The Indictment of the Guardian

We have a lot of new visitors to our site and for their benefit wanted to provide a list of a selection of posts that we have made over the course of the past two and a half months since our launch that indict the Guardian for encouraging and proliferating antisemitic discourse.

Take your pick and then take a long hot shower. Its truly a cesspit. There is no other word for it.

Shame on Alan Rusbridger, Georgina Henry, Matt Seaton and Brian Whitaker.


The ‘famous’ Dennis MacEoin Letter

Must Read Critique of Guardian Editorial Bias


Editorial Bias and Antisemitism

How low can it go

“Two Minutes Hate”: Melanie Phillips bashing on the Ed Husain thread

Enforcing the GWV: The Guardian J Street poll

Stratification of Antisemitism at the Guardian

Guardians of Iran

A ‘Psychological’ Approach to Demonising Israel

Where’s Gilad?

Grauniad caught in a bald faced lie about Israel…again

Guardian: No Israeli nobel peace prize winners…ever

Biased Anti-Jewish Moderation on the Hirsch Thread

How the Guardian Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Iranian Bomb

Does Ahmadinejad read the Guardian?

CiF’s Jewish Naqba Denial

Monomania and Inconsistency

Lies, Big Lies and Comment is Free

The Use of Nazi Analogies on CiF – Part 2

The Use of Nazi Analogies on CiF

Specific Anti-Israel Bias of Guardian Management

Georgina’s Cretinous Double StandardsEnforcing the GWV through Misrepresentation – Addendum # 2

Enforcing the GWV through Misrepresentation – Addendum

Enforcing the GWV through Misrepresentation

Goldstoned, Matt Seaton joins the fray

If my MEMRI serves me well

Whitaker defends Human Rights Watch

How Low Will They Go? Pro-Israel Posters Accused of Being on Israeli Government Payroll

Antisemitic threads

Its all in the title: Jewish conspiracy theory on the Tomasky thread

We’re all Hamas now

Debating the Holocaust on CiF

Shit the Guardian is Burning

Toxic Mix of Antisemitism on the Tisdall Thread

Guardian World View in Action on the Galloway Thread

Guardian World View in Action on the Ben White Thread

Antisemitism Gushing from the Ben White Thread

While the Cat’s Away the Holocaust Deniers will Play

From the Morris Thread: Candidates for the Second Berchmans Award

A Humorous Look at the Guardian and its Management

Three Misguided Idiots: A Play in Two Acts

Guardian updates its talk policy…well not exactly

The Book of Old Guardian Chronicles

The Book of Seumas

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  1. Well done CiF Watch!

    Sometimes a bit heavyhanded…but overall a fantastic initiative that I think will bear significant fruits.

  2. The Guardian today published an oped piece about Muslim extremists lies about Israel, Jews and Jerusalem so I suppose that is progress. But it also means that there will be four new opeds rebutting the one oped piece that was sympathetic to Israel. At the Guardian, like the New York Times, a 4 to 1 proArab ratio in guest columns is considered to be fair. But the worst antiIsrael and, for all practical purposes, antiSemitic columns in the Guardian come from its nominally Jewish writers like Tony Lerman. Lerman has used the description “neighborhood bully” at least 50 times in describing Israel. Lerman never has a word of criticism for Syria or for the Assads or Hezbollah. It is only Israel which unhinges Lerman. Lerman’s writings about Israel, particularly his recent column in which he fudged data and then pronounced how wonderful it is that diaspora Jews don’t identify with Israel, was filled with pathos and self loathing.
    In a weird way, I actually feel sorry for Tony Lerman. His need to divorce himself so totally from the State of Israel and to identify himself with everything that is WASP and nonJewish is quite sad. One has to wonder whether his desperate social climbing has driven him batty. Tony Lerman reminds me of the character in the movie “Gaslight” who is slowly being driven mad. And the permanence of the State of Israel has this effect on Tony Lerman

  3. A much needed list.

    This sites ‘mechanics’ are sadly inefficient when needing to search for something.

    Perhaps a constantly updated list as the above might become a permanent ‘fixture’ of this site.

  4. Josh:

    “The Guardian today published an oped piece about Muslim extremists lies about Israel, Jews and Jerusalem”.

    Is it on their web site? If yes, please post a link.