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  1. Many comments referring to Darfur specifically on CiF are deleted.

    One has to wonder why the CiF moderators are so active keeping CiF threads free of any content relating to Darfur.

  2. Oh yes, Darfur. I’ve heard vaguely about Darfur. I think I read that some people died there.

  3. i worked iwth some darfuris almost a decade ago (jayzz….that long and it’s still going on?! that’s a sad indictment of the human race), and they made me aware of the policies of the regime in khartoum. the treatment of the fur, zaghawa and others has been appalling…yet to read thge guardian one would think that darfur is a minor skirmish and that ten times more were being killed etc in wb and gaza.

    it annoys me that the standard cif response is that one only refers to darfur in order to take the heat off israel…for someone to allege that demonstrates that they have an agenda and that the well-being of all humans is not at the heart of thier beliefs.

  4. The Darfurian humanitarian crisis is horrible to contemplate when you see the occasional pictures of women with starving children. And I am somewhat troubled that I use the Darfurian horrors to beat the looney left and Islamists wherever I find them.

    I have a feeling that I should apologize to the Darfurians but, apart from sending money, what can I do? I would support Israel’s participation in an armed effort to destroy the militants but, there are some who love the militants because they are anti Western.

    They don’t care that entirely innocent people are dying.

    The Guardian coven should hang their heads in shame. They could publish known casualties every day in their paper to raise awareness of the truly awful situation in Darfur.

    If real humanitarian problems were their ‘remit’..

    But they are not. Trying to destroy Israel is part of ‘who they are’.

    Trying to destroy Western civilization is ‘who they are’.

  5. @jeruslalemite, to be fair, it is not just the guardian who ignore the tragedy of darfur, most broadsheets and media outlets do, as do the populations of the entire world.It is we, as a collective body, as human beings, who should hang our heads in shame and there are many things we can do, we could write to papers,to our representatives and demand something is done.

  6. Smtx

    “It is we, as a collective body, as human beings, who should hang our heads in shame”

    Aren’t you the one who, elsewhere on this site, just finished decrying the concept of collective responsibility?