CiF: Never Knowingly Balanced

This is a guest post by Geary

Ever wondered why CiF chose to have those particular categories for what they so endearingly term ‘Comment’?

Namely: CiFAmerica, CiFbelief, Liberty central, CiFMiddleEast, CiFGreen.

Let’s take the geographical classifications.

Why no CiFEurope, or CiFAfrica, or CiFFar East? The last one all the more surprising, given the very large numbers of British readers whose family histories originate in China or the Indian subcontinent.

If we take topic categories, why not CiFScience? CiFWarandPeace? CiFClassRace&Gender? (isn’t that what any self-respecting leftist rag should be discussing?)

Could it just be that those five above are the categories for which the CiF editors – or the readership they presume – find it easiest to decide their bias? To decide who or what to love and hate? Because, perhaps, said editors find nuance tedious. They find balance uninspiring. Or perhaps, more simply, they can’t keep more than a monothought in their heads at any one time.

CiFAmerica. That’s an easy one, anti-Americanism being the hardiest of leftist perennials. Of course it mutates as regularly as HiV. Today we love Obama and hate any American who gets in his way (white racists to a man). Yesterday we hated Bush and the neocons and loved anyone who was against them. Yes anyone. From the obnoxious Michael Moore, through the obsequious George Galloway, to throat-slitting, streetmarket-massacring ‘insurgents’.

CiFbelief. Islam and Muslims: good. Presumably because – in GuardianWorld – Muslims are Downtrodden. Quite who is Downtreading them all – apart from Islam itself – is not so clear. Probably America (it usually is).

Atheists generally good, except when we want to tease our audience a tad.

Christians and Christianity? Oh, now here’s some balance. They alternate between retarded and risible.

Jews come in two makes: shining white and pitch black. There’s a new Guardian shibboleth. Prepared to denigrate Israel? There’s always a welcome at CiF. But show any affection for the place and you’re beneath contempt.

CiFMiddleEast. Where to begin? Pretty easy: Israel, bad, worse, worst. Relentlessly, remorselessly. Who else is there? Iran? Despite its world records in anti-liberalism (take, say, capital punishment and gay persecution) the Iranian regime used to be Plucky Hard-done-by (by Big and Little Satan). But with the internal revolt, that line is a bit harder to push.

Iran supplying arms to terrorists? Syrian torture prisons? Lebanese prison camps for Palestinians?

Guardian Monkey see no evil.

Hamas and Hezbollah? Not terrorists, not Islamist supremacist butchers, not at all. Nelson Mandelas to a man.

CiFGreen is just as Manichaean: ….. Peasant farming and sustainable poverty are magnificent. Bad are: meat, motors, modernity, mankind. Nuclear will destroy the world, biofuels will save it. Or is that the other way round now?

CiFLiberty: Such irony or post-irony, irony deceased. Has any other source done so must to traduce the great liberal agenda, based on freedom of speech, in favour of narrow-minded witch-hunting political correctness? When Scott wrote ‘comment is free, facts are sacred’ he meant that, whilst facts are precious, comment is free, easy, cheap.

Of the three, CiF has chosen to go for cheap. Cheap and often nasty.

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  1. Thanks Geary, and a good article.

    What really sets the far left apart is their hatred of America and Israel, and their willingness to discard liberal values to oppose western “domination” of the third world (victims). Whereas neoconservatives, for example, have an end game of spreading democracy, the anti-colonialist left accepts totalitarianism (and human rights abuses) as a function of culture, or as a byproduct of peaceful coexistence between the democratic west and the developing world.

  2. Nicely done, Geary.
    It does help the poor dears to have guiding lines to know what to say or approve of, and what not. Makes life easy for their supporters. You have to laugh when you see the flap they get into when an article doesn’t stick to the rules

  3. Geary

    “anti-Americanism being the hardiest of leftist perennials.. hate any American who gets in his way..Yesterday we hated Bush’.”

    For some reason I quite liked Bush..but if by ” yesterday ” you also mean Nixon , LBJ, Reagan..etc etc then you are right. They were not popular as the US clobbered one third world nation after another.

    The horror is that Carter..who the Simpsons describe as “history’s greatest monster” is the best post war president in terms of foreign wars started…who would have thought???…I hated him as well at the time …funny what time does to you.

    I hope you are well Geary and I guess you have been banned as I have not seen you on CIF for a while. I used to like your posts even tho I suspected you were toning your real feeling down …as proved by this hyperbolic attack on the Guardian.

    You should have mentioned that CIF has some pro Israeli articles ..also saying ” Jews come in two makes: shining white and pitch black” is just lame and easily ignored as OTT.

  4. TomWonacott

    “What really sets the far left apart their hatred of America . Whereas neoconservatives, for example, have an end game of spreading democracy,”

    Tom ..what sets the far left apart is they would not have such a comically thin understanding of western intervention in the third world. You make it sound noble whereas we have understood at least since Marx but probably way before that… that it is all about resources.

    Spreading democracy ???… did your bow tie twirl as you typed that?

  5. Abandon hope

    Thanks for your graceful greeting.

    Yer damn right the G makes my liver boil. The great liberal paper of my youth now cuddles up to fascists with beards, whose homicidal views on Jews (and gays and members of any other faith but there own) is quite simply bloodcurdling.

    As for the very very occasional pro-Israel article. Haven’t you noticed the G tactic? Prosor or Alderman writes a piece. Next day you’ll have three CiF pieces explaining to us how he is not only wrong but wicked. Harold Evans was treated disgracefully just recently.
    Somehow there’s no ROR (right-of-reply) the other way round.

    The neocons did try to export democracy, not out of altruism but, yes, out of self-interest, as a means to an end.

    They thought it would bring stability to the ME which would mean much greater security for the West (that’s you and me, BTW).

    Problem is the Arab Muslim world is so completely dysfunctional at every level that turning such places democratic might actually INCREASE their threat to the west.

    Unintended consequences. But should the neocons have foreseen? Possibly.

  6. Good article – you made me think of another one they’ve missed.


    Oh – that falls under “LibertyCentral”.

  7. Berchmans
    28 Mar 2010, 9:53AM



    ## Who hasn’t heard the following “Israel is behaving just like the Nazis.” ##


    I have .Pro Israelis say this all the time …you would think they of all people would know better. No to sarcastic ,unreferenced implications of anti Semitism on CIF


    typical b nastiness; full of errors and omissions and insinuations

  8. Abandon dope

    “…….Tom ..what sets the far left apart is they would not have such a comically thin understanding of western intervention in the third world. You make it sound noble whereas we have understood at least since Marx but probably way before that… that it is all about resources……”

    Well, I think that your statement is fair to a certain extent. National interests is of primary importance. After all, if spreading human rights and democracy always took priority, most Americans would be on bicycles most of the time. None of us are willing to make that sacrifice. Americans have to live and eat just like the rest of the world.

    The US has fought many wars for reasons other than resources such as oil. Was the Korean war about resources? The war in Viet Nam? Was protecting Taiwan from the Chicoms about natural resources? Or our alliance with Isreal? Kosovo? Bosnia? Democratic change was allowed to flourish under US protection.

    The US does fight ideological wars, and some humanitarian wars as well. In part, for good reason. Communism cost the lives of over 100,000,000 people in the twentieth century. So you are not quite right about that, now are you? Its not always just about resources. Of course, if you read such online publications as, then you will certainly get the wrong impression about “resources”. If you read and believe the real nutcases out there like Seumas Milne, then certainly, you will get the impression that the humanitarian effort in Haiti was just another US imperialistic venture to control South America.

    In addition, even if a war is for natural resources like in Kuwait, who can argue that the Kuwaitis didn’t benefit? The same goes for other conflicts or alliances as well. National interest can serve in tandem with human rights.

    The war in Afghanistan is certainly not about resources unless you are driven to conspiracies like many in the far left. I can understand why the anti war left would oppose the invasion of Afghanistan. Innocent civilians were killed. Additionally, the Taliban were only indirectly complicit in the attacks of 911. What is hard to understand is why the far left is so willing to leave Afghanistan on a day’s notice, subjecting the people in Afghanistan to a brutal civil war where the Taliban would likely regain control of the country. The Taliban are the worst violators of human rights, and conditions under Karzai may not be ideal, but certainly an improvement over the brutal Islamic rule of the Taliban.

    The traditional left would oppose the Taliban and their brutal treatment of women and minorities, but not the new left. The neo left opposes the US (and Israel). No longer is the far left driven by human rights, but they are driven by anti Americanism. Just opposition to America. Anything that is in opposition to the US, the far left supports, thus the support for the brutal Iranian regime, and China (the favorite of the far left).

    You are part of an interesting fraternity, Berchy, but human rights is far down the list in importance for these radicals. That many of your brethren couch their anti Jewish bigotry (including yourself) in anti racism just shows how much the left has changed and been hijacked by this radical group that you proudly call your own. You even confuse real honest to goodness leftists/liberals like Modernity. He thinks that you are a right winger, and has said so on several occasions. Doesn’t that say it all, Berchy?

  9. Has anyone else had their stomach turned by spectreovereurope praising Hitler on Mitchell’s thread?

  10. Tom

    The right wing jibe is because Modernity knows that this is an even worse insult than A S . It is just words . Above is a fair post BTW.

    I saw Che 2 yesterday. Days of hope.

  11. ‘The right wing jibe is because Modernity knows that this is an even worse insult than A S . It is just words .’

    Clearly ‘It is just words’, since you have been found to say things a-s, time after time, with absolute zero effect when this is remarked to you.

    A-S doesn’t exclude being stubborn, stupid or both. Time after time a-s and a-sites have been found to be essentially unreasonable and unreasonable with. Their destructive power lay in their numbers, and their willingness to be lead as a mob: you are just a footsoldier on a crusade.