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Is Councillor Kelly’s record stuck?

Following on from  my account of the rantings of Councillor Terry Kelly, hilarious, saddening and sickening by turns, about Zionism, Israel, Jews, yada… yada… yada, I find that he is still at it on his own blog, squealing that “Zionists have their own detractors as well” as if we didn’t know that already.

The content is very much a regurgitation of his “informed” opinions so far but the following stand out:

We see that he is still obsessed with the Nazis’ treatment of Jews and with comparing the commenters at Harry’s Place very negatively with the Warsaw Ghetto fighters and on Holocaust Memorial Day too.  Whatever we may think of him, however, he certainly loves himself:

..I must be fearsome; I’m beginning to scare myself; here are all these tough guy Zionists breathing fire all over the place; Google (Harry’s Place) and see. What would these cowards have been like in the Warsaw Ghetto if they can’t face me?…”

Then he seems to get confused (nothing new there) between Zionism, Judaism, God, Jesus and perhaps even the meaning of life generally (and there’s even an attempt at humour at the end!).  What is this poor wee soul talking about?  (Clue: I think that “the followers” means Jews – there was no Zionism 2000 years ago):


“..Zionism is an evil creed it justifies any crime in the name of Israel; Gaza being the most obvious example. The followers can do anything they like to the Palestinians because God told them 2000 years ago that it was their promised land; if only he had stuck to turning water into wine the place would have been a whole lot happier especially if he had passed on the trick to other generations eh?..”

Then comes this absolute gem.  Note that he alleges that he has learned to “weigh every word” and “check every point” but there is precious little evidence of that in his blog articles or in his “contribution” at Harry’s Place.  Note also the paranoia and the quaint terminology – what on earth can he mean by “reasoned disagreement?”:


“…I have learned over the last few days that to write anything critical of Israel I have to weigh every word; check every point made because rather than take part in a debate these liars will hide behind every trick in the book to avoid a proper debate; they will obfuscate and dive ever deeper into semantics and split hairs to avoid reasoned disagreement and it leads to web sites like Harry’s Place where nothing is as it seems; where argument is engulfed in ever decreasing circles by these Zionists bullies who will do anything to defend the indefensible…”


And finally we return to the paranoia chorus, that the “cybernats” (sic) are out to get him:


“..I am now the target of a dishonest campaign by Zionists with help no doubt from the crazy cybernats (sic) to try to intimidate me and shut me up…”


Oh dear…  poor wee, sleekit, cowrin, tim’rous beastie

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  1. David,

    Contrary to your assertions, studying racism is never old hat.

    By neglecting the past, you can’t grasp the present.

    Without understanding the past it is near impossible to grasp the present, that is a fairly standard Marxist idea, I am surprised you haven’t understood it thus far.

    I am afraid that you don’t come over as a Marxist and certainly not as an internationalist.

    That might be your own self-image, but until you drop your hypocrisy and demonstrate a similar contempt for all the other 190+ forms of nationalism in the world as you demonstrates towards the Jewish nationalism then your views will be taken as either, consciously or subconsciously, rooted in some form of prejudice or misunderstanding.

    The choice is yours.

  2. modernityblog,

    Whataboutthis, whataboutthat.

    This is a blog narrowly about anti-semitism and broadly about Israel, Zionism and anti-Zionism.

    Why would I come here to talk about anything other than the above?

    If “Soviet Anti-Zionism” is racist – and let us assume that it is – then it is an *archaic* form of racism; so archaic, in fact, that it is not supported, so far as I can tell, by anybody I have ever encountered.

    Therefore, whilst it might be of *academic* interest it is certainly not a pressing concern, by any means, for anyone – other than yourself of course.

    There is much to criticise in the anti-Zionism on the left but it being in hock to “Soviet anti-Zionism” is not that criticism. *Maybe* it once was – but it is not now.

    By all means, however, stay aboard your flea-bitten hobby horse.