wouldn’t set much store by anything papalagagagagi says – anyone who believes that Ilan Pappe is a reputable historian and that Benny Morris knows little about history has to be several sandwiches short of the proverbial picnic.

    Berchmans you just haven’t been able to bring yourself to condemn antisemitism though, have you, in the same way and with the same intensity as you support “gentle” Islamists like the morphed “I’ve grown out of it” antisemitic Bunglewally.

    And you don’t blame Hamas for hating Jews (you’ve never apologised for that one) and you regularly play kiss ass with the likes of house Jew Seth Freedman and Ben White who makes excuses for antisemites.

    So JerusalemMite is not mistaken at all – if anything he is too kind to you.

  32. Regarding “Isabelita”, who is a frequent Guardian comments writer and claims to be a Jew who is disillusioned with Israel and now supports the Palestinians, one of my friends pointed out to me how easily her identity fraud can be detected.
    First “Isabel” is not a name Jews give their children. It is a Spanish name most notably made famous by Queen Isabel, who along with her husband King Fernidad, was at the center of the Spanish inquisition. Under the leadership of Fernidad and Isabel, Jews were ordered banished and those who remained were hunted down and often killed or forced into conversion. So there is a good reason that Jewish parents do not name their children “Isabel”. But the phoney “Isabelita” is too stupid to know that. Second, the use “ita” at the end of a Spanish name, means “little” or “small”. A little child named Roberto will be called “Robertito”. My friend from Spain tells me that when kids get to around nine years old, they stop being called “Robertito” or “Isabelita”. And even if the parents still call them by this affectionate child’s name, the youngsters will start calling themselves Roberto or Isabel. But the phony “Isabelita” is too stupid to know this. So she is a total fraud and the editors of the Guardian must know this. But if you claim to be an anguished Jew who now despairs of Israel, the Guardian’s editors will give you cart blanche to say whatever you want.
    “Isabelita”: I know your’e reading this. Come clean and admit you are a fraud.

  33. Fred Grubnik – it matters little to the Henry coven whether Guardianistas are frauds or not – what matters to them most are hits to threads and if this wretch can incite people enough to get them writing in then whatever she says is fine with them.

    One answer is for us all to boycott CiF.

    Fewer hits in general will mean that CiF is less of an earner for an already financially beleaguered al-Grauniad;

    which in turn means that there’ll be fewer and fewer contributors (because there won’t be the money to pay them);

    which in turn means that people will have to be “let go”;

    which in turn means (oh please heaven!) that the Henry coven will be queueing up at the Job Centre in due course.

    But imagine having on your cv that you wrote for or worked on CiF!

    I can just imagine Georgina cleaning the BBC canteen…..

  34. Hello Berchmans

    Can you bend your memory back as far as this?

    “Yoshy Comment No. 1015715 December 28 14:01
    Comment No. 1015694
    December 28 13:50
    GBR @isntlifestrange
    ## Perhaps you have forgotten the Hamas charter calling for the destruction of the state of Israel ##
    “And after reading the article you still disagree?

    Now, unless you have had a personality transplant you are still the same antisemitic loser who wrote that.

    Aren’t you, mm?

    And I note that you were using your old argument – you know, the one before where you began blabbering that Hamas had changed its charter but strangely enough you couldn’t point us to any links to the updated one).

    And there are these:

    MITNAGED June 28, 2007 3:36 PM

    ## We know that Arab states hate Jews.##

    Possibly. Now.

    Great Scot! I hadn’t thought that my theory would be proven right so quickly! Tell me, Berchmans, why should Arab states hate Jews (rather than Israelis) “possibly, now” as opposed to, say, “possibly, before?”

    And finally,


    May 3, 2008 8:25 PM
    Berchmans says:

    “.Hating JEWS is OK if they deserve it. You make it sound like anti Semitism…”

    (Psst, Berchmans. What else can it be BUT anti-Semitism when people hate Jews??)”

    Is that enough, or need I continue?

  35. There are several posters who always bash Israel and then claim they are Jewish. This is a technique that anti-Israel activists use to undermine Israel’s image and morale. These posters are fakes who are trained to falsely claim Jewish heritage when posting on the web, writing letters to the editor, and calling talk radio. Fortunately we are on to their scam even if the Guardian acts as their enabler. These fakes are exposed.

  36. Margie

    I find it totally unbelievable that J Street dropped the pro Israel part of their slogan so they won’t alienate students. I guess I would take them at their word that they aren’t pro Israeli. Its fairly easy to see why the Guardian supports these guys.

  37. Silver Trees

    I repeat what I said earlier …I have written 5 K posts on CIF maybe more…and the above thin and extremely tangential few words is your evidence… thats it?

    You need to get up earlier.


  38. Sergio Bramsole

    ##Berchy is a lonely misfit . For what it’s worth, I mean no disrespect##


    In ” Puckoon” Milligan calls someone a ” stupid 8@57@rd ” and then says memorably… … “no offence mark you ”


  39. Berchmans, you are minimising your own antisemitism (and proving yet again that you are an antisemite) when you refuse to recognise that even one antisemitic outburst damns you, You have had many. In not one case was there an apology for the antisemitic filth you spouted. If you are such a reformed character, such an apology shouldn’t be too difficult for you now.

    So, apologise to the Jews and Israelis here who might have come across that antisemitic filth from you on CiF instead of trying to deflect from it here by focusing on being against the BNP.

    And while you are at it write to CiF to apologise for what you said then.

  40. Hawkeye, I agree with Demeter. Why is this piece of filth allowed to continue to post here?

    He said all the things in Silvertrees’ quotes and more

    He has just minimised the antisemitism he originally perpetrated – along the lines of “just a few words among many” AND HAS STILL NOT APOLOGISED FOR IT or the antisemitic remarks he made in the past

    For heaven’s sake, you’ve even named an award for antisemitic posts on after him and yet you still let him post here!

    What the blazes is going on?

  41. Serendipity,

    “Hawkeye, I agree with Demeter. Why is this piece of filth allowed to continue to post here?”

    I’m against banning posters for a whole set of reasons. Such practice is discriminatory and intellectually dishonest. Anyone is welcome here as long as they don’t misbehave. Like the rest , Berchy is entitled to voice his views.

  42. Sergio I respectfully disagree with you. Berchmans forfeited any entitlement to voice the babble which passes for his views when he belittled the antisemitism inherent in his posts above. CiFWatch, so far as I understand, exists to combat antisemitism in CiF, not to have one of the chief idiots of CiF deal out more of the same here.

    I am sick and tired of trying to be reasonable about the views of people like him who are so dense that they cannot understand how offensive they are and blame others for not being understanding of them.

    I hope he gets the proverbial boot up his backside from here. Let him save his inanities for where they belong – on CiF.