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Soccer Jew

The other day we posted a cartoon entitled “The World’s Favorite Sport” featuring soccer players kicking a ball labeled Israel with an Israeli flag on it.

Well over at Elder of Ziyon,we’re directed to the following cartoon from Palestine Today that puts a completely different spin on things.

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  1. Hawkeye

    Not funny.

    Israel is easy to lampoon without such horrific and disgusting typifications. With her thousands of tanks ..hundreds of bombs ..her astonishing airforce she is one of the most powerful countries in the world fighting they say …a bunch of guys with 40 year old kalashnikovs and sandals .

    There is room here for books of ironic comment without anti Semitism.

  2. The caption reads:

    “Inspired by the World Cup: Infirad”

    Infirad means a number of things:

    1. Monopoly
    2. Isolation
    3. Autocracy

    Can you blame some Israelis for coining the term “Palestinazi”?

  3. If the Palestinians didn’t identify with the Nazis they would be more careful about publishing cartoons like the one above. It reeks of hatred and prejudice. Anyone defending it would himself be guilty of lack of sensitivity or would be just making his own prejudice obvious.

  4. heh At the moment, if I had the requisite skills I would be drawing Hamas with a characteristic smirk on its face with dollars and weapons overflowing sticking out of one pocket while it puts the world in its other pocket.

    In the background are the non-Hamas Gazans begging Hamas for a crust of pitta – and being spurned.

  5. Wonder if there will be worldwide riots because of these cartoons? There does seem to be a double-standard here

  6. Secular prophet:

    “Wonder if there will be worldwide riots because of these cartoons?”

    We simply don’t have 1.5 billion Jews that can be easily manipulated.

    We have no 1.5 billion Jews full stop.

    But don’t let that stop Berchmans saying:
    “…she (Israel) is one of the most powerful countries in the world fighting they say …a bunch of guys with 40 year old kalashnikovs and sandals .”

    So if the world’s Jewish population is 13.3 million and the Muslim population is 1500 million how come they are the “Bunch”???

  7. You don’t need to go as far as Palestine to find this Vile ideas.

    Yesterday I went to the local Pub with a colleague to watch England play.
    We sat down and watched the game.
    Next to us sat 2 Eastern European young lads (mid 20’s).

    Since they seemed to cheer for Slovenia I asked if they were from the Bulkans.
    They said no and that they are from Poland. They asked where am I from.
    I said I am from Israel but my mother side is from Poland and my Father is Czech.

    They then said something I heard before.
    “Your grand parents, they were not Polish, they were Jewish, right?”

    I didn’t answer.

    I heard this before from another Polish girl 5 years ago.
    She was born in Poland but grew up in France and yet saw herself as Polish.
    So it’s not something they teach these youngsters in Poland because she grew up in France.

    Both cases didn’t even think they said something wrong.
    I mean, you wouldn’t tell Ben Stiller or Adam Sandlers you’re not American you’re Jewish?

    Had I told you my Parents came from France you wouldn’t tell me they are not French but Jewish, right?

    But in Poland things are still well back in the 30’s.

    And this is why these cartoons are not that surprising.
    Neither is the apathy of the world’s liberal voices to these cartoons or expressions.

  8. I like the way that the Arab media portray Jews in their cartoons with those huge and grotesque noses.

    If anything the Arabs themselves have quite fleshy noses,and some are big enough to play poker on.Arafat comes to mind.

  9. A bunch of guys with 40 year old Kalashnikovs and sandals.

    Berchmans,you are not acting at all,now are you,this IS genuine stupidity,one step from brain-dead.

  10. I copied some more cartoons onto a Word document, I’ll try to paste it here. In case it doesn’t work: sorry. In case it works: enjoy!

  11. Its always interesting to see how the Arabs (and Iranians) fall back on Der Stürmer for inspiration, with a picture of a hook-nosed orthodox Jew to illustrate Israel.

    Yet we also know how they peg their hopes on the ultra-orthodox, anti-Zionist Jews like the Neturei Karta to show that Israel is “illegitimate”.

    Always an interesting example of anti-Semitic cognitive dissonance at work, and illustrative of the Arab ability to hold two conflicting concepts to be true at the same time, and to make “truth” be whatever they say it is, rather than having some objective status.

  12. These Arab Media cartoons portraying Jews,is closer to what Arabs look like.

    That cartoon up there looks like Ahmadinijad,or any other Muslim Mullah,they must have used them as a model.

  13. GaryO, although the sentiments may be similar the images are far too benign to be Steve Bell’s. His look to be the products of a very fevered imagination.

  14. AKUS

    ” Its always interesting to see how the Arabs (and Iranians) fall back on Der Stürmer for inspiration, ”

    Is it because they are Nazis ? I say this because the Israeli narrative is founded on the factoid that Arabs are Nazis ..despite knowing that throughout history there was a comical …one…. Palestinian who was indeed a Nazi. Somehow you have managed to tar the entire Arab nation as such.

  15. AKUS, you are right of course, and particularly about the cognitive dissonance around persisting in hanging on to two conflicting ideas because they cannot bear the shame of being seen to be wrong about either of them! Intelligent and well-adjusted people try to find consonance by telling themselves a reality-based story about why one or the other has not worked out.

  16. Hamish, have you heard of the TAT projective test, used in psychoanalysis? It is designed to measure the extent to which the patient projects his fantasies onto a series of drawings he is shown and asked to narrate a story about to his analyst.

    That Arab cartoon “Jews” look so much like Arabs is evidence that the society which allows such cartoons to persist is splitting off a part of itself which it finds abhorrent and (literally and in pictures in this case) projecting all its “badness” onto its enemy so that it can feel clean. It is, of course, completely unaware of the process.

    (Except that I doubt whether a year’s supply of carbolic soap and endless bathing could ever have made Arafat look clean).

  17. Itsik,
    My father was from Poland and he was Jewish. He would have agreed completely with the guys and the girl you talk about that he was not Polish. As a matter of fact, he lived in Poland during WW1 and said the only time the family was treated decently was when the Germans occupied his village. In WW2 the Germans killed all his family members that had not emigrated. He still maintained that the Poles were the worst anti-semites of them all. Sadly, he never got to read the Guardian. He loved to watch a good competition.

  18. B :
    “… there was a comical… ”

    So the Grand Mufti was comical.
    Not to the arabs he wasn’t.

    Let me highlight what is important to counter you:

    “…After a governmental meeting, the Egyptian foreign minister said the Mufti was regarded as a political refugee whom they as such refused to extradict. The Mufti was also reviewed as a “great Arab leader whos personality demand everyones respect….and among Palestinians – where al-Husayni was still popular.”

    So a comical figure is popular and a great Arab leader.
    The arabs were the ones that created Big Brother…
    Oh, Obama must have missed this in his Cairo speech.

    Berchman, though I oppose tarring population as one, it is important to see where their National ambitions drew inspiration from.

    One must never forget these things.
    Until correcting these errors is being attempted by Hamas controled school programms and Fatah education programs we can’t move froward.

    Can you not see the problem in not accepting their responsability in the troubles which led to their “Nakba”?

  19. @ wearenotblind,

    My mother hates the Ples.
    When she is speaking of them she is talking with more than contempt.
    I believe the Russians (Western ones) and the Baltic states were as bad.

  20. ItsikDeWembley,

    If you prefer trolls instead of dogs or cats as your pet, here’s something you can feed it with:
    (Husseini wasn’t the only admirer of Nazis in the Arab world)

    On the other hand, maybe not. It is a whole page long, not sure that a retarded troll can read that much, so here are the most important parts:

    The Arab Embrace of Nazism: Husseini represents the prevalent pro-Nazi posture among the Arab/Muslim world before, during and even after the Holocaust. The Nazi-Arab connection existed even when Adolf Hitler first seized power in Germany in 1933. News of the Nazi takeover was welcomed by the Arab masses with great enthusiasm, as the first congratulatory telegrams Hitler received upon being appointed Chancellor came from the German Consul in Jerusalem, followed by those from several Arab capitals. Soon afterwards, parties that imitated the National Socialists were founded in many Arab lands, like the “Hisb-el-qaumi-el-suri” (PPS) or Social Nationalist Party in Syria. Its leader, Anton Sa’ada, styled himself the Fhrer of the Syrian nation, and Hitler became known as “Abu Ali” (In Egypt his name was “Muhammed Haidar”). The banner of the PPS displayed the swastika on a black-white background. Later, a Lebanese branch of the PPS – which still receives its orders from Damascus – was involved in the assassination of Lebanese President Pierre Gemayel.

    The most influential party that emulated the Nazis was “Young Egypt,” which was founded in October 1933. They had storm troopers, torch processions, and literal translations of Nazi slogans – like “One folk, One party, One leader.” Nazi anti-Semitism was replicated, with calls to boycott Jewish businesses and physical attacks on Jews. Britain had a bitter experience with this pro-German mood in Egypt, when the official Egyptian government failed to declare war on the Wehrmacht as German troops were about to conquer Alexandria.

    After the war, a member of Young Egypt named Gamal Abdul Nasser was among the officers who led the July 1952 revolution in Egypt. Their first act – following in Hitler’s footsteps – was to outlaw all other parties. Nasser’s Egypt became a safe haven for Nazi war criminals, among them the SS General in charge of the murder of Ukrainian Jewry; he became Nasser’s bodyguard and close comrade. Alois Brunner, another senior Nazi war criminal, found shelter in Damascus, where he served for many years as senior adviser to the Syrian general staff and still resides today.

    On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t bother. An ignorant perverted hypocrite tends to ignore facts.

    BTW, you mentioned in one of your posts that your cousin (or was it your niece?) is in artillery. The 405th Battalion? or the 411th? Hopefully the former, “Gdud Namer” were always the best… 😉