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  1. Rather pettily: Erdogan has just banned Youtube and a whole lot of Google services including the search engine. He’s probably sick about the world watching this one and also the one where he thinks he said Thou shalt not murder but he really said Thou shalt not bite.

  2. thank you you made my day, this is better than coffee and sunshine combined, lets hope the hoof left some lasting “impression” 😉

  3. Erdegon has just banned YouTube? Interesting … the Turks are on a long and slippery slope with this guy. It will not be pretty when they hit bottom.

  4. FoolMeOnce
    ts ts ts
    – no chance anything Erdogan is equipped with deserves being called a “jewel”

    as a life long admirer/cherisher/lover/enjoyer of male beauty I must protest

    – that part of male anatomy is indeed more often than not a jewel and a marvel to behold but not when growing (ooops does it still?) out of Erdogan.

  5. Karma for Mr Erdogan, I think.

    But I bet they weren’t his balls – they were probably stolen from a political prisoner.

  6. How come the Muslim world admires Erdogan’s “balls” when he sends jihadists with civilian shields to face the IDF over arms smuggling to Gaza – but doesn’t admire them nder a horse’s hooves?

  7. has anyone seen what looks like the weirdest pro-Israel video of the week? seemingly sung by a peruvian catwoman who likes Israel

    it’s on You tube( En tus bailare.wendy,delfin y la tigresa juntos por primera vez)

  8. Proves everything people say about those bloody Jews. They have obviously suborned the horse and placed remote-controlled sensors in its hooves. Didn’t the Israeli ambassador to Turkey get a bollocking from Erdogan? Returned with interest. He must have put something in Erdogan’s pocket to trigger the horse’s sensors. You can tell it’s a Jewish horse because of the shape of its nose. It just LOOKS Jewish. It was operated from invisible pilotless drones circling Turkish airspace. Don’t ask for evidence of this; it’s obvious, isn’t it.

  9. Harvey you are right. I hope the horse didn’t get hurt.

    Julian, you may have a point about the Jewish conspiracy.

    Whatever next, all the Arab stallions in the world primed to make eunuchs of their riders????

    Now that would be worthy of “The Hidden Hand” wouldn’t it?

  10. Jonny
    do you mean before or after the poor horse dirtied himself on him?

    it is important because I think Dolfi’s missing one was a birth defect like his whole having ever been born, come to think of it.

    (Dolfi is a common abbreviation at least in Eastern Austria)