Canada – CiF’s New Villain on the Block

This is a guest post by Gili Brenner

CiF’s Jesse Rosenfeld is very unhappy with what he regards as Canada’s unprecedented move “in the opposite direction” with regards to criticism of Israel. At a time when anti-Israel sentiment is the norm, Canada dares to self-censure an “open debate about the Palestinian issue”, Rosenfeld laments.

The new heights in Canada’s despicably untrendy behavior occurred last month with Toronto’s Pride Committee’s banning of the term “Israeli apartheid” at the festivities. Clearly, the festival organisers’ decision to focus on irrelevant matters such as, for example, sexual rights at the gay march rather than on bashing Israel is unthinkable.

Rosenfeld does not find it in the least awkward to complain about this wrongdoing and later mention two Israel-based Palestinian LGBT groups which strive to “protest against all forms of oppression” and which are now unable to do so. The fact that they freely operate from the territory of Israel – where more than 100,000 people from all over the world participated in the Pride celebrations last week – rather from their Palestinian homeland, is of course, irrelevant when delegitimization of Israel is at stake. Rosenfeld highlights the tradition of linking sexual rights to other struggles for liberation and social justice. But his passion for struggles to free Gaza from Hamas and fight the oppression of Palestinian women or opposition groups within the Palestinian territories seems to be lacking. He knows all to well that oppression in not worth CiF’s attention if it does not involve Israel. Pro-justice Rosenfeld also seems to forget that only last week a performance of Israeli gay artists in Spain’s Pride celebrations was cancelled by the organisers. I seem to have missed his piece on Spain’s unprecedented moves of self-censorship.

How incredibly inconvenient it is for the Guardian that a great liberal democracy such as Canada dares to stand by Israel. As the anti-Israel wolves are salivating, Canada is simply a party-pooper. With the United States no longer starring as the usual suspect, Canada, if not careful, could very well become the CiF’s next villain on the block.

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  1. I think the clue lies in the sub-heading: “…Muted support for Palestine, funding cuts for Arab groups, now a ban on the phrase ‘Israeli apartheid’: what’s going on in Canada?..”

    A welcome breath of fresh air and the capability to know what is true and real and what is are lies designed deliberately to mess with heads?

    More cognitive dissonance for the Groan and CiF ?

    That subheading speaks volumes about the GWV, ie that there should be

    Mindless and vociferous support for “Palestine” (for which you may read support for Hamas and Islamism too).

    The ban on “Israeli apartheid” is excellent in my opinion. Given that language influences thought and vice versa, what better way to stop the spread of this scurrilous lie and its entrenchment into the psyche?

    The UK’s gutless government should follow suit but of course it will not.

  2. I was under the impression that Jews were one cohesive unit and that they looked out for each other,after coming to the Guardian I find it quite disturbing to find that there are Jews,a lot of them who are our worst enemies.

    They are strident and very nasty.The Moslems have a very efficient way of dealing with their people who step out of line.They introduce them to high rise buildings,or to street theater for the masses where they are hung or shot,whipped publicly,all this is done in broad daylight.

  3. This time they couldn’t blame Steven Harper and his Bushist Neocon Christian fundamentalist government so instead of putting it on gays who actually acted to discern what does and doesn’t belong in a pride parade the Guardian still took a swipe at Canada on the whole.

    I love their pattern seeing paranoia.

    Never consider logic like:

    “we are gay, Israel is a country where gays can be gay and … Arabs gays can also be gay as back in their territories life is not so “gay” for gays.

    Basically the apartheid bullshit just doesn’t make sense to a healthy brain in this case.

  4. How about a Fatwa or two,to even up the score,Fatwas work wonders for the Moslims,and it’s an extremely efficient tool,they just have to say the word Fatwa,and everyone starts to wet their pants.

    We do live in ME and and if this is how things get done in the ME.

  5. Well done Canada. Britain too has more than its own fair share of gay Israel-bashing writers. Duvidl has written a song about them. Perhaps Jesse could join the club. Here is a reprise in honour of the recent Tel Aviv Pride march:

    At TA Gay Pride
    (To the tune of: “Side By Side”. Hat tip: Harry Woods.)

    Didn’t give mum a barrel of naches;
    She’s still afraid for his tuches.
    Hari’s rolling along,
    Toting his shrivelled schlong,
    At TA Gay Pride.

    Hari’s a trifle world-weary.
    His Pravda-style scribbling’s so dreary.
    Tells an Israel-hate joke;
    Gives Andrew Pierce a poke,
    At TA Gay Pride.

    Hari, Parris and Pierce, Tres Amigas;
    Play kiss-chase; show others a clean ass.
    Hari’s tuches goes wonkey,
    Pinning tail on donkey,
    At TA Gay Pride.

    Hari has a style much too banal,
    Over-stretched alimentary canal;
    His colon on scan,
    Four inches diam.,
    At TA Gay Pride.

    Once the three of them stop copulating,
    Ahmedinejad’s crane is just waiting;
    When they’re done in TA,
    He can hang three each day,
    Side by side.

    (repeat as last three lines of last verse.)
    He might even try,
    To squeeze in Stephen Fry,
    Side by side.

    DS Al Coda

  6. (second repeat as last three lines of last verse:)
    Their ranks might be swelled
    By Jesse Rosenfeld;
    Side by side.

    DS Al Coda

  7. Red Diaper Doper Baby jesse rosenfeld has forgotten the picture of the LGBT Center in the islamofascist regime of iran.


    At Columbia U.: No gays in Iran, says Ahmadinejad

  8. Gili

    “. As the anti-Israel wolves are salivating, Canada is simply a party-pooper. ”

    Funny how times change. The Canadians I grew up with were way more anti Semitic than the Brits . The Jews were ridiculed as tight-fisted the very word Jewish meant tight there . When I came to Scotland there was no such association…maybe because the Scots themselves are lampooned as tight I guess.

    The point I made on CIF …and I stand by it…is that I feel right wing Canadians support Jewish people so long as they stay in Israel.

  9. “The Canadians I grew up with were way more anti Semitic than the Brits ”


    Not that I am shocked.

    Where did you spend time in Canada?

    “right wing Canadians support Jewish people so long as they stay in Israel.”

    I don’t think those gay parade organizers can be considered as “right wing”.
    Perhaps only by Guardian standards.

    There are 3 parties consistently anti Israel (and also antisemitic) :the Greens, the NDP and the Block Quebecois.
    The Block are separatists from Quebec, the Greens have no seats and the NDP are our “socialists” with shrinking support.

    The Liberals and the Conservatives, the two main parties are largely pro West and pro Israel.

  10. armaros

    Where did you spend time in Canada?

    Canadian Army camps…Calgary…Kingston, Halifax and Oromocto. I ended up in Soest in Germany.

    I met up with some friends recently…they are all right wing…Canada is a right wing country…not just compared to the Guardian as you speculate…they have sold their butts to the US and cling to its ideology like a drowning man to a liferaft.

  11. There was a mass demonstration in Canada (Victoria B.C) against the Israeli massacre – a huge crowd about ten-fifteen pensioners and/or Muslims living on social benefits. They came together to mourn Kevin Neish (5:12) – the reporter who smuggled out the photos showing the preparations of the “peace activists” to attack the soldiers and whose pictures were doctored by Reuters and who after realizing what a sad joke of an idiot he made of himself – tries to undo his stupidity with laughable lies. The mourning seems to me a tad premature – this idiot is living and kicking – according to his family he will stay home in Canada and will write a book about his frightening experiences meeting with Jews who have the audaciousness to fight back.

  12. armaros

    “Canada is a right wing country” …This shows how far left you are these days.

    Scotland is the most left wing country in Europe. There is one Tory MP here,,,one …but we’ll get him! 🙂

  13. Berchman,

    “There is one Tory MP here,,,one …but we’ll get him! :)”

    But before you do that, should I remind you what you’re still expected to do?