Weapon of Dress Destruction

This is a cross-post from Israellycool (for more on Richard Silverstein at Israellycool click here – check out the names that Aussie Dave has for this Theobald Jew – nincompoop is my favorite)

Anti-Israel loonblogger Richard Silverstein organized “a series of media and public events on the Iranian nuclear crisis,” which was designed to “explore ways of resolving the Iranian nuclear crisis through negotiation, rather than force.” Amongst the ideas expressed at this conference was that there “is no evidence so far that Iran is actively following a path that would lead to building a nuclear weapon.”


Silverstein, Jimmy Carter called and demanded back his delusions.

Silverstein promises that video will be posted shortly. For now, we will have to do with pictures from the conference, including this one of our silver friend.

richard silverstein sweater

Forget Iran’s impending nuclear weapon. Silverstein’s sweater should be banned as a weapon of mass destruction.

Not that we weren’t already aware of his dress sense.

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  1. Is this what he really looks like……..a canky dag.That picture he has on the Guardian must have been taken at his Bar Mitzva.I’m tossing to see who is better looking fugly Richard the Chicken Heart, or Seth the web Warrior.

  2. “Silverstein,Jimmy Carter called and demanded back his delusions”

    On second thought Silverstein ,Jimmuh Carter decided that you can keep his delusions,but he wants his sweater back.

  3. I bet the sweater is made from ethically-sourced Yak wool, spun by contented members of a Free Trade co-operative who use the proceeds to set up environmentally friendly energy-creating projects using surplus Yak poo. And I bet he’s also wearing sandals with socks..

  4. Isrelinurse

    Can’t be Yak-wool! From China (Tibet)? Or from Nepal? I’m sure he’s boycotting these countries!

  5. Silverstein should be banned as a weapon of crass dysfunction.

    The sweater, on the other hand, is psychological warfare …

  6. Israelinurse: I presume you mean “fair trade” association. Often homes of various varieties of fruitcakes.

  7. Why am I reminded of Hannah Arendt’s statement about “the banality of evil?”

    He looks like anyone else you might meet at the bank or the supermarket and yet…..

  8. Serendipity

    He looks like anyone else you might meet at the bank or the supermarket and yet…..

    I beg you to disclose the address of your bank and supermarket for the sake of the aesthethically sensitive readers…

  9. armaros

    “He got that sweater on his Bar Mitzva it looks like”.

    Maybe it was a Christmas present from John Sullivan?

  10. That is the distinctive sweater pattern they hand out to silver stains so that the public can identify them when they are allowed out on parole

  11. Now AKUS

    No snarky comments about Christmas sweaters – everyself respecting Welshman manages to lose his by Boxing day.

    Seriously – if the only fault you can find is with Richard’s attire he must be doing OK.

  12. I would feel uneasy about this kind of cosy discussion about someone’s unprepossessing appearance had I not attempted to post my own opinions on the silver stain’s forum (pretentiously named ”Tikun Olam”) and found them invariably moderated out while sycophantic anti-Israeli drivel was posted there instead.

  13. “Maybe it was a Christmas present from John Sullivan?”

    lol lol

    I can see them sitting around some eggnog going on about the good old days…

  14. @margie, that Silverstain calls his blog “Tikkun Olam” (trans: “Repairing the World”) speaks volumes about his overinflated perception of himself and about his own lack of insight about how his activities in print are contributing to bring disrepair to the world.

    The Mishna says that a practice should be followed not because it is required by Biblical law, but because it helps avoid social chaos.

    In the Jewish prayer Aleinu tikkun olam is used in the longer expression l’takken olam b’malkhut Shaddai which is translated as “”to perfect the world under God’s sovereignty.”

    Given Silverstain’s overweening narcissism I wouldn’t be surprised if he thought that he had god-like powers to reign over the world.

    The sweater is reminiscent of Joseph’s coat of many colours, and from biblical accounts Joseph himself was something of a narcissist – those who know their Bible will remember his account of his dream which he interpreted as his brothers having to bow down to him – and his brothers sure got their own back, didn’t they?

  15. Is Richard Silverstein related to Ken Silverstein the far leftist who started the antisemitic counterpunch, and is now an editor in the antisemitic Harper’s Magazine?

    These people are more dangerous than Hamas since they justify massacres of Jews called for by Hamas.