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  1. A thinking media station indeed.
    For the intellectually lazy and timid it is obvious that Israel in every instance must be wrong. No sooner has a new sensation hit the headlines than it is obvious to these makers and breakers of public opinion that it is the Jews (read; Israel) that must be in the wrong. There is no need to think, there is no need to look for proof or even to discuss the incident, except in tones of shocked delight at how far the Jews are prepared to go. The possibility that the truth might be otherwise is never permitted to enter their pristine minds.

    A ship left Iran for Gaza yesterday. They can start planning headlines already

  2. I am glad to have seen that video, but so frustrated as well. That idiot woman was obviously aware that her fellow travelers were terrorists, but her hatred of Israel is so strong that she simply doesn’t want to have to admit it.

    How do we fight such mindless hate?

  3. Irit, we fight it by shining a light on it, as many times as is necessary until people actually see it for what it is.

    Such people are very precious and take themselves excessively seriously. Another way to undermine them is to laugh at their view of themselves.

  4. I covered this in a post, the BBP are neo-fascists, and not mild by the stretch of anyone’s imagination, there is an article on the IHH web site applauding the visit by one of the BBP leaders and their involvement with the flotilla.

    The BBP are connected to the Grey Wolves movement, violent neofascists from the 1970s.

    The commonality, not unsurprisingly, is that the BBP are antisemitic.

    I am just waiting for the excuses, how will “activists” explain away the presence of Turkish neofascists? and WHY they were involved?

  5. This is a very good report by the German TV , I wonder how come there are no jumpers to claim it as Propaganda .