Does Steve Bell read Stormfront?

To commemorate the 20th year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall this is the disgustingly antisemitic cartoon that the Guardian is running by cartoonist, Steve Bell.


So in light of the results of our “Comment is Free”/Stormfront poll, I thought I’d take a look at what the folks over at Stormfront were talking about. And lo and behold there is a thread entitled “20 Years on: Fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989”. Here’s a screenshot:

stormfront berlin

If you can make it out, there is a link posted in the Stormfront thread. And if you follow the link, it takes you to a neo-Nazi blog that has a post from two days ago with an image that looks awfully similar to the Guardian cartoon. Here’s the screenshot.


So lets take a look at what text follows the image.

Today, the lousy Zionist, Fifth Columnist media has been going on and on about the fall of the Berlin Wall twenty years ago, way back in 1989. But dear reader, what about the “Separation Wall” in Israel standing right now? This giant wall (far bigger than the Berlin Wall) was substantially paid for by your tax dollars, without you even having the least clue — because the real powers that be don’t want you to start questioning the whole deal in the first place!

Why does the media remain silent about all this, pray tell? Just think about the unbelievable hypocrisies today foisted on America’s head by the Zionist-controlled media. You thought we had a free media, right?

These hypocrisies have now become insane. They constantly have things in the media about how evil Hitler once was and how victimized the Jews were 65 years ago, yet these Jews are freely ghettoizing and victimizing the Palestinians right in the present day — right the hell NOW!

The Jews stand before us, having the unmitigated gall to proclaim themselves “the light unto nations.” What a filthy joke that is. But the joke is on us, friend. They feel they can freely get away with all kinds of travesties, including pure murder, since so few of us are the wiser and can’t think straight unless someone on the GD TV tells us how to!

There’s more but you get the idea. Now here’s the interesting part. Not only does the text above provide the subtext to Steve Bell’s cartoon but notice how it also says “the giant wall (far bigger than the Berlin Wall)” and compare that with “Twice as High Four Times as Long” in the Steve Bell cartoon.

Now this could all be pure coincidence but given Steve Bell’s track record of antisemitic cartoons (see here, here and here), I can’t help but think that Steve Bell is looking a bit like the Guardian’s very own Mark Garlasco.


In reviewing the comment thread to the Steve bell cartoon, we have a comment from none other than “Comment is Free” contributor Ben White with a thank you note to  Steve Bell. This is of course the same Ben White that understands why some people are antisemitic. The same Ben White who has flirted with Holocaust denial. And the same Ben White who in his young thug’s primer Israeli Apartheid: a Beginners Guide recommends French Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy. The convergence of far left and far right ideology on the pages of Britain’s flagship left wing newspaper becomes clearer by the second.


11 Nov 2009, 9:23AM


Thanks Steve.

This Wall will also fall.

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  1. PS. A part of me wants to say that pretzelberg has a point.
    Steve Bell is not an out-and-out antisemite. He only knows the leftist, Guardianista world of fantasy.

    Part of me wants to say that armaros has a point: the Left and the Right are as bad as one another ( though the Guardianistas can always justify Stalinism to a certain extent ) and judeophobic to the core.

    Part of me wants to say that all this energy expended on White, Freedman, Berchmans, and the rest, is way over the top. White and Freedman weren’t even born when the likes of AKUS, peterthehungarian, or myself were around, during the Yom Kippur War. How can their generation understand what Israel meant to us in ’67 or ’73 ?

    Note to Hawkeye and co. : It’s not enough to rebut the antisemitism on CiF. You should create a space for positive, lyrical articles about Israel which will make the anti-Zionistas scream in rage and envy. AKUS, here’s your chance to show us what you can do. Don’t just mock ; get even !

    Bye bye for now!

  2. I wouldn’t be suprised if Ben White had failed to get into a graduate training scheme with one of the national newspapers so, rather than ego-lacking local rags and reporting on council and school sports-day events, he went for a quick fix of fame.

  3. I was not aware that West Germans were sending suicide bombers into East Germany during the Cold War or that thousands of Arabs were escaping from Gaza and the West Bank into Israel to start a new and peaceful life in freedom.
    “Progressives” like Bell take full advantage of the historical ignorance of his audience. Sadly, the current American President has proved himself to be incredibly ignorant of history.

  4. @ armaros

    I did explain why it is antisemitic. Comparing Israel to Nazis, Stalinists, Apartheid SA is antisemitic.

    I object to all such comparisons – but there is IMO no way you can automatically call them anti-Semitic. Likewise the Berlin Wall comparison.

    Where exactly have you actually explained why these are anti-Semitic allegations?

    @ margie

    Obviously today’s anti-Semites (well, most of them) are not stupid or crazy enough to peddle the old blood libel/matzo accusations. Their ways are indeed far more subtle.

    Perhaps you missed what I said, i.e. that I likewise consider Bell’s choice of target inappropriate. But Bell’s cartoon is not “an objection to the protection of Jewish lives”. It’s a far more complex issue than that.

    @ Guardian Hates Jews
    Clearly there is a massively overproportionate focus on I/P at CiF. But you can’t just put that down to Jew hatred.

    Personally I would welcome the removal of Anthony Lerman, Richard Silverstein and Ben White from CiF.

  5. Pretzelberg

    “I object to all such comparisons – but there is IMO no way you can automatically call them anti-Semitic. Likewise the Berlin Wall comparison.”

    Not automatically.

    But when criticism of Israel is using the same canards as antisemitic criticism of Jews (oppressive, conspiratory, greedy, racist etc), it is antisemitism.

  6. Pretzelberg

    Clearly there is a massively overproportionate focus on I/P at CiF. But you can’t just put that down to Jew hatred.

    Any other explanation?

    Irreasonable hatred of Israel = Jew hatred.

    Take this post:


    12 Nov 2009, 4:25PM
    raze all zionist colonies and repatriate the occupants…….easy!


    Please explain that tolerating this kind of incitement is what? Anti-Zoroasterism?
    If yorkandy consider the implementation of his suggested project is so easy maybe he personally should cooperate in it.
    I would be very happy to prove him that there could be some difficulties on the way.

  7. Pretzelberg

    Here I ‘ll give you a free bonus:
    12 Nov 2009, 4:28PM
    Bertyshalom, Epidermoid

    I see what you did there, sooooo clever! Get them Goyim !


    And Moeran rantings about the Israeli death squads?

    And this:
    12 Nov 2009, 4:38PM
    I would quite literally be ashamed to be associated with Israel in any way, shape or form , yet out come the trolls day after day scrabbling and fighting their losing battle with increasingly outlandish and bizzare justifications.


    I’m really would like to hear your opinion about this outright and murderous hatred….

  8. “the Left and the Right are as bad as one another ( though the Guardianistas can always justify Stalinism to a certain extent ) and judeophobic to the core”

    Hmmm. Just what is meant by “to a certain extent”? Fifty million corpses’ worth of justification is a big ask, even for The Guardian.

    …And though it might sound evenhanded and be politically correct to declare that “the Left and the Right are as bad as one another” in being “judeophobic to the core”, I’d really like to see how the evidence stacks up. The openly antisemitic “Right” are, in most cases, racist/nationalist Leftists — i.e. chronically aggrieved people who brim with resentment and look for scapegoats (such as those bloated plutocrat Jews and so forth) to blame for their failed lives. They believe in and propound muscular and often radical statist solutions. They’re not by any reasonable definition “conservative”.

    Indeed, the “Far Right” is largely the contemporary Left’s much-hated twin, both being the fruit of the same socialist womb in the pre-war decades of the last century: the fact that International Socialism is le dernier cri whereas National Socialism is near-universally reviled merely shows what a thorough job the victorious Marxists in the academy and the media have done in dissociating themselves from the sins of their nationalist sibling.

    There are exceptions of course (in America the average white-supremacist antisemite distrusts powerful interventionist government, and could not be said to be truly statist — a rather curious instance of American exceptionalism, perhaps). But for the most part, those who are called “Far Right” should really be called “Far Left”.

    O! That the day would come, the grand family reunion! …When the scribblers at the Grauniad finally acknowledge that Hitler, Mussolini, Mosley and all the other populist utopian state-mongers have far closer blood ties with them and their readership than with Reagan, Thatcher or Churchill.

  9. @ peterthehungarian

    “Any other explanation?”

    I have a Christian upbringing, i.e. I heard about Jerusalem before I knew where Paris or New York were.

    Then there’s the political significance of the Holy Land.

    I spend a lot of time on I/P. Does that make me an anti-Semite?

  10. I don’t think that everyone who is interested in the I/P conflict is an antisemite. I spent relatively long time in East-Africa and I follow their politics in the media. Makes this me an anti-black/anti-white?

    You and me are private persons and not establishments whose job to inform their readers about far away events as objectively as possible.

    FYI I don’t think that the Guardian’s primary agenda is Jew hatred.
    They belong the unreasonable left, their main goal to fight capitalism and its most powerful representative the US with every available means. Maybe you are aware of the huge quantity of totally gormless US bashing stuff on CIF too. Unfortunately after realizing that they don’t have any relevant mass support in the West they sought and found an other ally, the political Islam.
    Naturally they pull to CIF the “classical” anti-semites and tolerating/supporting them objectively makes them Jew haters irrespective what they think about themselves. As you can see from their preferred contributors/posters they don’t give a broken bedpan about the Palestinians or peace.

  11. Hi Peter

    I agree with pretty much all of your post.

    The only exception is the alleged “alliance” with political Islam.

    If anything, it’s a question of shameless apologism – and even then this applies to individual posters and not to the paper itself.

  12. pretzelberg

    If anything, it’s a question of shameless apologism – and even then this applies to individual posters and not to the paper itself

    Brian Whitaker and Seumas Milne are members of the Guardian’s staff. And they are only examples there are many more. They are “the paper itself”