Month: June 2010

Empty Vessels

In the heat of the moment immediately following an incident such as the apprehension of the Mavi Marmara last Monday morning one can understand, although not necessarily excuse, mistakes being made by […]

All at Sea

It would seem that Antony Lerman is all at sea, having lost his bearings once and for all. In his latest CiF offering he really scrapes the barrel by offering links from […]

Go back to Auschwitz

Remember how we saw footage of the Israeli navy warning to the “peace activists” by radio transmission that the Flotilla was  approaching a naval blockade, well now we can hear how the “peace […]

Expired Meds

Don’t you just love those “peace activists”. Some of the medicines that they brought on board expired! Close-ups of the pics can be viewed here. And for more on this, Jameel from […]