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  1. I see, that’s where the knife got to. I read that Reuters had been up to their old tricks vanishing knives from the hands of those that they appear to consider shouldn’t be shown holding them.

  2. How nice of CiFWatch to help the poor befuddled Georgina Henry.

    Since here demotion to the kitchen – er, culture and cuisine – she has been frothing at the mouth, unable to adequately vent her Islamophilic anti-Semitism.

    Now she has an opportunity to praise the Erdogan sandwich as an example of the wonderful creatvity of Turkish/Islamic cuisine.

  3. If you ignore the handle on that knife it kind of looks like a hotdog. Incidentally, hotdogs usually contain similar ingredients.

  4. That picture really does speak a thousand words, Hawkeye.

    Have you heard the latest, that the Israelis are now saying that the animals on board Mavi Marmara had been stowaways and were there without the knowledge of the Turkish government? This is an attempt to leave Erdogan some wriggle room but it’s not going to work is it, given Erdogan’s bluster?

    Berchmans, you are an idiot. Pure and simple.

    Only a complete moron could imagine that having just tried to kill the soldier, they should suddenly want to “help” him.

  5. Yohoho

    ” Only a complete moron ”

    You mean me dont you? …and to think my old Dad said he never thought Id ever finish anything I started! 🙂 I never said I believed the IHH story…we will wait for the enquiry..