Mr. Prime Minister: No to Goldstone!!

If you are a British citizen or resident, please take the time to sign up to the petition at the link below to send a message to the Prime Minister that the UK should declare its opposition to the Goldstone Report and ensure its rejection when a vote is taken in the UN Human Rights Council in March 2010.

Children that are British citizens and residents can also sign the petition if they have an email address.


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  1. The momentum seems to have run out of this petition – it’s been stuck at just over 3,000 for some weeks. If you are a Brit and you haven’t signed, please do so and forward it to as many friends as possible.

    It would signal real apathy if the best we can manage is under 10,000, for a Jewish population of 280,000!

    BTW, you don’t have to be Jewish to sign the petition, just a UK citizen.

  2. The Huffington Post did a brilliant job on Nov. 23, 2009 of exposing Goldstone’s lies about his background. In Geneva, Goldstone said that Jews like Anne Bayovsky were like white South Africans who called him a traitor because of his antiApartheid stands. Well, as it turns out, Richard Goldstone was a vital part of the machinery of apartheid. He was not appointed a judge after apartheid fell. Goldstone was appointed as a judge by the white government. Without judges to oil the machinery of apartheid, apartheid could not have lasted as long as it did. In 1986, Goldstone sentenced a 13 year old black lad to prison for the “crime” of possessing a tape recording of Oliver Tambo’s voice. For that “crime”, Goldstone put his innocent lad in prison. There were courageous whites like Donald Wood who fought apartheid and paid a price for it. Goldstone has tried to recreate himself as a fighter against apartheid. In fact, he was a vital cog in the wheel of apartheid. Just as judges in Germany during the dark days of the third reich enforced the Nuremburg law, so did Richard Goldstone enforce the laws of apartheid. And having done so, Goldstone is a man of no personal honor.

  3. Richard Goldstone has reinvented himself more times than Freddy Krueger. Goldstone ought to win the Academy Award for best makeup. He is an apartheid judge who has tricked people into thinking he was an opponent of apartheid. The Oscar goes to Richard Goldstone…..