Anti-Israel Bias: April 2010 Stats

This is a guest post by AKUS

For those that missed it, here is CiF Watch’s collection of statistical data for the month of March that demonstrates the extent of the anti-Israel bias and Israel-obsession at “Comment is Free”. (h/t for the idea to our friends at TheBrothersofJudea who track antisemitism at the Huffington Post).

Following a continuing trend, in April, the Guardian launched a barrage of articles at Israel. Almost a third of its 70 articles about the Middle East referenced Israel in one way or another, mostly unfavorably:

When the numbers are broken down further, it appears that there were exactly 2 articles we could describe as “pro-Israel”, compared with 12 that were “anti-Israel”, and 6 “neutral” articles.

A naïve reader of “Comment is Free” (and that describes many of its habitués) faced with 12 negative articles about Israel from a set of 70 articles about the region as a whole, would be seeing 17% – about 1/6th) of all articles about the Middle East portraying Israel in a negative light, in a region renowned for its dictatorships, Islamic extremism, daily suicide bombings, misogyny, and theocratic intolerance.

Not exactly the “fair and balanced” view that Georgina Henry pretended she was providing in her response to the Jewish Chronicle.

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  1. snigger/smtx/sarahleah-

    i guess we agree to disagree.

    like i said, i’m a newb, so haven’t seen any of these posts.

    if/when i see one, then i’m sure that i’ll not be shy in saying so.

    if he has said these things, are you sure he’s not just trying to outrage because there is no moderation (ie comment really is free)?

    must admit that i’d be tempted to do the same were the positions reversed. it’s not big. it’s not clever (which is probably why i’d do the same).

    and even if his facts aren’t accurate, is it not more about opinion than expertise? i’m no expert, but i’ll hapily give my opinion to anyonee who wants to listen and pplenty who don’t

  2. Snigger

    “Berchmans ..threatened to bonk a poster called SilverTrees in front of his (SilverTrees’) friends.”

    Silver tree never complained … ST tried to do something at a personal level … I guess he was tipsy… because he has never again attempted it. I was livid . Absolutely livid and had a go at him . I regret it …because he has shown by not repeating it that he was a bigger man than I gave him credit for. I let him know this.

    Peter on the other hand has got his jockstrap caught in a mangle. He knows what he is saying is garbage but cannot find a way to back down.

    You should help him. Both smtx01 and zoidberg have given him the opportunity to gently back off … but only time will help him. Modern medication prescription is still an imprecise science.

  3. Berchmans

    You have a big problem with lying, simply you are too stupid. You youirself acknowledged your beautiful joke explaining that you were drunk and others said worse thing like that etc. Speaking about jockstrops, did your wife cut off yours knowing that you are a sexually pervert sadist shit?
    But I think she knew this already well before you started bragging about bonking Anne Frank…

  4. @ JerusalemMite

    Re. WB settlements:
    If it said that they are underdeveloped and too much integrated into the Israeli economy, I would not see it as anti israel.

    Top comment, there – and nice to see the recommendations.
    I’ve sometimes wondered on this site just how much pro-settler sentiment there is among posters. But it’s clearly anything but pervasive.

    If you had an article on CiF with an onus on what you’ve said, you’d certainly get particular regulars immediately condemning it for having the wrong motives. These are, of course, those posters who are not so much pro-Palestinian as anti-Israel. There was one CiF poster recently who you could tell was gleefully looking forward to the potential downfall of Israel through BDS. Frankly I don’t know where these fuckwits come from.

    @ Toko LeMoko

    There seems almost as little point discussing matters with you as with Berchmans.

    Almost …

  5. @ zoidberg

    but i don’t think it’s fair to level all this at htd. after all at least he has the cojones …

    It ultimately doesn’t take much cojones to go against the grain and persevere despite the insults (and that’s from my personal perspective). It’s only the Internet, after all.

    @ smtx01

    I take your point re. overall coverage.
    But I was merely questioning the terminology used, i.e. “anti-Israel”.

    p.s. Rather you lot than ManCity
    (and that’s from someone who shares their name with a sky blue – no, not Coventry FFS – star of yesteryear)

  6. Looking back at the archives, Berch, I know very well what SilverTrees did. Well done he. I hope he does it again.

    And of course you couldn’t help your subsequent behaviour, could you, being the immature twerp that you are, and you were “driven to” behaving like an idiot rather than keeping your peace (in much the same way as you give Islamist terrorists a free pass for murdering Israeli civilians because you are so closely identified with them that you believe that they can’t help it either and they react just like you).

    YOU Berchmans, need medication and not the sort that comes from the public house. You have several times tried to wag the digit at anyone who suggests medication to others so take your own advice.

    And you must be a walking advertisement for modern medication. I can see what you mean when you say it’s an imprecise science.

    Pharmaceutical companies are always looking for men who will volunteer to be on clinical trials. Do something decent. Volunteer for one that uses mind-altering medications. Any change would be an improvement.

  7. zoidberg, berchmans is probably trying to outrage, rather like a three year old might, but that does not detract from the fact that he should know better – although he rarely acts his age, I imagine it to be rather older than three years.

    Opinions are fine, even when they are disagreed with or disagreeable, but this twonk is a one-trick pony who I suspect has a lot more animal cunning that you give him credit for and sets out to try to disrupt.

    For myself, I tolerate his posts here, as little as he actually contributes to the furtherance of understanding, because he is the perfect foil (and I guess he’s to thick to realise it): every time he does the equivalent of a verbal prat fall and gives out misleading or hate-filled information based on the type of nonsense he’d memorise or glean from places like CiF, it gives other posters the chance to put the truth out there so that everyone can see it.

    Which is more than CiF does, isn’t it?

  8. SarahLeah

    berchmans is “the perfect foil”?

    Clearly you have low standards.

    p.s. Where are you from?

  9. Pretzelberg you clearly have no grasp of English idiom – where are YOU from?

    And don’t knock Berchmans’ perfection as a fall guy who provides the lines for other people to make their points.

    At least he’s good at something whether he realises it or not.

  10. @ SarahLeah

    Pretzelberg you clearly have no grasp of English idiom – where are YOU from?

    I’m British.
    And yourself?

  11. I think that it’s no business of yours really, but your grasp of English idiom leaves much to be desired, perhaps because you are a literal thinker.

  12. Pretzelberg

    I repeat what I said on another thread…they hate you just as much as me. Your attempt to differentiate yourself from me is doomed ..Im just like you only funny and witty.

  13. htd-

    ‘they hate you just as much as me.’

    that’s the sorta paranoid nonsense i’d expect from a gers fan….but you’re from fife i gather. sothe important question is…miner, fifer, rover or par?

    can’t hate you. i save that kind stuff for the likes of edwardrice, jruskin and orwellwasright.