Month: March 2010

The Game is Up

Jonathan Hoffman has already ably discussed on these pages Seth Freedman’s March 9th article from the point of view of its economic inaccuracies. But of course Freedman wasn’t in the least bit […]

Isn’t it ironic

Seth Freedman, may be CiF’s resident diva of over the top sarcasm and ridiculous hyperbole, but obviously his repertoire does not extend to understanding irony. In his February 22nd article he attacks […]

Not the White Response

This is a cross-post from Honest Reporting The Guardian Associate Editor’s weak excuses and justifications for outrageous comments against Israel. Frosty US-Israeli relations and a very public and direct rebuke by Britain for alleged […]


Here’s a variant of Jewish conspiracy theory on the Gill thread today: And in the spirit of variants, we have something that is reminiscent of the William Bapthorpe solution, though admittedly more […]