I Wonder What She Said…

There’s something ironic when Alan Rusbridger’s daughter, Bella “eff me” Mackie, who is no less than a Guardian moderator, has a comment of hers deleted.

You’d think that after her recent outburst against Melanie Philips she would know better, but then again she has an important Daddy who no doubt will bail her out of this one again.

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Well lo and behold the mystery has been solved. Within a matter of hours of posting this, Bella Mackie’s deleted comment magically got reinstated. Funny that when you’re the daughter of the biggest wig at the Guardian! Here’s the reinstated comment:

Now for those of you reading this,  I’m sure like me you’re thinking to yourself what on earth is “Angrezistan”.

Well it turns out that Angrez means an “English person” in South Asian languages including Hindi and Urdu and the Guardian has even gone as far as to define the term in an article about “Hinglish” terminology. The suffix “stan” is well known for meaning “country” and as we know there are a number of countries in the Asian world that bear this suffix such as Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Pakistan. Therefore, the combination of “Angrez” (Hinglish for English) with the suffix “stan” (meaning country) would seem to be a pejorative sobriquet for “England” implying that England has been taken over by English people of South Asian descent.

Now that we understand that the term Angrezistan is a nasty racist slur, lets come back to Bella’s comment to understand the context in which it was made (because unlike a certain newspaper that Bella works for, we happen to believe context is important). She was responding to otmshank who said this:

By Bella responding with “No I like the name Angrezistan. It describes the local mood well.”, she is clearly suggesting that England has been taken over by English people of South Asian descent.

It bears emphasizing that Bella, a Guardian moderator and someone who is supposed to know that racist discourse is prohibited on CiF, was previously reprimanded for saying the following about Melanie Phillips, who ironically is author of the highly acclaimed Londonistan:

Incidentally Bella Mackie’s ad hominem attack on Melanie Phillips that caused so much controversy a couple of months back has still not been deleted by the Guardian.

So there you have it. Bella Mackie accuses Melanie Phillips of being a racist. Bella gets into trouble. Bella engages in the very discourse that she accused Melanie Phillips of. The moderators delete Bella’s comment (to save her backside). Bella is stupid enough to have it reinstated.

You couldn’t make this up even if you tried and the question I’m asking myself is – who does she take after more, the Mackies or the Rusbridgers?

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  1. It appears hawkeye is running Cif and got Bella reinstated:


    22 Dec 2009, 5:21PM
    Staff Staff


    No, I like the name Angrezistan. Describes the local mood well.
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  2. Bella – are you refering to Londonistan?

    “No, I like the name Angrezistan. Describes the local mood well”.

  3. Have you nothing better to do than WorshipyourDog, WorshipMyDog?

    I think little “Eff me” sent a coded message to Seth Freedman, but not so coded that her Daddy didn’t find out and force the mods to remove it…

  4. AKUS, I note that little “Eff me’s” post got 36 comments!

    I wonder whether the Guardianistas can actually read

  5. YoHoHo – I think some of them can read – apparently those that can spend a lot of time reading this blog, even if they dare not mention its name on the other site.

  6. WorshipMyDog – its funny to see you popping over here after complaining on “the other site” (CiF) that this one is a waste of space .. but what’s funnier is some complaining about this site, yet having to use alternative descriptions rather than “CiFWatch” for fear that moderators will delete their comment when they post of CiF if they mention CiFWatch!!!

    Don’t you get tired of living in that Mobius strip of a universe called “Comment is Free”?

  7. just when you think the silly effer can’t make a bigger twat of herself she winds up swapping posts with a notorious anti-semite and troll, the count, presently going round as, worshipmydog., who she’s banned umpteen times on the very blog she’s paid to moderate because he promises to defend her honour on this blog. she’s like a really bad soap opera.

  8. Whatever F-ME writes,good bad,or very bad,doesn’t really matter,because Big Daddy’s little girl has immunity,and can do no wrong,she is Teflon coated.
    BTW She has changed her picture,she does take notice of what is said about her on CiF Watch. If she did come to work for CiF Watch,what would her job description be…….No Eff ME jokes please.

  9. Whew. Tracking down that “eff me” bit was time-consuming for someone who is an occasional dropper-by. It seems that Ms. Mackie wrote in one thread: “Eff me, I’m famous. But not in a good way. Or maybe in a good way. Depends.” Although I have spent two years living in London and maintain good relations, er, friendships with Brits, when she wrote “not in a good way”, was she referring to ‘being famous’ or ‘being effed’? I’m not sure what she intended her meaning to be.

  10. John Ging: “Gaza has been bombed back to the mud age” – because UNRWA is having to build mud houses…..

  11. Re Bella – on the thread about the winners of the whateveritwas poll which moveanymountain won. Someone – unpleasantly – posted suggesting that the prize to be awarded to moveanymountain should be a rubber (sex) doll. Bella, highly amused by this ‘witty’ attack, then steps in to gush her approval and adds something stupid (can’t remember, sorry) about rubber sex dolls… Someone else then responds to her saying something like “Haven’t you done enough harm?”.

    All three posts were deleted without trace in the time-honoured Stalinist fashion.

    As for Bella, I feel sorry for her – as I have said before, her father did her no favour when he parachuted her into a job at his newspaper. The poor thing, not very bright, not very popular with her colleagues is left trying to ingratiate herself with nitwits posting below the line. It’s sad.

  12. Wow. Thanks Hawkeye for the clarification of Bella M’s incredible discourse. You really could not make it up.

  13. Although I don’t particularly want to be fair to BellaM (the Melanie Phillips comment would be hard to forgive), I really think Hawkeye’s going a bit far here. I reckon she’s not bright enough to parse Angrezistan in that way, and just thought it sounded like ‘Angrystan’ which then matches the ‘mood’ part of the comment.

    After all, I’d never heard of Angrezistan either and thought the original writer had just made it up.

  14. PeterJackson, I agree that BellaM may not be bright enough to realise the consequences of what she wrote but that doesn’t excuse her, does it, in the same way as ignorance of a law doesn’t excuse a lawbreaker from the consequences of his actions?

    The woman is a liability, pure and simple (although most of CiF is a liability to the Guardian so it’s difficult to tease out who or what is most potentially damaging).

    But the woman is also the daughter of the editor in chief, and nepotism rules OK at al-Gruaniad.

    Rustbucket is no angel either. After all he was forced to resign from the Code Committee of the PCC after al-Graundiad’s shenanigans took it before the PCC.

    Ho hum. It seems that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  15. “..Well I can certainly think of a few worse things to spend my time on!..”

    Well, off you go to spend your time otherwise, there’s a good chap/chapess. You have your nunc dimitis

  16. But why does she call herself Bella Mackie and not Bella Rusbridger? Is it a miserable attempt to hide the fact she is the spawn of the big white chief?

  17. I strongly disagree with PeterJackson. If it hadn’t been for Hawkeye, the nepotism and other “news-worthy”shenanigans going on at the Guardian wouldn’t be public knowledge at all.
    John, what you describe is a thoroughly nasty explicit attack on a commenter. If the Graun had the slightest decency, they’d have fired Mackie. As it is, they haven’t even withdrawn her posting rights. The Guardian couldn’t show a greater contempt for their users if they tried.
    Yohoho. WorshipMyDog is Dotty, you might remember him as LeonWells. He shouldn’t be allowed to post here.
    dan. Agreed. Beyond parody now, they’re sick.

  18. You’re wrong about this, PeterJackson. This raises several important issues, all of which belong in the publicly arena since no ombudsmen is stepping in. Every time I’ve concluded the Guardian couldn’t sink any lower, they’ve proven me wrong.
    Does anyone know if the Guardian has, at very least, offered MAM an apology ?

  19. nd, apologies if I’m being dim – are you saying that this moderator, Bella Mackie, was definitely banned from commenting [she should have been removed from her post] only to have her posting rights reinstated after an explicit in tone rejoinder to the initial smear on another commenter ?

  20. Andy Gill, Private Eye blew Effme’s cover on 21 January 2009 when it wrote in connection with media hypocrisy. Effme’s calling herself Mackie (her mother’s maiden name, apparently) was a lame-brained attempt to distance al Grauniad from charges of nepotism.

    I bet Daddy Rustbucket is ruing the day he ever employed her.

  21. Thanks for filling in the blanks, John.
    In times obviously gone by Rusbridger would have been compelled to do the decent thing once caught this red handed – He can’t pretend any longer his daughter was anything like the best candidate for the position, unless the Guardian advertised the position in Soho’s dankest corners. He should at this juncture, remove his daughter, commit to re advertising the position allowing suitable candidates to compete fairly for the position as well, apologise to the public, Guardian users and staff.

    Well done, Hawkeye for exposing the whole shoddy affair. Keep the spotlight on them.

  22. John, well, they wouldn’t be able to construct viable bunkers for their leaders (note, not the ordinary Palestinians whom they “encourage” to be human shields above ground while their leaders hide ) out of mud, would they?

  23. Don’t you get tired of living in that Mobius strip of a universe called “Comment is Free”?

    One more dimension needed. He lives not in a [cartoon] strip but in a [Klein] bottle.

  24. Ami – on the issues of nepotism, libelling Melanie Phillips etc, I agree with you. On this new Angrezistan one, I disagree. But I’m sure more examples will soon be on the way, the way things are going…