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  1. exiledlondoner

    8 Jun 2010, 5:36PM

    Alas I’m on permanant pre-mod somewhere else, and 90% of my posts vanish into the ether – those that do get through (3 in the last 3 months) take a day or two to arrive.

    Hawkeye is not the champion of free speech that he claims to be


    I’ll back you up in this case.

  2. usini,

    Here is your chance to shine for real. Let’s talk, third world fascist.

    Are you man enough? I kinda doubt it.

  3. Filtering out antisemitic content is legit. Otherwise, folks should be able to share their thoughts without any precondition or undue limitation.

  4. Yohoho

    “Wonderful. Someone should send it to Rustbucket, LaHenry.”

    Predictable, grindingly obvious and unfunny.

  5. I cant see usini on this thread?


    They always lurk around this site. I know so.

  6. Berchmans:

    You are not the centre of the universe, no matter what you may thing, so therefore:

    I don’t post for your amusement.

    So forgive me if I am not unduly upset what you think, or that you “think.”

    People, let’s all send this link to Rustbucket et al at

    alan.rusbridger@guardian.co.uk and georgina.henry@ guardian.co.uk

  7. I’m confused re. the Sergio Bramsole/exiledlondoner/smtx01/usini dialogue above. Can someone enlighten me?

    But I’m surprised there’s not (yet) been a reaction here to the awful comments that accompanied the Dan Kennedy thread.

    I let my emotions get the better of me on the latter and on one of the previous threads on CiF.

    No sign of pre-moderation, however.

  8. Turkey has barred Google sites,Turkey should read the law on blockades,before it condemns Israel on blockades.

  9. pretzelberg

    “I let my emotions get the better of me on the latter and on one of the previous threads on CiF.”

    Your response to La Ritournelle when she said the IDF drove Yasser to an early grave was like Yoyoyo after a few. ” So the IDF killed Yasser etc etc …nutter.”.

    This is OK here where the moderation is loosen and often better ..I guess you just forgot where you were…I often do.

  10. The Jerusalem Post’s article gets it about right.

    This is why the Palestinians will never get their state. Apart from placing their faith in lunatics, whenever they get close to achieving anything they are undermined either by lack of support by their Arab brethren (who, as we have seen, are all mouth and trousers), or internally.

    The Palestinians are kept as an object of pity and their “plight” (except, presumably those who dine at Roots) for Arab nations, whose populations are whipped up to project their hatred of their own leaders onto Palestinians’ alleged oppressors.

    And whoever takes LaRitournelle’s pearls of drunken “wisdom” seriously needs equally serious help.