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More false passports!! Oh, the outrage!!!

This is a guest post by AKUS

Oh, the outrage – what foul play – Russian spies using forged passports to infiltrate the US — who can we expel??? The Russian ambassador?? Should the US expel someone, or should Britain and Ireland??? Will the Russian Ambassador in the UK and the Russian Ambassador in Ireland be hauled in for an “explanation”??

How did they get these passports?? Did they get the passports from the Mossad’s Army Surplus store??? Or, like everyone else, just by stealing them from that factory in Britain where they make them??

It’s in the British press – even a few mentions in the Guardian – but I guess I missed the 37 articles with timelines and video clips in the Guardian over this outrageous misuse of British and Irish passports by a friendly country (Russia) and the endless debates in Parliament, and the outrage, and demands for apologies … oh well – no Palestinians involved – it’s not news …

Russian spy ‘held fake British passport’

One of the 10 people arrested in the United States for allegedly being a Russian spy held a fake British passport, according to US government papers.

But wait … there’s more!! They used Irish passports as well!! Now that the Irish have expelled an Israeli, will they expel a Russian???

Russian spy ring: Irish passport ‘used in alleged conspiracy’

County Donegal fireman who holidayed in Moscow in 2005 dragged into case of alleged Russian spies

(Notice how, unlike in the Dubai case, the Guardian is careful to claim an “alleged conspiracy” – when Israel is concerned, the Guardian demands it prove that anything the Guardian claims is not true).\

And this Donegal fireman is probably not even Jewish and they still used his passport ….

US claims ‘Russian spies’ used British passports

Government officials have confirmed to Channel 4 News they are investigating the alleged use of fake British and Irish passports by suspected Russian spies in America. Sarah Smith reports from the US on a plot worthy of a Cold War drama.

See the full charge sheet here.

The FBI arrested 10 people for allegedly serving for years as secret agents of Russia’s intelligence service, the SVR, with the goal of penetrating US government policymaking circles.

US Department of Justice papers said that Tracey Lee Ann Foley travelled on a “fraudulent British passport prepared for her by the SVR”. Foley was arrested in Boston on Monday.

The New York Times has reported that the FBI moved to arrest the spy ring suspects because they feared one of them was about to leave the US.

Oh, no!! One of them impersonated a dead Canadian!!! Who will the Canadians expel???

Well, as long as these were not Israelis … I suppose “the world” will just have to look the other way …

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  1. all spies use fake passports…duh

    what is even funnier is when people try to show how evil israel is because they spy on their own allies

    guess what…everyone does

    russia is now an ally of america…and it spies on us…and we spy on them

    if this wasnt happening, alot of guys in the cia wouldnt have jobs

  2. Akus’s sharp wit and sharper vision would enliven the rather narrow minded cif columns – and introduce a bit of needed self-criticism too. Only I can’t imagine him/her working for them!

    If anyone from cif admits to reading this blog they should discuss the points he raises – there’s a lot more to criticise in the UK establishment than the material that appears there traditionally.

  3. mostly harmless:

    “They didn’t go and kill someone – maybe that’s the difference?”

    I think you mean they didn’t get caught killing someone…

    You seem to know everything about those agents.
    Now you know the difference between an assumption and a fact. (At least I hope you now know).

    BTW I’ll charge you for the next lesson.

  4. OK, perhaps one not insignificant difference is that these spies didn’t bump someone off in a third country.

    But then again a lot of the Guardian’s coverage of the Dubai incident was specifically about the passports – an issue that frankly never bothered me.

    Until I read the above I wasn’t even aware that the Russian spies also had fake foreign passports.

  5. You make the common mistake, moistly, of according the same right to survive to Hamas scum that they would never accord to Jews. So your comment is, as usual, nonsensical.

  6. When people hate Israelis/Jews they hardly need to create an excuse to express their hate. Passports are neither here nor there.

    When a Jewish businessman is guilty of impropriety or worse, it seems that Jews alone do such things. Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists never. Who’d have thought it?

    Israel is a thorn in the side of antisemites. Good !

  7. ‘OK, perhaps one not insignificant difference is that these spies didn’t bump someone off in a third country.’

    Admittedly not using Polonium on an asylum seeker in the UK, on orders from the highest Russian authority.

    For which no Russian diplomats were expelled either. Presumably the murderers were honest enough to use Russian passports.

  8. Some differences between the Russian case and the Israeli case:

    1) The cases happened under different governments, and different news cycles. We have had the most controversial budget for a generation, the cancellation of the schools building programme and Michael Gove’s grovelling apology, and a crazed gunman on the run for the past week. Not to mention Wimbledon and the football World Cup taking up space in the news schedules. All of these distracted from the Russian spyring.

    Whereas with the Israeli case, there was less for the news bulletins to chew over. Also, if you’re going to be really cynical about this, Labour needed something to distract people from their incompetence/election gossip/whatever. A bit like that episode of “Yes, Prime Minister” where 62 Russian diplomats get expelled to distract from a more important fiasco.

    2) The manner in which these passports were used is completely different. There is apparently “compelling evidence” that Mossad used cloned passports to assassinate a senior member of the Hamas military wing. It changed the photos of these passports, but not the names, which led to innocent British citizens being linked to a killing they had no knowledge of whatsoever. The interviews some of these people gave to the Mail are frightening. They had no knowledge their identity had been stolen in this way until they read about it in the newspapers. I think that’s is the main issue here. Obviously every secret services falsifies passports in some way, but not quite in this fashion with cloned passports.

    Sorry if this is all a bit long :S

  9. The BBC has reported that six members of the SAS have been arrested in Libya, trying to escort a diplomat out of the country.

    I do hope that they will be released unharmed but can state that they are said to be carrying passports of four different countries. Imagine!