Not an Experiment

The comment above appeared below the article by Sami Abdel-Shafi  on CiF on December 29th. Ranong’s comment was not deleted, which presumably indicates that the CiF moderators do not realise or do not care about the extent of its bigotry.

As we are painfully aware, many on the Left and increasingly in other political camps as well, view Zionism as part of the ‘Jewish conspiracy’. They link Zionism with their theories of ‘world domination’ and the end result is a Jewish World Conspiracy which of course exists only in their bigoted minds.

The fact is that Zionism is a Jewish response to antisemitism: a Jewish liberation movement. Lenin was of the opinion that Jews should assimilate as a political move in order to avoid persecution, but assimilation is actually no more than giving up on the fight against antisemitism; it is satisfying the bigots by trying to become un-Jewish.

It matters not whether we are talking about the assimilation of individual Jews in the Diaspora or the theoretical assimilation of the Jewish people advocated by those who propose a one-state ‘solution’, which is in fact what those who oppose Zionism suggest. In both cases, Jews must obliterate their identity in order not to be oppressed or attacked.

As millions of European Jews discovered 70 years ago, assimilation does not guarantee protection. Logically, there is no way it could because the society into which Jews are being told to assimilate is inherently racist and antisemitic. If it wasn’t, there would be no need for assimilation in the first place.

Those like Ranong who advocate the end of Zionism are advocating an end to the Jewish liberation movement and thereby condemning Jews to an inferior existence riddled with discrimination, racism and lack of self-determination. Strangely, this sort of person usually has no problem supporting other organisations describing themselves as liberation movements, without actually investigating their real intentions or reading their charters. Ranong above waxes lyrical about ‘freedom and justice’ – just not for Jews.

As the late Steve Cohen wrote as far back as 1984, “However, much of what the left poses as anti-Zionism is transcendental: it relates neither to the struggle of the Palestinians nor to what the Israeli state is actually doing. Rather it is concerned with ascribing world power to Zionism and holding all Jews in the world responsible for this. Left practice presents as anti-Zionism something which is neither about Zionism nor about Palestinian liberation, but is about some alleged responsibility of Jews on a global scale. This is anti-Semitism.”

That, Ranong, is why your comment is both bigoted and offensive, and there’s nothing ‘civilised’ in that.

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  1. Well said IsraeliNurse.

    Antisemitism is the socialism of fools and The Guardian is the name of the ship they sail on.

  2. There is an entire lexicon that is being developed – much like “talking points” to cover the hatred for Israel, which is, I believe, simply based on anti-Semitism:, e.g.:

    “the Zionist entity”

    “the Zionist experiment”

    You see these words being parroted over and over, as they are picked up from anti-Semitic and pro-palestinian sites, or by people coached by others to use them.

    These terms are not used for any other country, even those gained at the same time as Israel gained indpenedence we do not hear of the Indian entity, or the Pakistani entity, or the Nigerian entiry, or the Congo experiment, or the German entity, etc.

    The Guardian, once one of Israel’s great supporters, and a paper many were proud to read, has simply dedicated itself to the destruction of Israel by all means at its disposal. Unfortunately, before the days of the Internet, it would have died a quiet death as the majority of its readers left its lunacy and inmates (Rusbridger, Henry, Whitaker, Milne, White) behind.

    Now they have a medium that Goebbels would have envied to spew their anti-Semitic hatred across the world, and provide a platform for the Ranongs, “John Sparrows (Berchmans, no doubt) etc. to chime in with their sophomoric attempts to hide their anti-Semitism behind the word “Zionist”.

  3. This is a great article, Israelinurse.

    “…….The comment above appeared below the article by Sami Abdel-Shafi on CiF on December 29th. Ranong’s comment was not deleted, which presumably indicates that the CiF moderators do not realise or do not care about the extent of its bigotry……”

    Neither, Israelinurse. In fact, the moderators agree with Ranong – and do not see this as bigotry at all. Thus, the diligently anti racist left supports this kind of hate directed at Israel (Jews), but does not see this as hate. Many moderators view Israel as a racist, apartheid state, so one state for two peoples is really the only fair conclusion to this conflict. Thus they couch their hatred of Israel (Jewish nationalism i.e., Jew) in an anti racist, pro Palestinian agenda.

    This is really a short, to the point article with a lots of areas of potential discussion.

  4. They still have to come to terms with this new reality,an Israeli one,a strong vigorous, smart,healthy,good looking,a state that is a global leader in technology and has become an economic powerhouse,a state that has the Jewish brainpower concentrated in this tiny state.
    I could go on forever.

    Despite Israel’s enormous contribution to the rest of the world there are those that do hate us……Why…..

    Try….Because we are FREE GOOD and SUCCESSFUL……..

  5. Why would the Guardianista losers hate such a successful Jewish nation?
    Try envy, dogmatic blindness, post-Christian guilt, Muslim sympathies, or just pure antisemitic venom. And then, there is the Guardian herd-instinct.

    Good work, Israelinurse. Keep dishing out the medicine to the sickos on CiF!

    Happy New Year to all our readers!

  6. Quite often, those who come to Israel for the first time, or after a long interval are startled by what they see here since it is so contrary to what they were led to expect by the media. This is a vibrant beautiful country growing ever more prosperous and successful.

    An acquired habit of overcoming all odds for which we have to thank our neighbours’ enmity has made us adapt quickly and efficiently to changing conditions. The Arab boycott has made us find markets all over the world and helped us to diversify our production and our approach. The Guardian and its companions in crime are another factor for us to adapt to and overcome. I am sure that they find us new friends among the reasonable and decent people who read their pages who are shocked by their lack of what used to be a quintessentially English quality, fairness.

  7. It is interesting to see how the ‘Hate Israel’ group work on CI(F) threads. They have been looking for weaknesses in the support that Israel enjoys across the globe in the non Muslim intellectuals of many countries. (And even some Muslim intellectuals who do not ‘toe the party line’).

    They hate it that non Jews recognise Israel as a true, if imperfect, democracy.

    They hate if that Israel has made its presence felt in so many positive spheres, scientific research, industry, Hi Tech goods, culture and social experiments such as assimilating Jews from Ethiopia whose contact with liberal western ideas was minor.

    The hate it that Israelis get Novel Prizes for scientific research.

    They hate it that Israelis are prominent in so many of the worlds best universities.

    They hate the Israeli success story when their chosen allies, Militant Islam, are dragging their own countries further and further into dysfunctionality.

    Such are the joys of the ‘Hate Israel’ crowd.

    I wish them all a really sad New Year and I hope that they are all having bilious attacks.

    To everyone else, I wish them a happy new year.

  8. This is a prayer for the New Year, originally very old but adapted for the haters at CiF:

    “To all the editors, the commissioners of articles, the writers who poison minds with every word and those who betray their people by what they write;

    To all the haters, the disturbed, the inciters and the mean-spirited;

    To all those who support the killing of Jews because they are Jews;

    To all who hate Israel and what she stands for, and to those who help them by allowing them to speak their hatred:

    May you be forgiven for the murders you sanction;

    May you realise that blind hatred earns you nothing in this life or the next;

    May you never have comfort and never sleep until you have asked forgiveness from the people you have wronged and may you work openly to make amends.


  9. “zionist entity”

    “Zionist experiment”

    apartheid state”

    etc. etc.

    These pathetic, trite, derogatory catch-phrases are so reminiscent of the old USSR and Communist Chinese catchphrases so beloved of worshiping loony left, now tossed onto the “trash heap of history”, to use another, with their authors and those who used to parrot them (except Seamus Milne and a few others at the Guardian):

    “Capitalist stooges”

    “running dogs”

    There’s an apposite paragraph in the novel, “The Given Day”, by Dennis Lehane, Pg. 155:

    He read thickets of propaganda so dense with rhetoric it may as well have been a structural engineering manual for all it spoke to any common man Danny could imagine. He came across certain words so often-tyranny, imperialism, capitalist oppression, brotherhood, insurrection-that he suspected a knee-jerk vocabulary had become necessary to ensure a dependable shorthand among the workers of the world. But as the words lost individuality, so they lost their power and gradually their meaning. Once the meaning was gone, Danny wondered, how would these noodle heads-and among the Bolshie and anarchist literature, he had yet to find someone who wasn’t a noodle head-as one unified body, successfully cross a street, never mind overthrow a country?

    How does a noodle-head like ranong think that by using the terms coined by “the Farsi Entity”, the “Ayatollah experiment” to describe a thriving, successful country and vibrant population like israel’s, he will avoid the fate of all the other noodleheads we have read about or observed over the last hundred years?

    Since what he really wants to say is “Jewish entity” and “Jewish experiment”, why doesn’t he just have the guts to come out and say it, rather than hiding behind the world “Zionist”? Does he really think his anti-Semitsm goes unnoticed except for providing the Guardian an excuse to leave his pathetic comments “unmoderated”?

  10. hatedfortherightreasons

    Why do they hate us?

    Try….Because we are FREE GOOD and SUCCESSFUL……..

    And they, consumed by hatred, are slaves to dictators, evil and horrific theocratic regimes, and so utterly unsuccessful.

    Instead of feeding on their hatred as they observe the contrast between Israel and the misery and poverty round her, they should be trying to emulate the only successful country in the entire Middle East.

  11. biko
    Still dredging for facts to demonise Israel? Why?

    Btw, you haven’t answered my query to you regarding censorship on CiF.