A song for our times

This is a guest post by Mitnaged

YouTube is a splendid invention.  It brings people in the world closer together, it makes the world smaller.  Hopelessly inept musicians can torture famous and beautiful music and post videos of themselves doing that to YouTube.  There are glorious scenes from operas which the ordinary person might never be able to afford to see. There are bands, choirs, kazoo players, performing animals, scenes from films, indeed almost anything you might think of.

It is difficult to believe that within such a rich variety, theoretically free to all and for all, there is nevertheless a malign political twist which actively supports the distortion of news accounts and current events.  This led to the withdrawal from YouTube of Latma’s production of “We con the World” (although it has now been reinstated) as well as some of the IDF footage of the flotilla incident.   Still available throughout that time, however, were videos of antisemitic Muslim preachers (see also here) as well as other YouTube videos peddling antisemitism to name but a few.

The IDF filmed the flotilla incident, including the polite invitation from the Israeli navy to the Marmara to allow itself to be escorted into Ashdod.  Also on record is the inveterate antisemitic rejoinder from these “peace” activists for the officer issuing the invitation to “go back to Auschwitz.” We are left in no doubt as to what motivates them.

Also included in the IDF’s final dossier were films from the Marmara’s own CCTV cameras, which showed these brave fighters tooling up beforehand and yet still the terminally cognitively dissonant refuse to believe the evidence of their own eyes and ears.  Why is this?

Perhaps one clue lies in the chorus of the song to which the Israel/Jew-haters (we must call those supporters of this “peaceful” flotilla “Jew-haters” since they have not yet distanced themselves from or apologised for the egregious “Go back to Auschwitz” rejoinder) took such great exception:

“We’ll make the world
Abandon reason
We’ll make them all believe that the Hamas
Is Momma Theresa
We are peaceful travellers
With guns and our own knives
The truth will never find its way to your TV”

“We’ll make the world abandon reason….”

“Reason” means, among other things, believing the evidence of your own eyes and ears.  It means reality checking that evidence by reference to other trusted sources, but wait a minute ….  What happens to a person’s capability to reality check if those trusted sources are themselves biased?  How can the average person with no particular axe to grind get to the truth of what is really going on?   We live in a super-fast age and even the most liberal-minded people often do not have the time to check out a variety of sources for information so as to be able to come to their own reasoned conclusions.  Therefore they are at the mercy of the drip, drip, drip of propaganda which spreads in all directions like sour dough and takes on its own scurrilous and specious “truth” like Goebbels’ Big Lie.

Before and during WWII, the German people (except for a brave few) abandoned the “reason” of being able to make up their own minds about Jews and other perceived enemies of the state, and relied instead upon the version of “truth” peddled in the demonisation tactics employed by Goebbels’ Ministry of Propaganda.

Nowadays, the Guardian and CiF and the Observer, the BBC and other news outlets are similarly instrumental in the undermining of Joe and Jane Public’s capability to reality-test.   Their focus is once again on Jews although they would have us believe that they are condemning the actions of the only Jewish country in the world.  They, too, deliberately doctor what Joe and Jane Public are told, and not only about the Middle East, to coincide with their own filtered version of “reality.”   They offer the 21st century version of Goebbels’ Big Lie and the longer this persists the less capable become Joe and Jane of reality testing it, and ultimately Joe and Jane cease to be aware that there is any real need to do so.  We see evidence of this last stage often below the line on CiF, when the same idiocies are regurgitated time and time again.

“… We’ll make them all believe that the Hamas is Momma Theresa…”

The Islamist leaders know full well what they are doing.  They are what Prof Richard Landes calls demopaths –

“…. people who use democratic language and invoke human rights only when it serves their interests, and not when it calls for self-criticism or self-restraint. Demopaths demand stringent levels of human “rights” but do not apply these basic standards for the “other” to their own behavior. The most lethal demopaths use democratic rights to destroy democracy… ”

Hamas’ behaviour and that of Islamists in general fit this definition to a “T”

Worryingly for those of us who value the capability to reality test, however painful may be the consequences, and harbour the increasingly vain hope that we will convince the useful idiots of the Left at least to recognise that there is another point of view, the latter have finally slipped their moorings and have lost their capability to reality test what they are told by Islamist demopaths.

For, like Richard Landes, I believe that these useful idiots (Landes has elsewhere called them “useful infidels”) are the dupes of their Islamist demopath masters.  They exist only to serve their Islamist demopath masters by continuing to bed in and promulgate the formers’ distortion of objective reality.  Landes defines and describes them as follows:

“There are several attitudes that predispose individuals to becoming dupes of demopathic discourse.

1. Liberal cognitive egocentrism – most everyone wants positive-sum solutions – prohibits people from imagining such malevolence.

2. Masochistic omnipotence syndrome – it’s our fault and if we can change, things will work out – makes people particularly susceptible to the wide-ranging accusations that demopaths level at western society.

3. Human Rights Complex– human rights violations are particularly reprehensible when they come from Western cultures – opens access to demopaths to participate in public moral discussion.

4. Fear of Ridicule: When “human rights” discourse trumps all other values, demopaths can establish their positions so powerfully, that people who begin to suspect foul play are afraid to discuss the issue for fear of being ostracized as a racist.”

We should never underestimate the havoc wreaked by demopaths (Islamist or otherwise) upon vulnerable people’s capability to reality test.  The result of Islamist demopaths’ successes with their useful infidel dupes may be summed up in the inherent and blatant contradiction in the following, again from the chorus of  “We Con the World” and attributed to the Islamists on board the Marmara:

“… We are peaceful travellers with guns and our own knives…”

Millions took up the chorus.  However, these useful infidels may well have been ignorant of the extent to which this contradiction actually applied to their conduct, so successful and complete was their binding to their demopath masters and their belief in the rectitude of their cause, until the video went viral and the evidence from other videos added to the message put out by “We Con the World”, and undermined demopaths’ and dupes’ version of events.

Their reaction to the satire once that dawned was, of course, utterly predictable and in proportion to the cognitive dissonance caused – and the useful infidel dupes, no doubt primed and egged on by their Islamist demopath masters, moved to try to obliterate the cause of their discomfort. Islamism, being authoritarian, is stuck in concrete thinking.  One characteristic of the authoritarian personality is an inclination towards literalness, the corresponding inability to understand sub-texts and double meanings and, consequently, towards paranoia whenever it feels that its world view being challenged by being laughed at, or perceives its control to be threatened.

Since the success of satire and jokes depend upon being able to “get” sub-texts and double meanings, and to help oneself to be included by laughing along with them without becoming paranoid or taking the words too literally, the Islamist demopaths and their dupes aboard the flotilla and their hordes of supporters around the world were doomed to be left out of the joke and to fantasise about what was “really” going on.  The important word here is “fantasy” – remember these people cannot reality test sufficiently  and often not at all.

And of course their fantasy led to fury and outrage and consequently to YouTube’s initial cowardly conduct as described above.

“…The truth will never find its way to your TV.”

This is, of course, what Islamist demopaths and their useful infidel dupes would wish, and often radio and television are no better than the press in their wilful distortion of reality where Israel and the Middle East are concerned.  However, the vital point is that, because the IDF took videos of the encounter on the Marmara, and published them on the web regardless of whether they ultimately made the news or not, the truth was there to see.

The Islamist demopaths, however, took issue not only with the fact that their operatives were caught, so to speak, with their fingers in the cookie jar but also with the fact that the footage was capable of being broadcast on television around the world.

My own belief is that the Islamist demopaths’ and dupes’ fury about “We Con the World” is because, at some level, they themselves recognise the truth inherent in it:

They want to make us abandon reason;

They have succeeded, insofar as the Guardian and CiF are concerned, in portraying Hamas as blameless victims in their conflict with Israel and in painting them almost as candidates for sainthood;

They have also succeeded in convincing their CiF dupes and others lacking in critical thinking capability that black is white and white black, and all is “hot ice and wondrous strange snow” (to quote Shakespeare);

However, they have overlooked one crucial factor in all of this, which is why “We Con the World” is and will continue to be so successful in containing them:

WE KNOW WHAT THEY ARE UP TO!  They are not intelligent enough to put themselves in our shoes and to allow for the fact that not everyone can be fooled!

Most importantly, we also know humour and satire are immensely threatening to such people’s view of themselves and their sense of their own omnipotence and efficacy.  This is why we should use them to combat anti-Israel/anti-Jewish venom whenever we can.  The perpetrators will be unable to undermine its effectiveness by using it back at us because their over-inclination towards literalness will cripple all their attempts to do so, and their attempts will fall like the proverbial lead balloon.

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  1. A superb article by Mitnaged, building upon Landes’.

    We should not automatically ascribe innocence to the “useful idiots of the left” in service to the Islamist demopaths, as explained by Walter Russel Mead’s analysis of them as “goo-goo genocidaires.”

  2. UN screening of ‘one-sided’ Gaza flotilla film spurs Israeli complaint

    But the UN agencies have been too clever by half; their obvious agenda (as expressed by the Goldstone matter) means Israel is unlikely ever again to subject herself to UN functionaries in any way.

  3. A perfect example of the eradication and denial of the reality can be seen here

    A post from a “human right activist” on CifWatch:


    June 18, 2010 at 1:02 am

    Rate This
    I’ve treated their three soldiers on board. When they surrender their troops until the lights hit.
    This is how humanity.


    Those guys don’t realize that the obvious question will be (put by Christian Zionist on the same thread)

    If you mean to admit three Israeli soldiers were taken prisoner, then you have admitted the IHH attacked, injured, kidnapped, detained, and imprisoned Israeli troops attempting simply to exercise their legitimate function of maritime/customs inspection.

  4. Christian Zionist

    But the UN agencies have been too clever by half; their obvious agenda (as expressed by the Goldstone matter) means Israel is unlikely ever again to subject herself to UN functionaries in any way.

    Thanks for reminding me about the Goldstone ‘report’.

    What is its situation at the moment.

    Has Goldstone been recalled to South Africa to appear in front of the reconciliation commission? To give some sort of acceptable explanation for his confirming the death sentence on black criminals.

  5. Toko, thanks. I admire Prof Landes’ work and his thinking about demopaths and their dupes applies not only to Islamists.

    You are right that we should not automatically ascribe innocence to the useful idiots of the Left and nothing was further from my intention. They were complicit at least in the violence on the Marmara although they might not have taken part themselves. They gave tacit support (and sometimes open support) to those who had wanted to kill and maim.

    My point is that so many of these fools were probably suckered before the violent nature of what they are going into becomes evident.

  6. My own belief is that the Islamist demopaths’ and dupes’ fury about “We Con the World” is because, at some level, they themselves recognise the truth inherent in it:

    They are enraged by it because it is funny, entertaining and, above all, true.

    They are enraged when Jew kills Muslim or Christian kills Muslim BUT, Muslim killing Muslim is acceptable. No outrage over Darfur. No outrage at the sectarian killing in Iraq except to blame the USA for it. (Muslims are victims according to them and they never seem to grasp that this is simply wrong and tragic from a humane point of view whether the US unleashed or not.).

    No outrage when the Taliban kill other Muslims. Only outrage when civilians in Afghanistan are killed by coalition.

    There is constant outrage that coalition and Israeli casualties are so low when compared to Muslim casualties.

    They care nothing for Africans slaughtering Africans.

    Strange how the extreme left are parroting what they say.

    I had expected more from the extreme left which sees itself as ‘intellectual’. What a joke.

  7. Mitnaged

    You are right that we should not automatically ascribe innocence to the useful idiots of the Left and nothing was further from my intention. They were complicit at least in the violence on the Marmara although they might not have taken part themselves. They gave tacit support (and sometimes open support) to those who had wanted to kill and maim.

    It’s worse than that. These loonie lefties are lying in support of the Jihaddis. One said on Israeli radio that the Israelis had started by spraying the deck with live bullets before they even left the helicopters.

    The photos from the Israeli navy show the thugs on the marmara having a complete disregard from these ‘live bullets’.

    The idiots have devalued the word ‘Peace Activist’.

  8. Mitnaged
    “vulnerable people’s capability to reality test.”

    this is something very dear to my heart
    – having been at an ordinary 9 to 5 almost all my life I can testify to how little information actually gets through to the likes of me, my unusual for my station in life knowledge of language notwithstanding. (had I not been exposed at several occasions early in life to effective pro-Israel PR who knows? I might not have insisted on keeping my pro-Israel bias intact despite never having the time or the opportunity in pre-internet times to delve into fact-checking.)

    To widen the scope of your above remark a little:
    I experienced again and again that my very shrewd and intelligent remote village neighbours’ eyes would become dead with incomprehension when I talked to them using words I used at work. That means by implication that they don’t understand a lot of the most popular and trusted German TV news. Therefore I assume it is predominantly the pictures/videos accompanying the voices that get through to them (and fortunately for Israel the headlines of our most maligned tabloid BILD)

    The above is exacerbated because over the last decades it seems to me that more and more pundits are too lazy to translate English words of Latin origin into a German comprehensible to the majority. Instead they seem to take a sort of pride in loading their sentences with this pseudo-Latin, pseudo because they have acquired it the easy way while trying to make the public believe that they have a humanistic education which still carries quite a bit of prestige with us.
    (The ample use of this pseudo-Latin is much more detrimentable to keeping the public informed than is the widely lamented introduction of Anglicisms – I think!)

    Now imagine all the above “working” on the Turkish couple cleaning our office toilets every evening who after decades in Germany still only had an extremely rudimentary knowledge of the language which didn’t diminish in any way my pleasure in having had the privilege of practicing my language gap bridging skills on them evening after evening (toilet is important because it enabled the woman and me to get really sisterly in the ante-room – what a plight uppity sons can be!)

    What if their neighbours put pressure on this couple to don the head scarf and scowl at “infidels” – is there any place where they’d find support helping them keeping their backbone intact?

  9. The UN should be renamed UMN. The United Moslim Nations.

    The Arabs states have their hooks well and firmly into this rotten,one sided,
    nepotistic organization.Most of those that work for the UN are nutty radical leftists.

    This organization is infested with these nutjobs.

  10. Whoever pays the piper calls the tune,the Arabs pay the piper a pittance yet they get to call the tunes.

  11. Mitnaged


    “go back to Auschwitz.”

    Minaged this was a hoax I cannot believe you have fallen for this. On this occasion words fail me.

    BTW no one has mentioned that the song “we are the world”…the original song.. was awful…it followed the not great “Feed the World ” which was not great but at least had a tune. “We are the world ” was dull as dishwater and sung tiredly by superstars more interested in their image than poor people.IMHO.

  12. Berchmans.

    BTW no one has mentioned that the song “we are the world”…the original song.. was awful…it followed the not great “Feed the World ” which was not great but at least had a tune. “We are the world ” was dull as dishwater and sung tiredly by superstars more interested in their image than poor people.IMHO.

    Strange that so many visited the site in such a short time.

    But nobody would suggest that your feet are on the ground anyway.

  13. Truly, mobbing and battering men at a disadvantage with their hands occupied coming down a rope from a helicopter who can’t defend themselves is cowardice and it is completely unjustifiable. I was shocked when I saw it but when I heard it was jihadis, people with no sense of honour and only out to humiliate, then I understood what was happening.

    Shame on them: none of them is brave enough to take on Israeli soldiers individually.

  14. Greensleeves


    ” battering men at a disadvantage with their hands occupied coming down a rope from a helicopter who can’t defend themselves is cowardice ”

    It was disgusting . I condemn it as cowardly and an own goal . However I wonder if the protesters were frightened. The IDF killed hundreds and hundreds of civilians last year . I would be terrified . I couldnt hurt them tho.. Id cower on the ground shouting that I love Paul Simon songs…. rather than attack.. but thats maybe just me.

  15. @here2davy you should have gone to Yugoslavia in 1999 as Nato’s ‘humanitarian’ warriors reigned down compasionate uranium and cluster bombs for 78 days against a civilian population. Thousands were killed.Were u involved in the marches against the war?

  16. smtx01

    ” Yugoslavia in 1999 . Thousands were killed.”

    Excellent call. Salmond called the attack ” an act of unpardonable folly ”
    However ..I have never been an advocate of “but they do it as well.” The disgusting and horrifying bombing of Serbia is over at least unlike the long running battering of the Palestinians.

  17. @davy, yea, just the contaminated water,decimated infrastructure,polluted environment and many many thousands of dead remain. you didnt reply anyway, did you march against the bombing?

  18. Berchmans, do you automatically aim to attack people if you are frightened? How can people who are on record as boasting that they want to be martyrs be at all afraid? Or were they lying again?

    Prove that “Shut up go back to Auschwitz” was a hoax. Point me to a disinterested page which says that it was a hoax. I’ll bet you can’t

    I heard it on the YouTube excerpt of the conversation between the Israeli navy and the Marmara’s captain. Just because you have difficulty believing your own wits you can’t expect us not to believe ours.

    You are minimising again, aren’t you, for all your “condemnation” of the cowardly attack on the Navy commandos armed with paint guns and forbidden from opening fire with their sidearms on people who were intent on beating them to death. My stars, I even remember your post here that the SEALS were not being taken prisoner, they were being taken below to get medical help (by the same people who a few moments earlier had been trying to beat them to a pulp).

  19. Yohoho. The Bigots Brigade and CiF itself have serious problems with their presentation of the Marmara affair. The basic problem is the videos which, however you attack them, they still support Israel’s claims that the first commandos were the subjected of the attempted lynch by the ‘peace activists’. (That expression – ‘peace activists’ is now a cover for jihaddis intent on killing).

    The whole episode has been a disaster for the IHH which is now being examined under a microscope to see what its connections are to other terrorists, Turkey is being examined to see if it has to be ‘devalued’ within NATO and the US Congress is investigating Edrogan’s complicity in sending terrorists to break the Gaza Blockade.

    It has been a really bad month for the looney lefties and Islamists.

    But, as usual, after Cast Lead, they scream victory. Just like Hizbollah did too.

    By the way. Did you see the Guardian Article on Assad. He says that because of the Marmara affair, peace is now further away than ever before. The poor dear. I wanted to run up and tell him it wasn’t really so. (No comments were allowed though and they forgot to mention Assads blatant lies about the ‘deserted army factory’ that was bombed out of existence by Israel in northern Syria two years ago. Oh. And they forgot to mention that his denials that he is supplying arms to Hizbollah are causing serious concern amongst the countries that matter.)

    Yet the Guardian still presents itself as a newspaper. presenting only news that it feels parallels its Guardian World View.

    Israel- Bad Bad Bad.

    Syria and all states in conflict with her – Good Good Good.

  20. Talking of bias and distortion of facts, would you believe it that the BBC has finally apologised for the factual inaccuracies it broadcast in February 2010 about the alleged death of Mohammed Al-Durah, allegedly at the hands of the IDF. I just received the following. It deserves to be circulated far and wide, so please feel free:

    ‘An Honest Reporting subscriber, Stephen Franklin, complained to the BBC about its BBC2 programme “Generation Jihad” aired in February 2010. His appeal was rejected, but he complained again to the BBC Editorial Complaints Unit. Here is the reply he got from Fraser Steel, Head of Editorial Complaints:

    ‘ “even in the absence of an “official” Israeli Government position on the shooting of Al-Durrah, the fact remains that many people believe that the bullets which killed him could not have come from Israeli positions. The Director of the Israeli Government Press Office believes that “there was no basis for the accusations levelled against Israel”. He is quite clearly not alone in this view, as evidenced by the recent trial of Philippe Karsenty (to which your complaint refers), who had expressed the view that footage of the incident had been faked. An internet search shows a significant number of people similarly believe that the IDF could not have killed Al-Durrah (and some who believe he was not killed at all).

    ‘ “In the light of these points, I think that, in stating as fact that Muhammed Al-Durrah was killed by the Israeli Army, the programme went beyond what could be said with certainty. …

    ‘ “I hope you will accept my apologies, on behalf of the BBC, for the breach of standards in relation to accuracy which we have identified.”

    Mitnaged the BBC originally behaved as you suggest in your article and messed with the reality of the people who were watching the programme and, if they did set out deliberately to distort the facts surrounding Mohammed al-Durah’s death, they obviously did nothing to ensure that what they were feeding their audience was true. Instead they jumped aboard the Bash Israel bandwagon without a second thought.

    And the wording of the apology admits that the BBC presented thoughts and opinion as fact.

  21. smtx01

    ” you didnt reply anyway, did you march against the( Yugoslavian) bombing? ”

    No… like you… I didnt. But to be fair to me ..I have never marched against Israel either. …Have you?


    ” Berchmans, do you automatically aim to attack people if you are frightened? ”

    I dont know… I have never been frightened. I live 3K miles from the IDF and I am not Muslim …why would I be frightened ?

    “Prove that “Shut up go back to Auschwitz” was a hoax. Point me to a disinterested page which says that it was a hoax. ”

    Scroll down to 12 35

    ( I googled it and this is what I got ..I swear to G-d) ! :)) …if they really did say that…then why would the IDF send its brave lads into a den of Islamist extremists…try to use logic.

    Its a feppin hoax… your naivety is giggleworthy.

  22. What a fine piece of Talmudic exegesis, Mitnaged. Maybe you could start a movement to make the song part of the Apocrypha and then get paid large sums for lecturing on it.

    As for the UN, I’m re-reading Abba Eban’s autobiography, and it’s then as now.

  23. Thank you, julian!

    Perhaps I could. I doubt that I’d earn as much as Hamas does, however, from selling back FREE aid to the Palestinian people.

  24. You’ve been at the vino collapso again haven’t you Berchmans. The link you gave to the alleged “Go back to Auschwitz” hoax is to CiFWatch, and nowhere on it can I find anything which proves that it is a hoax except a distinctly smelly post which says it is from someone who, thankfully, hasn’t reappeared since, and a post from you which is only marginally less smelly.

    Watch my lips duh-brain:

    You have said that the Marmara officers “Go back to Auschwitz..” was a hoax.

    I asked you to supply evidence from a DISINTERESTED source (look up what “disinterested” means because you obviously don’t know). A DISINTERESTED SOURCE IS DEFINITELY NOT YOU! You can’t remember what you write or what you mean from one minute to the next so how can anything you argue be taken seriously.

    So go and do it or look even more foolish and a liar to boot (that would not be difficult) or button it.

  25. BerchTwerp, nuance of motive is lost on you.

    If you knew half as much as you blethered, then you would realise that a common theme by the IDF in dealing with Islamist animals is to approach them as they might civilised people with morals, instead of as they would approach dangerous and utterly conscienceless criminals.

    This the IDF did again with this shower and the result is as we have seen.

    I hope that the next time, and there will surely be a next time because these idiots never learn, that the IDF gives no quarter and no mercy, because they will surely receive none.

  26. Yohoho

    “You have said that the Marmara officers “Go back to Auschwitz..” was a hoax.”

    I was pointing out the irony of me looking for evidence of the hoax and finding my own post. I thought it was hilarious.

    I think the shoe should be on the other foot. You should prove that an agency that gave us hundreds of dead civilians last year is accurate. ” Go back to Auschwitz?” Very convenient…very Israeli narrative…very phoney.

  27. Snigger

    “a common theme by the IDF in dealing with Islamist animals is to approach them as they might civilised people with morals, ”

    Then why send your toughest troops in the middle of the night in international waters. ” I say you nice chappee heres a paratrooper to speak to you! 🙂 ”

    I love the expression QED I am not a smug person really but when I check mate you dipsticks a cetain sense of satisfaction overwhelms me

  28. Brochmans

    I love the expression QED…

    You love the expression QED and are using it when you didn’t prove anything – means that either you don’t know its meaning or you even more deluded what I thoght about you before.

    … I am not a smug person really but when I check mate you…

    No you are not a smug person – you are racist antisemite piece of filth who never in its wretched life “check-mated” anybody but hate everybody else who really did.

    a cetain sense of satisfaction overwhelms me

    The same satisfaction what you feel when you are dreaming about giving a blast to Anne Frank?

  29. Read my lips, Berch Twerp – they were invited first to come into Ashdod voluntarily Instead, idiot, they told the Jew who asked them politely to do so to go back to Auschwitz.

    After that, regardless of middle of night boarding or whatever, Israel was within her rights in international maritime law to board the Marmara.

    Now almost half an hour has passed since you posted (which means that the substance of this discussion has probably decayed in your memory), but what part of this do you not understand?

  30. I am still waiting for proof Berchmans or an admission that you are lying again.

    It’s up to you to prove beyond doubt that the “Go back to Auschwitz” was a hoax. If you cannot, then you are lying aren’t you?

    So far as I am concerned, I have to prove nothing.

    The “Go back to Auschwitz” is all of a piece, really, with Islamist Jew-hatred.

    And unlike you, I believe the evidence of my own eyes and ears which I can reality test against information from other sources.

    So come on, stump up the evidence or shut up.

  31. peterthehungarian


    ” you giving a blast to Anne Frank?”

    Peter on another thread you use the expression…and I quote ” hook nosed Zionists” . We should all take care with our language . I promise never to repeat something I said 4 years how about you for this mornings post?

  32. You might indeed never repeat it, Berchmans, but nevertheless you said it in the first place.

    Why should you not be reminded that you did, given your appalling memory for facts?

  33. Now how did that poem of praise for the IDF go? Something like

    “T’was in the middle of the night …on the deep High Sea”

    But what were the rest of the lyrics?

  34. Snigger

    “Why should you not be reminded that you did, given your appalling memory for facts?”

    No I think you must repeat it. A hundred civilians die and I criticise it …so what …4 years ago I made a remark that was uncalled for. Qana? ..You made an uncalled for remark. Targetted killings…uncalled for remark.

    See the way it works?

  35. Be careful, Berchmans

    There is enough doubt about the deaths at Qana for you to look an even bigger fool than you already are for mentioning them in this context.


    “.. Lebanese rescue teams did not start evacuating the building until the morning and only after the camera crews came. The absence of a real rescue effort was explained by saying that equipment was lacking. There were no scenes of live or injured people being extracted.

    There was little blood, CNN’s Wedeman noted: all the victims, he concluded, appeared to have died while as they were sleeping — sleeping, apparently, through thunderous Israeli air attacks. Rescue workers equipped with cameras were removing the bodies from the same opening in the collapsed structure. Journalists were not allowed near the collapsed building.

    Rescue workers filmed as they went carried the victims on the stretchers, occasionally flipping up the blankets so that cameras could show the faces and bodies of the dead.

    But Israelis steeled to scenes of carnage from Palestinian suicide bombings and Hezbollah rocket attack could not help but notice that these victims did not look like our victims. Their faces were ashen gray. While medical examination clearly is called for to arrive at a definitive dating and cause of their deaths, they do not appear to have died hours before. The bodies looked like they had been dead for days.

    Viewers can judge for themselves. But the accumulating evidence suggests another explanation for what happened at Kana. The scenario would be a setup in which the time between the initial Israeli bombing near the building and morning reports of its collapse would have been used to “plant” bodies killed in previous fighting — reports in previous days indicated that nearby Tyre was used as a temporary morgue — place them in the basement, and then engineer a “controlled demolition” to fake another Israeli attack.

    The well-documented use by Palestinians of this kind of faked footage — from the alleged shooting of Mohammed Dura in Gaza, scenes from Jenin of “dead” victims falling off gurneys and then climbing back on — have merited the creation of a new film genre called “Palliwood.”

    There is increasing evidence that the Kana sequel is another episode in this genre, a variety which might be called Hezbollywood. The Hezbollah have evidently learned their craft well…”

    and at

    and in particular:

    “… If you aren’t sure exactly who has the moral high ground in the current struggle in Lebanon, you might reflect that while it is possible to see a grown man on the Lebanese side of the struggle dangle a shredded child by an ankle for the world’s cameras, you don’t ever see that sort of thing at an Israeli funeral, do you?

    And while you might be feeling very, very bad for the dead and dangled child, you might also ask yourself where the pictures of all the dead Hezbollah and Hamas warriors are? Don’t see many of those, do you?

    Or perhaps you do, if you ask yourself what sort of man could hold up a dead child by the ankle to be photographed. Or what sort of man could seek out and take the picture and make sure it got out to the ever accommodating Associated Press?

    Because you do see the “brave” terrorist warriors in these pictures after all. They’re the ones digging up the kids, and holding them up for the feast of the cameras. Indeed, the terrible truth that we in the West cannot confront is that, in some instances, they’re the ones that are killing the kids in the first place. As we know if we are honest with ourselves at this stage, there is nothing too base and too vile for the proud “warriors” of Islam to do in the service of their anachronistic god; their banner is the Bloody Shirt, and they will never have enough blood to quench it. And any blood, as long as it is not theirs, will do…”

    and elsewhere.

  36. HairShirt

    “There is enough doubt about the deaths at Qana for you to look an even bigger fool ”

    So I have room for manoeuvre? I thought I had topped out…reached the zenith ! 🙂 Your link was an appallingly low conscious and reprehensible excuse for an unbalanced view. When I think of the disgusting things I get called here yet posters get applauded for defending acts of civilian destruction.

    BTW have you seen this?

    The former PM of Spain committing his country to going down with Israel.
    Funny that here on CIFWatch Canada gets praised for supporting Israel and now this…the two countries that previously have been singled out virulent anti Semitism. ( Apart from Scotland whose few cases must now be the most famous on the net)

    Funny old world.

  37. Funny old world, is it Berchman? Yeah, when after taking up the (very easy) challenge of proving your famous Anne Frank remarks (an apology from you, although not expected, should suffice as proof, even you would agree, wouldn’t you?), you are stalling on writing that poem. Funny indeed.

  38. It’s not the “defending of civilian destruction” you dummy, rather the deafening silence of useful idiots like you who support Islamists using their own people as human shields instead of condemning them. You were wrong about Qana, weren’t you? You’ve a memory like a sieve so you keep digging the same elephant traps for yourself and walking into them again and again because you forget where you dug them!

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to remind people far less memory-challenged than you about Qana.

    And where is the poem you promised, in praise of the IDF.

    You often mention Scotland’s literary giants, but they also had the hapless William MaGonagall didn’t they, a poet so awful that he was almost brilliant. Even you must be able to aspire to his depths of slaughtering verse and worse!