Bring it on baby

Our friends over at The Brothers of Judea are reporting that they received the following threatening email from anti-Zionist as-a-Jew Mya Guarnieri.

The purportedly offending posts of The Brothers of Judea that Guarnieri is complaining of can be viewed here and here. As can be seen, these are nothing other than run of the mill blogposts thoughtfully debunking Guarnieri’s anti-Israel screeds and I challenge anyone to find anything that is even remotely defamatory.

So who is Guarnieri (as I’m sure like me you’ve never heard of her)? Describing herself as a “tel aviv-based journalist and writer, huffington post columnist, regular contributor to the national (abu dhabi) amongst many other international publications,” she firmly establishes her anti-Zionist credentials with the following from an article published in the Huffington Post:

Only after the Palestinian right to return has been acknowledged and a shared, bi-national country has been established can we expect to see a truly democratic state emerge.

These credentials are further bolstered by an Al Jazeera article entitled “Israel’s street apartheid“, the title of which speaks for itself.

While a visit to her website reveals that not only is she a fan of the likes of Israel-haters, Phillip Weiss and Richard Silverstein, but even Brian Whitaker’s al-bab blog features in her blogroll!

In a guest post for the Sabbah Report, “Israel Cracks Down on the Press“,  Guarnieri, reporting on the detention of Maan News Agency’s Jared Malsin, writes

When considered within a larger context, Malsin’s detention seems to point to a government intent on silencing dissent.

So there you have it. Guarnieri complains about “silencing dissent” yet is guilty of the very same thing with her ill-thought out email to The Brothers of Judea.

The fact of the matter is that this is precisely how the anti-Zionist left works. While professing to uphold progressive values, they manipulatively use the threat of lawsuits in an attempt to chill speech that is at odds with their views at the same time as playing the victim card whenever anyone has the audacity to call them out on their own bigotry.

Today we stand shoulder to shoulder with The Brothers of Judea and are sending a message loud and clear to bigots like Mya Guarnieri that we will not be cowed into silence for calling a spade a spade.

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  1. Its enough to see on her page that she didn’t understand that Nescafe is a product and not Miracle Coffe .

    What an idiot . geez .

  2. Maybe BoJ could threaten to sue you for describing their posts as “run of the mill”? We could all spend the rest of the day threatening to sue each other. It is silly season after all! ;p

  3. Once the haters make threats like that, you know you have them scared. My advice, keep ’em that way.

  4. Funny how people like this US-Israeli Seth Freedman-avatar – who has ever heard of her outside of her readership in Dubai or the anti-Semites section of the Huffington Post? – like to dish it out, no matter how feeble their efforts really are – but cannot take it when the favor is returned. Yet another new immigrant who arrived with her laptop from a bastion of equality, in this case the USA, to demonize Israel rather than addressing problems at home.

    In addition, there’s something that I keep wondering about – where is the mysterious college that awards degrees in “peace activism”. “humanitarian aid-ism”, “human rights-ism”, and, apparently, “Tel Aviv based journalism” (e.g., to Rachel Shabi and this unknown Mya Guerneri).

    Perhaps its in Neve Gordon’s basement, but if not, maybe we could find it. I’d like to apply for one of their degrees as an activist of some kind.

    Or maybe I’ll just say I am.

    I’m a peace activist.

    Hamas and Hezbollah should disarm and then there will be peace. The PA should agree to take 95% of the WB. There you have it – a ME peace plan in two sentences, from the keyboard of a peace activist.

  5. They’ve come to enlighten the savages, Akus. Anyone who grew up in the great wide stretches of Western freedom knows much more about it than we benighted Middle Eastern savages.

  6. Hawkeye

    “……….So there you have it. Guarnieri complains about “silencing dissent” yet is guilty of the very same thing with her ill-thought out email to The Brothers of Judea…….”

    God, the hypocrisy of the “progressive” left is remarkable, yet it is par for the course. The Guardian has shown time and time again how they selectively silence viewpoints that don’t quite parallel with their own. The moderators through ignorance (and power) advance the party line while deleting (silencing) select comments that they deem “offensive”.

    If the left is ever in full control of free speech, free speech will be an historical anomaly in western society.

  7. Well, I’m rather pleased that she’s consulting a lawyer. If it’s anyone halfway competent in the matter of UK libel laws, it’ll be costing her an absolute fortune. And they tend not to open their mouths or put fingers to keyboard without an instant hefty cash transfusion from the poor soul’s credit card.

  8. TomWonacott, I don’t know that it is hypocrisy in the way in which you and I might mean it. I believe this benighted idiot is very much in denial about the double standards she is evidencing, ie she lacks the insight to examine her own behaviour for traces of what she accuses others of doing.

    If ever she did reflect on her own double standards, the discomfort would threaten to overwhelm her. As you imply, this behaviour is typical of the “progressive” left but is also the case with all extremisms. Extremists are so entrenched because they cannot admit to consciousness even the possibility that they might be wrong.

  9. Mitnaged

    The key term you use is “extremist”, and clearly Mya is an extremist. What I meant is the progressive “far” left. Your point is well taken.


  10. Thanks for the new information about Guarneri, Hawkeye. Because it was so useful I’m willing to let your “run of the mill” crack go unavenged. 🙂

  11. Judy

    If it’s anyone halfway competent in the matter of UK libel laws, it’ll be costing her an absolute fortune.

    I’m not sure. She can get the pro bono services of Machover, Judge Hove and certainly there are many other anti-semite lawyers in the UK who would be happy to do anything for her.

  12. Machover & Co are no way competent libel lawyers. Judge Hove isn’t even a competent judge. But maybe the advice is from them, so that’s why she’s making the rather absurd blustering threats.

  13. I don’t think she’s got a leg to stand on – he was only telling it like it was.
    Of course, I’m no lawyer, but it all looks like bluff.
    There was a pro-Israeli bloggers’ convention in Israel in Sept. last year.
    I wonder whether these as-a-Jew Israel hating bloggers ever get together.
    Meanwhile, there’s a kerfuffle in Oz, over the behaviour of a Mya-like blogger of longstanding – you can see what he put on his blog a few days ago and why the Aussie Jews – even some of his friends are upset. I’ve heard the Australian Council of Aytralian Jewry has filed an official complaint, though it doesn’t say so on this blog:
    Dirty Doings Down Under

  14. I have to live in the same city as these self-haters. She might be as well not to cross my path down at the local Supersal or there might be a clean-up required on the fruit & veg aisle.

  15. how long is al jazeerah gonna run with the debunked story on the traffic lights?

    i will take anyone here to any major city in the us and show you messed up traffic lights

  16. If guarno is bat excrement, guarnieri must be Italian spreaders of bat excrement, while guardianistas would be servers-up of bat excrement in the same way as baristas serve up coffee.

    Duvidl had previously always thought baristas were English lawyers who wear hair extensions.

  17. walt,

    “how long is al jazeerah gonna run with the debunked story on the traffic lights?”

    I don’t know, but they have a tendency (adopted by the Guardian and the MSM) to dwell on debunked stories, on one condition: the story has to present Israel in a bad light.

    What I do know is that frequently I read Arab bloggers referring to Al-Jazeera as “Al-Khanzira” (pig), which indicates that even in the Arab world, the people take Al-Khanzira’s stories with more than a pinch of salt.