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  1. Well done Cifwatch, well done Akus. I’m sure that Ms Booth enjoys the exposure and the politicising of her children

  2. More power to you, AKUS!

    In the same way as Hamas is abusing Palestinian children by brainwashing them into glorifying violence and killing of Jews, so is Lauren Booth. She should be reported to the French equivalent of Child Protection Services.

  3. AKUS, well done. This works at many useful levels.

    Note how this hate-filled and obsessed idiot is doing this to her children because of what SHE hates about Israel. That is at least dysfunctional if not downright harmful to those children.

    I wonder whether her sister Cherie Blair shares her opinions or whether Booth has been “encouraged” to live outside the UK?

    Is the children’s father (poor soul) on the scene. One has to wonder what he thinks about this messing with their heads.

  4. Whoring out her own kids to further her dirty little anti-Israel campaign is truly despicable. I hope she is proud of herself.

    A real mother would never let her children be used as political props. I doubt any Jewish mother would.

  5. “Wars are made by ignorant fools..”

    Well, Lauren Booth should know, given that she feeds the propaganda in this war.

  6. It was sickening to see Lauren Booth’s children brainwashed in this way – and the fact that she thinks it’s acceptable to behave like her heroes – the Islamists in Gaza (Hamas) who also do the same speaks volumes about not only her intelligence, but also her mental state. It’s a pity child abuse laws in this country don’t cover this abuse kind of abuse of her children.

    Perhaps a campaign involving MPs should be started, and this would have a two fold effect – it would also stop Muslims brainwashing their children, too. Surely the MP for Children could be involved – childrens’ human rights are being compromised.

  7. Magnificent! If only this could get out into the mainstream media, for everyone to see. This is yet another reason why Israel needs its own globally broadcasting television station. Not having one is lunacy. Well will they ever learn? – they should have started one years ago.
    Daphne Anson: Israel needs a satellite English-language TV station …

  8. From the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. I have highlighted (##)what I consider to be particularly salient parts:

    Booth lives in the South of France. She ought to be questioned at least about her spurious style of parenting if she comes back to the UK.


    Article 13

    1. ##The child shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, ## either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of the child’s choice.

    2. The exercise of this right may be subject to certain restrictions, but these shall only be such as are provided by law and are necessary:

    (a) ##For respect of the rights or reputations of others; ##

    Article 14
    1. States Parties shall respect the right of the ##child## to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

    3. Freedom to manifest one’s religion or beliefs may be subject only to such limitations as are prescribed by law and are necessary to protect public safety, order, health or morals, or the fundamental rights and freedoms of others.

    Article 29
    1. States Parties agree that the education of the child shall be directed to:
    (a) The development of the child’s personality, talents and mental and physical abilities to their fullest potential;

    (b) ##The development of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and for the principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations; ##

    (c) ##The development of respect## for the child’s parents, his or her own cultural identity, language and values, for the national values of the country in which the child is living, the country from which he or she may originate, and ##for civilizations different from his or her own; ##

    (d) ##The preparation of the child for responsible life in a free society, in the spirit of understanding, peace, tolerance, equality of sexes, and friendship among all peoples, ethnic, national and religious groups and persons of indigenous origin;##

  9. All the points you have made LovingMum’ are relevant to the dire state of the Palestinian children, brought up and educated with the state’s goals in mind rather than the child’s individual good.
    They are fed deliberate lies about the geography of Palestine and the nature of Israel so that when they grow up they will have no basis of trust for the adult world. They will learn that trading lies is a normal method of communication and they will be honest with nobody, possibly including themselves. Heaven only knows what kind of marriages and friendships they will have.

  10. You guys are missing a lot of good threads. For example on the Khaled Diab article, one of our favourites “ExiledLondoner” posted the following:

    “Zionists also understand this, which is why we see people who can’t raise a tear at the deaths of hundreds of Palestinians, sobbing about the terrible way the Arab states are refusing Palestinians citizenship.
    Self-serving, disengenuous scum, if you ask me…..”

    The moderator did not erase it.

  11. See this article in the Daily Mail concerning Lauren Booth and her difficulties with life in Southern France:


    There are 245 comments to this story, but neither the story itself nor a single one of the comments mentions that one reason for her marital and other difficulties is that she was frequently away due to her job as a “journalist”. The story is deliberately vague about what she actually does with her time. Thanks for clearing up the mystery.

  12. mindthecrap, did you complain about exiledlondoner’s post? The mods are very good at the three wise monkeys bit unless you do so.

    Samson, if Booth ever returns to England I shall have no hesitation in reporting her to social services for her abuse of her own children.

    Perhaps we can have a Lauren Booth Watch which could tip us off. We may not be able to do a great deal about Hamas’ abuse of Palestinian children other than try to but this overidentification to the point of slavish imitation by Booth evidences some very warped thinking indeed.

  13. Great video!

    But putting the name ‘Lauren Booth’ to one side, doesn’t it reveal the way that the European’s mainstream attitude towards Israel is changing? While the US will always see it as the Jewish state, Europe increasingly sees it as a potential single state of Palestine.

  14. Lauren Booth has made up for all that time that she was in Gaza and was starving, for lack of food on the shelves of the stores in Gaza.

    Looking at her latest picture she has recovered quite well and has developed quite a large bottom spread,a regular Barge-Ass.

    It’s a shame that it wasn’t her on that bike instead of her husband.Living with this miserable woman would turn anyone to drink.

    Now she can pair up with Ben White.Two Aryans.

  15. zippi gazel

    No one takes any notice of what the Europeans thinks,least of all the Europeans themselves.The Europeans are out to get as much as possible out of the EU,and put in as less as possible into it.

    The EU is a bloated,irrelevant,nepotistic organization,one half of the EU supports the other half that are basket cases.

    How do you sell an institution that will kill any individualism that the Eu has been asking.But has not been answered.

    That is why their approach has been not to sell it,but to impose it and justify it later.

  16. @ Serendipity (and all)

    I find it hard to stomach that Lauren Booth is published anywhere – let alone chez my once beloved Guardian.


  17. Serendipity

    Perhaps we can have a Lauren Booth Watch which could tip us off. We may not be able to do a great deal about Hamas’ abuse of Palestinian children other than try to but this overidentification to the point of slavish imitation by Booth evidences some very warped thinking indeed.

    I often feel that ‘These people’ are attention seekers and that going too much out of the way to expose then gives then a ‘rush’ which other proscribed substances don’t compare. A Lauren Booth Watch would mostly be boring but she would be having a 24 /7 rush about it.

    She is a sad woman, an embarrassment to her famous brother-in-law and I would imagine that her only friends are people that we know already.

    To get the social services to investigate her brainwashing her children is a good idea however. As someone mentioned, the children will probably hate their mother and will not be like her.

    I am reminded where Nick Cohen wrote about his childhood with extreme left parents who would not buy orange juice from South Africa and other food products from ‘boycotted countries’ which didn’t leave him with good sustenance as a child. Nick Cohen is a great and balanced left-wing writer.

    There is hope to Laura Booth’s children yet.

  18. One small point….shouldn’t the word be “dignitaries” (5:34) rather than “dignatories” or is this a veiled dig at the Conservatives?

  19. But putting the name ‘Lauren Booth’ to one side, doesn’t it reveal the way that the European’s mainstream attitude towards Israel is changing? While the US will always see it as the Jewish state, Europe increasingly sees it as a potential single state of Palestine.

    The relevance of mainstream European attitude towards Israel and how the Europeans see the the future of the area has the relevance of a hot kiss given to a dead body.

    The “Europeans” proved succesfully again and again during the last 2000 years of European history that their opinion regarding the Jews must be ignored.

  20. If Lauren Booth, works for the Islam channel, and wants to keep her S W French lifestyle, I dare says he must earn her money

    e.g. speechify ‘Take up arms against Israel, oops I mean marching’

    dress up her children as Mujehadin


    Without meaning to be unjust, does she strike you as an especially talented journalist?

    Her main talent is being white, English and blonde.

  21. MailOnline 24 march 2010……………..”Our French dream is over….and now I fear for our happy marriage,says Lauren Booth.”

    What a sob story,that somehow does not make me feel any sympathy for her.Her Karma has caught up with her,and it will keep in step with her.Hopefully for the rest of her life.

    The only ones that need any sympathy are her kids and that sad sack husband of hers.To be reincarnated as her husband,must have been a terrible punishment for him,he was driven to drink.

    This crone can always move to Gaza,though I doubt that they would want a bar of her,she has done her dash.

  22. The film is mostly great, but I have some reservations. Seeing it through the eyes of our antagonists, the interview with the old woman in hospital makes me uncomfortable. There is no objective credibility with interviewing such a person in a vulnerable situation, however genuine it may be. We have all seen many clips of e.g. Afghan villagers in Taliban stronghold areas being interviewed saying the Taliban are wonderful, as they know which side their bread is buttered.

    There are even resonances of interviews in Terezinstadt. I have seen vitriolic responses to the films of the Olympic swimming pool and other good conditions in Gaza comparing them to the infamous Nazi propoganda film about Terezinstadt.

    I don’t know how you establish the credibility of a film to someone who is a neutral uninformed outsider who hears these critiques, let alone to one who is not predisposed to Israel, in these circumstances.

  23. Lauren Booth,reminds me of the Duchess of Pork,both have no Talent of any sort whatsoever ,both trading on the family name,which is tarnished anyway.

    Sad and pathetic specimens,so why does this make me feel so very good

    First I will drink to it,and then I might try work it out later.

  24. JerusalemMite

    I often feel that ‘These people’ are attention seekers

    I agree 100%. See also how the protesters were out en masse immediately after the flotilla mess.

  25. amie, you make interesting points but I cannot help but wonder whether you have set the bar too high for pro-Israel YouTube films.

    I think it’s a bit extreme for you to draw parallels the interview with the old lady to interviews with inmates of Theresienstadt. I am interested in what you think should have been done instead.

    My take is that if two such films could be put out for every one where Palestinian children are forced to march up and down and say they hate Jews whilst dressed as little suicide bombers then that could make quite an impact in the same fashion as the “drip, drip, drip” of anti-Israel propaganda, and what is source for the Islamist goose has to sauce for the pro-Israel gander.

    I believe that there is a Theresienstadt comparison, but in reverse – in that most of Gaza living at least well, some of it in luxury (and neither of these are publicised) whilst the poorest are deliberately kept in poverty to be made propaganda of. These latter are interviewed and by using their carefully maintained plight Hamas deliberately misrepresents what is really going on in Gaza.

    I believe that this film works very well.

  26. amie – the point of showing the medical assistance rendered at the Erez crossing it to try and show that things are not as the Guardian and Lauren Booth, in this case say they are.

    Hundreds of Gazans are treated in Israel (the Peres Peace Institute is instrumental in arranging passage for patients). Have you ever seen an article about this in the Guardian? Even references to attempts by various terrorist groups in Gaza to shell the crossing are not reported in the Guardian. Lauren Booth made a huge fuss about the Erez crossing – but the reality is far different than her myopic, to put it politely, view of why there is security there and sho passes through.

    Following your line of thought, any clip showing anyone receiving treatment – say, a child – receiving treatment fo a serious disease that cannot be treated in Gaza – would be out of bounds – would provide “no objective credibility. Yet it is important to show that thee is another side to the endless vilification of Israel.

    There will be those, like Baroness Tonge, who will want to make snide remarks – e.g., that Israel sent a team to Haiti in the hope of “harvesting organs” – or that it provides treatment at that facility it has built with Israeli taxpayers money to treat Gazans for PR purposes – but there is not much we can do except show over and over again that what you see in this clip is the reality, not the mythical version of Israel that people like Lauren Booth and papers like the Guardian project day after day.

    I think your comparison with Terezenstadt is, frankly, disgusting. The clips about swimming pools, the good life on the Gaza beach front, the Roots restaurant, the nightclubs in Ramallah are made and published by Palestinians, not Israelis, and the fate of those in Gaza can be in no way compared with the fate of the unfortunates incarcerated in Terezenstadt for PR purposes by the Nazis.

  27. I think your comparison with Terezenstadt is, frankly, disgusting: Akus: I took great care to make it clear that these this was not my comparison, that this was a post I had read. It is just that I have heard so many people happy and complacent thinking the Olympic swimming pool is the killer rejoinder which will knock all the bad news stories about conditions in Gaza.

    This correction applies to Sarah Leah as well,” extreme for you to draw parallels the interview with the old lady” not me, Sarah, I am just reporting it. You do makes some good points about the reverse comparison.

    I wrote this just to point out the monumental problems we have with reframing (buzz word) our standpoint (note I say “standpoint” not the weasel relativist term “narrative”.)

    It is not me raising the bar too high, Sarah: we keep having to remind people that they have set a higher, separate bar by which they judge Israel.

    Akus: Showing the medical treatment given Palestinians is a good thing. Showing greatful parents later after a child has had a heart transplant is great. I am just saying showing a woman in her condition lying there waving her hand weakly and saying yes, yes everything is fine, is not the best way to convince people.

    You have pointed out that these clips are published by Palestinians. This is not made clear when these clips are reproduced on pro Israel sites. I regard myself as a regular reader of these and the provenance of these clips was not clear to me until this comment of yours. It is not clear from the above clip. It should be made clearer.

  28. I am sure you are familiar with the response to the films of the cornucopia of goods on the shelves: Its no thanks to Israel as its all tunnel goods and thus too expensive for the ordinary folk.
    You do brilliant stuff Akus, I am being a little unfair, but just feeling frustrated that the bar is set so high for us and its hard to get around that.

  29. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3914535,00.html

    Gazans stage 1st-ever display of classic cars


    Surf’s up in Gaza

    Wow! What a humanitarian crisis, not enough “classic cars” or state of the art surfboards.

    See also:


    Gaza manufacturers of sodas and other beverages are appealing to the Hamas government to intervene and not allow Israel to ship competing items into Gaza, warning that it will cause the loss of hundreds of direct jobs in their industries. They say that the traders who profit from these imports are only a handful of people and that Israel is using this as an opportunity to destroy the Gaza economy. They also point out that while the consumer goods are getting through, the raw materials they require to stay competitive are not, as of yet.

    Meanwhile, prices on consumer goods in Gaza continue to plummet. Canned food prices have gone down by 50% in the past two months, and the clothing market is saturated from the combination of tunnel smuggling and goods from Israel. Window-shoppers are expressing astonishment at how inexpensive goods are. Consumers are not yet buying, though, as they wait for the PA salaries which are due by the end of the week. (The EU just sent millions of euros to pay this month’s PA salaries, one third of whose employees are in Gaza.)

    The retailers also expect to do much better next month at the beginning of Ramadan, which begins around August 11th.

    and this one:


    Egyptian columnist prays – can we have a siege too?
    MEMRI translates an article in Egyptian daily Rooz al-Yousuf:

    After the [Hamas] movement abandoned the real resistance and turned to resistance online and in the media, one of Hamas’s many websites published an important report comparing prices of goods and produce in Egypt and in Gaza.
    The report states: A kilo of watermelon in Gaza costs less than one Egyptian lira, while in Egypt it costs over two lira; a kilo of tomatoes in Gaza costs less than half a lira, while in Egypt it costs 1.5 lira; a kilo of potatoes in Gaza costs half a lira, while in Egypt it costs two lira; a kilo of onions in Gaza is one lira, while in Egypt a kilo of onions is 1.5 lira; a kilo of garlic in Gaza is 10 lira, while in Egypt it is 15 lira.

    A kilo of chicken in Egypt is 20 lira, and in Gaza it goes for only 10 lira. The average price of a kilo of beef in Egypt is 60 lira – while in besieged Gaza it goes for five lira. A tray of eggs in Egypt is 19 lira, while in Gaza it is only 10 lira.”
    This comparison of prices between Egypt and Gaza, which has been under siege for three years, as they say, shows that life under siege is cheaper, more convenient, and easier…

    So what siege are they talking about? Does the siege cause prices to drop? And how are goods flowing into Gaza despite the siege? …

    These questions are not being raised [here] in expectation of an answer from Hamas, but they are directed at all Hamas supporters in Egypt who see nothing wrong with accusing their own country of betraying the Palestinian cause and of starving the helpless Palestinian people with the oppressive siege on Gaza.
    If this is what it’s like in Gaza under siege, then the Egyptian people, who have been burned by the fire of prices and who peel off part of their limited income to save the besieged Gaza residents, [should] pray to Allah to smite them with [such a] siege, if the siege will lead to lower prices and make it possible for every common citizen to buy eggs, meat, and poultry like the Gaza residents do.

  30. amie, do you know anything about how the aid you and I pay for is distributed? Is it free at source?

    Your too-ready leap to buy in to a hate-filled poster’s comparison with Theresianstadt concerns me, frankly. It’s not true, is it, so why are you so exercised by it?

    As I see it, people will read whatever they want, however disgusting, into that film but that does not mean that we should bow to that sort of pressure. You are very well aware how easily people can refuse to believe the evidence in front of their eyes. We cannot control how people will construe things and that construing depends very much on their own preconceived ideas and biases.

    I note your reply to AKUS, that you are frustrated the bar is set so high that you can’t see how we can get around it. I can sympathise with that very well. Perhaps the answer is to do as SarahLeah says – to put out many more films (regardless of what twisted interpretations benighted people might put upon them), which counter with true and honest reportage the lies put out by Israel/Jew haters.

    It has to be like water wearing away a stone. We can make use of the fact that these hate-filled people are very ready to believe what is repeatedly fed to them over time against Israel or Jews. If they are primed to believe repeated hate messages, it is as likely that they are psychologically primed to believe anything else which is fed to them again and again and again, so why not feed them with hard facts and the truth?

    Initially, of course, this would result in great confusion, but I would be willing to bet that the Israel hatred would be undermined in time.

    One suggestion

  31. amie, I can sympathise with your frustration, but don’t go at AKUS! You know as well as I that the haters will stoop to any depths, including comparisons with Theresienstadt to try to undermine anything good put out by Israel. My point is that we should not fall for it.

    Of course the bar is raised too high to begin with, but there’s nothing to prevent all of us from keeping on feeding out the truth and eventually it will register.

    I am very confused though. Hundreds of thousands of tons of free aid have passed into Gaza from Israel. Where has it all gone if people are having to pay the OTT prices for the tunnel goods?

    Has Hamas purloined it and if so where is it being kept?

    If that is the case why are we not publicising this for all we are worth whenever Hamas and its fellow travellers bleat about “starving” Gaza?

  32. Samson – I had to laugh at the problems faced by beseiged surfers in Gaza


    They can’t smuggle in a few surfboards via the tunnels? Only Mercedes Benz sedans and electric dish washers?

    And then there are those vintage cars … perhaps the next flotilla should focus on surfboards and vintage cars, since there seems to be a lot of food and other less luxurious goods there.

    Only the best is good enough for the Warsaw Ghetto of the Eastern Mediterranean.

  33. SarahLeah: Apparently even the received wisdom about high prices is not true, I see thanks to Samson’s links.

    Mitnaged: I guess I am still pretty scarred by a observing a member of my own profession, one R. Goldstone, trained in the same legal system as I was, who with Travers, assessed the evidence for his Report on the basis that everything told him by witnesses under the beady eye of Hamas was true, whereas every bit of video or other evidence produced from Israeli sources was so discredited by definition it didn’t even warrant consideration. If he has that mindset, its an uphill task, but one from which we cannot desist.

  34. I suppose that I have bought into the notion that it must be universally difficult to go through the checkpoints, even if this is an unavoidable evil. If it were not so, I would think the Israeli officials were not doing their security job properly. Can it be the case that it was not difficult at all in the case of the elderly woman interviewed? i just felt her response that even going through the checkpoints was dead easy, seemed too good to be true somehow. It was that which made me wonder about her interview. But someone with first hand experience will no doubt tell me this is feasible.

  35. amie – its difficult to go through the checkpoint at Washington Reagan airport, or Heathrow. In the US you have to take of your shoes, your belt, your coat, put your laptop out separately, you might get patted down or checked with a metal detector. Heathrow seems a bit laxer, but basically the same. Frankfurt was extra tough in my experience.

    No-one accuses the US or Britain or Germany of trying to deliberately make life tough for travelers – everyone understands that these checks are a consequence of 9/11 etc. and everyone going through the Erez or Kalandia checkpoint should understand that the checks are a consequence of two intifadas and countless attacks against Israeli civilians.

    No doubt the elderly woman was checked, and in particular the ambulance that brought her was checked or kept distant, since Israel has had very bad experiences of woman wearing explosive belts under their clothes and ambulances carrying explosives. But after a security check, which Israelis are subjected to every time they enter a store or mall or other public place, she was obviously allowed through.

    But I am glad to see that the clip is making you rethink some preconceived notions. Hundreds pass through these checkpoints daily.

  36. Does Lauren Booth actually work for the Islam Channel? I can’t find her name listed anywhere on their website:


    Considering their credo, listed below, why should that be?:

    • Our vision is ‘to be the leading light of Islamic media’
    • Islam Channel is a television channel presenting the Islamic perspective
    • Our intent is to engage our audience in a meaningful discourse concerning all aspects of Islam
    • We want Islam Channel to present the Islamic viewpoint and values through its programming
    • Islam Channel acts as an interface between Muslims & non-Muslims to remove the misconceptions people have about Islam
    • Islam Channel provides a true and quality media alternative for Muslims
    • Islam Channel aims to help the Muslims succeed within the UK on economic, spiritual and educational fronts

    So, let me get this right, this is Lauren Booth’s employer? I guess even The Guardian wouldn’t hire her!

  37. Hello AKUS

    Sorry – I posted on wrong thread. Meant to send it to the one on AS on FB and in Europe.

  38. Akus: That’s what I meant. If you asked me whether going through Heathrow was very easy, I would say, no its a damn nuisance and a palaver. But she said words to the effect that the checkpoint was a piece of cake.

  39. amie, I can sympathise with your frustration about the depths to which your own profession could sink. Thankfully my own professional body, so far at least, has resisted being drawn into taking sides. The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) has not, however:

    Medusa wrote at http://cifwatch.com/2009/10/16/a-psychological-approach-to-demonising-israel/ about a particularly egregious and intellectually dishonest article in the March 2009 issue of “Therapy Today”, the monthly journal of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, entitled “To Resist is to Exist.” The two authors, Martin Kemp and Eliana Pinto, joined a “fact finding mission” to Gaza the bias of which was summed up as follows by Irwin J Mansdorf of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East:

    “..To blindly accept the assertion of intentional Israeli oppression against Palestinians as fact and to then offer a banal and baseless psychodynamic interpretation that cites European treatment of the Jews as being related to it not only stretches the bounds of acceptable scientific discourse, it also defames and insults the experience of so many Jews that have either personally been victims of this terrible injustice or have parents and relatives who have. Nowhere is the history of the conflict presented by Kemp and Pinto. Nowhere do they note that for many Palestinians, including the Hamas party that rules Gaza, the entire state of Israel and not only the West Bank is ‘occupied’. …”

    Nowhere in their reply in a later edition of “Therapy Today” did Kemp and Pinto acknowledge that they had taken on board any criticisms of their article. They showed no consciousness of the hurt and distress they had caused by their one-sided reporting and neither did they evidence that they had accepted and understood the meaning of the suffering of the residents of southern Israel as a result of shelling from Gaza.

    Counsellors and psychotherapists are not immune from being led by the nose and by their feelings. However, those who possess professional skill prove it by bracketing off those biases and not letting them affect their work,* much less broadcasting them. It is difficult to believe that Jewish clients of these two, who may support Israel, will be able to trust them fully, given the tone of the whole article.

    Absolutely disgusting was that their opinions were given a spurious legitimacy by being published in the official journal of a national body. Worse, anyone who disagreed with this to the extent that they were minded to leave BACP for having allowed it to happen would automatically lose their accreditation and, given the move in the UK towards statutory regulation, ultimately be unable to practice.

    An excellent article countering these slanderous allegations was subsequently published but only after a widespread outcry against them, and people still supported Kemp and Pinto’s views on the letters page of the journal.

    (*unlike Judge George Bathurst-Norman and Judge Goldstone).

  40. Thanks Mitnaged. Its bad enough when amateur Freudians like Jacqueline Rose spouts her drivel to adoring audiences and then writes a whole book psychoanalysing Israel and Zion. The book was of course demolished by Shalom Lappin in his 2 brilliant essays in Democratiya. But she pontificates on, unabashed and undeterred.

  41. Amateurish Israeli propaganda you say?

    Here’s something you will enjoy from the Pal Arab press:


    Cars seized before being smuggled to Gaza
    Published yesterday (updated) 06/07/2010 22:37

    Al-Arish – Ma’an – Egyptian security forces said 60 new and stolen cars en route to Gaza were seized by officers south of the border on Tuesday.

    The cars, mostly BMW and Toyotas, were being dismantled and prepared for transport through a specially-made tunnel in Rafah’s Al-Duhnieh area, police said.

    Security sources said they received information about the smugglers from sources in the city of Al-Arish. When the raid was conducted most of the smugglers escaped, officials said, but the goods planned for export to Gaza were confiscated.


    Mostly BMWs and Toyotas? What, no classic cars?


    Here’s something more important from a Lebanese TV station from June 15, 2010. In this clip, Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahhar states unequivocally that they will never recognize or accept the state of Israel in any form, and that their goal is to “liberate any inch of Palestinian land, and to establish a state on it. Our ultimate plan is [to have] Palestine in its entirety” and to do so “without recognizing Israel’s right to a single inch of land”:

    “Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: “We have liberated Gaza, but have we recognized Israel? Have we given up our lands occupied in 1948? We demand the liberation of the West Bank, and the establishment of a state in the West Bank and Gaza, with Jerusalem as its capital – but without recognizing [Israel]. This is the key – without recognizing the Israeli enemy on a single inch of land.

    “This is our plan for this stage – to liberate the West Bank and Gaza, without recognizing Israel’s right to a single inch of land, and without giving up the Right of Return for a single Palestinian refugee.

    “Our plan for this stage is to liberate any inch of Palestinian land, and to establish a state on it. Our ultimate plan is [to have] Palestine in its entirety. I say this loud and clear so that nobody will accuse me of employing political tactics. We will not recognize the Israeli enemy. ”

    “As for the issue of a referendum – [the Palestinian Authority] is ready to impose its position on people by force. Whoever wants to hold a referendum, and believes that he can get all of Palestine for the Palestinians, can hold a referendum, but will not give up the platform of resistance, and the plan to liberate Palestine in its entirety. This is unequivocal.

    “If we could liberate the Negev now, we would continue [our military activity], but our capabilities dictate that after we got rid of the Israeli presence in Gaza, we must finish off the remnants of that occupation, and move on to the West Bank.”


    This is what is published and seen in the Arabic press. The US and UK press publishes “human interest” stories on Lauren Booth (see above) without mentioning what the cause she supports actually stands for. No wonder people in the west talk about the “peace process” as if there was any real chance for peace.

  42. Salam Ms Booth, Lauren
    May ALLAH bring peace to you & family. Welcome to Islam, the religion of Peace for All.