The Language of Hate

There was quite a revealing exchange on a Harry’s Place comment thread today involving Lee Barnes, the BNP’s Legal Director. Barnes managed to string a few sentences together with this:

Compared to the genocide, terrorism, ethnic cleansing, bombings, murders and mayhem during the creation of the state of Israel, the arson attack upon one french building (if it was an arson attack) is notable only for its modesty and moderation.

Harrys Place is the most outspoken defender of Israel and hence Israels war for the creation of the Israeli state.

Therefore to defend Israel but to attack the French is hypocrisy and moral cant of the highest order.

I also praise the valiant actions of the American patriots who established the Republic, who also fought a war for their liberty.

Edmund Standing you truly are an infantile, silly little boy arent you.

As Thomas Jefferson wrote ” The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots “.

And we all know how often the tree of liberty has been refreshed in Israel dont we, not just with the blood of patriots but also the blood of Palestinians.

One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.

Recently, Barnes stated this:

When the Tories get into power Israel will run Britain,

At the moment Israel via the US runs Britain, but after Camerons ‘Conservative Friends of Israel’ Cabal are elected into power solely by a sickened British people who cannot vote Labour (and who are brainwashed by the Zionist dominated media not to vote BNP) then the Zionist entity will control Britains political system directly.

Next stop will be WW3 against Iran, the latest insane venture of the Zionists in their evil quest for global domination by Israel and its puppet America.

Interesting how this kind of discourse could easily have been penned by one of the numerous CiF hatemongers. And it seems Edmund Standing made a similar observation:

This is not the first time. If Barnes could drop the racism against black and Asian people, he would feel very much at home amongst the Israel hating revolutionary class warriors of the far-left. Or he could join up the Islamists, just like David Myatt, another pseudo-intellectual crank from the far-right.

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  1. Moron. Can’t even get the quote right. Or omitted it on purpose the little nazi.

    It’s supposed to say: … with the blood of patriots and tyrants…

  2. Lee Barnes is a vicious and horrible man – he hates Jews, he hates Muslims – hard to find any group he doesn’t hate.

    I am disappointed that the wretch isn’t locked up for his hate speech. some reflection in a quiet cell just might help him to look at himself though I doubt it would – too close a self inspection might make him see just how unloveable he is.


  3. I am waiting for Tony Lerman to blame the street demonstrations in Iran on Israel. See, Tony will say, the “neighborhood bully” wants to create chaos in Iran to support the nefarious plans of Israel. It is only a matter of time until Lerman makes such a silly statement, but it will arrive.

  4. Lee Barnes is a particularly foul …. person and it interests me that HarrysPlace allows him to comment there.

    I suppose that it can be argued that it allows them a ‘view’ into the philosophical cesspool that this individual inhabits.

  5. Irish/Leni, you must spend most of your time feeling disappointed. I tried to look up the egregious John Sullivan’s inimitable hate-filled anti-Jewish diatribe on YouTube to find it had been withdrawn. I hope that the withdrawal was because it is evidence in a police case against him.

    FibularSarcosis – I am amazed at the extent to which Harrys Place will go sometimes to show that it supports freedom of expression. Whatever next I wonder – an article by Imadimnutjob about why he thinks its fine to hate Israel and Jews?

  6. Yohoho

    You’re right– often disappointed and angry with fellow Brits and gvt. which allows these hate filled people to fill air, blogs and media space with murderous invective – despite racial and religious protection law.


  7. Irish – there is always a tension between allowing people like this one to air their views so that others can see what lurks beneath the world nmost of us livein, and removing their comments because they are so disgusting. Its hard to know which is better at times.