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  1. Children sacrificed as human shields in a country that seeks war and denies the use of the existing bomb shelters to the children, but uses them instead to keep the fighters and their ammunition safe are children not valued for who they are but for their use to the baser needs of the culture.

    The children seeking martyrdom in the videos express as their highest ambition a wish to die for their country. Every moment spent in joy in a sunny day or experiencing pleasure in life must be pierced with guilt for them since they are betraying their teaching by not putting all their being into the ambition that their parents and teachers indoctrinate them with.

    The deliberate attempt to destroy childhood’s careless happiness is obviously abuse.

  2. @MH: It’s a direct consequence of their society, one that has no love for life and uses human shields.

  3. Some of the material that MH spends his time reading on the internet is very alarming. I cannot help but wonder why on earth someone would create a website to show pictures of maimed and dead children and then call it social research. It’s propaganda, of the most ghastly and exploitative kind.

    Do you think there has ever been a war in human history where children haven’t been maimed and killed? Where are all the pictures of dead babies from Sri Lanka, or Yemen, or Afghanistan and Iraq for that matter?

    Two questions for MH:

    a) Do you think those children were deliberately killed by the IDF? If so do you also think that the children killed in Iraq and Afghanistan were deliberately killed by US / UK etc forces? If not, what is the difference between US / UK troops and Israeli troops? In your own words if you please.

    b) If like most sane people you recognise the fact that war is fucking awful and that people get killed, do you accept that Israel had a duty to its citizens (especially in the south) to deter Hamas from its incessant attacks on Israeli civilians? If not, how else would you have dealt with the situation? (pretend you’re a politician).

    I understand that these pictures are extremely upsetting and moving. That is what they’re for. You are being manipulated.

    Perhaps you should be wondering who is manipulating you, and just what kind of people are pulling your strings. I think you’d find some pretty uncomfortable answers.

    Perhaps you should also take a step back and think about the fact that you are posting on the internet to defend men that indoctrinate 8 year old boys into murder and hatred. If you are rationally minded and not completely beyond help you should recognise that something is not quite right there.

  4. mattpryor, good points, but even more puzzling is the use mostlyharmless thinks he performs here.

    I suspect that you won’t get an answer, either, to your very pertinent questions. That would involve mh thinking outside the box and having to put himself in Israelis’ shoes. I doubt that he can put himself in anyone else’s shoes, judging by his “contributions” here, and he is probably emotionally deadened. His sick attraction to Islamists’ pictures of violence is, I suspect, an attempt to make himself feel something and to him even misplaced anger is better than feeling “dead.”

    Has it occurred to you that he might actually like being manipulated? It saves him from having to think and he gets the sick emotional rush without having to work at it.