Month: December 2009

Its not about you

There’s something rather ironically predictable about the Guardian choosing to end this particular year, in which Israel and Jews everywhere have been under unprecedented attack, with a rather pompous piece by Mehdi […]

Shabby Shabi

Earlier this week, AKUS wrote a humorous piece mocking how Theobald Jew, Rachel Shabi, failed to get even the most basic facts right in her atrocious coverage of the murder of Meir […]

The Language of Hate

There was quite a revealing exchange on a Harry’s Place comment thread today involving Lee Barnes, the BNP’s Legal Director. Barnes managed to string a few sentences together with this: Compared to […]

You make me sick

The toleration of antisemitic discourse on “Comment is Free” is simply breathtaking. Here’s a comment from the Shai Hermesh thread: Yet comments like this are par for the course in one form […]

Red Rag to a Bull

Petra Marquardt-Bigman’s excellent article on CiF recently was like the proverbial red rag waved in the face of the assorted bullish anti-Israeli commentators below the line. Almost immediately, there were cries of […]


This is a cross-post by Professor Richard Landes of Augean Stables SELF-CRITICISM AND CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT Self-criticism stands at the heart of any experiment in civil society. Only when we can acknowledge errors […]