Guardian Israel Obsession Reaches New Heights: Flotilla Stats

Over the past two weeks, the Guardian went into overdrive in its obsessive coverage of the flotilla crisis which we covered here, here, here and here.

Accompanying the never ending supply of news stories, the Guardian published a total of 37 articles, editorials and cartoons between May 31, 2010 and June 9, 2010, the vast majority of which were anti-Israel in their stance.

In the following pie chart we break out these articles into the following categories: pro-Israel, anti-Israel and neutral.

Included among the deluge of anti-Israel articles were the following: Israeli PR Machine won Gaza flotilla media battle by Antony Lerman, Who will bring Israel to book over flotilla attack by Daniel Machover, If Gaza’s relief is a step closer, they won’t have died in vain by Seumas Milne, Israelis must speak up for Gaza activists by Daphna Baram, Israel: remember 1947 and the Exodus ship by Richard Irvine, Israel’s aggression is now obvious to all by Deborah Orr and Israel reveals its true face by Ahdaf Soueif. Noticeably, many of the anti-Israel articles were written by Jews who are at the forefront of the movement to delegitimize Israel as a Jewish state.

On the editorial front, the Guardian, published a total of  five editorials (including one in its sister paper the Observer), each and every one of which was anti-Israel in its stance as well as three cartoons portraying Israel as the sole aggressor.

Of the 37 articles, editorials and cartoons, a measly four articles were published that could be characterized as pro-Israel, one of which was by Seth Freedman who is most known for his anti-Israel views.

I guess this is the Guardian’s idea of “fair and balanced” to borrow the words of editor, Matt Seaton.

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  1. B: “PS The hissing sound you hear is your tyres deflating .”

    I thought it was something you made.
    Just like Arsenal fans hissing against their tottenham counterparts on a football match.

    Spurs fans shout “Yid army” and the Arsenal scum hiss…

    Sounds like you.

  2. Just stumbled across this website and have been reading through the comments here in horror. Will you please listen to yourselves?

    benorr: ‘Israel should put some form of birth control in the water that it supplies to Gaza’

    Serendipity: ‘Hamas Muslims in Gaza will cynically play on the world’s capacity to feel pity, by lying outright, or twisting the truth sufficiently, and laying the blame for their self-inflicted plight everywhere but with themselves’

    peterthehungarian: ‘Your days are numbered by your new friends who will certainly kill you after taking controll of your country. But taking a second look maybe not. Your moral code is a perfect match to theirs and naturally you will convert to Islam when the time arrive, so you will be spared.’

    Jewish people have been persecuted throughout history, simply for their religion and culture. Surely this should this should give us a sympathy with all oppressed people such as the Muslims in Darfur and Gaza? Instead I hear calls for some sort of genocide. It is true that the Palestinian leaders are not blameless, but there is evil on both sides of the conflict and the best way to resolve it is through negotiation, not the spouting of vitriolic hatred. Your comments disgust me.