Despicable Seth

This is a guest post from Joy Wolfe

It was only a matter of time before praise for Israel’s effort in Haiti was turned into a chance to attack her  – What kept you so long Seth?

Perhaps the only surprising thing about Seth Freedman’s despicable attempt to diminish the efforts of the Israeli search and rescue and medical in Haiti is that he restrained himself for a whole week.

It is not Israel who is indifferent to the suffering of the Palestinian people, it is their own leadership who, for the past 61 years, have deliberately deprived them of a decent standard of life and any benefit form the millions of dollars of international aid that should have guaranteed them statehood and, proper living conditions and all the benefits of peace.

But irrespective of that, to accuse Israel of double standards when she goes to the aid of disaster victims, fully equipped and ready to get straight on with the rescue effort, is truly contemptible.    There is a long catalogue of disasters where Israel has been at the forefront of the mercy missions and it is not to gain brownie points or recognition.  The Israelis put themselves in physical danger when risking their lives to save victims, and subsequently provide medical attention and care that is second to none.    Amazingly, the international media has fully recognised the quality and quantity of Israel’s aid.   It is hard to comprehend the sheer scale of the field hospital that was set up in such a short space of time.  But Seth Freedman seeks to highlight the tiny minority of sick minds who tried to diminish this effort, even making obscene allegations that only appeared in little known outlets, but he needed to give them more exposure.   Watching the dedicated medical teams at work, seeing and hearing the gratitude of the Haitian people whose lives they touched, makes the thought of the accusations totally reprehensible.

If it it wasn’t for people like Seth Freedman it would be perfectly possible for  news stories connected to Israel to just tell their stories without any baggage. That should certainly have been the case when it came to Haiti.  But true to form Seth and the Guardian could not resist cheap unfair comparisons with the alleged Israeli lack of compassion for the Palestinians.

To say Israel has done next to nothing to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinians is  so far from the truth.   Israel has stood willing and able to do so much, but has been stopped by Hamas and successive cynical leaders who wanted them to retain their “refugee status”.   Even when at war Israel continued to send in supplies to Gaza, and still does so on a regular basis, despite crossing points being bombed and humanitarian aid being stolen by Hamas.

Hamas also prevented Gazans from travelling to a medical centre set up by the Israelis by the border.

Israel continues to give medical treatment to many Palestinians in Israel and during Operation Cast Lead treated many injured Palestinians.  It is sad to say but I can’t imagine that happening if it was Israelis needing Palestinian aid.

Finally I do not subscribe to the concept that it is in Israel’s best interests to strangle the Palestinian economy.  On the contrary it is in the best interests of peace for the Palestinians to develop a vibrant strong economy with the people being able to sample the benefits of peace.  It is mpossible to understand why the first thing the Gazan people did when it was ethnically cleansed of Jews was to destroy much of the infrastructure and the greenhouses that would have provided a livelihood and employment for so many of their people.

I suggest Seth Freedman takes a long hard look at who is really responsible for the undoubted suffering of the Palestinians.   I also suggest that he does not use Israel’s amazing efforts in Haiti as a stick to beat them with.

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  1. Dopey, are you drunk? Do you know the meaning of “insane?” Obviously not.

    I note that you haven’t answered whether or not you have met Freedman and been fascinated by him. My guess is yes, and that you are easily taken in. Neither have you told us what you think of the re-emergence of Khartoumi/Ironsocks. Is that the reason for petulance above?

    (I haven’t a vivid enough imagination to deal with how he might have fascinated Rustbucket and LaHenry).

    And your CiF persona is coming out to play (clue: the dots in an attempt to give substance to babble).

    Best go and lie down I think.

  2. Exiledlondoner, I imagine Julie made a few discreet enquiries about alternative employment before bailing from the Guardian, but her open letter of resignation cited anti-Israeli bigotry as the main factor for her decision. As a non-Jewish woman she could have sat quietly and said nothing, but she acted on her principles. Now you may argue she is generally lacking in principles because she writes for the Daily Mail etc, but when it comes to Israel and the Jews she puts her head above the parapet and makes a stand, and that is what I call integrity at a time when anti-Israeli/Jewish discourse has infected the mainstream.

    Hawkeye, why don’t you invite Julie to write a guest piece for cifwatch?

  3. dspisable/sf – didn’t you hear about the hoped-for debate between Freedman and Petra?

    Freedman, all mouth and trousers as usual, agreed to debate with her, however when it came actually to putting his money where his mouth was he chickened out, as one might expect. He was probably understandably averse to being shamed in public.

    Moreover any questions to his threads at the other place, about when the debate of the century would take place, were swiftly deleted often without trace.

    Plus ca meme chose – encore c’est al-Grauniad.

  4. How bad is Seth, just trying to make a living.

    What would he debate Petra about? Does he really think all that differently?
    Does he avoid miluim?

    So he’s naive, so he thinks that baring his chest and beating it will make him more believable, it will ingratiate him to the arabist apologists.

    He’s paid by the Guardian and has his quota to meet and that doesn’t include any Israeli feel-good stories.

    It can’t be easy playing the house Jew, and certainly the few comments he makes show his nerves fraying.

    This particular article is one of his more disgusting ones trying to cobble together two completely unrelated subjects, only an imbecile would think there was a connection.

    On the other hand it does go far to show the sophistry of the arabist apologists who are drawn like moths to a light congregating at the guardian, Seth’s clientele.

    Its very simple for them:
    – If Israel is involved it is bad (don’t dare call it anti-semitism, it isn’t bad becasue Jews are involved, its because Israel is)
    -If Israel is involved it is bad (don’t dare question my right to criticize Israel and stifle debate)

  5. Jonny Moses

    “Hawkeye, why don’t you invite Julie to write a guest piece for cifwatch?”

    Yes, we could all move up a gear with a contribution from our dear Julie. Personally, I have been unable to read more than a paragraph of her crap since she cut her teeth with designed to shock items such as “Who Gives a Shit, Keith Moon is Dead” as a pseudo punk journo on the New Musical Express.

    Any chance of a link to her “open letter of resignation” to the Guardian? Perhaps we should all have the opportunity to make up our minds about her level of integrity.

  6. VacuumCleaner

    It was me who said that I thought Freedman was not a well man. I don’t think he is – he is not mad/insance but he is certainly not a well-balanced person – eg. his reactions to any hint criticism – startling in their ferocity and childishness. Harangue me and not Mitnaged.

  7. Vacuum

    I vaguely remember a Burchill letter accusing the Guardian of AS perhaps 5 or 6 years ago. She has certainly written for Cif since then.

    Perhaps there is a more recent letter ?


  8. John

    “Harangue me and not Mitnaged.”

    You’ve got the wrong person, mate — I haven’t addressed Mitie in ages.


    “Perhaps there is a more recent letter ?”

    Perhaps, perhaps not, Leni — though I’m sure Jonny Moses will know.

  9. In answer to the question of Israeli appeals fr4o Haiti, Magen David Adom has opened a bank account to raise funds
    MDA announced Thursday afternoon that donations would be used to purchase supplies including medical and first aid equipment, blankets, water and food.

    Money can be transferred to Discount Bank account number 17926, branch 151, Yad Eliyahu, Tel Aviv. The account is registered to “MDA – donations to the Caribbean.”

    Also there is Zaka and Israid, bot of whom have done an amazing job in Haiti

  10. Thanks, John, but I am quite capable of sticking up for myself against these. And for what it’s worth (and for the reasons you have just given in your latest post) I agree with you.

    Freedman’s writings and posts to people who disagree with him are scarcely those of a well-adjusted person. Reasoned debate is not for him; he personalises any criticism of what he believes – for anyone to disagree with him must feel very threatening. He would not have stood an earthly against Petra M-B which is almost certainly why the debate never took place.

  11. I think that what motivates Set Freedman to his pathetic whining is that he is paid very little by the Guardian and he sees a lot of Israelis doing extremely well in high tech or commercial sales of high tech equipment and it triggers all of Sethele’s jealousy synapses. It is no secret that Seth Freedman earns garbage wages from his paymasters at the Guardian. No matter how hard he tries to ingratiate himself with his bosses at the Guardian, they still pay him as though he was delivering the newspaper on the street corner. And Seth doesn’t like it one bit. Despite all of Seth Freedman’s boasts that he is a selfless socialist and despite all his attempts to portray himself as an angry young man straight out of a John Osborne play, Freedman is in actuality a very jealous man who has accomplished next to nothing and obsesses over those who have accomplished more than writing tripe for a newspaper that is a financial basket case. Otherwise, you could not rationally explain how the president of Haiti could so graciously thank the IDF and the people of Israel while Seth Freedman dismisses the whole Israeli effort. Seth Freedman carries around lots of psychological baggage. It is best to ignore him. I checked through a search engine and it appears that not even one newspaper besides the Guardian carries his column.

  12. peter1

    “So he’s naive, so he thinks that baring his chest and beating it will make him more believable, it will ingratiate him to the arabist apologists.”

    Seth was a soldier briefly and and would have bought the dream. His consciousness would have been lowered by drill, repetion , repetition:) indoctrination and shared fear of an enemy etc etc

    He has come out publicly and it wont have been easy . Like all zealots he will gush and get it wrong at times ..but he is still a gifted and interesting writer.

    He thought it was tough in the Army but its even tougher in the Self Haters! 🙂

  13. Danny Rose

    ” It is no secret that Seth Freedman earns garbage wages from his paymasters”

    Steady brother. He gets £75 or so an article. Some have to push feckin trolleys up feckin hills all day to earn that sort of cash.

  14. alas poor sethele has “come out” and while he has managed to endear himself to the arabist apologists and sundry other low-lifes……a the end of the day he’s just a naive guy who’s earning his pay and playing the house jew.

    This game he plays is disgusting only in that he puts himself and his own needs ahead and ingratiates himself to these people.

  15. Joy Wolfe

    “I suggest Seth Freedman takes a long hard look at who is really responsible for the undoubted suffering of the Palestinians. I also suggest that he does not use Israel’s amazing efforts in Haiti as a stick to beat them with.”

    I’m afraid your suggestions and hope are misdirected. He has no shame, no sense of proportion, no willingness to recognize Israel’s achievements and contributions out of all proportion to its size, and no compassion for anyone except his Palestinians.

    You are refering to the writer who, the day after their daughter, Rivka Holzberg, was murdered in Mumbai, wrote an article for the Guardian attacking the Holzbergs titled Israeli Rottweilers on the loose, subheader: “Amid rioting by settlers in Hebron, relatives of two Mumbai victims are pouring fuel on the already-raging fire”.

    Their daughter was not even in the ground and he was on the attack, like a pitbull, do follow his analogy, condemning comments by Rebbetzin Holzberg’s parents since he did not have the elementary decency to keep his mouth shut regarding parents who just lost a daughter cruelly murdered on the other side of the world.

    (the header was later changed to “Rottweilers on the loose” apparently due to some embarrassment even by the hardened goons who run the blog at the Guardian)

    Of course, the purpose of his recent article about Israel’s efforts in Haiti was precisely to use its contribution, praised by all respectable commentators, as a stick with which to beat Israel. So your wishes in that respect,as followers of this pathetic individual’s endless vile crusade against Israel would have anticipated, came too late.

    As for the Palestinians – he is trapped in a sophomoric mental world where Israel can do no good, at least not without an ulterior motive, and the Palestinians, no matter how many rockets they fire from Gaza, or how many attacks they launch from the WB, and no matter how much medical and other assistance they get from Israel, and no matter how many Hamas prevents from crossing into Israel to get medical treatment are always the helpless victims of a country that just wants to be left in peace.

  16. peter1

    “playing the house jew.”

    You are summoning up visions of Gone With The Wind ..prancing servants with white smiles …weak people who would not put themselves at risk.

    Seth has a public face. . Some.. myself included ..hide behind anonymous security.



    ” followers of this pathetic individual’s endless vile crusade ”

    I think it was an error to attack the Israeli contribution and silence would have been stronger ..but your language is a little exaggerated eh no? The AKUS I know and love would not have need of such easily dumpable hyperbole.

  17. Berchmans – I haven’t noticed any movie clips recently on the Guardian website of Friedman parading with an Israeli flag to the tune of Hatikva …

    I think “endless vile crusade” is pretty accurate.

  18. AKUS

    “I think “endless vile crusade” is pretty accurate.”

    I said it was “dumpable” and I mean every word is ill chosen and evidence that you folk are posting last thing at night whilst we are fresh and ready! 🙂

    1) endless… He is an economic right winger and supports international capitalism…his views often clash with the wider lefty view that Israel merely exists as a front for western imperialism. So he is not “endlessly ” anti Israel at all in my view…furthermore he started as a pretty clear zionist..again making the word “endless” a poor choice.

    2) vile .. the use of such a word leaves you open to accusations of serious double standards ..the dictionary gives ” morally despicable or abhorrent ” which is IMHO about child abuse and throat slitting rather than arguing a political point within the framework of appeals for peace which is always apparant in Seths writing. Seth has not hurt anyone this year whereas people you support have.

    3) crusade ? are you kidding …to dip into “George speak” again indicates it is late over there. You take it easy.

  19. peter1

    ” the house jew has a champion, okay..a mindless troll ”

    You see people as reflections of others …Seth is not unique.. he is a “house Jew” … Berch is a ” troll ” etc etc . This is not fair . I see you as an individual and completely unique. Maybe its wishful thinking! 🙂

  20. The mindless troll exhibits his limitations daily and with obscene regularity, sethele must be proud of who he caters to, mindless lowlifes.

  21. peter1

    ” mindless troll .. mindless lowlifes.”

    That’ll have ’em quaking at CIF. Seth is quite rightly beiing criticised by CIFwatch for one quickly considered article… out of hundreds that have been pretty unchippable. Now just how convincing is the attack? 🙂

  22. Jonny Moses,

    “Exiledlondoner, I imagine Julie made a few discreet enquiries about alternative employment before bailing from the Guardian, but her open letter of resignation cited anti-Israeli bigotry as the main factor for her decision.”

    Considering she joined the Guardian from the Daily “hurrah for the blackshirts!” Mail, that’s quite remarkable….

    Could it just be that she did as she has always done – gone where the money was?

    “As a non-Jewish woman she could have sat quietly and said nothing, but she acted on her principles. Now you may argue she is generally lacking in principles because she writes for the Daily Mail etc, but when it comes to Israel and the Jews she puts her head above the parapet and makes a stand, and that is what I call integrity at a time when anti-Israeli/Jewish discourse has infected the mainstream.”

    You have a very narrow definition of integrity?

    By your definition Harold Shipman would have integrity, just so long as he gave Israel his unconditional support. Integrity is a personal quality – one cannot have integrity on just one issue, while having little or none on others.

  23. Woah.

    Just say this article now. Talk about squeezing the controversy lemon. What an absolute cheap, evil, rotten shot.

    “It is a damning indictment of Israel that it is prepared only to come to the aid of those who fit certain political critieria, rather than that of every victim crying out for intervention.”


  24. Seth Freedman is hired by the Guardian to do one thing: To constantly mention that he is Jewish while trashing Israel with a venom that no nonJew has ever done. I check out Al Ahram and the Tehran Times and the Beirut Daily Star to see what the Arab “journalists” are writing. And not one editorial writer or columnist at those newspapers approach Freedman in the personal venom department. Yes, these newspapers are very critical of Israel and often tell fibs about what is going on. But none of the writers at Al Ahram or the Tehran Times carries the baggage that Seth Freedman does. It may be that none of the writers at Al Ahram or the Tehran Times has had their minds addled by drug abuse. But it is more likely that they don’t have the same feelings of selfloathing that clearly motivate Seth Freedman. Freedman mentions his nominal Jewish heritage only when he is conjuring up all of the sarcastic and catty insults that he can think up for Jewish critics of Freedman. I notice that he reserves a special anger for his Jewish critics than he does for his nonJewish critics. This may relate to the fact that he apparently grew up in a left wing family that relexively hated everything Israeli. So poor Seth has had a lifetime of selfloating and fevered attempts to be a “nonJewish Jew” and that may have led to his emotional confustion and selfdoubt that haunts him to this day.

  25. Looking at CiF articles published in the past week, it struck me that one or two others were written in similar vein to Freedman’s but this time more anti-American and anti-Western rather than anti-Israel.

    True to form, Seumas Milne laid the entire blame for Haiti’s years of misrule at the feet of the USA, Mark Weisbrot’s article played on fear of a US occupation of Haiti and the title of Inigo Gilmore’s article ” The myth of Haiti’s lawless streets” implied an undue emphasis on providing security rather than giving aid. All were critical in one way or another of the aid effort in general and the US role as director of operations in particular.

    It seems to me that CiF’s editorial approach to the Haiti disaster has been to use the issue as yet another with which to flog the Guardian’s anti-Western agenda.

  26. Danny Rose

    ” they don’t have the same feelings of selfloathing that clearly motivate Seth Freedman. ”


    So he is a ” self hater” …now there is an argument you dont see more often than every few minutes on CIFwatch. Every time I see some one struggle to form the words to make the case I think …better than being a “self lover”…if you catch my drift.

  27. DannyRose, I support your post above, except that Freedman is not a self-loather. His handicap is that he loves himself far too much, to the extent that he believes that the gushing support of him on his threads from the likes of Dopey above and others reflects his contribution to the world.

    He’s really an insecure SOB, which comes through whenever he tries to deal with criticisms of his idiocies.

  28. Abandon hope

    Berchmans,only someone who has the same self-loathing that This Seth Freedman possesses,who writes in the same line of thought,the same manner of writing,the same dumb expressions,would be able to understand,or actually like Seth Freedman.

    The Cabal of Elders at the Guardian,just like understand him very well.

    If you catch my drift.

  29. To Abandon Hope, How else aside from self loathing can you explain the fact that Seth Freedman has trashed the Israeli humanitarian effort in Haiti? The President of Haiti made a heartfelt and gracious statement of thanks to the IDF on behalf of his own people. Yet Seth Freedman, who has never been to Haiti and has never met a Haitian, dismissed all the IDF efforts as meaningless and cynical. Dozens of lives have been saved by the IDF effort, many diseases have been identified and treatment begun, many babies and newly born are thankfully being given a chance at a decent life thanks to the IDF effort. One could conclude that Seth Freedman looks down at Haitians and doesn’t care whether Haitians live or die. I tend to think that this is the case with Freedman, who is a snob. If the heroic rescue efforts by the IDF were done by nonJews, can anyone think that Seth Freedman would be so angry and hostile? Of course, he would not. It is the fact that it is an Israeli and Jewish army that is doing this work that gets under Freedman’s skin, that annoys him so much. And that can only be a product of selfloathing on Freedman’s part. It is possible that beneath Freedman’s solipsistic view of his place in the world, he does not recognize that beneath the first layer of skin is a selfloathing that not be concealed for long.

  30. In the USA, agents of foreign governments are required to register.

    Seth should be required to regiser as an agent of Fatah and thus excluded from press privileges.

  31. HairShirt

    ” People here see right through Freedman and through you.”

    Flattering though it is to be bracketed with Seth I fear you have not understood. Unlike me Seth has a public face and will brave anonymous and cowardly attacks …from know…a bit like …


    “The Cabal of Elders.. If you catch my drift.”

    Dull Dave who struggles in the remedial class caught are linking the Protocols with the Guardian…I like humour…I too use it when I have no argument.

    What must really annoy people is that regardless of political content regardless of article ..Seth s use of language is unique on CIF ..he paints pictures and brightens up the scene by his observations. I even liked him when he was just another zionist of course.. he is the man.

  32. dopey, Seth’s use of language is unique and entirely fitting to the rubbish CiF churns out.

    He “paints” scenarios which have little basis in truth or reality (a bit like you).

    He is easy to read, much like pulp fiction is, because it is lacking in any substance. Which is why, I guess, you are one of his groupies. The mush he writes is easy to swallow whole and without thinking and heaven forbid you should have to think about anything you read on CiF or consider that there might be another viewpoint.

    He presents fiction and distortion as the truth to feed his Guardianista followers.

    And you guys fall for it every single time!


    Please remember to donate via the “general” option.

    “Regarding donating to Haiti – if you go onto our website –
    then you can donate online in a secure way. All money that is being
    donated to general funds is being allocated to Haiti.”


  34. Did anyone else read about the man who wanted to sell his soul on ebay?

    At first I thought it might be Freedman, but then I realised that he wouldn’t have a soul to sell.

  35. One of the most mendacious things about Seth Freedman’s reportage is that he always just happens to overhear an Israeli making a racist remark. Freedman just happens to always be in the right place where an Israeli makes the exact remark that Freedman wants him to make. It is all just a little to coincidental to be credible. Freedman ranks alongside such luminaries as Janet Cook of the Washington Post and Jason Blair from the New York Times in the credibility department. Freedman never identifies by name the person he just happens to overhear.
    Freedman sees himself as the street fighting man from the old Rolling Stones song. In Freedman’s mind, he is tough street kid who is fearless and speaks truth to power. In reality, Freedman is something of a wimp.