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  1. My son reckons I’ve been banned from posting by CiF since nothing – repeat nothing – I post transmits. He says they must have banned my IP.

    For about two weeks, or rather less, I was able to post, using the screen name Liraz. I was always brief, polite, and pro-Israel.
    I’m still able to log in, but when I press the submit button to post my comment, it appears to transmit, but never shows up on the screen.

    Does this suggest a ban to you? Or do the powers that be inform people that they’re banned?

  2. Amyisrael: CiF doesn’t care much about their ”users” as they call them. The software appears to have been changed and comments take time to appear on the forum.

    You have not been banned. If you look at your profile page you will see that your comments are still posted in full, probably including those you thought were lost. http://www.guardian.co.uk/users/liraz/comments

    When they do eventually ban you this page will still appear but all the comments you made will have been deleted.