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  1. Yes AKUS.

    The Guardian went into virtual overdrive about the ‘suspected’ terrorist act by a ‘person’.

    And, as usual, they have got mud on their face.

  2. Come off it, AKUS. There’s been plenty of coverage of the event. Why pick out one single article? Dreyfuss guessed wrong. So what? The worst he can be accused of his directly contradicting himself. The headline urges “Don’t rush to judgment” (although he may not’ve come up with that), but Dreyfuss goes on to wonder “it seems far more likely to me that the perpetrator of the bungled Times Square bomb plot was either a lone wolf or a member of some squirrely branch of the Tea Party”.
    Oh, and the bit about “as an enemy they rank about on a par with the guy who crashed his plane into the IRS building” is irresponsible.

    But what about those who speculated wrongly re. blaming Muslims for the Oklahoma bombing? Were you similarly incensed then??

    And that’s grossly unfair to connect Dreyfuss to the BTL comments, however grotesque some of them are.

  3. I think the Guardian missed something here. The tagline for the article should read:

    “Whether the person behind the bungled Times Square bomb was Taliban or Guardian CIF Contributor,” all we have to fear is fear itself.

  4. Pretzel – the eagerness of the Guardian (and the PC article by Dreyfuss and the many of the lunatic comments of some BTL, specially from a fantasist called “moretheylie” and gazagirl’s new incranation as “coffegirl”) to excuse any Moslem atrocity was their undoing, and it is worth pointing it out.

    I am far from a teabagger, but Dreyfuss’ urge to pin this on themwas indeed “a rush to judgment” and his sanctimonious ass-covering doesn’t change the fact. Nor does the eagerness of some to follow his lead:

    moretheylie – “i think it is possibly a false flag action, it suits the uk and usa govt at this time since their intent is to get inside of paksitan be it through the pak taliban or india. false flag in the sense it is from an org that has been financed and trained by the usa.”

    …”funnily enough the actuality would suggest that it is not a muslim. but dont let facts get in the way. ”

    coffeegirl -@pretzelberg,
    ….. Tell me why those comments were removed then, have I offended anybody? But all I’ve done was stating the facts, I wasn’t even guessing. Laughable, no?

    RudiGunn – “My money is on a non Muslim.
    The action was frankly incompetent. Petrol, gas and God knows what, and it still didn’t blow up.
    The Jihadi are familiar with effective IED’s. This wasn’t one”.

    Dreyfuss – “But, as in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing, when self-appointed experts blamed Muslims only to find out that it was a Gulf war veteran named Tim who did it, there has once again been an unseemly rush to judgment.”

    No, Mr. Dreyfuss – the correct example was the Ft. Hood attack, when every self-appointed apologist fell over him- or herself, particularly on the Guardian’s website, to try to dissociate an attack by a man shouting Allah Akbar as he fired into a crowded hall from Islam.

  5. This is the same Robert Dreyuss,who wrote a book called,”How the United States Helped unleash Fundamentalist Islam”.

    His next book should be “How the Guardian Leashed “Robert Drefuss’s Brain”

    Only an idiot could think that he could have been a Tea Partier

    As it happened he was an American of PAKISTANI descent,who only last year got his American citizenship.And that is how he repaid the Americans.By planting a bomb in the heart of New York.

    BTW,exiledlondoner was giving odds that it wasn’t a Muslim,that planted that bomb.

  6. The Guardian got caught with it’s pants down,and it wasn’t a nice sight.
    It makes my heart sing.

  7. @ AKUS

    moretheylie and gazagirl certainly are laughable in their denial. The former recently said re. the Mumbai attacks: “reports suggested that the attackers had been ‘high’ as kites .. so not exactly a cold blooded murderous attack.”

    No, of course not.

  8. In some ways, it’s possible to feel sorry for Dreyfuss and the others. It’s not easy to keep faith in the face of cold, hard logic and flights of phantasy are so comforting.

  9. It was actually quite brave of Dreyfuss to make the claim that it could be a member of the Tea Party movement.

    I mean, deep in his heart of hearts, he probably had his money on a Muslim as well.

    Nobody ignores such as a predictable form guide these days.

    Live long…

  10. PeterParker

    “”I mean, deep in his heart of hearts, he probably had his money on a Muslim as well. “”

    Well thats certainly who I would have set up if I had been in the business! 🙂

    BTW have you seen this ( below) ? Its Chomsky being attacked as soft on Israel .!!!! People tell me Im fixated on thr ME ..of course I am ..its so interesting.You take care.


  11. After their disgraceful reporting of the Jenin massacre-that-never-was, it is a little ironic for the Guardian to be saying “Don’t rush to judgement”.

  12. AKUS, how unfair!!! You know that your commander-in-chief who is adored by the graunistas is about to outlaw the j-word — and this is such an elegant solution: no more jihad! no more jihadists! And no more jihad-inspired terrorism! So obviously, if this was done by a Pakistani, then he got radicalized by the tea party-ists! He is a victim of rightwing agitation, can’t you see this???

  13. I’ve had it with the Guardian… CiF… etc. They’re filth. That’s all

  14. @ Sergio Bramsole

    I came across the twin Goldstone threads late on – and the anti-Israel (and worse) comments are indeed atrocious, if that’s what you mean.

    An early example:


    I had hoped that the Jewish people after suffering the halocaust and centuries of discrimination in Europe woul understand the sanctitiy of life and what dehumnization does to a people , but it seems that my hopes were ill founded. Presently, the religious extreme government and agnecies are behaving in the same manner as Taliban did when they ruled Afghanistan with one difference Israel cloaks itself in the mantel of democracy.

    It’s still up there, FFS …

  15. The Guardian is not going to change,even after all the dismal duds and failures of reporting about the ME,the above/below the line that is a diasaster.

    The imbecilic anti-Israeli/Semitic posts and posters,won’t change either in their desperation they are getting worse.

    Most of the intelligent posters,that had something constructive to contribute,have gone.

    Now they have gazagirls,klowns,exiles,morans,who have taken over.

    The results of reaching out to the least common denominator,the bottom feeders.

  16. Matt Seaton is posting on the Avrom Krengel thread ,and happily swimming in that fetid swamp with the rest of the Anti-Israel posters.

    Why are those threads closed,is it to allow the morans to post freely their
    anti-Israeli crap.

    One thing about the Guardian they usually manage to top themselves when it comes to smearing Israel,with Matt Seaton being their Flag Bearer.

  17. spot on

    is it to allow the morans to post

    Wonderful. I looked at this and assumed it was a mistake…then I thought..hes being witty…then I thought..

  18. Richard Goldstone was a willing and enthuiastic supporter of the South African Apartheid Regime.He sent dozens of Black Africans to their deaths on the gallows.He can make all the excuses in the world that he had to do this,it was part of his job.

    The Israeli papers are full of articles about his period,on the South African Apartheid Regime bench.

    What a loathsome creature,the more I find out about him,the more I loathe him.

  19. May 5, 2010 at 4:15 pm

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    @ Sergio Bramsole

    I came across the twin Goldstone threads late on – and the anti-Israel (and worse) comments are indeed atrocious, if that’s what you mean.

    Lock-and-load-guys… that’s exactly what I mean. Words alone won’t do much good against vicious scumbags.