Whose Guardian is it?

This is a guest post by Gili Brenner

CiF’s editorial, Gaza: State of Siege from last week, is yet another indication that if Hamas ever runs out of spokespeople, it need not worry – the Guardian, masked in a veil of intellectual liberalism and equipped with a distorted human rights agenda, is there for the rescue. Written from a position of unique bias, it becomes very unclear what or whom exactly the CiF is interested in guarding. Judging by the editorial, as it is caressing its own intellectual ego, CiF is not even remotely interested in the Palestinian people and their welfare.

Take, for example, the usual claim of scarcity in Gaza which the Guardian tirelessly makes. While the media is full of reports of well-stocked stores and markets (including the “careless” last 30 seconds of a video made by the Guardian itself), and of streets packed with vehicles, CiF repeats its very catchy mantra but seems to ignore one small thing – the truth. It also ignores the economic revival in the West Bank and the very inconvenient facts that life expectancy in both Gaza and the West Bank are higher, and infant mortality rates are lower, than in Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran and Pakistan. But CiF does not let facts confuse its subjective world in which CIA World Factbook is probably controlled by Zionists.

But Gazans and their welfare do matter for the Guardian. As the editorial highlights, the people have democratically elected Hamas and there is “no convincing evidence” it is losing support. I seem to have missed the latest popular talkshow or poll in which Gazans express trust in their regime as well as their agreement to having no election in the foreseeable future. The crushing of opposition and execution of alleged collaborators with Israel? Details. CiF has its reliable sources to distinguish between right and wrong – radicalized university students in London.

CIF’s support for a dark regime which openly declares its desire to destroy the state of Israel, as well as for IHH Turkish activists or for any group provided it is anti-Israel, is not a journalistic joke anymore. In the name of a self-righteous Israel-bashing – facts, people and the common good have become meaningless. Somebody over there must wake up and ask some serious questions: are we really acting in good faith and who are we guarding?

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  1. CIF’s support for a dark regime which openly declares its desire to destroy the state of Israel, as well as for IHH Turkish activists or for any group provided it is anti-Israel, is not a journalistic joke anymore.

    The Guardian net is a little wider actually.

    Israel has a very prominent position But the Guardian ‘baddies’ encompasses anything ‘Western’, ‘white’, ‘market driven’, ‘free market’ and ‘European’ which includes Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

    And we mustn’t forget the dreadful and evil United States of America which may now have a semi black president, but according to The Guardian Bigots brigade, is controlled by awful neocons most of whom are …. dare I mention it, Jews.

    South Africa has broken out of its ‘white’ bonds and is degenerating into anarchy. But. What the hell. As long as the successful non socialistic Western Liberal Democracies are ‘out’ of South Africa, the ANC government can do no wrong. (crime, murder, aids epidemic.)

    Ditto. All the ‘colonies’ which are now anti Western are in The Guardian ‘good books’.

    Israel is not one of these. (gasp – long drawn out moan)

    In fact, Israel underlines the plodding along socialist state of the 1950s 60s Israel compared to the vibrant market driven economy in Israel today. Something just horrible for The Guardian’s Bigots Brigade to contemplate without generating pure, uncontrolled outrage.

  2. From my angle I see that the Guardian has entered the stakes as a player and as an influence in public opinion. As such it is no longer a newspaper but it is a political shill and is probably funded by bodies that benefit from its viewpoint.

    It deliberately chooses to attack Israel from positions advantageous to Israel’s enemies and it is an unreliable source of information. Its devoted stable of followers echo Guardian viewpoints and are unable to conceive of the truth — and with reason, because they only read it so seldom and generally as the viewpoint of what they call ‘Israel always right’.

    From all the postings begging to be looked at more critically that of Maceasy seems best to ullustrate sincere ignorance as fostered by the Guardian.

    28 Jun 2010, 12:28PM

    Ilana Hammerman is heroic in her determination to stand against Israeli prejudice. That such a simple uncontroversial event as she organised causes the outrage it does is symbolic of Israel’s embedded, institutionalised racist attitudes and laws. To even contemplate equal rights for Palestinians – both within and without Israel – sounds like a utopian dream and a radical, unthinkable agenda. That is the measure of how far Israel is from any sort of normal, civic standards and equal human rights for all under its control. (Cue the ‘it’s all their own fault’ trolls…)

    All the misconceptions there are carefully nurtured by the Guardian which can be proud of its pupil.
    1. The assumption that Hammerman is standing against Israeli ‘prejudice’ by bringing three young women from an enemy population into our extremely vulnerable centre. Hammerman is actually offending against Israeli security.
    2. The assumption that the laws are based on institutionalised racism makes it clear that the Guardian has not taught its devoted student that over twenty percent of Israelis are Arabs – Moslems and Christians – drawn from the same sort of population as the three women who came for a ‘fun day’ to Tel Aviv.
    3. That human rights are unthinkable to Israel – I would very much like to expose maceasy to this video by Bret Stephens, detailing the human rights of the people of our region

  3. The kind of information that the Guardian feeds their adherents and does not correct – or allow people to correct on pain of deletion and eventual banning can be seen in the current thread:
    30 Jun 2010, 12:23PM

    Achilles: “That was before the Palestinians sent in the suicide boys and girls, eh Orwell?”

    Ah, little old Achilles trying to be clever. But which came first? The brutal oppression of the Palestinians, the theft of their land and livelihood, their treatment as animals and daily subjugation and the murder of their children? Or the suicide bombings? We both know the answer to that, don’t we Apologist0200?

    30 Jun 2010, 12:33PM

    While the USA picks up the tab, there will be no end to this. American tax payers must be plain stupid.
    30 Jun 2010, 11:54AM

    Close the israeli embassy and stop all flights there. Israel is a rogue aparthied state that does not wish to interact with europe.

  4. Where are all these fruits and veg come from?

    When I visited my mother last in Quiryat Shemona (north Israel) I tried 3 different supermarkets and could hardly find any fruits or veg.
    Most of the veg were rotten and most of the tomatoes paler than the ones in London.

    Don’t even go down to the Kibbutz super market because it is a pathetic excuse for a shop.

    The Shopping centre by my brother place in Pisgat Zeev (Jerusalem) had limited amount of fruits and vegtables as well.

    Seems to me the Gazzans are having a ball.

  5. Gili, thanks. I recently read an article in “Prospect” which argued that long-term reliance only on what the internet tells us, in very much simplified form, about world events (instead of reading a wide selection of reportage which literally gets them thinking) can lead to permanent rewiring of the neurotransmitters in the brain, so that ultimately people cannot “do” complexity and remain in the intellectual shallows.

    Now, the clownish antics of the lovely BellaMac are proof-positive of this (although I suspect that she was well along that route long before she began to twitter or moderate on CiF), but amost every Israel/Palestinian-related article on CiF plays down to this lowest common denominator too.

    Thus perhaps, having embedded into authors’ and the blt commenters’ minds that “Gazans are starving” the compromised hardware in their brains cannot rewire itself to take on board new information. Consequently they get very exercised indeed at anything which contradicts it. I have read articles here by Mitnaged and others about cognitive dissonance which sufficiently explains the psychological results of that, but the “Prospect” article seems to provide us with the physiological underpinning.

    And Gili, al Groan is guarding its own Jew-hatred from having too bright a light shone on it.

  6. Stanley, thanks for the eye opening pics.


    “Where are all these fruits and veg come from?”

    I wish I could find such beautiful fruit! (and at such low prices)

    I saw a video article on the implications of Israel’s goods blockade. It was based on interviews with Palestinian retailers. They all said there’s no shortage of anything in Gaza, and the pictures of stores filled with goods backed it up.

    Their only complaint was the high costs of shipping through the tunnels. Interviews Gazans complained that before you could buy a refrigerator for 800 sh(!), and now its up to 4000 sh…

    People are still dying of starvation in Africa, partly because human rights groups divert their attention and funds into the Gaza myth.

  7. Fooledmeonce – “… the high costs of shipping through the tunnels….”

    Have I missed something? Does the Israel-supplied aid (which is meant to be given out free) go into the tunnels immediately it crosses the border?

    If not, what happens to it?

    Can anyone help me out here?

  8. zkharya-

    ‘If The Guardian is making a loss, how does it keep going?’

    i take it you didn’t see the glossy, full page, all colour advert in the graun’s sister paper on sunday?

    i’ll give you three guesses which nation it was a tourism ad for….. :o)

  9. The Grauniad also lies by deliberate omission that Gaza is exporting its own produce, see

    Note that the article says that the Guardian didn’t correct the lies it told.

    Why would it do that if if were starving?

    See also

    And look at the lies here:

    Note that this page is linked with the UN

    And compare those lies with the information contained at:


    “…Imports into Gaza
    – March 2010: 2,486 truckloads (Israel maintains a list of goods that are permitted into Gaza; the list currently contains 81 items. In the last few months, Israel has allowed limited amounts of aluminum, wood, glass and cement into Gaza for reconstruction)
    – Pre-closure monthly average (Jan ’05-March ’07): 10,400 truckloads
    Exports from Gaza: 59 truckloads of cut flowers and 2 truckloads of strawberries between Feb-March 2010..”

  10. I, too, would like confirmation from a trustworthy source that Palestinians get the aid free of charge.

  11. ItsikDeWembley

    Just see on last post in link that i put before.Last post about agriculture in Gaza.

  12. They have the world believing that they’re starving and that it’s all Israel’s fault for denying them food.

    More fool us for gobbling up their porkies

  13. SarahLeah

    They were talking about smuggling goods from Israeli companies and importers- sending goods from Israel to Egypt, then north through the tunnels- just a big detour for them.

    Not talking about aid here.

  14. These are not new links, HairShirt, but they may help explain. If Hamas could take advantage of its people then by selling back to them the aid they should have been given free, during a war of its own making, Hamas is hardly likely to do things differently today, is it?

    And finally this; the whole article is very interesting indeed in the way it highlights the entrepreneurial spirit in “starving” Gaza.

  15. Thanks, Fooledmeonce, but my question still remains, does Hamas hand out the aid which comes daily from Israel to every person who needs it, free of charge, or do they have to pay for it?

  16. SarahLeah

    According to what I’ve read not only do Hamas NOT hand out incoming aid, including basic foods, but they confiscate much of it, and sell it at high prices.

    I’ve believe the UN organization in Gaza themselves complained about this, so the Guardian can’t dismiss it as Israeli propaganda. They can ignore it of-course.

  17. zkharya-

    i was not suggesting that this is their major source….but was remarking upon a delicious, and highly unexpected turn of events.

    it does suggest that the graun wizard is having to listen to the beancounters rather than the journos…perhaps this is an indicator that the times they are a-changing in graunworld.

  18. Great piece, Gili — except there is of course no question that the CIA world factbook is controlled by the Elders!!! Can’t you understand how alone it feels in the Graun’s offices — one of the very few places that have so far managed to fend off Zionist control? Come to think of it — maybe not? With the bizarre coverage of all things to do with Israel, maybe there is some conspiracy to make the Israel bashers look stupider and stupider?

  19. CiF is not even remotely interested in the Palestinian people and their welfare.

    That’s certainly true about a good few posters claiming to be pro-Palestinian.
    They tend to be the ones making preposteorus accusations of Gaza being a “concentration camp”.

    But CiF in its entireity? The author is talking nonsense.

    But CiF does not let facts confuse its subjective world in which CIA World Factbook is probably controlled by Zionists.

    More nonsense, even accounting for sarcasm.

    CiF has its reliable sources to distinguish between right and wrong – radicalized university students in London.

    What/who exactly is that referring to?

  20. SarahLeah

    Google “hamas confiscated aid”. You will get a number of incidents. Not sure how widespread are the confiscations, but they happen all the time.

  21. The Guardian could do well and put forth the question to the hamas leadership of Gaza.
    There is a government in place that by its stated policies has brought about a blockade.
    The only real problem with the blockade is that it isn’t “really” a blockade and hamas has no real reason to do anything to alleviate it.

    A real blockade SHOULD be in place, nothing in or out and forcing the OMG can you believe it, the ENEMY to surrender or die.

    This drive by Israel to allow “humanitarian goods” is nonsense and it not only counter-productive, it actually encourages the Aras to continue on the same path.

    The hamas gov’t has merely to comply with the three Roadmap conditions.

    1) Renounce violence
    2) Recognize the State of Israel
    3) Abide by all past agreements made by the PA with Israel.

    There is a Government responsible for the well-being of the people, it is up to them to decide what to do and how to go about providing for THEIR people.

    The Gaurdian is very much at fault for REFUSING to hold the gazan government at fault for allowing their people to be in their present condition.

  22. Peter1 The Guardian is on the other side of the argument. For some reason it is in their interest to demonise Israel and to advance the march of the Moslems. The reason might be financial and it might be ideological. indeed, it might be both.

    But don’t make the mistake of thinking that the Guardian is on the side of the angels.