The Parallel Universe of “Comment is Free” and Stormfront

The latest Benny Morris thread provided a veritable collection of comments that underscore just why “Comment is Free” is a cesspit of antisemitic discourse.

One of the last comments in the thread provides a perfect example of the type of commenter that is attracted to “Comment is Free”:


25 Nov 2009, 7:47PM

These forums are moderated and censored because you do not have true freedom of speech in the UK.

Questioning the Holocaust is a crime in the UK. What happened during the 1940s that the Zionist-dominated UK government is trying so hard to hide?

Orwell’s England exists today and you are living in it.

And when we take a look at a comment posted on Stormfront, ask yourself if Gregory Fegel’s comment above is so different in substance.

10-01-2008, 11:54 AM
Pretty long winded, but you bring up some good points.
One question I’ve always had with the Holocaust and the death camps is; Is it outside the realm of possibility to believe that a Zionist dominated government (the USSR) could have manipulated the facts, camps, etc. to make it appear as though there was a genocide to suit their political ambitions in the future? I’ve never heard any information as to what happened to the “extermination camps” after the Soviets controlled them for over four decades. Surely the Soviets could have toyed with the camps, if they wanted to. Also, Auschwitz was liberated in January ’45, a month before the Yalta Conference. Surely Zionists, like Morgenthau, would have cited the discovered gas chambers, crematoria, etc. as grounds to implement his extreme policy. As far as I know he never did, I’ve been trying to find the minutes of the Yalta Conference to confirm this. Anyone have any thoughts or other information?
Anyway, let’s delve into the Morris thread and see how the comments there compare to other comments posted on Stormfront.

Well for starters, from the school of Holocaust denial, we have denial of a slightly different form – denial that Ahmadinejad threatened to wipe Israel off the map. Here’s a comment on the Benny Morris thread that engages in such discourse:


24 Nov 2009, 1:54PM

From the article

Iran’s nuclear weapons programme

As far as i know, there is no credible evidence that they have one.


Ahmadinejad called for Israel’s annihilation

Did he really? Citation? Translated from the original Parsi by whom?

Now take a look at a similar comment from Stormfront:

dogsplayingcards //

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Re: No peaceful solution to Iran‘s nuclear ambitions

What Dr. Ahmadinejad said was not to wipe Israel off the map, but to erase the current Likud party and it’s insane policies.
The mistranslation has become the money shot for all the Jew mouthpieces.

Then we have this very telling comment from lovemymod that makes a bit of a freudian slip with a reference to Hitler’s plan to deport the Jews to Madagascar:


24 Nov 2009, 7:21AM

wouldn’t it be absolutely wonderful if after the war Jews had set up their homeland in Madagascar.

not only would Madagascar not have been reduced to an ecological wasterland but we wouldn’t be having a mano-a-mano with Armagedon. choosing to settle in Israel might end up being the worst decision in history.

Now compare this with a comment from Stormfront about the Madagascar plan.

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Default Hitler wanting to deport jews to madagascar

As we all know Adolf Hitler was a man of peace and he deeply felt for his fellow officer for all of you who have been reading their TRUE history books and not that crap at high school, I was wanting to get some feedback of how Hitler was wanting to deport the jews to madagascar and not murder them.
I have read meny books on WW2 and I am starting to think that most of the murders and so forth was the allies faults not the germans because Hitler did want peace the king of England wanted peace (the king also supported lord hallifax)
So in a nut shell if England didnt interfere and the soviets were not backstabbers would of this whole mess happen??

And here’s an example of a comment from the Morris thread straight out of the Protocols:


24 Nov 2009, 11:21AM

After we contain the nuclear problem (by ensuring that it doesn?t grow) we can get down to discussing how to reduce or even eliminate nuclear weapons in Britain, Russia, the US, France, China, India, and Pakistan, and possibly in Israel


“We” arent on the same side. The Israelis are just war mongerers hell bent on making sure that the West is at war with every middle east country.

Here’s an equivalent comment on Stormfront:

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BuffScotsman is a glorious beacon of lightBuffScotsman is a glorious beacon of lightBuffScotsman is a glorious beacon of lightBuffScotsman is a glorious beacon of lightBuffScotsman is a glorious beacon of light

Default Re: Iran And Israel Exchange Threats Of Destruction

If it wasn’t for Israel and Jews constantly provoking other peoples and taking aggressive actions.. there would be hardly any conflict in the world.Most groups in the world want to be left alone, and dont’ want to rule over other people. Countries like China, Iran, Russia, Korea etc.. seem to all be able to get along with each other. And this is despite being radically different cultures, races and religions.

The next comment from the Morris thread reflects the knee jerk manner in which the guardianistas whitewash Iran’s atrocious record when it comes to “attacking other countries” painting Israel at the same time as some fanatical regime.


24 Nov 2009, 9:30AM

I see the prozionist trolls are out in force this morning.

Fact, Iran has never attacked another country except in self defence against Iraq, the latter being supported by the West with money and arms.

Nuclear weapons are already in the hands of racist zealots i.e. those who run Israel. We should fear those nutters far far more than any Iranian Mullah. This article is scaremongering rubbish and Morris should be ashamed of spreading the propaganda. There are no nuclear weapons in Iran and the IAEA have only queries on historical Iranian research activities [based on Western allegations] that they want answers for. If you have additional evidence, other than the Zionist bull you read, please send it to the IAEA. To attack Iran would be folly.

Israel should be subject to the same oversight as Iran when it comes to nuclear weapons. Why should they be exempted?

And it seems that on Stormfront there is similar sympathy for the Iranian regime.

Pure Noble BloodLine //

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Re: No peaceful solution to Iran‘s nuclear ambitions


Originally Posted by richyrichard What “nuclear ambitions”? Iran is a peace-loving country.

Well they are developing nuclear technologies for civilian power plants. There is no evidence they are attempting to build nuclear bombs even though our government, the media, and Israel likes to try and paint that picture.

But as the poster said above, as the muslim in the video said, it is ridiculous to allow Israel, the war monger, an arsenal of hundreds of nuclear weapons and to claim no other nation is allowed them for defensive purposes in case of an Israeli attack.

Then we have this next comment from the Morris thread that provides another useful insight into how the guardianistas whitewash the truth about the Iranian regime.


24 Nov 2009, 3:49PM

Iran is among the world’s great nations, anciently Persia & long civilized. Muslim by religion they are not Arabs.

Israel, remember, is a newcomer among the nations, a tiny country & supposedly a refuge for the persecuted Jews..

True enough that Ahmadinejad talks a war-mongering bluster about destroying Israel entirely — fool that he is. Equally true that Israel treats Palestinians as Nazi Germany treated Jews.

Collectives as such never learn & Netanyahu, a scholar’s son, is not the man to lead Israel into a promised land of peace & prosperity.

Now compare twitty’s comment with this:

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Default Re: No peaceful solution to Iran’s nuclear ambitions

I hope that this doesn’t sound “fruity” but we need to stand arm-in-arm with our brother Ahmadinejad in this crisis, right now! ZOG and ZOG’s flunky nations want to nuke his nation, just because it is standing up to ZOG. Every sane White on the planet would want Ahmadinejad to have nuclear weapons. Iran is literally the only thing keeping ZOG from taking over the whole world right now.

Then we have this comment from Sumwon who wants to “de-zionise” Israel.


24 Nov 2009, 8:41AM

Mr. Morris, you’re looking through the wrong end of the telescope. The threat to the region is zionist Israel, not Iran. Iran has not invaded any of its neighbours. Israel is the potential aggressor as it has proved by having attacked its neighbours and having stolen Palestinian land through the aggression of the zionist terrorist groups of Irgun and the Haganah. It is is now stealing more land by ethnic cleansing through the illegal settlements and home destruction. If Israel has nuclear weapons (what are they for?) then Iran has every right to take steps to defend itself from Israel, the USA and its Nato army. Ironically, it is Israel, run by a zionist regime, which is the real threat to the region by its aggressive actions and which is endangering innocent jewish lives in Israel. For peace to emerge, Israel has to be de-zionised so that jews and arabs can live peaceably together as the children of Abraham.

And in case you were wondering where Sumwon got the idea of “de-zionisation” from, check this out:

Messiah //
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Default British Television Airs: Zionist Control of British Government 1940 – 2009

Zionist Control of Britain’s Government: 1940-2009 by William A. Cook
DateFriday, November 20, 2009 at 8:01AM AuthorGilad Atzmon

“After so many years of setting the tone, bribing UK politicians and controlling the BBC they (Zionists) are used to being untouchable.” (Gilad Atzmon, “Britain Must de-Zionist Itself Immediately,” Nov. 17, 2009, MWC News).
This week the British people listened to the Daily Mall’s Peter Oborne present, on Channel 4, his devastating account of the Jewish lobby’s control of their government. Now we know that virtually all the principal politicians in the UK of both parties, like their brothers across the lake in our House and Senate, take “contributions” from the Israeli lobby machine ensuring that the Anglo-American mid-east policies follow the dictates of the Israeli government. Gilad Atzmon responded to this report in his article “Britain must de-Zionise itself immediately,” noting that this control has been in place for so many years the lobby feels “untouchable.”

As an aside, notice how Stormfront has picked up the Oborne documentary with glee. I wonder why that is…

And how about this one.


24 Nov 2009, 4:14PM

If you try that Mr Morris the Eastern Europeans masquerading as Jewish people currently occupying Palestine will not be doing so for very much longer.

Not so very different in substance from this:

The Mountain King//

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Re: Hourglass for Iran running out in Israel:Iran approaching it’s fate

The Jews are suicidal. Please let it be the end of Israel.

Then we have this viciously antisemitic comment on the Morris thread that sparked a whole series of comments about whether Jews of Eastern European origin are actually Khazars.


24 Nov 2009, 1:50PM

SUMWON wrote:

For peace to emerge, Israel has to be de-zionised so that jews and arabs can live peaceably together as the children of Abraham.

I agree with your post but with the sentence above which is factually incorrect. The Ashkenazem are Khazars from Eastern Europe who converted to Judaism in the 8th century. Genetically they have more in common with the Huns, Uigurs and Magyars than they have with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

This is the same Benny Morris when accepting Zionists ethnic cleansing and genocide of Palestinians in 1948, which many Israeli so called historians do not, brushes it aside as a necessity for the creation of Israel. He has no qualms about the death of millions of people, as long as they are not Zionist Jews,

No surprise that this is a popular topic of discussion on Stormfront.

ravencall //

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Re: IMPORTANT. Ashkenazis are not Jews but Khazars.


Originally Posted by american SS Say what you will, but jews are jews.

Ashkenazis are not infact semitic, semitic Jews are dark skinned and have Arab racial features, they’re called Shepardic and Mizharahi Jews. Ashkenazis are Khazaric-European admixture thus they share more genes with Mygars, Huns, Turks, Armenians and Europeans rather than with Arabs.

If you can’t grasp that concept, good luck shooting those shadows.

That is a mistake Hitler made, he confused a tiny number of religious orthodox jews going about their business with a homeless, religionless rabble race of halfbreeds from the Christian/Muslim borderland in SE Europe, who go around the world causing disruption under the judaism flag. The word should be Khazar, not Jew.

And lest you think that the selection of comments from the Morris thread above were mere aberrations, here are a few more to sink your teeth into:


24 Nov 2009, 6:56AM

I should imagine Iran is as perfectly entitled to nuclear self-defence as is Israel, Pakistan, Britain, France etc..

I should imagine Iran is as perfectly unentitled to nuclear self-defence as is Israel, Pakistan, Britain, France etc…

Iran wants its nukes partly as a diversion from internal conflicts, and Israel wants its nukes because Israel is Israel is Israel.

All nations get away with mass murder – Iran, Israel, the UK, the US – people are always defending this nation against that nation – but all they’re defending is the ruling class of those nations. I’m against Israel’s right to exist, along with Iran’s, etc. Identification with your ‘own’ nation is just as colonising of individual consciousness as the Israeli fascist settlers are of the land of their Arab neighbours. “The working class has no country…” Unfortunately, if the commodity economy continues to destroy the environment and if nuclear weapons continue to be in the hands of the various rulers (‘democratic’ or dictatorial) who most clearly identify with this economy, then it might well be that the working class will also have no world. All analysis that doesn’t recognise this basic banality is a Manichean “either/or” mentality which takes sides with mass murderers.


24 Nov 2009, 9:24AM

If Iran presents such an existential threat to Israel, maybe someone can explain how it is that Iran’s Jewish minority appear to prefer to remain in Iran rather than accept Israel’s offer to migrate there for sanctuary…


24 Nov 2009, 9:39AM


“UK, one of the most aggressive, self-centered and genocidal political entity in human history”

That’s just stupid. Read a histroy book for christ sake.

I must assume you are Israeli since many Israelis like to fantasise that they are anti-colonial heroes who liberated their “country” from the British imperial yoke rather than being racist colonists.


24 Nov 2009, 10:01AM

What a crock of warmongering, misleading, threatening, belligerent, stupid self-destructive rubbish. If anyone doubted Israel’s paranoic messianism, here it is. Another desperate attempt to up the ante and prepare the ground for more Israeli extreme violence and destruction. Dr Strangelove is alive and well and lives in Israel.


24 Nov 2009, 12:51PM

I fear history will just the imposition of a zionist state in Palestine to be the greatest mistake of the 2nd half of the 20th century and beyond

Author unknown [recreated from 1830’s 24 Nov. 2009 1.10pm comment]

An apartheid, land grabbing, terrorist sponsoring bunch of nutjobs who follow just as vicious and violent Abrahamic faith as Islam, Israel is just as bad as the Arab dictatorships is posits itself as an alternative too and were it not for international observation would have committed it’s own holocaust on the Palestinians a long time ago.


25 Nov 2009, 7:26PM

Israel, the USA, the UK are the great enemies of peace, freedom, and justice in the world today.

Israel, the USA, the UK are using radioactive DU munitions to poison the entire planet. Israel, the USA, the UK are a grave threat to all of humanity and to the global environment, and to all species on the entire planet.

The elimination of Israeli, USA, and UK as political and economic entities will bring a great improvement for the entire world.

Global Warming is a hoax, but Israel, the USA, the UK are a very real threat to all life on earth.

Amazing how commenters on “Comment is Free” find such fertile ground to spread their racist filth. Then again this is the Guardian and we already know the rot goes all the way to the top.

Potato and Parsnip Mash

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40 replies »

  1. The Guardian’s Israel obsession is full-frontal today with no less than 3 – yes, that’s THREE – articles on the Middle East in CiF.

    First is by a certain Neri Zilber: bemoaning the slow pace of Mideast ‘peace’ talks. We have a taste of his ideas in this little snippet:

    “it is worth considering that an Israeli child born in, say, 1993 is nearing the age of conscription, when he (or she) will take his place in a Jewish army still tasked with occupying and policing another people. For a Palestinian child born in the West Bank in the same year, the reality is still one of daily humiliations and statelessness;”

    Next up we have the inimitable Simon Tisdall and his intellectual meanderings on the Golan Heights

    And then we have our old favourite bemoaning Israel’s evil Zionist train system.

    This is all in addition to the Benny Morris thread and one by Isi Leibler (which was also published in the Jerusalem Post) which seems to have mysteriously disappeared from Cif’s front page.

  2. For the life of me, I just do not understand why any self-respecting Jewish person (Seth Freedman is obviously not one, so doesn’t count) contributes to Cif. It merely gives an unfettered opportunity for the commentators to vent some of the vilest abuse and insults at Jews and demonize Israel. It doesn’t serve any purpose beyond that at all.

    Take a peek at the latest offering from Isi Leibler. If your stomach doesn’t churn in a minute then your money back. Talk about glutton for punishment, the guy is just ripped apart like a puppy ravaged by a pack of anti-Jewish rabid pit bulls. So why do it? Surely nothing is worth this – Guardian can’t be paying that much.

    I mean you guys at Cif Watch are educated, smart and connected within the Jewish community. Why can’t you people convince the likes of Leibler et al not to write for Cif? The more this goes on, the more anti-Semitism will become mainstream.

    Nothing you say or do will stop the Guardian pushing for the illegitimacy of Israel as a Jewish state– and well meaning (but surely gullible) Jewish contributors are helping, albeit inadvertently, in that agenda. Just stop writing for Cif and stop replenishing the pool of anti-Jewish/Israeli vomit fermenting there.

  3. GaryO I agree with you and in fact posted to Leibler’s thread (my posting ‘privileges’ seems to have been partly restored, albeit pre moderated) saying that he was wasting his time there.

    Inayat is Inayat Bunglawala, a member of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and he has a following among the non-friends of Israel. Very political man. His organisation is affiliated to many mosques in the UK and in a recent tv programme, another Dispatches, we learned that the Regents Park mosque book shop stocks anti-Semitic books and videos. I keep asking him on CiF whether he and the MCP have dealt with that – he never answers.

  4. Guess what? My posted question to ‘Inayat’ has been deleted. So I wrote asking why, as follows.

    “To CiF moderators

    Like TomFoster above, my question to Bunglawa sat there for many hours and then disappeared as well.

    My question was polite and brief. As a representative of the Muslim Council of Britain which I believe is affiliated to the London Regents Park mosque I asked Bunglawala whether its bookshop, which in the Dispatches programme on radical preachers was shown to be selling anti-Semitic material, was still doing so, and I asked for the courtesy of a reply.

    Three possible answers are yes, no or I don’t know. So why was my post deleted? ”

    Will the CiF mods reply? I’ll let you know.

  5. Well done, Hawkeye.

    GaryO such Jews believe that, if they decry and speak out against the excesses (some real but mostly imagined) of Israel then they will more easily be allowed belong to the select club of wider society, who will forget that they are Jews.

    Of course it will not. The history of Nazi Germany is redolent with Jews who betrayed their people and collaborated with the Nazis in the hope that their own lives would be spared. Of course the Kapos and collaborators within the ghettoes were killed anyway. They hoped to forget that they were Jews but the Nazis did not. Likewise the Theobald-Jews who shriek loudest on CiF against Israel in the hope that people will forget that they too are Jews will meet the same ignominious end, metaphorically speaking. No-one can trust a traitor.

    And the only way to discourage Jews from publishing on CiF is by not reinforcing their crackpot opinions by engaging with them. We should encourage a boycott of all CiF articles and not only the ones biased against Israel. After all SickFrogman, an Israeli citizen with a “golden ticket” to return to the UK if he were to get his wish and Israel ceased to be a Jewish state, approves of a boycott of Israel. What’s sauce for that stupid goose should be sauce for the CiF gander in general.

  6. cityca, you ought to have expected little else. Bunglewally, having been temporarily consigned to the equivalent of the CiF sin bin of CiF Belief, is back and still enjoys the dubious privilege of not being argued with.

    The man is still a fool and could have an argument with himself and lose.

    Please let us know what the mods reply, if they reply. Perhaps you’ll get an invitation to “eff me” from BellaMac…. (yech!!)

  7. Hawkeye, my second visit to CiFWatch and well done you!

    People need to have it brought home to them that you could not get a piece of tissue paper between the views of the extreme loony left which posts on CiF and the hard Right of Stormfront – at a fundamental level all extremisms are identical. You have provided proof of that.

    And as for the weasel Bungler he may scrub up nice and shapeshift to his heart’s content but he is still an Islamist who lacks critical thinking capability (which is why his articles are such crap); who has used CiF to argue for a caliphate with sharia rule; who chickens out of disagreeing with stoning for adultery because he says that to disagree would be insulting to his prophet (and that makes him a moral coward in my book); and who is far too fond of Mawdudi to be able to pass for an open-minded, moderate, “New Age” Muslim male, given that he lacks the capability to think critically. It’s hardly surprising that cityca’s questions, however politely put, were deleted. They were equivalent to asking him when he had stopped beating his wife.

  8. Is it possible that the Guardian pays these posters to post their anti semitic rants.After all bellamack gets paid.

    These posters never ever get deleted,in fact they receive tons of

    BTW,you might want to read a post by “lovemymod” on Neri Zilber’s thread.

  9. DY, don’t be fooled by the numbers of recommendations. For some time now I have been conducting an experiment and have myself been able to bump up the recommendations of my own posts there, again and again. If I can do it what’s to prevent the mods from doing it too or indeed idiots like Berchmans and Moron?

    And I’ve even seen recommendations of notifications by the mods that threads will be closed for the night!

    Let’s face it intellectual analysis or any sense of discernment of what might or might not be an interesting point of view are not the strong suits of most of these fools.

  10. The following was sent to me last July. I have no idea who wrote it but it works at many levels and mirrors the implacable hatred of Jews by the mindless and conscienceless.

    Jews on the Moon – brilliant satirical fiction
    Science Fiction? Or Real?

    The Jews settled the moon in 2053, just about five years after the end of the Islamic Wars of the 40’s, where the Middle East, and Israel , of course, had been obliterated by nuclear weapons.

    The two million Jews remaining throughout the rest of the world – less than 100,000 total in all the Islamic countries – banded together and purchased the dark side of the moon, which no other companies or people wished to colonize.

    Great transports were arranged via the 62,000 mile space elevator and the Space Shuttle and every Jew on Earth – including anyone who claimed any Jewish heritage whatsoever – left to go to a place where no one could blame them for anything.

    The Earth rejoiced – happily rid of all Jews. There were huge parties throughout all of Sweden and the rest of Europe, Africa, Asia South America, and Nor th America . (Now known as the Northern Alliance of Islamic States after the United States was taken over peacefully in the elections of 2040 by a predominantly Muslim Congress and President, who immediately passed amendments making Islam the main religion of the United States and the world.)

    After the last Jew entered the elevator, (a David Goldstein, 62, formerly of New York), the Earth was officially declared Judenrein, by Hans Ibn Hitler, a great, great-grandson of Hitler who had been raised in Brazil and hidden by Nazis until this precious moment.

    It was not an easy move for the Jews but, in some ways, it was no different than all their moves of previous eras. Some former Israelis, (still alive because they were out of Israel when the bombs dropped), claimed that the moon was easier to deal with because there were no Extremist Muslims. Of course, this precipitated a huge argument with some Jews, who felt not having the Radical Muslims nearby was not enough challenge.

    Other Jews argued that taming a wilderness with no atmosphere, plant or animal life and freezing temperatures was enough challenge.
    And yet other Jews argued that arguing was counterproductive. It came a s no surprise to anyone that for the two million Jews, there were eventually one million synagogues. (With the other million Jew not joining.)

    It was also no surprise that within just three years, the Jews had created a controlled environment that allowed for fantastic plant and animal growth and production. The transports, which had been called the Arks, had also carried two of each animal and plant (remember, Noah), and through the ingenuity of the Jews and cloning, there were now many new species which sped up production of food (cows with six udders, chickens with four legs and so forth.)

    The population had rapidly increased and, due to the amazing collection of scientific and medical minds, most diseases and even ageing had been reduced to nil.
    There was even a ministry of communication with Earth consisting of the remains of Hollywood producers and movie makers, who sent back to Earth portraits of life on the moon. Of course, it had been decided when the Jews first got to the moon – based on six-thousand-year history of people being jealous of Jewish accomplishment – that all news coverage of the moon’s population would be ‘movie-ized’ to show only horrible things. The film industry, led by Jordan Spielberg, went to great lengths to fabric ate news clips to show Jews barely surviving in the harsh lunar habitat. Artists and engineers labored to cover over the vast environmental successes with illusionary domes showing massive areas of wasteland – just in case anyone from Earth ever sent a spaceship with cameras to see what was going on.

    But no-one ever did, and the years passed rapidly. One decade, then another. Bar Mitzvahs, weddings, brises, all celebrated under the artificial world that the Jews had created – not only had it not been that bad, but by the end of the century, some Jewish authors were calling the moon colony – ‘Eden 2’.

    Of course other Jews disagreed. In fact, much time was spent on disagreeing. There were even contests for arguing but, in general, there was peace. Anyone who threatened the peace was forced to officiate at a contest with people arguing about why that person was wrong… The contests would go on for days, (sometimes weeks) until the troublemaker begged for forgiveness. (Many penalties on the moon were similar to this, and were extremely effective.)
    Back on Earth, life disintegrated without the Jews. There was a return to Middle Ages thought – only the current religion du jour was valid – all others were kept legislated into poverty until a war erupted and the positions changed for a few years.

    Another amazing anomaly appeared when there were no longer any Jews on Earth – anti-Semitism actually increased to monumental proportions! Famous orators explained this simply by saying; ‘I don’t have to have a gun to be afraid of having my brains blown out.’

    Additionally, without the presence of the Jew, the world developed incredible evil that had no release. (Previous evil had always focused on the Jews;) One Rabbi on the moon actually said G-d spoke to him and said that he, G-d was about to destroy the Earth because everyone on the Earth was evil. The Rabbi begged him to reconsider, and bargained that if there were 1,000 good people left on Earth, G-d should spare the planet. G-d then told the Rabbi, ‘Hey, I was through this before with Abraham and Noah and I already know the answer because I’m G-d.’

    People laughed at the Rabbi, but then, one day, while all the lunar citizens were going about their business, an enormous series of explosions was seen on the Earth. Everyone on the moon stared at the distant fireballs that seemed to engulf the blue planet that was once their home.

    Although there had been great anger at being forced to leave the Earth, the true spirit of Judaism was always present on the moon, and no one had wished ill on to their former home. As in the tradition of the Seder (when the wine is spilled because the Egyptians perished and we do not rejoice fully when even an enemy has died) when the Jews saw what was happening, they began to weep and pray, and watch what was to be the final news broadcast from Earth.

    The horror of the apocalypse was videotaped by cameras until all electricity was ionized by the new electron bombs. Entire countries were wiped away in the blink of an ion exploding. And then came the final transmission from the nation that had started the entire mess – it was a desperate headline screamed by a hundred dying newscasters. Their rant continued until it was just blackness What were they saying? As the Jews watched, some gasped, others cried, and a few even laughed. For the last words of the disappearing civilization were a condemnation. ‘The Jews have caused all our problems – they left us here to face the mess they made.’ ‘If the Jews hadn’t taken all the best scientists and engineers, we could have defeated our enemies.’ ‘Our enemies are the Jews! Kill all the Jews.’

    It took a little while, but the electronics experts pieced together what had happened on Earth during its last days Anti-Semitism, which had grown stronger and stronger since the Jews had left, had reached its pinnacle, and all the countries of the world had decided to launch a massive attack on the moon.

    The attack had been coordinated by the United Nations and, although all the missiles had been launched properly, there was some sort of glitch in the targeting system, resulting in all the weapons colliding in the upper atmosphere and showering the Earth with a deadly rain of nuclear fire, electronic destruction and a generally bad day. The mistake triggered the military response of all the nations – (who all had nuclear weapons by then -plus a few other horrid toys) and the result was truly an Armageddon.

    The Jews on the moon went into a period of deep mourning. The Orthodox rent their clothing and there were mass counselling sessions.
    And then, about one week after the BIG DAY, as it was now called, a presence was detected heading towards the moon. Had one of the missiles escaped? Were the Jews doomed after all? The leaders checked with the defence experts – no, this was not a missile, it was an old-style spacecraft, like the ones used in the early seventies. As it approached, the laser defence was trained on the craft. Debates raged as to whether the craft should be destroyed or allowed to get close enough to communicate with.

    A message from the ship came just in time. It said, ‘We are the last representatives from Earth – two from each country and we come in peace.’ Some Jews rejoiced that there were survivors, others demanded isolation or death of the approaching group.

    The Rabbi who had had the vision of earth’s destruction told the leaders that G-d wanted them to have a chance, so they were allowed to circle the moon. When told they could have a section of land to themselves to farm and repopulate, the Earthlings were upset. They told the Jews that they should be allowed to live with the Jews and have all the same privileges – because, after all, in Judaism, the stranger is given the same rights and privileges as the citizen.

    Upon hearing this, the leaders went to the Rabbi with the visions, and he offered to guide the visitors to their new home The leaders allowed him to give the instructions for landing. Of course, not trusting the Rabbi, the commander of the ship didn’t listen to his advice and instead crashed into a lunar crater.

    And so we have the final days of the history of the planet Earth, which have been generously shared with us by the Jewish colony of the 453rd Solar System of the (M Galaxy. Although the Earth is currently uninhabitable, the head engineer of the Jewish colony on Mars tells us that Venus will be fully colonized by the year 2120, and with continuous replanting, Earth will once again be ready for Jews returning from other planets in the year 2136.

    An interesting side note – inside the wreckage of the rocket with the survivors from Earth was a specially marked package that had survived which included the following words: ‘Once there was a great planet named the Earth. And there were many peoples on this planet, and they all existed peacefully with each other, except for the Jews Wherever there were Jews, there was trouble. Jews brought dirt and death and hatred and strife… They were finally banished from our planet, only to take with them many great inventors and scientists and doctors, leaving Earth with nothing. We have decided to destroy the remnants of the Jews, and since the first attempt failed, we are the last chance for Earth. Whoever shall find this will know the truth – It was all the Jews’ fault.’

    This panel has been saved and is on display at the Earth Memorial Museum at Rivka Crater, NW, for all travellers who wish to see the remains of a civilization that did not understand the words – ‘he who blesses the Jews, is himself blessed, he who curses the Jews, is himself cursed.’ Shalom.


  11. I think that Cif was actually trying to do something positive by publishing the Leibler piece. He usually writes for the Jerusalem Post and US Jewish publications, and though I guess his political sympathies are definitely right of center, many of his views would certainly qualify as mainstream Israeli. Given that most of Cif’s Jewish writers hold fringe views on Israel, it is already something that Cif has allowed a mainstream voice to be published. Granted, the hysterical reaction is not pretty, and entirely predictable from an audience that is used to get only the “evil-Israel” stuff, but I don’t think it is fair to blame Cif or Leibler for presenting mainstream views. It’s one thing to boycott Freedman’s endless variations on “look how great I am because I tell you how terrible Israel is”; it’s quite another thing to leave the field “above the line” only to Freedman &Co.

    It also seems that there is a new rule now for pieces on Israel: all the recent pieces had a note at the bottom saying they would be open for comments only 24 hours, and closed over night… Maybe this is a response to the criticism from Cif Watch, but again, it would seem to be meant as an effort to improve things.

    The fact that there is so much similarity between what Stormfront members post and what Cif readers post is absolutely depressing, because it shows how much the constant demonization of Israel in the media has contributed to mainstreaming Stormfront attitudes. It’s quite amazing to think that Rusbridger doesn’t see any connection whatsoever, as he said recently to the “Israel lobby” reporters.

  12. Sabada

    “……..The fact that there is so much similarity between what Stormfront members post and what Cif readers post is absolutely depressing, because it shows how much the constant demonization of Israel in the media has contributed to mainstreaming Stormfront attitudes…..”

    I agree. The far left in Europe has hijacked the mainstream media, university discussions of the IP conflict and political discourse, and mainstreamed the demonetization of Israel. This is clearly happening to a much smaller degree in the US (Roger Cohen, for example).

    I wonder if Stormfront is losing business because now you can post your hate in mainstream European news outlets or if they are overwhelmed with visitors because antisemitism has been validated by the mainstreamed media? I suspect business is up – way up.

    Great job, Hawkeye.

  13. Fortunately Roger Cohen does not have any influence in the USA but it does not stop him from trying. Last spring he claimed that Iranian Jews live in luxurious happiness. He has never retracted that absurd column. Lately he has been bragging about his fancy gourmet meals and name dropping over his dinner companions so he has given Isrqael bashing a break. He will be back at it soon enough.

  14. TomWonacott, you may be interested in four recent books by authors analysing the left’s love affair with Islamism and anti-Semitism, by Bruce Bawer, Jamie Glazov, and Robin Shepherd.

  15. I’ve been out of touch for a while – interesting to see the sick CiF machine grinds on …

    In addition to the set of disgusting comments you’ve collected, I note that the old trope of accusing those who post supporting Israel are paid for their efforts continues, while the neo-Nazis posting on CiF claim to be, if only by omission, altruistic defenders of the truth, pure as the driven snow.

  16. Sababa – I think that Cif was actually trying to do something positive by publishing the Leibler piece. He usually writes for the Jerusalem Post and US Jewish publications, and though I guess his political sympathies are definitely right of center, many of his views would certainly qualify as mainstream Israeli. Given that most of Cif’s Jewish writers hold fringe views on Israel, it is already something that Cif has allowed a mainstream voice to be published. Granted, the hysterical reaction is not pretty, and entirely predictable from an audience that is used to get only the “evil-Israel” stuff, but I don’t think it is fair to blame Cif or Leibler for presenting mainstream views. It’s one thing to boycott Freedman’s endless variations on “look how great I am because I tell you how terrible Israel is”; it’s quite another thing to leave the field “above the line” only to Freedman &Co.

    Agreed. It must have taken quite a lot a wringing hands for CIF to have published an article by Isi.

    First thread that I have seen with an instruction that the thread will only be open for a limited time. The Georgina coven might even be getting their act together. (Fat hope).

    That same coven simply will not learn however, that asking Bungle to post is like a red flag for so many people. Nothing to do with the IP conflict yet many, many commenters come on specifically to ‘chide’ him.

    (How satisfying it is the be able to write Bungle here without fear of ‘moderation’.)

  17. Some of the nuttiest comments on the CIF comments section come from an obscure guy named Gregory Fegel. Fegel is totally uknown and does not have any readership of note. BUt I put the name Gregory Fegel into google and a Gregory Fegel who writes nutty articles for obscure web sites (probably his own) pops up. I don’t know if this is the same Gregory Fegel who comments on CIF. But the Gregory Fegel that appears on google is one of the nuts who believe that the attacks on 9/11/2001 were an inside job cooked up by George W. Bush, the CIA, the FBI and “secret” US intelligence operatives. Never mind that Osama Ben Laden is on video tape proudly taking the credit and never mind that Khalid Sheikh Muhammed brags about doing the deed. And never mind that there are tape recordings of the 19 Saudi Arabian hijackers on the airplanes bringing down the planes, nuts like this Gregory Fegel just know better. I suspect that this Fegel fellow was in his mom’s basement in his pajamas dreaming up this stuff. There is another blog post by a Gregory Fegel in which he claims that the US created Al Queda, created Pakistani Muslim terrorism and then together with Israel, caused the Pakistan-India Kashmir fighting. Never mind that this has been going on for over 50 years, Fegel knows who did it. And why would the US and Israel created a Pakistan-Israel rift? Well, according to Fegel, the whole thing is designed to create better trade opportunities for Israel. You can’t make this stuff up. It is so nutty that only a very weird guy without a day job who lives with his mom and dad could concoct. Now I don’t know if this is the same Gregory Fegel who writes nutty comments on CIF. But it sure sounds like the one and the same nutcase.

  18. Jubel

    Most people don’t take Roger seriously, none the less, there is a growing undercurrent in the US that agree with his misguided beliefs (reinforced by President Obama’s demands on Israel).


    I looked up the books on Amazon – and they all look like good books. Have you read the Glazov book?

  19. Serendipity
    Thanks, I enjoyed reading that.

    “The man is still a fool and could have an argument with himself and lose.”

    Thanks too – that made me giggle.

  20. Tom, I skimmed Bawer’s two books and Glazov’s as well. They’re worth reading. And Shepherd is always good, though I’ve not read his yet.

  21. From the Ha’aretz link provided by sababa:

    Of Muslim immigrants questioned in the study, 31.9 percent say “there are too many Jews in Denmark.” In fact, not even 6,000 Jews reside in Denmark, compared to some 200,000 Muslims.

    Wonder how Bungle would respond? Or indeed the Guardian? What would these staunch defenders of minorities make of such findings?

    Ah – but, but, but – childmurderingIDFstolenlandpowerfulJewishcontrolofthemedia


  22. Regarding Roger Cohen, who has been published in both the Guardian and the Tehran Times, his columns are so repetitive that few people aside from some masochists read anything he has to say. It is always the same: Israel is bad and all Palestinians are saintly, innocent and peace loving. On the Charlie Rose program, Cohen scoffed at the very notion that Hamas did not recognize Israel. He kept repeating the same mantra: “Hamas has many strands and the US must engage with Hamas”. Cohen thinks that Haniyeh is from the moderate Hamas movement.

  23. In case anyone is interested, I didn’t get an answer to my post to the mods (see my post at the top of 5.44pm) and in fact they didn’t let that post appear, nor another one on the Simon Tisdall post nor the Simon Jenkins post.

    I’m beginning to think they don’t like me, or am I paranoid (and perhaps they don’t like me as well).

  24. God, this is ridiculous.

    This is the WWW, and The Guardian can’t help it if wackos hone in on any available forum to express their hateful views.

    I have to wonder why you are making these truly pathetic links between said paper and Stormfront. It’s a cheap smear.

    @ HairShirt

    “For some time now I have been conducting an experiment and have myself been able to bump up the recommendations of my own posts there, again and again. ”

    Sorry, but unless you’ve hacked your way in – you are lying.
    I just tried it, just to double check.

    What do other posters say about HairShirt?

    There are valid issues that people bring up here – but are you unable to challenge comments that are beyond the pale?
    (again I’m reminded of the poster who claimed that CiF closes down overnight GMT in order to stifle comment by Jewish Americans – and of where someone said that the reference to the value of Zabludowicz’s home was “anti-Semitic”).

    Aren’t there any sane voice out here?

  25. cityca

    I’m beginning to think they don’t like me, or am I paranoid (and perhaps they don’t like me as well).

    Don’t worry.

    You are in good company.

  26. pretzelberg

    I have to wonder why you are making these truly pathetic links between said paper and Stormfront. It’s a cheap smear.

    Because it is obvious to some, not you obviously, that the Guardian willingly tolerates many of the purposely hateful comments aimed at Israel AND Jews.

    Yet, if you notice, very quickly deletes comments offensive to Muslims.

    Just offensive. Mentioning unpleasant facts associated with Islam is usually quickly ‘disappeared’.

    So. It can police its threads much better than it does at the moment.

    But it chooses not to. (A major part of its double standards).

    Great work CW.

  27. The Guardian can’t help it if wackos hone in on any available forum to express their hateful views.

    Yes it can,it can delete them or ban them or both.It deletes and bans pro-Israeli posters and posts fast enough.

    Trying to separate Stormfront from the Guardian is like trying to separate two coats of paint.

  28. Pretzelberg asks: This is the WWW, and The Guardian can’t help it if wackos hone in on any available forum to express their hateful views.

    I have to wonder why you are making these truly pathetic links between said paper and Stormfront. It’s a cheap smear.
    Mr Berg the Guardian maintains a stable of ”moderators” to police their comment is free section. If they don’t like these hateful views to be expressed there they could easily have a pre-moderation policy to make sure that nothing objectionable occurs. Alternatively they could instruct the moderators to delete objectionable posts as soon as they appear. However, you know just as well as anybody else who isn’t lying to himself that sometimes the stormfront type comments lie there polluting whoever reads them for hours, evidently until they have been reported for abuse and sometimes they are never deleted.

    That’s why. Okay?

  29. pretzelberg, this is hardly intelligent behaviour, is it – to resort to ad hominem argument when you are disagreed with.

    Do not call me a liar. It cheapens you and undermines any subsequent argument you might make, and it insults me. And the last vestige of a “debater” who knows he’s lost his argument is to invite others to disagree with his opponent – a sure-fire indicator that he believes that his point will not hold up. You are making yourself look foolish.

    I am not a hacker and I know what I have been able to do, in fact I have just done it again!

    I say again that I have been able to bump up recommendations to posts I have agreed with and to my own posts there again, and again and again, which makes rather a nonsense of the recommendations.

  30. You must be a real sucker for punishment pretzelberg.

    If “this is ridiculous” why are you still here?

    The Guardian encourages wackos to post to its page – hits matter regardless of the filth they contain and regardless of the trouble they might incite. So far as I am concerned this is akin to prostitution.

    Mita, quite agree. The Henry coven is deliberately playing to the unreconstructed hatreds and emotions of the challenged below the line. If that were not the case CiF would fold and she would be out of a job, please God.

  31. Hairshirt,you are absolutely correct.It’s possible to bump up recommendations,it works.Can you share your method with us,you don’t have to shout it out loud,so that everyone can hear,just whisper it.

    When someone like bangawallah,gets almost 200 recommendations,for just a few words,then I too would like some of the action.

  32. Akus,you might want to check on Seth’s army record,who knows what you might find.Did he have an honorable discharge,according someone who served with him,he was a real pain in the ass.He keeps referring to his heroic deeds,when he served in the IDF.I have a feeling that he is full of horse-shit.

  33. armanitoarmy – there’s no way to get his records – the only thing you can get are reports from those who served with him, and at least one has surfaced – sorry – I can’t find the link but its someone on this site) from someone who served with him. He was not, apparently, a modern day David or Joshua.