An Opportunity to Bash Israel! Wow!

Yaacov Lozowick is reporting that “[t]he Guardian is engaged in a series of daily reports from Gaza, commemorating the Israeli operation of last year. Here’s one of the series, predictably telling how awful Israel was and is.”

For more from Lozowick click here.

Meanwhile, Israel Matzav has an amusing video of Swedish Jews filming themselves delivering ‘Achmed’s kidneys’ to Aftonbladet’s offices.

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  1. Swedish Jews filming themselves delivering ‘Achmed’s ‘kidneys’ to Aftonbladet’s offices,a simple and brilliant Idea.This would have to be the best way to fight anti Semitism/Israeli propaganda.Fight it with Humor.Everyone likes and understands humor.
    No one likes to be made fun of.

    It’s a shame and I’M pissed off that I don’t live in London,otherwise I would have done the same thing, deliver Achmeds kidneys’ to the Guardians’ offices in London.To Ben White in person if possible.Or to the Rustbucket.

  2. manto. On the issue of Aftonbladet’s libels, The Guardian/CIF was very bland and didn’t accept a post from someone on that subject claiming that there was no serious substantiation of the charges.

    Somewhat unusual for The Guardian since it regularly allows ‘hate israel’ commenters to ‘rage’ about massacring (Palestinian), children and women etc.