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  1. What’s that all about, then?

    On the one hand they conclude with adressing the hypocrisy etc. of Erdogan

    But they are also fantasizing about killing the organizers of the flotilla.

    A troll?

  2. I imagine it’s the organisers of the gathered brutes they fantasize about killing the next time they come cloaked in the lying garb that fits so well, it’s as well to assume the opposite of any declaration or putative offer of apparent generosity from them. These are men for whom mass murder is an eternal delight, sending them to their beds in anticipation of endless fornication as a reward for the lives of innocents. But then, I may be entirely wrong.

  3. most of all Dear Mr. Erdogan

    you have shown yourself to be proud of having exported modern day Jihadist thugs to the coast of the Mediterranean, the cradle of all the best in our culture, including the culture of the Ottomans and AtaTürk

    – if the nobel Jihadists of old should watch from afterlife what you did and compare it to their much higher moral and ethical standards they will cry their eyes out at the terribly smear you put by that even on their own posthumous reputation.

    Do you really think that what you have shown to the world as exemplary Turks is good for your people? As a lover of Mozart I am also an admirer of the Sultan in the abduction from the Serail – it is said that that Sultan was meant to be an homage to Saladin – and now look what you have done to your country.

    – by your talk and probably your consent if not deed you have smeared everything beautiful your ancestors ever came up with.
    May that terrible act come home to roost on you and your ilk and hopefully leave your people free and unharmed so they can continue to strive for a humane and noble future.

  4. Silke, I think Saladin was a Kurd from what is nowadays Iraq — the sort of guys Erdogan’s Turkey has been bombarding again recently…

  5. sababa
    thanks for the reminder, I think you are right and I hope I can embed it in my next attempt at coming up with a taunt for the idiots and a consolation for all the decent Turks I met through the years
    – my excuse for forgetting the Kurdish angle is that keep reading that “they” yearn for a return to Saladin’s days and reign –

  6. I have been thinking of why we should fear Turkey and come up with this and this is only the top layer of the picture I see unfolding – in the end it all depends on the US and whether Putin has managed to fool Obama or whether they have a common plan – so here it is:

    why fear Turkey?
    Putin is in Istanbul http://af.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idAFTRE6571G220100608
    Erdogan and Ahmadinejad plus a lot of other guys are in Istanbul – can it be that they aim at dividing what they consider their part of the world between them as once European countries did?
    Listening in on them would probably be most interesting while they try to outmaneuver eachother on who is getting what

    – let’s hope the US wakes up in time and decides that Iranian and/or Russian harbours in the Mediterranean mean submarines from both and are not in US-interest.

    The Russians have wanted an outlet from the Black Sea always. They got a long-lasting contract for their harbour at the Krim they have shown that they will not tolerate any Georgian come-uppance and now they are trying to get from Istanbul what they want more than anything else? What do they have on offer for Istanbul to give them a corridor through the Dardanelles in return?

    and just to confirm that I am paranoid:
    The Orthodox Russian Church has just been given a church holiday by Putin to the dismay of the secularists and nobody is ever going to convince me that the Orthodox are resigned to not ruling over Istanbul ooops Constantinople.

  7. If you want to lobby for something – lobby for Turkey being kept out of the EU! There’s enough Islamisation in Europe.