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  1. Right on the button Akus.

    It’s the world’s favourite sport. Anyone can play. You don’t even need special shoes, just join in. If anybody hasn’t got shoes well, they can cut down some stanchions from a ship they happen to be on and use the steel posts and the chains that link them too. The good thing is that at the end you can say that the Jews made you do it, and that their videos were cooked up at somewhere other than Al Jazeera. After all, you yourself are only a humanitarian, peace activist, terrorist, jihadi: who gives a damn – they all mean the same ridiculous ”let’s bash Jews” thing, anyway.

    Wonderful stuff!

  2. Funny you point to this.
    Because in the current world cup everyone moans that the ball is not right and blame their faults on the ball being different.

    The only ones that don’t are the Germans which had a longer time to practice with the ball…

    Talk about strange analogy.

    No disrespect meant to any Germans here!
    I’m half German myself (or so I’m told)…

  3. You don’t even need special shoes, just join in.

    Nor does one even need to know any facts. The Guardian often just makes them up.

  4. What is the cartoon mean, that Israel is a Jabaluni, and professional players don’t like it?