The Guardian’s Golden Boy ain’t so Golden Anymore

I’m pleased to report that Seth Freedman’s latest article (which Israelinurse thoroughly debunked here) only garnered a measly 15 comments (excluding three comments that were posted as a result of technical errors).

Freedman’s drastic drop in  popularity follows a downward trend from articles that previously generated on average 250+ comments.

Below we have tracked the comment count of Seth Freedman’s articles from August 1, 2009 thru November 6, 2009 and have included a couple of dates that we think have a lot to do with Freedman’s decline in popularity.


Thankfully, it looks like we’re not the only ones that are tired of Freedman’s sanctimonious, poorly researched, “as-a-Jew” Israel-bashing articles.

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  1. Great.

    Still. I suppose that Press TV may beckon. There he can join ‘The Gorgeous One’ in drawing huge wall sized ‘pictures’ of Israel’s warts.

  2. As they say on talent-contests Hawkeye: you have nailed it.

    Even the Guardian’s school of little piranha fish hungry for choice items about the Jewish state are finding his titbits less tempting.

    This last one dealt with material he had last written about three months ago, giving the same figure of 17,000 African refugees in Israel now. Either refugees have stopped arriving which makes the whole problem moot or else he did not bother to update his information, in which case the lassitude one senses stems from him. Could it be that he is starting to realise what he has been doing?

  3. Sweet graph! By the gods of statistics- I hope the freefall continues!

    Incidentally, I think there are other aspects about Israel that Freedman hasn’t covered yet, which share an equally negligible public interest. Just as the imperfect but reasonable immigration policies in Israel are negligible as compared to the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of African immigrants being imprisoned and abused by European countries, Freedman can find similar issues that serve zero interest to the average Brit other than to bash Israel with.


    The lack of proper handicap ramp facilities in public buildings in Israel. This is a serious intolerable issue for many Israelis, but nobody has thought before to describe Israel as a racist pariah state over it on CiF (Just as Arabs are apparently now a different “race” than Jews, why not do the same with handicapped people). I think it’s about time for that.


    The high level of germs (coliform bacteria) in Restaurant Hummus in Israel. This is clearly a racial vile state policy meant to harm the indigenous hummus-consuming population of Israel, while stealing the Arab’s national cuisine by tarnishing its reputation.

    Israel continues to STEAL Hummus as we speak.

  4. FoolMeOnce

    Great response but you forgot to mention dogs dirtying the public lawns.

    That ought to be of intense interest to Setheles groupies since dogs are Halal to 20% of Israel’s population.

  5. The hummus issue is truly shocking — what are the numbers for gefillte fish, particularly the Poilishe sweet one? Is there any discrimination? It smells all very fishy to me!

  6. I am surprised that Seth has not remarked that the exotic bougainvillea has been planted in its thousands at the sides of the country roads in Israel. Surely this is an attempt at a racial slur on those humble towns where the traditional dusty oleander (the zakkum) has done service for many years and is now being put in the shade by the bright blossoms of a plant that is neither poisonous nor indigenous so it has no practical application or symbolic value

  7. Now, Freedman is a great supporter of the “BDS” movement.

    So – Step 1 – “Boycott” – looks like its one the way to being accomplished.

    After “Boycott”, comes Step 2.


    Let’s hope the Guardian will be increasing disappointed and “divest” themselves of this nasty person.

    Then comes step 3


    Perhaps finally those who know him and his comparisons of Israelis to Nazis and his hatred for Israel will refuse to have anything to do with him.

  8. foolmeonce – I remember Mabat doing a program on the level of bacteria in shwarma at the felafel stands – enough to kill a healthy camel. Yet somehow those dastardly Israelis survive …

    Seriously – the issue of ramps for the handicapped is a real issue that I have remarked upon for years. But I think there are places where it has been or is being remedied – I seem to recall this being done in Afula.

    Perhaps I should write an article – some of the street corners in my neighborhood here just north of Washington DC have no ramps,, and, what’s worse, my street has no sidewalk. These would be useful topics with which to bash America for its intolerance to Moslems, for example. And if anyone doesn’t see the connection, they haven’t been reading CiF long enough!

  9. Good points, all, about the:

    Dogs dirtying the public lawns (dogs who are taught orders in Hebrew, as to discriminate against Arabs)

    Gefillte fish (introduced by the colonists to enforce a religious holiday calendar based on Jewish supremacist myths)

    Bougainvillea (which sounds kind of French and white and not very middle-Eastern-y)

    Handicap ramps in the area of Washington DC (Which we all know who controls, via what lobby)

    I will notify Freedman and Goldstone on these crimes against humanity (and fishery).

  10. I have decided to join the boycott of Seth Freedman. My general policy is to answer each of his fabrications on the comments section. He is rather easy to outdebate. I consider him catnip. It is just too easy to refute his allegations. But his column should be given over entirely to the Israel haters. Let’s not dignify him with a response. There is an old Texan saying: “When you get into a pissing contest with a skunk, you’ll always come in second”.
    His sole assignment at the Guardian is to find negative stories about Israel to write. He has never written one word about how the Egyptians kill Africans who attempting to flee from starvation and war across the Sinai into Israel. There is even a video available of Israeli soldiers attempting to rescue African refugees from Egyptian guards who are about to shoot these poor African refugees. Sethele won’t write about that. His paymasters at the Guardian would not publish his article if he did (not that he ever would).

  11. Thanks to Akus for educating me. I had thought BDS was a variant of bondage & discipline.

    FoolMeOnce is right about bacteria-laden hummus. I had a specimen once in an Old City restaurant which tasted fine yet put me under for a week. But the restaurant was Arab, so mabe Seth wouldn’t blame it on Jews.

    On second thought, yes, he would.

  12. So Seth Freedman’s numbers are dropping. Good. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

    Josh Baskin, glad to hear you are joining the boycott. Don’t dignify his nonsense by responding to it.

    BDS – I like it. Outraged to learn you have no ramps or sidewalk on your street. You are clearly copying parts of Israel and it is an affront to….

  13. The proportion of secondary content (bacteria, etc) in the local food must be cosidered meat or parve? I expect a learned opinion in CIF from one of their Judaism expert. This is an urgent problem that can’t be solved without outside possibly British intervention. Please Guardian help us to answer the question and don’t forget to bring in the retired schoolteacher and the ex-hedge-fund/cannabis trader too!

  14. No Peter: this is an urgent matter for Leftwingorthodoxusefulidiotjew. He’ll find the appropriate Talmudic sources to bash Israelis with.

    I think Latma’s Palestinian Minister of uncontrollable rage must be informed immediately.

  15. Author: StickyMickey


    “….since dogs are Halal to 20% of Israel’s population.”

    Ignorant twat.


  16. Mita.


    I stand corrected. 19% of Israel’s population view dogs as Halal.

    StickeyMickey. You have a problem with that?

  17. I appreciate your precision JerusalemMite. Even when you err, you err so precisely. It must be the scientist in you.

  18. “It must be the scientist in you.”……..Is he being anally penetrated by a genetic engineer?

  19. There is no point in trying to have a civil debate with these leftist angry nominally Jewish “dissenters” like Seth Freedman, Tony Lerman, Roger Cohen or Noam Chomsky. They are all filled with themselves, congratulating themselves on their “courage” in standing up to the “Jewish establishment”. I suspect that many of them, especially Seth Freedman, is really having a late rebellion against his parents. Tony Lerman’s whole identity is wrapped up in his view of himself as the courageous dissenter against Israel. Lerman always refers to Israel as “the neighborhood bully” and always aligns himself witht the most snobbish professors who join him in castigating Israel. Lerman does not realize that these professors and diplomats whose approval he so dearly covets really have no use for Lerman except as a useful dupe. Lerman had the audacity to give a series of lectures on the subject of “The Future of Judaism”. His audiences were predictably small and his lectures were devoted entirely to what Lerman thought were clever insults directed at Israel and Israelis. Maybe Seth Freedman could have contributed with a tale about an Israeli he saw doubleparking.

  20. The golden boy, Seethe, is a practising Jew by his own admission. He lives in Israel, thus fulfilling at least one mitzvah, but cancels this out by spending much of his time criticizing Israelis and publishing articles on left-wing Websites – something I’d definitely call lashon hara.

  21. Fairplay

    “Seethe, is a practising Jew by his own admission. He lives in Israel, thus fulfilling at least one mitzvah, but cancels this out by spending much of his time criticizing Israelis and publishing articles on left-wing Websites”

    Please do enlighten me as to how the latter “cancels out” the former.

    I also see a lot of hate and perhaps racism here.



    “since dogs are Halal to 20% of Israel’s population.”

    No objection from AKUS/cityca/peter/TomW? Please don’t disappoint me.

  22. I am sure that CifWatch is profoundly grateful to pretzelberg for his pearls of wisdom.

    Well, pretzelberg. How come we never actually see posts from you pointing out the racism on CiF?

    Are you afraid of being deleted or banned?

    Matthew 7:3 sums up your post very well I think.

  23. Sid Bachrach – you are wrong, sadly about Freedman. From various reports that surface from time to time about that unfortunate family, he is not rebelling, but rather folllowing in his father’s footsteps. The family, from the extravangantly religous and ferociously anti-Zionist father to Freedman Jr. and Rosa Freedman (the FGM for all in England supporter) is well reflected in Freedman’s writings.

    What I do suspect is that he is rebelling at being mocked for years at his Jewish day school

    Pretzel – I just got to this site now – GuardianHateJews corrected the dogs matter – they are haram, or close to it, for Moslems, not halal. They are Halal to Chinese and Koreans. Cows are haram to about a billion Hindus, give or take a few hundred million, but halal to similar numbers of non-Hindus.

    Get over your sensitivity on this issue when you seem to be rather insensitive to the issues that this site points out. You are no Berchmans, and it’s shame when you descend to his driveling level.

  24. Interesting about Freedman being the scion of antiIsrael Jews. That usually leads to a confused and angry lad and that is what Seth Freedman has become. BTW, in the New York Times, the ancient Henry Siegman, who often appears in the Guardian, was invited to pen a ferociously antiIsrael screed. Siegman claimed that the the people of Israel are warlike and aggressive and don’t want peace. As others have noted here and elsewhere, the New York Times was especially dishonest in describing Siegman in the bio under the article. The Times oped page editor gleefully described Siegman as a “director of the American Jewish Committee”. It was the Times way of saying: “Take that Jews. We’ve got one of your own smacking down Israel”. What the Times did not tell its readers (maybe Siegman deceived the Times) was that Siegman has also been a director of the Arab Bankers Association of North America (ABANA). Logically, you would wonder why an international banking group would want an egghead like Siegel on its board of directors. It’s not like he knows a thing about the banking industry. But when you read his opeds in the NY Times and the Guardian, then you can figure out that ABANA got its money’s worth when it put Siegel on the board of directors.

  25. What will the next SF article on CiF be about,most probably about something that some palestinian taxi driver told him.

    Will there BE another article? It’s amazing how all of his cheer squad deserted and abandoned him,none of them came to his rescue,to shore up his sagging and sinking Guardian career.

  26. pretzelburg.

    “since dogs are Halal to 20% of Israel’s population.”

    No objection from AKUS/cityca/peter/TomW? Please don’t disappoint me.

    Sorry pretzelburg.

    I meant Haram

  27. icclearly – Will there BE another article? It’s amazing how all of his cheer squad deserted and abandoned him,none of them came to his rescue,to shore up his sagging and sinking Guardian career.

    Not really. His ‘cheer squad’ are only interested in the delegitimisation and denigration of Israel. If one of his articles doesn’t supply ‘the goods’ they will just look for another House Jew to provide them with fodder.

  28. To enlighten you, very quickly, Pretzel, I just need to point you to the end of my sentence which you didn’t bother to quote – namely the bit about “lashon hara”. Badmouthing or gossiping about a person (or a country) behind his back. It’s something a practising Jew like Freedman must be familiar with.

    On the other hand, he probably went to Israel to spite daddy, and to test his courage in the army. Unfortunately our little bully must have found it too hard to take and so much easier to snipe at Israel from the sidelines on CiF.
    Kudos to him for living in Israel, nevertheless – which is what few of us on CW manage to do.

  29. pretzelberg

    Are dogs actually not forbidden for consumption according to Muslim tradition? What precisely was racist here?

    Of all the hate-filth perpetrated around CiF this joke is what caught your attention? Are you being serious?

  30. FoolMeOnce

    I think it’s fair to say that JerusalemMite appears to be crassly ignorant rather than racist.

  31. StickyShitey

    In what way was he being ignorant? I have yet to get an answer- are dogs haram, halal, shawarma, or WHAT?

    Google tells me they ARE haram. Do you have anything to say about that other than curses?

    No? Thought so.

  32. FoolMeOnce

    “In what way was he being ignorant?”

    From the so-called “horse’s mouth”-

    “I meant Haram”