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  1. Toko LeMoko

    “” She has joined the pack of Guardian jackals –””

    It is a skulk of jackals not a pack….a pair* of tits .. a gulp of swallows etc etc .

    PS * Only kidding.. I think its a volery.

  2. Ms. Grant’s argument (heard a thousand times already from the Guardian apologists) that CIF publishes only opinion pieces and not factual reports is a very sad joke. First of all the Guardian’s reports many times are seriously distorted and factually incorrect (Jenin massacre; Israeli police shot Palestinian driver etc) – in less PC language they are simply outright lies.
    Regarding opinions – if a paper publishes a huge quantity of a certain kind of racist, sometimes outright anti-semite opinions can’t be considered fair and balanced. If reading the published opinions on CIF you are not sure that you are not reading a neo-Nazi hate site then the fairness is somehow doubtful. Maybe Ms. Grant should be aware of the fact that a selfregarding paper wouldn’t publish racist incitement against a certain group a of people if it wants to be believed a serious source of informations and opinions and especially not tens of such opinions per week.
    Ms. Grant you can be proud that your opinion piece could be written by Ben White (you know the guy who understands antisemitism one) himself.

  3. Bluesea,

    Ani lo yodeah ivrit? Ve’mah atta? Momcheh le’inyanei lashon? Ben tishpochet ha’satan shekamotchah.

  4. peterthehungarian

    ” Jenin massacre ”

    Ah yes 2002 .

    I can see why you might want to talk about 2002… rather than , say, last week …when the IDF jumped into the ploop. Im not blaming you…it what I would do if I had no answers…but…as luck would have it …this is never a concern.

  5. Berchmans

    I can see why you might want to talk about 2002

    so we agree that the guardian lied about the “Jenin massacre”…
    Poor Rusbridger almost cried in jerusalem when apologised….

    rather than , say, last week …when the IDF jumped into the ploop.

    It seems to me that your fascist thug friends jumped into the ploop getting their 9 times 72 virgins

    Im not blaming you…it what I would do if I had no answers…but…as luck would have it …this is never a concern.

    Answers for what? Did you ask anything asshole? Anyway you should be mourning now and not dirtying your keyboard, four of your “peace activist buddies have met their creators today

  6. Silke

    here is a great comment from Goldberg on Helen Thomas … (That’s not entirely accurate. One gets the feeling she’d rather have the Jews, or at least certain Jews, leave Washington, D.C. for the delightful Polish town of Oswiecim.)

    What a load of nonsense. Thomas’ reference to Germany and Poland was indeed horrible – but she was clearly referring to Jews in “Palestine”. Whether she meant solely the OTs or Israel itself is debatable – but it’s mad to interpret her words as wanting Jews FROM the US to go to Auschwitz.

    She even adds “and [TO] America and everywhere else”.

    But there’s no stopping some people here once they’ve latched onto a target – as illustrated by the comments re. Linda Grant.

  7. pretzelberg
    is your name by chance a play on that part of Berlin called “Prenzlauer Berg” and which we country bumpkins always get told is so full of unsurpassable Latte Macchiato chique and sophistication?

    If so I hereby sincerely apologize that I ever dared to disagree with a person so posh or at least so close to poshness.

  8. Silke

    Prenzlauer Berg indeed – where I’ve been living ever since reunification, i.e. in spite of the later arrival of the latté-drinking yuppies.

    Feel silly? You should do.

    Strange how you make a laughable attempt at a personal dig but fail to address my actual post above. Stop the hate, Silke – I’m not your enemy.

  9. no such luck Prenzlauer
    that you were amongst the pioneers goes without saying of course
    where else would you ever be

    and no I will not succumb to another temptation to get into an argument with you, it is a waste of time

    BTW I am most definitely not a hater, way too harmful to blood pressure given my age

    and thanks for the compliment that my attempt was laugh – I assume lots of us need even feeble LOLs these days

    oh and one hint – if you want to be with it – better call it unification (Vereinigung)

  10. Linda Grant:

    As the Linda Grant who wrote those words it was an ironic comment on what happens when you attempt to write about Israel: you are attacked from both sides, each believing you are the enemy. Amply born out in this case, from CiF Watch’s own response. Are you American? Do you not do irony?

    Obviously the Ci(not)F mods don’t get irony either!

  11. Silke

    oh and one hint – if you want to be with it – better call it unification (Vereinigung)

    Perhaps you have some technical complaint the designation “reunification” (bzw. Wiedervereinigung) that the rest of the world doesn’t?

  12. Earlier I pointed out to Silke that reunification (re. Germany in 1990) is the commonly used and accepted term.

    She’s still going on about this! Surely she’s not arguing for the sake of it?

    Even stranger: two people have voted on my perfectly innocent post to give it a one-star rating.

    You’d almost think people were automatically voting down my posts. Surely not. That really would be rather pathetic.

  13. Pretzel

    Why are you interested in the rating of the posts?
    This is not a beauty contest…

    Who gives a whatever?

  14. @peter, I think pretzel means some people do just automatically vote down posts, yet automatically recomend cliques, rather than arguing the point. I think the recomend button on cif, and on here should be taken down, then there wouldnt be so many luvies, if a posters agrees with sumit someones written, or is against sumit someones written, maybe they could try expressing it in a coherant posting, it does start to get a little childish after a while no?

  15. peterthehungarian

    Why are you interested in the rating of the posts?

    I’m just trying to understand the mentality behind it – and the same goes for CiF, where I regularly ask e.g. “who on earth has recommended this [anti-Israel] post?”

    Why the negative ratings for my post from 11:36 am? Perfectly harmless, after all.

    The ratings are far from my priority – but when posters like Silke go off topic, then it’s interesting to see who is automatically voting against anything I say. This is clearly because of my previous comments re. Israel.

    As smtx01 points out: ratings both here and on CiF only serve to reinforce the prevailing view and are anything but productive.

  16. ” It’s obvious that Linda’s comment was a piece of satire. ”

    Like her article then , I’d say she was being sarcy in her comment though.


    If Usini was around he’d probably post under his CI(F) moniker, whatever disagreements he’s always come across as straight forward unlike weirdo troll skank01.