Tis the season of goodwill on CiF

The Guardian has an open thread where the guardinistas wish eachother season greetings. Here’s a comment I randomly picked up on the thread:


27 Dec 2009, 12:27PM

Thank you Grauniad for endless fun on CiF and for keeping me sane. The people who annoy me most are probably the right wing, self-righteous, war-mongering Americans that keep popping up – so a toast to them also, in the hope that if they are reading the Guardian some sense must rub off on them somehow. Also to those poor, victimised Zionists out to crush the world – peace! And to those religious who also spend time on CiF swimming so constantly against the tide – courage! To the Islamaphobes and philes, America phobes and philes, Israeli phobes and philes – goodwill to all men. To the armies of Chinese government lackeys who spend days and nights hunched over hot computers on VPNs – welcome to the world!

Bless you Grauniad for CiF and if I must pay for you, yes I will, but then where will all the loonies go?

The sanctimonious bigotry dripping from this comment is so utterly disgusting and so representative of the type that are attracted to “Comment is Free”.

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  1. This exchange between berchman and Dotty spurred a few chuckles on a certain Hebrew blog since neither Shactman or Repunzal have been banned by the goodship, CIF, both choosing to stop participating on CIF. This post is indicative of berchman’s stupefying delusion that not only does he have the power to strike down dead certain posters – He seemingly believes he can also resurrect them.

    berchmans’s comment 25 Dec 09, 6:04am



    ## (CIFwatch) hate-fest promotion.. Long live CiF##


    As you know I love CIF and apologise to all for overdoing it at times. I have hurled insults wantonly.. been wrong regularly..been outsmarted daily 🙂 .. and have posted at times when medication and bed rest would have been wiser! 🙂

    I started defending CIF on its evil twin but was quickly banned and called a hater by the moderator Hawkeye I believe his name is. The real reason I was banned was because I called him Hawkwind which I thought was hilarious ..but there is no accounting ..

    I miss the loopy righters 🙂 who have been banned and I call for a Xmas amnesty for AKUS, Shactman and Repunzal who I remember wth some kindness.

  2. I am offended! What about the amnesty for me, Shlomit, TomnJerry, and others, all of whom had their posting rights pulled summarily? I know of quite a few others who have also resigned from CiF in protest.

    You are right, though, that Berchmans is deluded – this is the same Berchmans who refers the Arch-Bungler (who supports stoning for adultery, whose antisemitic credentials are beyond dispute and who supported Osama bin Laden whom he called a “freedom fighter”) as “gentle.”

    Berchmans, and the poor wretch Helen121 above, share the same delusion that they are useful to Palestinian welfare by their support of CiF’s diatribes against Israel.

    Palestinians need such people like a fish needs a bicycle.

  3. The real reason I was banned was because I called him Hawkwind which I thought was hilarious ..but there is no accounting ..

    I wouldn’t worry about that.

    I called Bungle, Bungle and was banned from CIF.

    They are so demanding. I would have understood if I had called him the ‘Pakistani Bean’, but I didn’t.