Lerman Mocking People’s Fears of Antisemitism

Theobald Jew, Tony Lerman, caused quite a stir yesterday with his article minimalizing antisemitism in Scotland.

It triggered a scathing response from Mark Gardner, Communications Director of the CST, which I’m reproducing in full here:

There are a number of problems with this article, some of which derive from the author being over-reliant on sketchy newspaper reports, some of which derive from the author only knowing one part of a fairly complex story, and some of which derive from the author’s own motivation in turning this into a political argument: whilst accusing others of doing precisely that.

To begin, Tony Lerman fails to mention his own relations with GJEF. Given how much innuendo the article contains, and his commitment to truth seeking, this is odd.

The part of my speech that Tony Lerman quotes from (and then builds insinuations from) was given in reply to a question asking how Scotland compared with the rest of the UK re antisemitism.

I said that last year’s statistics showed a three fold increase in incidents and said that whether you thought it was a big deal or not, it was still obviously a considerable percentage increase – and that if you or your children were one of the very small number of people who had suffered then you might believe it to be something of importance.

I said that statistically the incidents were little different per head of population to other parts of the UK, but pointed out that Scotland had relatively few people who were visibly Jewish. (And who suffer a disproportionate number of antisemitic attacks as a consequence.)

I praised the efforts of the SNP to build an inclusive nationalism and stressed the sincerity that they had shown in all of the dealings that I have had with them. I noted the positivity of Scotland’s self-image as being a tolerant country, but said that since moving from Glasgow to London I had come to appreciate that there is a very real difference between multiculturalism and tolerance, which implies a willingness to put up with something.

I stressed that the vast majority of Glasgow’s Jews are not visibly Jewish, and lead a comfy enough existence in largely white middle class neighbourhoods where street thuggery, street crime, gangs, racism and antisemitism were very rare. I noted that many of them would drive to work in their cars and did not have to use public transport.

I then said that antisemitism, like any racism, impacts against the more vulnerable sections of the community – schoolchildren who wear kippot on their heads and use public transport; people who are literally the only Jew in the village, or on the council estate etc.

I noted that these were the people who had felt vulnerable and isolated and had consequently turned to SCOJEC expressing alarm at the atmosphere they perceived during Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza last year. I said that I was proud to work with SCOJEC in representing these people’s concerns to Scottish Govt, Police and others, so that they did not feel alone and so that strategies could be developed to prevent things getting any worse.

In any other context, I suspect that Guardian readers would be horrified to read an article such as Tony Lerman’s: an article that basically mocks people’s fears about racism (eg his line about Holocaust deniers on the Mull of Kintyre, which carries far more strength than his emotion free mantra “any incidents are to be deplored”.)

The frightened contacts to SCOJEC and CST from Scottish victims of antisemitism last year were not figments of our imagination. What do you want us to do? Tell these people to stop being such Zionists, to go put a kilt on, eat a black pudding, drink some Irn Bru, buy a house in Whitecraigs, and then everything will be ok?

Given Tony Lerman’s own background in Jewish research work, his disdain for SCOJEC’s efforts to work out what exactly is going on is very curious indeed. The representatives of the victims, ie SCOJEC, have tried to engage Govt and Police, to have them research the truth of what exactly is going on, so that we can all see what the problem is, and what could be done about it.

Surely this research would help put an end to the politicising of the issue? Surely this research would show if this is, or is not, about SCOJEC cementing its position as you allege? Surely this research would prove whether or not this is about “demonising pro-Palestinian activism” as your closing sentence alleges?

Instead, Tony Lerman implies that this is opportunistic politicking by SCOJEC, and reveals his own political stripes by summarising it (and thereby trashing it) all as “demonising pro-Palestinian activism”.

Despite all of the above, I do actually sincerely believe that Tony Lerman’s primary concern is indeed Jewish community renewal – which makes me even more staggered by his rubbishing of SCOJEC’ s attempts to work with Scottish Govt to get to the bottom of it all; and makes his failure to mention his own relations with SCOJEC’s detractors at GJEF all the more important in the context of this article.

Another great Tony Lerman moment.

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  1. Tony Lerman’s philosophy is that anti-semitism can be eliminated by redefining it. Brilliant. NOT

  2. “There may well be fewer than 10,000 Jews in Scotland, a place traditionally seen as a tolerant and welcoming place for Jews.”

    There are also between 0 and 2 Tranvestite Eskimos, and they have it even better!

    At the end of a very long, tedious, and pointless article he writes:

    “Politicising antisemitism and demonising pro-Palestinian activism will not be helpful.”

    Politicising antisemitism, well look who’s talking.

  3. Weird guy that Tony Lerman. Former director for the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (until he “resigned”), he seems to think that researching anti-smetism means to constantly argue that it doesn’t exist.

    I guess that’s one way to fight it, yes.

  4. Don’t for heaven’s sake wake the ……. up, Peter!

    MindtheCrap, Lerman is obviously an aficionado of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and I devoutly hope from the receiving end rather than offering it to people.

    One of the ways in which CBT works is by encouraging the depressed or otherwise compromised person to describe what is happening to him/her and his/her reactions to it in a less emotive and negative way (it’s called cognitive reframing) and the hoped-for result is that the events will actually be perceived as being less distressing, because there is a link between thoughts and feelings, and therefore the person will feel more capable of addressing his/her problems.

    If Lerman has been in CBT he’s obviously taken the techniques on board, because he’s trying to “reframe antisemitism” so that the fact that it happens (and people like he are complicit in its perpetuation because of their failure to act against it) is minimised.

    But CBT has failed him ultimately. It is not a focus of CBT to encourage actual denial of reality, rather to react to “out there” reality in a more life-affirming and helpful way.

  5. Despite often disagreeing with his views – particulary on Israel – I always try to give Tony Lerman the benefit of the doubt.

    But I’m sorry, this latest article would be just plain creepy in any context. Given the audience to whom it was published it is positively sinister.

    Great reply from Mark Gardener, who is just brilliant.

  6. “To begin, Tony Lerman fails to mention his own relations with GJEF. Given how much innuendo the article contains, and his commitment to truth seeking, this is odd.”

    No its not odd. It’s typical. Lerman sees the Guardian as his platform to get back at UK Jewry for what he perceives as their unfair treatment of him. From that to any smear he can rake up it is but a short distance.

  7. I think this must be the first deleted zoidberg (proprieties observed, I hope)…


    as opposed to politicising pro-palestinian activism and playing down the existence of anti-semitism, as happens in this august publication each and every f***ing day…..often on three or four threads simultaneously

  8. FoolMeOnce: “he seems to think that researching anti-semitism means to constantly argue that it doesn’t exist.”

    That must be called noing them to death.

  9. I remember Mark Gardner and his IMO very civilised criticism of that ridiculous Dispatches programme about the Israel lobby. And see his subsequent posts, which a) confirm his integrity and b) make Berchmans look very silly indeed.

    Anyway: I’d take his word over Lerman’s any day.

  10. pretzelberg

    “Berchmans ..: I’d take his word over Lerman’s any day ”


    I dont think Lerman needed to do this article…the issue de jour is Israeli aggression …many people say she is buying up weapons to hit Iran..anti Semitism just does not enter the equation . A total red herring and I am surprised Lerman is addressing it. There have been many Muslims murdered in Scotland in the last few years …no Jewish folk have ever been …but that too is just another issue.

  11. So you’ll take Scottish antisemitism more seriously if Jewish people are killed then Berchmans?

    You are are a sorry assed piece of work.

  12. Lerman’s actions and reactions are typical of the overweeningly grandiose against those whom he believes have wronged him. In this I agree with AKUS.

    Anyone know what is Lerman’s relationship GJEF? Are they similar to his relationships to the organisations with whom he parted company, apparently under a cloud?

  13. Admit it Berchmans, you’re pissed off because you’ve been shown to be a liar. I seem to remember a (probably drunken) declaration that Scotland is the kindest in the world to its Jewish population.

    You lied, didn’t you, probably because you couldn’t be bothered to read up on the statistics.

    I seem to remember that you were set straight though.

    You like looking at pictures, don’t you?

    Try these for size:

    Note particularly page 16 onwards.

  14. Lerman does the distancing bit. He is both a Jew and as such knows everything there is to know about being a Jew – how hot it is for Jews in Israel and how cold it is for them in Alaska – and he has distanced himself from other Jews so that he can be objective about Jews and their behaviour. He should in theory be the perfect critic of Jews.

    He fails because of the malicious streak that he seems to imagine he has hidden, just like someone else here who imagines that if he says ”many people say” we will imagine that it doesn’t come from him.

    The Jews Lerman says here misunderstood, lied and implied.

    The kind of Jew he himself is always understands never lies and good heavens!! never implies.

  15. can anybody tell me why this announcement from Prospect convinced me without any further reading that the author was salivating for you-know-what
    I didn’t read all but as he starts off with a quote from a know-it-all Jew I think that is superfluous unless I want to empty my stomach upwards.

    “Israel’s back is to the wall, and her teeth are bared
    To understand Israel’s actions, we have to recognise the agony of its increasing isolation, writes Stefan Simanowitz”

    If I weren’t so much in love with books these presumably high-brow papers might manage to make me deaf to anything any academic had on offer.

  16. I wonder whether Lerman is actually doing the equivalent of whistling in the dark to scare away the demons?

    What if, in spite of all his efforts to distance himself from the sort of Jews he doesn’t want to be identified with, he is still counted among them by, yes, antisemites, and he is in reality becoming more and more nervous about rising antisemitism, but daren’t admit that it exists?

    He’d in one hell of a mess wouldn’t he, if that were the case?

  17. There have been many Muslims murdered in Scotland in the last few years …no Jewish folk have ever been …but that too is just another issue.

    Like many of those below-the-line comments such as, “hardly a pogrom” or “from 10 to 30, not a big deal”.

    It seems as if these people are just wishing for a real pogrom, so they can earnestly sham outrage at the mass killing of Jews while sipping Chardonnay at their Islington soirées.

  18. Htd,

    Again, we seem the same old crap: fears of AS are a “total red herring”; just another weapon of the Israeli propoganda machine The “real issues” are Israeli agression (as if that had anything to do with AS in Scotland). Yes. What the world needs is MORE articles on Israeli agression. How many would be enough to satisy you!? When can Jews express there feelings of isolation and exclusion from their communities you fake anti-racist?

  19. @MindtheCrap

    “Tony Lerman’s philosophy is that anti-semitism can be eliminated by redefining it.”

    I think it’s worse than that. He thinks anti-semitism can be eliminated by redefining himself. As long as he continues to proclaim the Guardian World View, and to vilify Israel, he won’t get much anti-semitism from the establishment or the left.

    But should he ever question the party line, as Nick Cohen courageously did, or speak out about Islamic extremism as Melanie Philips does, Lerman would soon reap a deluge of anti-semitism.

    Well that’s his business, but personally I think it’s cowardice not principle. He’s scared by the sight of Jews standing up for themselves and standing up for Israel.

  20. Snigger, thanks for the link to the pdf from the Scottish Community Council.

    As an American I have to say that I am outraged over the release of the bomber of Pan Am 103 on “compassionate” grounds. That was an unpardonable (no pun intended) sin by scotland.

    To libyan oil contract scots who support boycotts of Israel, I direct them to this boycott.

  21. Snigger

    Admit it Berchmans, you’re pissed off because you’ve been shown to be a liar.

    Laughable. He seems to enjoy being called a lying turd.

    If I was him. I would be too.

    It is a compliment for him.

  22. HtD, “There have been many Muslims murdered in Scotland in the last few years …no Jewish folk have ever been …but that too is just another issue.”

    So, ‘no Jewish folk have EVER been..’ Really?
    Why then were the McMahon’s arrested and tried for the murder of Alexander Phillips?

  23. Eddie, here in the UK we are supposed to “understand” Islamist murderers rather than imprison them or otherwise crack down on them. It’s therefore no surprise that the Libyan bomber was released.

    Taxpayers’ money is wasted time and time again, without any consultation, upon “initiatives” to understand Islam. That’s how the weasel Inayat Bunglawala, whose hero is Mawdudi, who cannot bring himself to condemn stoning for adultery (even in this age of reason), who gave Ed Hussain lessons in antisemitism, who cannot condemn suicide murder of Israeli civilians by Islamists, was invited to join a think tank (and that’s a misnomer) shortly after over fifty innocent people were murdered on their way to work by his brothers in faith, and is a friend of Here’s to Davy/Berchmans, who calls him “gentle.”

    And it sounds as though the US is not immune either – the fact that there could be an application to build a mosque near Ground Zero is evidence of that. However, you people seem to be wiser than we are

  24. A Scottish “view” of the defence against the peace terrorists:

    “THE timing was no coincidence. As the scratchy call to prayer stretched out across the sea from the PA system on Turkish passenger ferry the Mavi Marmara, so the Israeli commandos moved in. It had just gone 4am on Monday, and most of those on the lead ship in the aid flotilla sailing sedately through the eastern Mediterranean towards Gaza were on the aft deck, lowering their heads in pre-dawn prayer.”

    Shades of the Yom Kippur war. How dishonest.

    He doesn’t mention a lot of things and one of them is that the ship carried no aid.

  25. Snigger

    “So you’ll take Scottish antisemitism more seriously if Jewish people are killed then Berchmans? ”

    Well I wouldnt know …as there has never been even a serious assault let alone a murder of a Jewish person ever…not in 600 years of history.. despite the fact that Scotland has the highest murder rate in Europe.

    You just cant make a case can you…all of your resources and all of your fixated pals typing away..huffing and puffing.. it makes no odds…

    Scotland is a safe place to stay for Jews.

  26. As I pointed out below Heres to Davy/abandon hope/Berchmans knows next to nothing about antisemitism.

    In particular, he knows next to nothing about Scottish antisemitism, he had claimed:

    “I believe that there has been 2 cases in Edinburgh where 2 fires were started outside a synagogue..and a boy was assaulted in Glasgow 4 years ago. About one incident for every 2 hundred years of our history.”

    In fact, last year there were some 30 reported incidents, a threefold increase on the previous year, bearing in mind that many other instances probably go unreported.

    Yet he wouldn’t know that, as he is an ignoramus and a bigot.

  27. modernityblog;

    If truth be told, Berchmans, in his various guises, has shown that he knows virtually nothing about Scotland. In keeping with CiF traditions, this lack of real knowledge makes him the ideal person to post on the subject on CiF.

  28. @ modernityblog
    (putting certain un-niceties behind us)

    As I pointed out below Heres to Davy/abandon hope/Berchmans knows next to nothing about antisemitism.

    Berchmans obviously knows that anti-Semitism is pretty widespread. And by visiting both this site and CiF alone he must also (if he didnae before) at least have an inkling of its scope. He’s not that stupid, after all.

    I used to find his wind-up cracks (on this and other issues) entertaining on CiF. But given the relentless denials and provocative comments I no longer waste space on the man.

    Mark Gardener said it all, really.

  29. indeed pretzelberg,

    I wouldn’t disagree with him in this case, but Heres to Davy/abandon hope/Berchmans needs reminding that in an area where he claims some level of expertise, in fact he knows next to nothing.

  30. “Scotland is a safe place to stay for Jews.”

    Two questions Berchmans before I emigrate to Scotland:

    How typical a Scot are you?

    When do you plan to emigrate?

  31. Hi Pretzelberg

    “Anyway: I’d take his word over Lerman’s any day.”

    Too right, i remember you asking me why so much animosity towards Lerman. Well some of us knew how Lerman operated before his appearance on CIF and glad that you’ve seen it for yourself having read his pieces on CIF.

    BTW – i didn’t get chance to reply to your comments re antisemitism and the Boer War. Anyway a quick google brings up a couple of articles that may help

    Hi Berchie – hope you’re well (inspite of your problem with antisemitism denial)

    I remember when you first claimed that there had never been an example of antisemitism in Scotland. After proving you wrong , you then claimed there had only been one example before the war in Gaza. Of course you were proven wrong again. So now you fall back to the fact that no Jewish person has ever been killed in Scotland.

    One day we must meet up for a couple of pints Berchie and you can tell me why you have such a problem that you have to deny antisemitism. I’m not into cod psychology so i’ll wait for the day, and i’m buying !

  32. BTW Berchie. As an veteran on CIF can i remind people of the following. Please bear with me as it shows to what depths Bechie will sink.



    Comment No. 1084018
    January 27 10:06
    USA And does “confronting the past” include remembering the “synagogue
    gatherings” in the 1930s by Kiev NKVD officers who had just
    participated in the forced starvation/extermination of 6-7 million
    Ukrainian men, women, and children? At a time when any “church
    gathering” would have been a quick ticket to a mass NKVD grave or the

    See p. 111 of Special Tasks by the very pro-Jewish Stalinist spymaster
    Pavel Sudoplatov.

    Most people were innocent of atrocities, but when one group’s thugs
    murder innocents, the victim group’s thugs take revenge … if enough
    of them survive. What happened in Europe in the 1930s and early 1940s
    was essentially the same as what we have seen in Yugoslavia, Africa,
    etc. No one group has exclusive rights to victimhood. An ethnically
    unbiased Genocide Day would be more inclusive, truthful, and

    See also the 28May99 Chronicle of Higher Education article about
    University of Chicago professor Peter Novick’s concern at how the
    Holocaust was being used as a moral hammer to justify immoral acts —
    like us forcing our war crime Kosovo war on the Serbs with Rambouillet
    Appendix B, for example. (See also Fred Smoler’s enthusiastic
    July-August 1999 American Heritage article about the use of the
    Holocaust to justify that war crime … war. Even the U.S. Holocaust
    Memorial Museum remembrance committee issued a statement supporting
    Kosovo … shamefully.)

    Is this Holocaust Day an annual event … or something special cooked
    up to implicitly legitimize Israel illegally attacking Iran … and
    starting World War 3?

    Lou Coatney, Macomb Illinois


    Comment No. 1084806
    January 27 19:37


    ## ROKOSSOVY2 .. vicious anti-Semitism.##


    When you are hammering and you catch your thumb …what do you accuse
    the hammer of ?



  33. Also after a comment saying Ahmadinejad was an antisemite Berchmans posted the following reply :

    “##Ahmadinejad is pretty clearly an anti-Semite ##


    Well ..if the Catholics were strangling the Palestinians he’d probably be anti Catholic …what’s your problem with anti Semitism if its earned?


  34. BTW – Here’s the actual comment that Berchie made re antisemitism in Scotland (before it was deleted). Funnily enough it was on a Lerman thread

    “Liar. Until 2006 there had never been a recorded case of anti Semitism in Scotland. A schoolboy was assaulted during the destruction in Beirut…no excuse.. it was an appalling but a totally unusual episode.

    Take it back or I will try to get your post removed.”

  35. And lastly Berchie (because i love you really)

    This is from a 2006 report , PUBLISHED BEFORE THE 2006 WAR IN LEBANON and several years before the war in Gaza.

    A man was recently convicted in Kilmarnock Sheriff Court of painting Nazigraffiti and shouting anti-Jewish abuse. His defence was that he had‘taken umbrage’ against Israel.

    ii)Jewish people shopping in Glasgow city centre were approached bymembers of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign who asked them tosign a petition. When they declined to do so they were harangued andverbally abused and one lady was chased down the street eventually taking refuge in an indoor shopping centre.

    iii) A Jewish student has been ‘hounded’ for taking time off to observe theJewish festivals and for refusing to sit exams on the Jewish Sabbath. Shehas also been told that ‘since the university is a secular institution, it doesnot need to take any account of a student’s religion’ and that she is ‘notdoing you people any favours’, since, as a result, the university will thinktwice about taking anyone with ‘a Jewish name’ in future.

    iv)A Jewish university lecturer was the subject of an extended antisemitictirade from a student in the middle of a lecture. The university authoritiessubsequently asked the lecturer why he had upset the student.

    v)Students campaigning for the election of Mordechai Vanunu to the post ofRector of Glasgow University told students that “Israelis are evil. Jews areevil.”

    vi)An internet directory providing information about local services in Dundeeincluded both anti-Israel and antisemitic comments next to the addressand contact details of the local synagogue under the heading of ‘Jews’.

    vii)A member of the Dundee Jewish community recently commented thatbefore coming to Dundee he had never been exposed to routineantisemitism and that many people in his community feel very vulnerableand do not want to put their heads above the parapet by identifyingthemselves as Jewish.

    viii) Antisemitic graffiti have appeared in various locations in Edinburgh,notably on a wall above the Scottish Parliament building on the same daythat a Jewish charity that supports work in Israel was being discussed inthe Parliament.

    ix)Two years ago there was an attempt to firebomb the Edinburghsynagogue.

    x)Jewish students have reported that they feel persecuted and insecure oncampuses and that the situation has worsened in the last year. This resultsfrom publicity campaigns that demonise Jews by organisations such as theScottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign. A recent example is a posterdepicting Orthodox Jews comparing nuclear missiles to ‘KosherSausages’.

    xi)A Jewish GP who has worked in an ethnically diverse area of Glasgow formany years, and who has enjoyed excellent relations with his patients,reports that a patient recently ended a consultation by asserting at somelength that the GP was ‘the representative of the Israeli government inScotland’ and was by implication responsible for the activities of the Israeligovernment with which the patient vehemently disagreed.

    xii)A Jewish student has told us that she feels ‘marked out’ by other studentsbecause of her religion, and that she is generally introduced by them as‘the American Jew’. Some students have ‘reassured’ her that ‘we don’t seeyou as a Jew, you’re just like one of us’.

    xiii) A Jewish secondary school pupil wearing a skullcap was spat at in thestreet by an older teenager whilst other teenagers tried to grab his skullcapfrom his head.

    xiv) Regular verbal abuse from people in passing cars towards people wearingJewish dress, for example men wearing skullcaps.

  36. Yohoho—-re: the mosque at Ground Zero, and another mosque that another group wishes to build on Staten Island(also NYC), hearings were held and the public was outraged in both cases….chants of no sharia law, denounce the muslim brotherhood, where is the money for them mosque coming from, etc. hit a dull roar. Unfortunately the commmunity board for Ground Zero voted something like 20 to 1 pro mosque, however, the site on which they plan to build it is up for landmark status, so it’s anyone’s guess what will happen. Tearing down a piece of American history or denying religious worship(choke), a lose/lose situation. Staten Island is another story, they wish to build the mosque in a old church convent in a residential area, zoning concerns abound and the community is outraged.

    I do not understand Antony Lerman? Does he believe that if he was dropped down in Gaza he would not be ripped? If anything, he would be the first to go, because he does not defend his own.

  37. “I used to find his wind-up cracks (on this and other issues) entertaining”

    Do you mean to say he’s cracked?

  38. Well. I ain’t American but I would exchange a basilica overlooking the Kaaba in Mecca for a mosque at Ground Zero.

    And a mosque on Statten Island for a synagogue next to the Kaaba in Mecca.

    To promote a feeling of friendliness and equality.

  39. The Scots on the whole are not a bad people,Berchmans is a queer bird,a dingbat.You try pushing a trolley full of letters up shit creek like he does,and see how you turn out.

    Antony Lerman, is the kind of guy that has all of three hairs on his head, when given a pair of electric hair clippers for his birthday.He writes articles about it.

    Lerman will write anything that his masters in the Guardian tell him to,all that he is asking for in return is a pat on the head.Not too much to ask for.

  40. benor. You don’t even know if Berchmans is a scot or not. Because he says that he is would indicate that he is not a scot.

    Nothing that he says about himself is to be believed.

    Nothing he says is to be believed about anything.

    He is an inveterate liar.

    All we can say is that he is an excellent example of a dumb extremist mentality that will never accept facts that go against his pre-conceived ideas.

    Like the Pope and condoms.

    A lobotomy might conceivably help but one would be hard pressed finding any substantial brain cells to lobotomize.

  41. The funniest thing about this Lerman’s article is the bit about “demonising pro-Palestinian activism”.

    As if Lauren Booth et al really need any help in doing that?!

    I think the CST are wonderful and I make sure to donate to them whenever things seem to be getting a bit steamy in the UK (I’m not Jewish).

  42. JerusalemMite, Berchmans is a Scot. He writes for/to some loony left wing Scottish socialist blog under the pen name “Hamish” a lot more sensibly than to here on indeed to CiF.

  43. Looks like Lerman waited to post as late as possible to have the last say, whereupon TG closed the thread. What a shower.

  44. “Looks like Lerman waited to post as late as possible to have the last say, whereupon TG closed the thread. What a shower.”

    This is very typical Guardian modus operandi. I can assure you that if BTL commenting existed in the time of the Soviet Union, Pravda and Izvestia would be doing the same thing.

  45. Schachtman thank you for that jewel, along the lines of what this schmuck wrote to Mitnaged on CiF, that he didn’t blame Hamas for hating Jews (note “Jews” not Israelis) now and that Mitnaged made it sound like antisemitism.

    OK Berchmans – to use your terminology – What’s the problem with hating Muslims if it’s earned? Why should we not hate your “gentle” friend Bunglawala for his deceitfulness, spineless failure to condemn stoning for adultery, failure to condemn unequivocally suicide murder of Israeli civilians, etc etc? And from his actions hate all Muslims in the way you advocate hating all Jews?

    He’s a Muslim isn’t he? He supports the Muslim brotherhood doesn’t he? He’s also a liar. So, again, what’s the problem with hating “Muslims” (ie using Bunglawala to typify all Muslims just as you typify all Jews) if it’s earned?

    Bet you can’t answer without squealing “Islamophobia!!!”

    “You take care now…”

  46. To understand Antony Lerman, you have to understand that Antony Lerman is really quite a timid chap. He is the Jew who sits quietly and well behaved while antiSemites make antiSemitic remarks in his presence. I have no doubt that Antony Lerman has heard all manner of antiSemitic remarks at the Guardian and I am equally sure that not once has Antony Lerman ever fought back or defended himself. Lerman wants so badly to be part of the Anglican establishment that he is willing to sell his soul to do it. Lerman reminds me of the sad Jewish kid in my high school who would sit with the antiSemites and laugh at their jokes, even if he was the butt of those jokes 90% of the time. Tony Lerman is alot like Chrisin Glover’s character “McFly” in the 1985 movie “Back to the Future”. I doubt very much that Antony Lerman truly believes the nonsense he writes in his column. Somehow, deep within himself, he must know what a tremulous fellow he truly is and how his attempt to make himself part of the gang is really a form of selfloathing and selfabnegation.