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  1. I am uncomfortable with continuing the attack on Israel whilst the bodies are still being dug up and nod to the Israeli team that dug a survivor up yesterday.

    We can wait a week or two ..there will be something to complain about soon enough if I know the IDF.

  2. terry malloy – ‘Meaning what?’

    Well. It certainly substantiates the obsessive crusade of the Guardian management to denigrate and deride Israel at any and all opportunity. And as the subsequent ‘post’ on CI(F) show, even when there is no opportunity.

    I imagine the the Guardian management must have been wringing their hands with desperation on learning that Israel had dispatched a fully equipped field hospital to Haiti which was all set up and ready within three days of the earthquake. (Two and a half I think).

    Even more ‘horrifying’ to them must have been the comment by one ‘foreign’ reporter that this IDF field hospital was the ‘gold standard’ of field hospitals.

    I imagine that Georgina and her Bigots Brigade have not had a good nights sleep since the field hospital started to function in Haiti.

    Incidentally, Israel TV has told us that volunteer doctors from Colombia and the UK have been spending time there. That’s going to be difficult to spin for CI(F).

  3. It’s cognitive dissonance, isn’t it? The cif punters know that they come to bash Israel. The media have been praising Israel day after day. There was that unfortunate CBS comment that called the Israeli field hospital the Rolls Royce of emergency medicine. We can’t be having that now can we?

    So when Seth tells them how to handle it they breathe a sigh of relief.

    This week the bigots have to be quietish. and to remember the previous smears and to know that next week they will have something that they can get the wrong end of again or that the Palestinian PR machine can spin to Israel’s disadvantage again.

  4. Berchy

    “……I am uncomfortable with continuing the attack on Israel whilst the bodies are still being dug up and nod to the Israeli team that dug a survivor up yesterday……”

    You seemed fairly comfortable the other day defending Deumas Milne when he accused the US of an imperialist takeover of Haiti. Lets be honest here, Berchy, its not about saving lives at all for you, its about political opportunity.

  5. Dopey:

    “..and nod to the Israeli team that dug a survivor up yesterday…”

    Oh boy! You “nod” do you?

    Ooh I bet that cost you. I bet that hurt a lot.

  6. Can anyone give me the name and contact details of an Israeli charity to which I might contribute from the UK, towards the Haiti Relief appeal?

  7. Margie, yes, it’s cognitive dissonance. Mature people tend to get uncomfortable because of it but are not overwhelmed – the CiFers, above and below the line, tend to lash out (not having that maturity) because it contradicts their rigid, one-sided view.

    Talking of cognitive dissonance, Yohoho, I agree that it may indeed have cost Berchmans to admit that the Israeli rescue team did well to get someone out of the rubble alive.

    Berchmans, have you “nodded” yet towards the Israeli rescue team on CiF? That’s the next step. Post your comment here once you have done it, whether it remains online or not.

    It may help people to take you more seriously.

  8. Yohoho

    I have seen some discussion around how long various national teams might stay.
    Search and rescue people may leave very soon as the possibility of more survivors being found fades, this will leave possibly hundred of unrecovered bodies in the ruins. They need to stay longer. Money from appeal tends to go to charities who undertake long term assistance,

    Medical teams may be replaced by charities – in terms of both the IDF field hospital and maternity facilities, the US hospital ship I would support any appeal for funds to help support their being on the spot for longer. There is a need to provide more medical help rather than to replace the immediate response teams. The military have equipment and expertise which will be needed for a long time.


  9. TomWonacott

    “Berchy, its not about saving lives at all for you, its about political opportunity.”

    I congratulated the Israeli team here on CIFwatch . I dont think you can make such horrible accusations without some sort of proof .. I know its your blog and all..

  10. No you didn’t Dopey. You gave a grudging “nod” (using your own words).

    A grudging nod is not the same as congratulations. You exaggerate routinely which is why you’re a joke

  11. 23, 2010 at 2:08 pm


    “You gave a grudging “nod” (using your own words).”


    Where does the exaggerator “grudging” come from.?.your quote says ” ( using your own words ) ” I never said “grudging” yet, according to your post .. it looks as tho I did.

    And dont try to weasel out by saying you meant just the word “nod” because you said “words ” . I respected the Israeli teams decision to go there. I applauded the action that saved the man.

    You should be able to argue without being dishonest.

  12. The troll gets precisely the reaction he wants to elicit and then stand wide-eyed with arms outspread in protestation.

    sniff sniff, poor thing.
    just a poor lil misunderstood troll.

  13. Anyone spare a thought for the Sri Lankan peacekeepers in Haiti?

    Definition of Cognitive Dissonance:

    Sri Lankan campaign 2009, 7000-10 000 killed. Tamils only want local independence. Silence.
    Sri Lankan peacekeepers: silence.

    Israeli campaign 2009, 1400. Hamas wants no more Israel. All hell to pay.
    Israeli aid: proof of Israel’s hypocrisy.

  14. Yes, it does Berchmans. You see, unlike you I can contextualise all your comments, here and on CiF, and for you to give a mere nod rather outright congratulations (the Israeli team were among the first on the ground in Haiti) is indeed grudging. You are the weasel. “Applaud” was not in the original post now was it? (I would have been really surprised if it had been).

    Your reputation, here and on CiF, is such that you cannot assume that people will believe that you mean one thing when you actually say another. Therefore it follows that you should say exactly what you mean or you will come unstuck as you just have because you offered the Israeli team a “nod” rather than the “congratulations” they all heartily deserved.

    (This is similar to the difference between what you actually wrote in the antisemitic post in reply to Mitnaged, and what you say you meant (which seems to me to be an unsuccessful attempt to wriggle off the hook of responsibility).

    Does that nod to the Israeli rescue effort also indicate the strength of your alleged opposition to Hamas in your “hundreds” of posts at the other place? Posts which, strangely enough, no-one here has seen and you cannot reproduce for us? Little wonder that you are not taken seriously here or on CiF.

  15. “I congratulated the Israeli team here on CIFwatch ”

    No you didn’t dopey old fellow. The nearest you ever came to such outlandish behaviour for you was to give them a nod.

    (A little tip for you: No matter how much you try to argue otherwise you are in writing as giving them a nod rather than congratulations. For you to argue that you are misunderstood is complete nonsense and no amount of arguing otherwise will make what you said any different).

    A nod instead of actually writing congratulations smacks of mean-spiritedness.


    Please remember to donate via the “general” option.

    “Regarding donating to Haiti – if you go onto our website – http://www.mdauk.org
    then you can donate online in a secure way. All money that is being
    donated to general funds is being allocated to Haiti.”