Does Steve Bell read Stormfront?

To commemorate the 20th year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall this is the disgustingly antisemitic cartoon that the Guardian is running by cartoonist, Steve Bell.


So in light of the results of our “Comment is Free”/Stormfront poll, I thought I’d take a look at what the folks over at Stormfront were talking about. And lo and behold there is a thread entitled “20 Years on: Fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989”. Here’s a screenshot:

stormfront berlin

If you can make it out, there is a link posted in the Stormfront thread. And if you follow the link, it takes you to a neo-Nazi blog that has a post from two days ago with an image that looks awfully similar to the Guardian cartoon. Here’s the screenshot.


So lets take a look at what text follows the image.

Today, the lousy Zionist, Fifth Columnist media has been going on and on about the fall of the Berlin Wall twenty years ago, way back in 1989. But dear reader, what about the “Separation Wall” in Israel standing right now? This giant wall (far bigger than the Berlin Wall) was substantially paid for by your tax dollars, without you even having the least clue — because the real powers that be don’t want you to start questioning the whole deal in the first place!

Why does the media remain silent about all this, pray tell? Just think about the unbelievable hypocrisies today foisted on America’s head by the Zionist-controlled media. You thought we had a free media, right?

These hypocrisies have now become insane. They constantly have things in the media about how evil Hitler once was and how victimized the Jews were 65 years ago, yet these Jews are freely ghettoizing and victimizing the Palestinians right in the present day — right the hell NOW!

The Jews stand before us, having the unmitigated gall to proclaim themselves “the light unto nations.” What a filthy joke that is. But the joke is on us, friend. They feel they can freely get away with all kinds of travesties, including pure murder, since so few of us are the wiser and can’t think straight unless someone on the GD TV tells us how to!

There’s more but you get the idea. Now here’s the interesting part. Not only does the text above provide the subtext to Steve Bell’s cartoon but notice how it also says “the giant wall (far bigger than the Berlin Wall)” and compare that with “Twice as High Four Times as Long” in the Steve Bell cartoon.

Now this could all be pure coincidence but given Steve Bell’s track record of antisemitic cartoons (see here, here and here), I can’t help but think that Steve Bell is looking a bit like the Guardian’s very own Mark Garlasco.


In reviewing the comment thread to the Steve bell cartoon, we have a comment from none other than “Comment is Free” contributor Ben White with a thank you note to  Steve Bell. This is of course the same Ben White that understands why some people are antisemitic. The same Ben White who has flirted with Holocaust denial. And the same Ben White who in his young thug’s primer Israeli Apartheid: a Beginners Guide recommends French Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy. The convergence of far left and far right ideology on the pages of Britain’s flagship left wing newspaper becomes clearer by the second.


11 Nov 2009, 9:23AM


Thanks Steve.

This Wall will also fall.

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  1. Steve Bell is a nasty little man. Perhaps he mourns the thousands of Israeli lives that have been saved by the security barrier?

    Speaking of walls, the dividing line between The Guardian and the racists of this world long since came down.

  2. Bell’s cartoon you link to above of Ariel Sharon at the Kotel is racism pure and simple.

    Bell is obsessed with the security barrier. (See also

    Prior to the security barrier going up, Israelis were being regularly slaughtered by suicide bombers in restaurants, nightclubs, bars and on schoolbuses.

    One wonders what it is about an initiative that stopped that slaughter of Jews that so upsets Bell?

  3. Wikipedia lists fifty separation barriers here, including Iran-Pakistan, UAE-Oman, Cyprus, Saudi-Yemen, and Indo-Bangladeshi barriers. Many of the fifty dwarf the Israel-Palestinian barrier, with far lesser justfication.

    One wonders why Bell or the Guardian or Stormfront are obsessed with one barrier of those fifty.

    On second thought, we know why. Bell, the Guardian and Stormfront all hate Jews.

  4. “One wonders why Bell or the Guardian or Stormfront are obsessed with one barrier of those fifty.”

    Because that barrier stops Jewish kids from being killed on their way to school.

  5. By the way, Bell needs to re-learn undergraduate maths.

    The Berlin wall was approximately 199km long. The concrete (“wall”) portion of the Israeli separation barrier is to be approximately 35km long, the rest being simple fence. “Four times as long” is thus inaccurate.

    Since the Guardian has published Bell’s (possibly Stormfront-derived) image, perhaps the Guardian’s fact-checkers can collaborate with Stormfront’s.

  6. Bell, of course, did not mention that the so called “wall” is only on the westerly side of the West Bank and only to prevent terrorists from entering Israel. The so called ” wall” was not built in the southern part of the West Bank and Palestinians have used the lack of a barrier there to enter Beersheba and commit some horrific acts of terrorism in Beersheba, such as the double bus suicide bombings in which scores of Israelis were killed and the spraying of bullets and bombs at the snack bar in Beersheba in which a dozen Israelis were Killed. Another terrorist attack from Hebron in which the terrorist simply walked southerly from Hebron to Beersheba was made easy because there is no barrier there. Now of course, Bell would not show that there is no fence on the easterly side of the West Bank and Palestinians are free to enter Jordan whenever the Jordanians (motly Palestinians) allow them too. And coincidentally, Bell did not show the reopening of the road going from Jenin to Afula. Jenin was one of the worst centers of terrorism from 2000 to 2007 and it is an act of faith on the part of Israel to allows traffic between Jenin and Afula, despite the murders of so many Israeli when there was no barrier.
    Bell might have shown the fence and barriers and armed guards that Cuba has erected to keep Cubans from fleeing to freedom. Cuban guards with lethal weapons patrol the waters around Cuba to prevent Cubans from leaving.
    Bell’s whole problem comes from the fact that he is a terribly insecure man. He is rather frail and delicate and overcompensates with his antiSemitic but boring cartoons. But he will tell you that Tony Lerman is his friend so how can be an antiSemite.

  7. Steve Bell is demented,only someone who possesses a really sick mind like Steve Bell’s could come up with such grotesque images.

    All his cartoons,have these very disturbing images in them.What the Hell,what can you expect after all this Steve Bell does work for the Guardian.

  8. The links to Steve Bell’s other cartoons seem to suggest an infatuation with blood. But Steve Bell is no “lone gunner” in this ugly media war.

    UK cartoonists have always had a soft spot for old Israel. This one was “cleared of antisemetism” to win the U.K. most prestigious cartoon award:

    This one featured on the ever vehement “The Independent”, the only English-speaking newspaper that features a foreign news reporter who openly supports Hezbollah, Mr. Robert Fisk. (Or perhaps the only one other than the Guardian)

    Again, blood blood blood. Terrific sophistication, really.

    And then there’s possibly the worst of them all, featured on the Washington post, of all places:

    Compared to these Bell’s cartoon is like Snoopy. And I’m not sure Bell’s wall cartoon stems from anti-Semitism per-say, but perhaps just from acute shallowness and stupidity, brought on by mindless absorption of Palestinian PR. But maybe I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.

  9. Well, together with the recent “can you tell Cif comments from Stormfront comments” test, this is all getting quite stunning. I’ve often read pieces where writers point to the meeting of minds between left and right Jew-hatred, but the recent examples provided by Cif Watch must be among the most illustrative material available on this topic. Guys/gals, whoever you are, you are well on your way to deserve some award for original research that could underpin a serious study on the subject.

  10. I see that the BBC has seen fit to remind its readers on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall that the Belfast Wall is still in place:

    … one of the 42 interface barriers in Belfast, the most recent of which was built in 2008.

    But for some reason Steve Bell thinks that Israel’s separation barrier is more relevant for Guardian readers than the wall in their own back yard.

    For those who are unfamiliar with the height of the British Belfast wall:

  11. I have written this before elsewhere, that the Thematic Apperception Test, although it has fallen out of favour somewhat as a test of paranoid projection, fits this cartoon to a T.

    The TAT is used to assess unconscious motivation, except this individual makes no secret of his. The cartoon above as well as others by Bell, indicate a seriously warped world view about Jews/Israel.

    All these, in particular the emphasis on blood, are an indication of wish fulfilment.

    And as someone else wrote to this blog, CiF and the Guardian attract this sort of demonstration of sick mentality like flies to sh*t.

  12. FooledmeOnce, you may be right that it’s not blatant antisemitism, but it’s still feeding the Guardian’s Big Lie philosophy, isn’t it, about Israel?

  13. Well spotted Hawkeye. The similarities between the Nazi loving Stormfront and the Steve Bell cartoon are too great and too disturbing to be ignored. I had a look at the Stormfront’s rant on the subject and noted that though many accusations are made there is no sign of a link or source given. The sick scribbler makes it all up out of whole cloth. Posters on the thread on CIF do the same:
    11 Nov 2009, 11:14AM

    One assumes that Jubilation is talking about me. Some of us are prepared to travel 4000 miles to see for ourselves; others can’t be bothered to go a few hundred yards in case they see something that upsets their ideology.

    And yes, we know all about the “right of appeal” that Palestinians have if their land is stolen. And what happens next.
    Either the settlers win; or the IDF wins; in whatever case, the indigenous population lose their land.
    But Jubilation knows that . Really.


    Here’s another:
    11 Nov 2009, 11:19AM

    11 Nov 2009, 11:00AM

    deewhy: Have you noticed that there are those who comment here day after day (claiming however to take frequent trips to the region discussed) and still have no idea of the process? Any village or council with legitimate grievances about the path of the barrier is invited to apply to the Israel Supreme Court which has already ruled in several instances to have the barrier moved where a good case is presented.

    This is just specious bollocks. It implies that any incursions on to Palestinian land are the fault of the Palestinians themselves, for not objecting through the right Israeli channels (which have demonstrated on countless occasions how illiterate they are when it comes to applying international law) to the path of the wall.

    A contemptible comment and an argument so absurd that only the willfully blinkered could put it forward as justification for the wall.
    These fantasists seem to think that because they say it is so it must be so, despite any proof to the contrary, just like Stormfront

  14. I see Jew-basher Ben White has scraped his knuckles across the comments to the cartoon.

    “This Wall will also fall.”

    Thus does this man who understands antisemitism yearn for the day when suicide bombers can run rampant in Israel again, murdering Jews.

    I’ve seen him asked many times what – in the absence of the wall – he would do to stop such a slaughter.

    He never has an answer.

  15. FoolMeOnce – of all the Guardian’s paid anti-Semites and Israel bashers (Ben White, Lerman, Freedman, etc.) Bell occupies a special place for his obsession with blood.

    He put up a cartoon a while ago showing Gordon Brown in a bath filled with blood (“blood-bath – get it? – typically sophomoric Bell style) which was so revolting that I commented about it, in addition to a hundred or more others.

    A fascination with blood is, in my experience and reading, typical of an extreme right wing fascist mentality – the sort of thing that leads straight to the world of neo-Nazi propaganda in our time. It is worth noting that Seth Freedman exhibits the same tendency, for example when he refers to a “virus coursing through the veins” of Israeli society and similar Nazi analogies.

    You might protest that Bell and Freedman and their ilk are actually on the extreme left, not the extreme right, and all I would say is” Look from one to the other, and from the other back again, and you will find there is no difference”.

    Mind you, it seems to me that since CW has been on the job pointing these things out, Freedman, for one, perhaps under the urging of the Guardian’s legal staff, has had to tone down his use of Nazi language when refering to Jews.

  16. AKUS

    I see your point in comparing Fascist blood motifs with Freedman’s style which often employs all kinds of skewed metaphors from the world of anatomy and biology. I hope he’s indeed toned it down.

    Maybe he often resorts to such banal and ugly phrases as “virus coursing through the veins” also because he’s just a very poor writer?

  17. On second thought I take it back- it’s more than bad writing when someone uses such phrases. Your’e right- it’s most likely intentional.

  18. FoolMeOnce

    Freedman is a lousy writer, period. However, in addition, his use of Nazi analogies is either intentional or has been so deeply ingrained that he doesn’t even notice that he does it (or didn’t, till we stuck it right under his and the Guardian’s legal staff’s noses.

    Some commenting here will no doubt be torn between following the BDS route wrt to Freedman’s latest contribution to the analysis of ME affairs (“Israel bad, Turkey worse”) and continuing to boycott him , or actually commenting there to praise him for his sudden discovery that Israel is, after all one of his onw countries.

    There seem to be very few topics about which Freedman is not willing to share his expertise with the world. However, was this article a coincidence, or some kind of Guardian attempt to soften the effect of the Bell cartoon?

    But perhaps pretzelberg has said it for us all about the Freedman article:


    11 Nov 2009, 12:05PM

    Genocide denial is not new to Turkey, of course.

    But oh dear, what a poor piece this is.


    Erdogan is a shameless hypocrite clearly milking Gaza for his own political gain.
    But I have the feeling that Seth is in turn using this issue in order to himself get back in the limelight.

  19. Freedman’s new page-filler- Boy, is that one awful piece.

    Not even inflammatory in his usual style. Had absolutely nothing to say.

  20. The cartoonist will be celebrated in the anti-Semitic blogs and in the cafes where his type congregates. What really must bother this cartoonist is that he is weak and he sees the IDF soldiers who defend Israel. He knows that he can never match up with them. He will always be pale and inept at anything requiring physical skills. He takes out his frustrations drawing juvenile cartoons that nobody pays any attention to.

  21. FoolMeOnce

    Great link to the Iraqi defamation suit.

    The sort of defamation suit that the Iraqis brought is exactly what is needed to tear down the wall of “free speech” that the Guardian hides behind.

    The amount of the award was trivial (GBP 52,000) but they very likely spent, or will spend, far more than that defending themselves, and tying up resources in doing so.

    The British Jewish community should be doing this on a daily basis every time something like this Steve Bell cartoon appears.

    Its not important to win the case – its important to make the Guardian realize that there is a heavy price to pay for providing a home for anti-Semites.

  22. Guardian Hates Jews: “…Since the Guardian has published Bell’s (possibly Stormfront-derived) image, perhaps the Guardian’s fact-checkers can collaborate with Stormfront’s…”

    How do you know that they don’t already?

  23. AKUS

    …Bell occupies a special place for his obsession with blood….

    Are you not aware of his other obsession with naked arses and balls of politicians? I won’t even try to psychologize regarding this affinity of him, but could we have here some expert opinion?

  24. The Guardian plays host to some of the nastiest,craziest,scuzzballs,that could be found on the internet.They feel right at home on the Guardian.

    That Steve Belll,and Ben White,are in a class all of their own.

  25. Hi there AKUS. Yes, those were indeed probably my essential points on the Freedman article.

    You can all see for yourselves my negative reaction to the Bell cartoon.

    But (and here it comes) I find these links to Stormfront frankly ridiculous.

    Bell is extremely harsh (and that might well be an understatement) on Israel – as seen here. But just because Stormfront have likewise used the Berlin Wall anniversary as an excuse to attack Israel, you can’t just say “he’s one of them”.

    Yet again my impression is that these are narrow-minded (ostensibly) dogmatic left-wingers who seize on a perceived good/bad guy situation (as I did in my teens re. Nicaragua and indeed with regard to I/P, albeit 200% in favour of Israel) and just will not let go.

    When I saw Bell’s cartoon I thought: what a tw*t. But I still believe this is about politics, not Jew hatred.
    The same goes for various nasty posters on CiF.
    Although (as I’ve said before) Moeran’s a) recent reference to “scurrying Jews” in the Old City reeks of you-know-what and b) saying that he’d only respect the US-trained Dayton police in the West Bank if they took on the Jewish setttlers (= facing the IDF = certain death) does raise the question of whether he’s genuinely pro-Palestinian or simply anti-Israel.

    @ peter

    “Are you not aware of his other obsession with naked arses and balls of politicians?”
    No. Please do elucidate.

    And re. Stormfront milking the Berlin Wall issue.

    Another recent phenomenon I can’t stand on CiF is posters pouncing on Nick Griffin’s declaration of support [sic] for Israel to make the slur about the BNP being “friends” with Israel. Clearly it’s just a case of that party simply hating Jews less than they do Muslims/Arabs.

    Stormfront appear untroubled by such exigencies.

  26. While anti-Semitism can obviously include subtle statements and images that do not directly attack Jews in general – on what basis do you deem this cartoon “disgustingly antisemitic”?

    I’m all ears …

  27. Pretzelberg:

    “just because Stormfront have likewise used the Berlin Wall anniversary as an excuse to attack Israel, you can’t just say “he’s one of them”.

    Nobody said he was “one of them”.

    The essence of this comparison is the ideological convergence of far left and far right and the glue binding them being antisemitism.
    Aside of antisemitism, they also share an unhealthy obsession with “globalism” which again often, under the microscope, reveals more antisemitism.
    The incubator, or channel of this convergence is, among other outlets, the Guardian.

    As for the antisemitism of this cartoon. It clearly is antisemitic.

    It argues that Israel is similar, or is actually worse than, the GDR, the vilest of the European Communist regimes of the cold war, and the superposition of the Brandenburg Gate, though subtle under the depicted celebration lights, is alluding to another nasty comparison involving periods of German history and Israel.

    Both Stormfront and the Guardian formulated their position from the same root concept.
    The far right likes to compare and blame Jews for communism while the Left compares them to Nazis and blames them for racism, apartheid and other canards which are sins of the far right.
    The Far right blames Jews for liberalism and progressive ideas while the Left blames them for “turbo capitalism”, “neo-liberalism” and “neo-conservatism”.
    The Far Right blames Jews for the creeping of socialism while the Left blames them for disturbing and challenging the same.

    What we see here is antisemitism coming from left and right and removing the branding slogans and statements, the central political argument remains the same.

    One is an Opel, the other is a Vauxhall.

  28. @ armaros

    Nobody said he was “one of them”.

    Oh, but they have done above.

    the ideological convergence of far left and far right and the glue binding them being antisemitism.

    You are talking here about a tiny minority of idiots. And what – primarily – connects them is a hate of capitalism and American predominance. You are wrong re. the glue – albeit with exceptions.

    [the Bell cartoon] clearly is antisemitic.

    But you fail to specify why.

    alluding to another nasty comparison involving periods of German history and Israel.

    Are you introducing the Nazi element?

    Both Stormfront and the Guardian formulated their position from the same root concept.

    What concept would that be, then?

  29. Pretzelberg

    I did explain why it is antisemitic.
    Comparing Israel to Nazis, Stalinists, Apartheid SA is antisemitic.

    To illustrate the “evil” or “tragedy” of the Berlin wall by juxtaposing it to Israel (and its defense against suicide bombers) is antisemitic.
    Without really getting into the falsehood of the comparison as one wall kept people in while the other is keeping some people out.

    This also answers your “concept” question.

    “You are talking here about a tiny minority of idiots. And what – primarily – connects them is a hate of capitalism and American predominance. You are wrong re. the glue – albeit with exceptions.”

    No, I am talking about ideas which many (not few) idiots are propagating through two channels, far left and far right.
    The pattern is so obvious.
    The far right is actually more honest as they do not shy away from saying Jew this or Jew that.
    The Left, ostensibly anti-racist, will replace Jew with Israel, neocon, or Zionism.
    It is often not conscious. That I agree. Some idiots on Cif do actually believe they are not antisemitic because they read Chomsky or Finkelstein or seem to pretend they knew where Jew and Zionist differ.

    If you closely examine their opposition to capitalism or American dominance, you will find, along the other psychotic ideas, antisemitism.
    Again I mentioned this above.

  30. Regarding Erdrogan, Erdrogan has one unabashed cheerleader in the media. That is the British columnist for the New York Times, one Roger Cohen. Cohen’s opeds have appeared also in the Guardian and lately the Tehran Times, house organ of the Islamic Government of Iran, has picked up Cohen’s column. Finally Ahmedinejad has a Jew he admires. Cohen wrote a whole column a few months ago positively glowing over his London hotel interview with Erdrogan and Cohen tripped all over himself lavishing praise on Erdrogan for browbeating the 86 year old Shimon Peres in Davos. Cohen glowed when Erdrogan said that he (Erdrogan) had no regrets over smacking down Peres. Peres could easily have riposted Erdrogan by asking Erdrogan if Erdrogan was pround of the Turkish air force invading Iraqi airspace and then bombing and strafing Kurdish villages. Hundreds of Kurdish villagers were murdered by the Turkish bombs. Peres, for political and strategic reasons, chose not to respond. But any decent journalist would have asked Erdrogan the questions that Cohen refused to ask. Cohen showed that he is not a journalist but a propagandist for the leftwing European view of the MiddleEast conflict. Dohen’s views are pretty much the same as Ken Livingston or George Galloway although the latter two are better speakers than Cohen (who speaks in a monotone).

  31. I forgot to mention that Roger Cohen recently wrote that “Rabin Square reminds me of Warsaw under communism”. Soon after that witty remark by Cohen, Cohen wrote a column saying he found nothing exceptional about Israel. But Cohen should have added that he always finds Israel to exceptionally wicked and depraved.

  32. This cartoonist appears to plaigirize his cartoons from Der Sturmer. You can look at 1930s nazi cartoons and his and you can not see any difference. He is not even a competent artist. The only place he could work is the Guardian.

  33. Kudos to CW for exposing this racist cartoonist and apparently forcing the Guardian to yank his cartoon form the CIF front page.

    It was replaced with a video, and today a totally incomprehensible cartoon of a peanut.

    Bell’s (again, sophomorically vile) cartoon from November 10th is still open for comment:

    Comments in chronological order (Total 181 comments)

    deamon deamon

    10 Nov 2009, 4:26AM

    Says it all really. All angles covered.

    This one is closed for comment!!

    Comments in chronological order (Total 107 comments)

    TheGreatGigInTheSky TheGreatGigInTheSky

    11 Nov 2009, 12:20AM

    Well done, CiFWatch – you forced them to shut the nasty little piece of work down!!

    And others have taken note, as Melanie Phillips notes in her biting style (how the impotent commentators and moderators at CiF hate her exposing them again and again):

    Cue Steve Bell’s offensive cartoon in the Guardian which drew an analogy between the Berlin Wall and – you guessed it. The ever-more invaluable CiF Watch has spotted an intriguing congruence between this Guardian cartoon and another which made an identical point — and which was published in the neo-Nazi Stormfront. A propos, CiF Watch has also conducted an enterprising poll to see whether readers could distinguish between the enlightened comments published on Comment is free and Stormfront. Actually, the style of writing and language makes the distinction quite clear, but even so the point remains.

    A game for all the family to play to while away these long winter evenings, as we all wait for Iran to get its genocide bomb.

  34. pretzelberg – I didn’t want to detract from this thread too much by harping on Freedman, who is as useless a contributor as it is possible to find, except for urging on the merans and morons of the world.

    But now that CW has shamed the Guardian into essentially canning the Steve bell cartoon, let me just say:

    Why oh why does the Guardian think that this ignoramus, who never even made it to college and can barely string together a coherent paragraph without using a 6th grade mixed metaphor has some deep insight into Turkish politics?

    Have they no sense of how he lowers the standing of their own paper?

  35. pretzelburg – When I saw Bell’s cartoon I thought: what a tw*t. But I still believe this is about politics, not Jew hatred.

    How do you explain the obsessive negativism of the Guardian about Israel when people are being slaughtered all over the world and many are starving.

    They ‘dismiss’ so much other human suffering to concentrate on the IP conflict trying to elevate it into a threat to world peace.

    Sri Lanka is not a threat to world peace.

    Chichenya is not a threat to world peace.

    Georgia is not a threat to world peace.

    Muslims in Western China are not a threat to world peace.

    Venezuela’s call to arms is not a threat against world peace.

    Only Israel. Tiny little Israel.

    There has to be more at work than simple anti Zionism?

    Add to that their in depth negative examination of the life style of Haredim.

    Where do you think it is all coming from?

  36. Pretzelberg:
    Yes neither source says that Jews use Christian children’s blood to make matzos so that classic kind of antisemitism is not in evidence.

    The choice of target here though is a little exaggerated don’t you think? This is a defensive barrier that prevents hundreds of deaths a year and the awful consequences for both sides. It is not the Berlin Wall that separated people drastically. There are no watch-towers with guards that kill those who even approach it. Most of it is a fence anyway.

    The heightened language of the Stormfront and the ridiculous claims of twice as high, 4 times as long have a common enemy and that enemy can’t be the saving of human life. It can however be the kind of lives it is protecting. It can be an objection to the protection of Jewish lives: that is anti-semitism.

  37. Pattern, Pretzelbrain, pattern – a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In the case of the Guardian, the parts are the drip, drip, drip of Sick Frogman articles and Bell caricatures, adding to a whole of quite evident institutionalised, virulent anti-Semitism – the institution being the Guardian.

    Mel and Julie have it right.

  38. I know it is unfashionable and anti-intellectual to accuse an anti-Israel, anti-zionist commentators of being anti-semitic but in Ben Whites case I think he is.
    There is just way too much going on there, the evidence too great to have me think otherwise – his single issue obsession, ( unlike other anti-zionists he comments on no other subject, he’s the new Jonathon Cook), his strong Christian upbringing (the son of a Minister), his understanding of why people are anti-semitic etc etc.
    I don’t think his anti-semitism is eliminationist, neithers the Guardian’s for that matter, its very much an upper midde class English anti-semitism, he just doesn’t like those uppity Jews with their own state and guns, who don’t know their place.

  39. Rysk – he just doesn’t like those uppity Jews with their own state and guns, who don’t know their place.

    Well. Lots of people may feel that way but they don’t make a career from demonizing Israel.

    Ben White does.


  40. Yes, Ben White is aiming to make a career out of his anti-zionist (anti-semitic) obsessions, but I can’t imagine it’ll be a very lucrative career, not if you go by the likes of Jonathon Cook who until only recently had a begging page on his webiste with a paypal link asking for donations.

    Ben’s a reasonable bright lad, anti-semitism aside, I just think he missed the cut on the BBC/ Guardian / Independent grad schemes, and faced with the choice of learning the ropes on a local paper and attending local council meetings on supermarket planning applications, his fragile ego just couldn’t handle that prospect so he thought he’d do what so many other wannabe rock star journalists do and become a self-proclaimed expert on the middle east.
    A self-proclaimed expert who speaks no Hebrew or Arabic, has never spent more than a university summer in the region (munching on falafels whilst posting from the comfort of a Ramallah internet cafe), and who now casts his wisdom from the vantage point of Sao Paolo?!

  41. Hi Pretzelberg,

    I don’t have the motivation and esthetic urge to search for examples in his collected works but for hors d’oeuvre see these: (if you don’t have something better to do at the moment)

    You are correct these only are arses and no balls. Maybe politicians don’t have this important assembly in their bodies?