Vigil for Gilad Shalit in London

This is a cross post by the ever-inspiring Chas Newkey-Burden of Oy Va Goy

A week-long vigil for Gilad Shalit began outside Downing Street today. It has been arranged by the FZY, who deserve a massive round of applause for this and other initiatives for Gilad. It was great to be there today, and to see so many positive reactions from passers-by. People stopped to take a leaflet, to sign the petition and to express their support for Gilad. I spotted Nick Clegg pacing down the road and I managed to pass a leaflet through his throng of advisers and into his hands.

Here is a photograph of us demonstrating for Gilad today.

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  1. Well done, Chas, et al, and thank you for putting this out in the blogosphere via CiFWatch.

    I couldn’t get to the vigil but posted Gilad’s picture in my front window. I got lots of questions from my neighbours who seemed horrified at the treatment of Gilad by Hamas. “Why have we not heard about this?” was one reaction.

    AKUS, I agree with you. I would love to see a similar vigil outside the UN, filmed and put on YouTube (because the MSM won’t report it) so that the word will get out and, hopefully, give comfort to Gilad’s parents as well as keep Gilad in the public eye and mind.

  2. Chas: A heartfelt thanks to you and the rest of the group, representing us all, in Downing Street.

  3. Once again it takes the grass roots to show the machers what needs to be done. Kol Hakovod to FZY. Now what about a demonstration outside the offices of the EU and the IRC in London to show them up for their inactivity. They are quick enough to condemn Israel for dispropotionality but all we get about Gilad Shalit are meaningless platitudes.

  4. Great to see all this solidarity for Gilad,now we need to get back the Jewish youth that are shunning us,we need to make them feel wanted and needed by Israel.They are our backbone,it needs to be done soon or they will be lost to us forever.

    Jews are always fighting for some cause or other,what better cause to fight for than for a Jewish cause.

  5. Duvidl went to it yesterday afternoon. It was fascinating and moving. The sun was shining and Duvidl met many very interesting people, both at the vigil and passers-by. They took so many leaflets from Duvidl’s hand that he had to go for a new sheaf of them twice.

    Duvidl also handed one to a Labour MP, whose name Duvidl forgets, and had a brief conversation with him about the meaning an unendearing Yiddish soubriquet someone else had given him. He seemed cheerful enough about raising awareness of Gilad’s terrible plight.

    Duvidl recommends this vigil for Gilad to Cif Watchers. It lasts until Friday, 6.p.m.

  6. Reading mostly harmless’ comments, the following is what comes to mind:

    The word “harmless”, pronounced in a heavy Arabic accent, would sound something like “harami-liss”.
    In Arabic:
    harami – thief, robber, bandit
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  7. Well done FZY Was planning to come but owing to health prblems unable toi.It`s about time the ostriches who call them selves our community leaders get their act together. We wer present at the march for Gilad and very few were there

  8. mostly brainless,

    Assuming you meant “juvenile”….

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I haven’t seen your response in any thread to the people who answered you. Could it be that you are the one who doesn’t have answers?

    July 9, 2010 at 9:34 am

    mostly harmless
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    They didn’t go and kill someone – maybe that’s the difference?
    .July 9, 2010 at 10:09 am

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    mostly harmless:

    “They didn’t go and kill someone – maybe that’s the difference?”

    I think you mean they didn’t get caught killing someone…

    You seem to know everything about those agents.
    Now you know the difference between an assumption and a fact. (At least I hope you now know).

    BTW I’ll charge you for the next lesson.

    I waited for your response. Surprise: it didn’t come. Could it be that you can’t afford ItsikdeWembley’s lessons? Shame, in that case you probably can’t afford private lessons in spelling… (See first line of my comment).

  9. Another example of someone without an answer:

    June 15, 2010 at 6:43 pm

    mostly harmless
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    Where was Latma after Bloody Sunday when we needed them. Maybe they could do one now, it’s been over 40 years, naah, they only wallow in others misery straight after the event.

    The shame of it.
    .June 16, 2010 at 1:55 am

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    mostly idiot,
    Latma was created in December 2008 (in case you forgot, “Bloody Sunday” took place on January 30, 1972). Besides, they have enough trouble with the hypocrite idiots around the world like you who spread lies and misinformation about Israel. The question is: why should Latma deal with your problems – your government dealt with it… a bit slowly I would say – they managed to admit shooting innocent people after 40 years.