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  1. The US-based group Human Rights Watch said Friday that Hamas is violating the international rules of war by prohibiting Gilad Schalit from having contact with his family or visits from the Red Cross.

    Human Rights Watch called the treatment of the 23-year-old soldier “cruel and inhuman” and described it as matching the UN definition of torture because he is denied any outside contact.

  2. I know that this places the onus on pro-Israel activists who live in New York, but why is there not a constant peaceful presence outside the UN, 24/7, a vigil to keep Gilad’s plight in the public eye? It could be done by rota.

    The UN attracts lots of tourists and American visitors. It’d be an ideal focus for such a peaceful protest.

  3. He is not a terrorist getting fat on US government issued Halal food in Gitmo.

    Therefore nobody cares.

  4. Maybe if Gaza and Israel agreed to release their political prisoners on the same day, Mr Shalit would have his freedom (and 10,000 Palestinian men, women and children would have theirs).

    Good outcome for everyone I’d say.

  5. There are no political prisoners in Israel unless you count some Jewish fathers. The suggestion that there are child prisoners in Israel is monstrous. (If, as in some American prisons, there are children who are born to criminals who stay with their mothers, then they are their mothers’ prisoners.)

    There are Arab criminals in prison in Israel, and soon, I hope, their comfort levels will be greatly reduced. If it were up to me they would all go into solitary confinement with no family visits, extremely boring and minimal nutrition (just this side of what is required by treaty), no television, limited reading materials, recorded lawyers’ visits, the minimum number of Red Cross visits, family visits to be supervised by Arabic-speaking guards, limited mail, etc. As long as one young Israeli is held captive by the savages of Hamastan, Arab prisoners should get no privileges.

    As for your remark linking a kidnapping victim with convicted criminals, have you no decency? (Rhetorical question, of course you don’t.)

  6. There are all sorts of stories in the anti-Israel hate sites about prisoners in Israel.

    Let us take a practical example to prove what kind of treatment they receive. Samir Kuntar a self-confessed murderer of a 4 year old girl came out of prison healthy-looking and with a degree in social science. While in prison he got married and was permitted conjugal visits apparently since his wife gave birth to several children, none of whom he took with him to Lebanon when he was freed.

  7. @irit ‘As long as one young Israeli is held captive by the savages of hamastan, Arab prisoners should get no priviliges’.
    ‘I hope their comfort levels will be greatly reduced,if it were up to me, they would all go into solitary confinment with no family visits,extremely boring and minimal nutrition,just this side of what is required by the treaty,no tv,limited reading materials,recorded lawyer visits,the minimum number of red cross visits lim,ited mail’

    So you are advocating an illegal, unjust and sadistic form of collective punishment for ALL Arab prisoners in Israel.

    Jewish law forbids the inhumane treatment of prisoners, International law forbids it,
    Israel is not the United States.
    Do you have any idea how hate filled you sound?

  8. And lets all hope and pray that those members of Hamas who kidnapped and imprisoned Gilad Shalit, are not ‘savages’, lets hope he is not being beaten and given minimal food, lets hope they agree to organizations like the Red Cross visiting him,lets hope he will be allowed to receive correspondence.

  9. smtx- we can hope that gilad is being treated well…..but personally my expectations are low.

    and as far as the red cross visiting him, i had heard that they had not even attempted a visit as they were scared it would have negative consequences for its staff on the ground…which, if true, seems a bit spineless for a (newly self-proclaimed) human rights organisation (and one which only makes a pretence at neutrality).

  10. Smtx “collective punishment”

    Why do your comments so often sound like a re-hash of Palestinian propaganda?

    Exactly what do you call the approach the Allies took towards Germany in WW2 if not “collective punishment”? How many British regret that, except for a few lunatics

    In fact, one possibility Israel should consider, in fact, is tit-for-tat collective punishment. Arab prisoners in Israel don’t receive ICRC visits, until Shalit does. Etc.

    In fact that tit-for-tat approach can be extended in a manner to improve the Gazan situation, by linking response to provocation. “Militants” fire 3 qassams from a school? Then IDF immeidately fires 30 rockets directly back to the exact same point of release.

    Hamas kidnaps an Israeli soldier? Then Israel kidnaps 30 Hamas “legislators”.

    Knowing every aggressive action will have an immediate Israeli response is indeed a deterrent.

  11. @toko, my comments do not seem like Palestinian propaganda, i was replying to a post from Irit, who was wishing all Arabs in Israeli Prisons should be collectively punished for members of Hamas kidnapping and imprisoning Gilad Shalit. did u read irits post> im guessing you are in agreement with it

  12. Irit, on the face of it you are absolutely correct that Palestinian prisoners, who almost certainly support the Hamas regime should certainly get no better treatment than that meted out to Gilad Shalit, which is:

    held incommunicado and, wherever possible in solitary confinement;

    without contact with the Red Cross and without access to any comforts;

    without visits from family or anyone else.

    But there’ll always be pseudo-liberals and misguided bleeding hearts who will argue against their being repaid in the same coin, and, in truth, I can’t see the Israeli government stooping to Hamas’ level because they are not callous enough.

    That doesn’t stop me from wishing that they were, though.

    Gilad Shalit should have finished university by now with a far better degree in whatever he chose to study than the murderous animal Sami Kuntar, who no doubt is using his qualification, gained at the Israeli taxpayers’ expense to become a better and more efficient Islamist psychopath.

  13. zoidberg, the Red Cross can’t be expected to be brave unless it’s by condemning Israel.

    Heaven forfend that they should try to help an Israeli citizen.

    Toko, see my previous comment re what you say about tit for tat. That would be eminently fair.

    And semtex your comments are off-colour to say the least, and “collective punishment” (particularly as you wrote it, without the quotes) is reminiscent of the sort of guff put out by the ISM. You should watch your language if you don’t want to be accused of being sympathetic to them.

  14. As usual, smtx purposely misunderstands in order to promote the anti-Israeli viewpoint.

    If you actually read what I wrote, I said that the Arab prisoners should be treated to the minimal level demanded by treaties, ie, that all legal requirements should be complied with, but not one thing more. Minimal, uninteresting food, enough to keep them healthy; no privileges; restricted family visits; Red Cross visits but supervised to prevent the passing of illicit messages or goods. No television, no college, no telephone calls unless supervised by Arabic-speaking guards.

    Right now many of these Arabs are living better in prison, supported by the Israeli taxpayer, than they do at home. That is ridiculous. Prison should be punishment, not luxuries. Especially as Gilad Shalit is kept as we all know in peine forte et dure, even if he is not literally crushed.

    Collective punishment? For criminals? Are you insane, or do you just not speak English very well?