Guardian theatre critic lauds ‘Seven Jewish Children’ as pick of ’09

So what play does Lyn Gardner, The Guardian’s theatre critic, include among her ‘things to celebrate’ in 2009?

Seven Jewish Children of course!

Remember Michael Billington’s comment about that obscenity? How can we forget? I nominate it as “Crassest Comment of 2009 from a Guardian Journalist”.

But Churchill also shows us how Jewish children are bred to believe in the “otherness” of Palestinians …

What are your nominations for “Crassest Comment of 2009 from a Guardian Journalist?”


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  1. Does Georgina Henry count as a Guardian journalist?

    If so, then her response to complaints about the “choir of ethical cretins” nastiness on the Miichael Lerner thread at , viz:


    21 Oct 2009, 12:34PM


    Thanks to those of you who have raised the issue of Michael Lerner’s use of the phrase “choir of ethical cretins”. The intention was clearly not to offend in that he was using it in its colloquial sense, and in a general way. But I have asked the editor of the Guardian’s style guide (where the word is currently not mentioned) whether guidance should be included on its use. Since we’ve taken the point on board, perhaps the thread could now concentrate on debating the merits of his argument.”

    sweeps the board for crass stupidity.

  2. Does Bella Mackie count? (Moderator and daughter of Rusbridger, the Editor)

    Her tweet about Melanie Phillips was legendary: “I imagine she’s like that character in Little Britain who is violently sick every time she hears the words ‘black or gay.’ Except for Melanie, the word would be ‘Muslim.’ ”

    Followed by (when she was ‘outed’): “Eff me, I’m famous. But not in a good way. Or maybe in a good way. Depends”

  3. A dark horse, I know, but in with a chance – I would nominate this Christmas message in its entirety:

    Filled with the spirit lovingkindness, not. His response to his critics on the thread is a minor masterpiece of a particular type of malice:

    AustenIvereigh 23 Dec 2009, 12:06AM
    Lots of attempts to identify me with particular groups or people … and to try and smear me with the old anti-semitic label. It’s very effective: many see what is happening but are silent out of fear of that charge, ready to be thrown at anyone who dares to tell the truth. But the emotional blackmail doesn’t work with me. I’m not cowed. I see through it.

    No, I’m not a “replacement theologian”; that’s a Protestant heresy, not a Catholic one. The Catholic Church abhors supersessionism, and teaches the importance of Jews and Judaism as elder brothers and sisters in faith, to whom God firstly revealed Himself.

    And obviously (yawn) I abhor suicide bombings.

    Hophmi1, ShelledPeas, Jubilation1 — have you been to the West Bank and Gaza? Have you seen what is happening?

    Did you read what Catherine Ashton, the EU’s foreign affairs representative, said on 15 December? “East Jerusalem is occupied territory, together with the rest of the West Bank. The EU is opposed to the demolition of Palestinian homes, the eviction of Palestinian families, the construction of Israeli settlements and the route of the ?separation barrier?.’

    I wonder why that would be? Anti-semitism, you think?

    So who is this humble chap? ‘Austen Ivereigh is a Catholic writer, journalist, commentator and campaigner’ says the CIF bio but he is much, much more than that.

  4. Al-Grauniad attracts the disaffected, the bitter and twisted and those who are far too willing to project their own faults onto others. Thanks for the information, John.

  5. That’s a hard one most of their comments are crass.I nominate BellaM,she will be of the next generation to be running the Guardian.She falls under Alan Rusbridger’s patronage………..Nepotism in the Guardian.

  6. Christians for Fair Witness on the Middle East have noticed what Mr Raleigh does when it comes to ‘reporting’ the plight of Christian Palestinians and coments on his one-eyed approach (and that of others like him who write for ‘America Magazine – The National Catholic Weekly’). But I suspect Mr Raleigh believes that speaking truth to power involves being economical with the truth.

  7. I wonder which film they picked as the movie of the year?

    Not, I am sure, the Israeli film “Lebanon” that won the Golden Lion in Venice.

    They were all over the Venice festival until the unthinkable happened – an Israeli film one. At that point the reporting simply stopped, and it was never mentioned in the Guardian.

    What utter hypocrites!

  8. I’m with John:

    “And obviously (yawn) I abhor suicide bombings.”

    Possibly a candidate for the crassest comment of the decade.

    Redolent of the spirit of Christmas at the Guardian.

    Austen Ivereigh is a contributor whose hypocrisy is truly in the spirit of the Guardian World View. Read this report for details of his trial concerning the Daily Mail report about the two pregnancies he was responsible for:

    Yes indeed – a fine figure of a man, indeed:

    “”And obviously (yawn) I abhor abortions.”

  9. My vote is for the Austen Ivereigh YAWN. He went to a lot of trouble, actually going to Bethlehem and testing how far he could spit!
    What an example of dedication to heroic crassness. Spitting at a wall can almost be compared with Edward Said throwing stones at Israel.

  10. Sick Frogman

    I was heartened to find this organisation which I stumbled upon after reading Austen Ivereigh’s diatribe. I emailed them to thank them and received an immediate response from Sr. Ruth Lautt- on Christmas day! – thanking me in return. It is sometimes easy to forget that there are millions of good people out there – in this case Christians – who do not find it necessary to hate Israel as part of their support for Palestinians.